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Public-private partnerships: African small-holder farmers

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Public-private partnerships: African small-holder farmers - Dr Vivienne Anthony, Senior Advisor, Syngenta Foundation

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Public-private partnerships: African small-holder farmers

  1. 1. Public-private partnershipsAfrican small-holder farmers Vivienne Anthony Senior Advisor, SFSA
  2. 2. Public-private partnerships: definition ● PPPs have great potential to enable small-holder farmers to improve their livelihoods but innovative approaches are key ● Combine complementary strengths of: − Public − Private − Voluntary organisations ● Produce benefits for small-holders that none can achieve alone − R&D and bringing research goods into practice − Bring input and output markets to life2
  3. 3. Agriculture value chain and PPPs ● Africa > 100 PPPs ● 25% R&D-based Productivity Markets Collection R&D Inputs Farmers Distribution Wholesale Retail Processing • Genomic science • Crop processing SABMiller • Plant breeding • New markets Cassava beer • Crop protection traits • Seed certification Mozambique • Nutrition improvement • Credit and loans • Fertilizer inputs • Inputs insurance • Connectivity customers/ mobile phones3
  4. 4. Challenges • Every PPP is different and has individual characteristics • Strategic vs. tactical partnerships to enable delivery • Business cases: equitable benefits and risk sharing • Financial mechanisms to support PPPs • Governance and decision-making • Intellectual property sharing • Commercialisation route to farmers • Negotiation vehicles and capacity building4
  5. 5. Shifting policy and enabling environment in Africa G8 Alliance for food security and nutrition Taking innovations to scale Commitments Mobilising African GrowAfrica 45  66 companies Managing capital governments $3.0  $3.5 billion risk Investment/ Private sector Burkina Faso Ghana partnership G8 Ethiopia  Mozambique Opportunities companies Tanzania governments Cote d’Ivoire Results accountability
  6. 6. PPP platform Knowledge, contacts and tools to support PPP creation PPP database Expert contacts Financial mechanisms Case-studies Business Best practices cases Impact tools www.apxc.org
  7. 7. Thank you for your attention