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  1. UnrealisticMediaContent Is Spoiling The Mind Set Of Our Generation
  2. UNREALISTIC MEDIACONTENT • Unrealistic media content refers to the portrayal of idealized or exaggerated images, situations, and characters in media, such as in advertising,movies,televisionshows,andsocialmedia.Thistypeof content often presents an unrealistic and unattainable standard of beauty, success,and happinessthatcanhavea negativeimpact on themindsetof individuals, particularlyyoung people. • The effectsof unrealistic media contentcan include feelings of inadequacy and body dissatisfaction,as well as desensitization to real-world violence and aggression. Additionally, it can lead to unhealthy comparisons, self- esteem issues, and distorted beliefs about oneself and the world around. • Itisimportanttonotethatmediaisjustoneofmanyfactorsthatcan influenceanindividual'smindset,butitisonethatcanbecritically evaluated and consumed with a healthy perspective.
  3. DisAdvantage Of Unrealistic Media Content • Low self-esteem and body dissatisfaction. • Unhealthy comparisons. • Distorted beliefs about oneself and the world. • Desensitization to real-world violence and aggression. • Increased risk of mental health issues.
  4. AdvantageOfUnrealisticMediaContent • Entertainment. • Inspiration. • Fantasy fulfillment. • Creativity. • Advertising.
  5. SUMMARY • Unrealisticmediacontent,suchasthatfoundinmovies,television shows, and video games, can have a negative impact on the mindset ofyoungpeoplebypromotingunrealisticexpectationsandideals. This can lead to feelings of inadequacy, disappointment, and dissatisfactionwiththeirreallives.Additionally,mediathatglorifies violence and aggression can also contribute to the desensitization of young people to these issues, leading to a lack of empathy and understanding.It'simportantformediaconsumerstobecriticalof thecontenttheyconsumeandtoseekoutavarietyofperspectivesto help develop a well-rounded understanding of the world.
  6. CONCLUSION • Inconclusion,unrealisticmediacontent,whichoftenpresentsan idealizedorexaggeratedstandardofbeauty,success,andhappiness, can have a negative impact on the mindset of individuals, particularly youngpeople.Theeffectsofunrealisticmediacontentcaninclude feelings of inadequacy and body dissatisfaction, desensitization to real-world violence and aggression, distorted beliefs about oneself and the world, and increased risk of mental health issues.
  7. Introduction: Tholi Prema (First love) is a “2018” Indian Telugu-language romantic drama film written and directedbyVenkyAtluriinhisdirectorialdebut.ProducedbyB.V.S.N.Prasad'sSriVenkateswara Cine Chitra, the film stars Varun Tej and Raashi Khanna. The music is composed by S. Thaman. Principal photography of the film took place in London and Hyderabad. Released on 10 February 2018,thefilmgrossedover45croreattheboxoffice,andwasacommerciallysuccessful. Cast: ❖ Varun Tej as Adhitya Sekhar ❖ Raashi Khanna asVarsha ❖ Apoorva Srinivasan as Kavita ❖ Viva Harsha as Aditya's childhood friend REVIEW: Aditya ( Varun Tej) is a civil engineer student and falls in love with Varsha ( Raashi Khanna)aftermeetingherinthetrain.Latertheymissthetrainandtheybothjoinsinthesame college. There falls in love and because of Aditya's anger Varsha faces a lot of problems and they bothparted ways. HesettlesinLondon and suddenly Varsha entersintohislife again andtherest of the story is how they fallen in love again.Everything about their love is refreshing towatch. They face a hiccup in their relationship and an impulsive Aditya, who had planned to propose to her with a ring, decides to break up with her instead. Varsha, too, is angry enough to say that she hates him. Six years later, Aditya is now an aspiring architect in the buzzing city of London. He is game for impressing girls, but hemaintains that he's not interested in a relationship.
  8. Love at first sight concept and hero suffering with too much anger and because of that reason the duo departed ways.Wehaveseenthesethings in many movies. But Venky Atluri presenteditin a differentwaythatyouwillfeelrefreshedwitheveryframe. Sincethebeginningthedirectorhas givenastrongbasetotheirlovestory.Thefirsthalfisfullofcomedysequencewhereasthesecond half filled with more emotional content. He presented the love story in an interesting manner. The climax isthemain heartand soulto thefilm. Tholiprema, isa heart touching love story.
  9. Varun Tej impresses yet again as a Lover Boy. He showed good ease while essaying the role of Aditya and presented twoshades (Aggressive Youth & Matured Man) in hischaracter beautifully. Ilikehischaracterandacting,heprovedhismettleandtookthelimelight.Hedidjusticetothe role. This film is undoubtedly Raashi's career best performance. This is undoubtedly career-best roleforRaashiKhanna.Yetagain,SheprovedhowcrucialtheroleofHeroineisgonnabeforLove Stories.Raashimadegooduseoftheamplescopeinhercharacter tostealtheshow. It'sacutelovestorywhichrevolvesaroundthetwoindividualswhomatter.Ilovetheactorsinthisfilm. Capableperformancesandexcellenttechnicaloutputmakeitahealthywatch.TholiPremaisdefinitelyworth watchingintheaters.Don’tmissthisone.Suchasweetandhonestmovieitiswithlovelymusic.Sorefreshing andclimaxisinspiringtoo. MusiccomposerThamanhasgiventhebestoutput.Hissongshavealreadybecomechartbustersandthey areequallygoodonscreen.WatchingthisfilmtakesyoubacktothebeautifulIndiaof1990's.Trustmeyou willneverwantthefilmtoendasyoustarttoliveinsidethefilm,that'sthemagicof'Tholiprema'.Afterthe film'sendnote,expecttohaveaheavyheartwithaninnerrejuvenation. “Agoodmoviemakestheaudiencefeelliketheyhavejourneyedwiththe characters”.
  10. “E-commerce”
  11. Introduction E-commerce is the buying and selling of good or services via the internet, and thetransferofmoneyanddatatocompletethesales.It'salsoknownas electronic commerce or internetcommerce.
  12. Why Did I Select This Topic? • There are several reasons why ecommerce would be a great topic to choose for aTEDpresentation. Oneofthemainreasonsisthatitisarapidlygrowing industry that is having a significant impact on the economy and society. With the advent of technology and the internet, ecommerce has made it easier for peopletoshopanddobusinessonline.Thishasledtotheriseofmanynew companiesandbusinessmodels,andhasalsocreatednewopportunitiesfor innovation and disruption. Additionally, ecommerce has the potential to create jobs,improveaccesstogoodsandservices,andincreaseconveniencefor consumers.Thesefactorsmakeecommercearelevantandtimelytopicthat would be of interest to a wide audience.
  13. Advanatgesof E-Commerce 1. Easy way to gain customers by search engine visibility. 2. Lower cost/investment. 3. Locate product quickly. 4. Save travel time and cost. 5. Abundance of information.
  14. Disadvantages of E-Commerce 1. No possibility of tried and tested product. 2. Late delivery. 3. Some products are difficult to buy online. 4. Lack of privacy. 5. Tax issues. 6. Legal issues.
  15. Scopeof E-Commerce • Thevariousscopesof E-commercearebusinesstocustomer,businessto business, customer to customer, and customer to the business. Here thetradingactivitiesbetweencustomersareconnecteddirectly.Internetusers become sellers or buyers based on the requirement.
  16. SUMMARY • Ecommercereferstothebuyingandsellingofgoodsandservicesover the internet. This can include a wide range of products and services, from physical goods sold on an online marketplace to digital products such as musicorsoftware.Ecommercehasgrownrapidlyinrecentyears,with moreandmorebusinessesandconsumersturningtotheinternetto conduct transactions. This has led to the development of new technologiesandplatformsthatmakeiteasierforbusinessestosell online,aswellasnewbusinessmodelssuchassubscription-based services and on-demanddelivery.
  17. CONCLUSION • In conclusion, ecommerce is a rapidly growing industry that is having a significant impact on the economy and society. With the advent of technology andtheinternet,ecommercehasmadeiteasierforpeopletoshopanddo business online.This hasledtothe rise of many new companies and business models, and has also created new opportunities for innovation and disruption. Additionally,ecommercehasthepotentialtocreatejobs,improveaccessto goodsandservices,andincreaseconvenienceforconsumers.Theecommerce industry is poised to continue growing in the coming years, and it will be interesting to see how it continues to shape the way we shop and do business.