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How digital marketing creates user engagement in xetlynx autocorp

  1. PRESENTATION ON PROJECT REPORT BY:- PRIYANSH KESARWANI 1818170062 MBA 3RD SEMESTER Under the guidance of Dr. Prabhat K. Dwivedi
  2. CONTENT-  Introduction of Topic  Company Profile  Objective of study  Research Methodology  Findings  Conclusion  Recommendations  Limitations
  3. INTRODUCTION OF TOPIC The project aims at the understanding market of Automotive services and providing car and bike repairing services through the app. The study aims at knowing what is customer perception and how they move towards digitalization by using the app in the automotive field in the market. The project is all about to understand the market and analysis the attitude of a customer of the Automotive sector. An attempt has been made to analyze the attitude towards digital app by providing different car and bike maintenance services and the factors such as the behavior of the potential customer, problem and issue handling during the car and bike repairing. The purpose of this research is to analyze user engagement in the automotive market. In this research, we analyze the strategies of XETLYNX AUTOCORP for making positive perception and engaging potential customers to use an APP. We collect the responses from various people which help me to analysis the customer’s views. We use primary and secondary data to complete the study. The information needed for the research project was carried out by getting the feedback of customers through a structured questionnaire taken into account for comparison of a different automotive service provider as they have the adequate knowledge and experience to do so. The targeted customer groups can be high or average income.
  4. COMPANY PROFILE Xetlynx Autocorp is founded in May 2018 with the aim to manage the automotive aftermarket services under one roof, providing complete solutions for almost all brands of cars/bikes and all type of services such as routine servicing, mechanical repairs, body repairs, accessories & decoration, insurance, resale and exchange under one roof and even at your doorstep. Xetlynx Autocorp has technically sound workforce to achieve satisfaction with cost-effective solutions for cars/bikes which accelerates your speed of life’s journey. Xetlynx Autocorp is part of Xetlynx Group (established in 2008), one of India’s leading business groups with diversified interest in Information Technology, Banking & Finance, and Automotive Industry. Xetlynx Group firmly believes in the principles of Corporate Governance and is committed to ensuring sustainable, capital-efficient and long-term growth.
  6. OBJECTIVE OF STUDY The objective of the project to create the user engagement in Xetlynx Autocorp for their promotion of automotive services through an app. During this we have to understand the customer needs, pricing constraints, response, awareness, emotions and beliefs regarding the services. And also following objectives are focused:- 1. To evaluate the customer’s perception and expectation towards the Automotive services. 2. To identify the factors influencing user engagement. 3. To identify what preferences respondents had for servicing their vehicle. 4. To evaluate the awareness and satisfaction towards XETLYNX AUTOCORP.
  7. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY Data Collection Method: The data type is both qualitative and quantitative. The questions that enquire about the user behavior towards the various services of car and bike. The questions about the number, type of outlet and availability of affordable services in the market owned by the customer covered to the quantitative data. The data collection tool is the Structured Interview. It is in the hard copies will also be filled by directly meeting with the customer. Selection of Topic -: The sole objective of choosing this topic as our research was to gain an insight into how different users use a smartphone app to book their vehicle repairing and maintenance services online. Research Design -: A research design is purely and simply the framework or plan for a study that guides the collection and analysis of data. The survey research was used in this project because the consumer’s feedback was necessary for obtaining the data.
  8. Research Instrument -: For doing the survey research, a structured questionnaire with both open-ended and closed-ended questions was used. Mode of Survey -: The mode of the survey was a personal interview with the respondents during the filling up of the questionnaires and also by circulating google forms. Data Sources - : Primary Data 1. Filling up of hard copies of questionnaires. 2. Through verbal conversation Secondary Data Secondary Data could be collected with the help of the internet, journals, newspapers, magazines and other academic resources. Data analysis tool - : Microsoft Excel
  9. FINDINGS 1) It was observed that the Indian automobile sector is one of the sun rising sectors in India and a key contributor to the country’s economy. 2) The impulsive progression in India’s automotive market has captured the attention and focus of the world’s leading automobile and component manufacturers over the last decade. 3) The government’s initiatives for e-mobility are expected to attract new market players in the Indian automotive industry which is likely to expand the automotive industry growth. 4) It was revealed that presently India is the world's second-largest manufacturer of two-wheelers, fifth- largest manufacturer of commercial vehicles as well as the largest manufacturer of tractors. It is the fourth largest passenger car market in Asia as well as a home to the largest motorcycle manufacturer. 5) It was noticed that Indian automobile market is flourishing with green vehicles i.e eco friendly vehicles powered by alternative fuels with advanced vehicle technologies which includes battery electric vehicles, compressed air vehicles, hybrid vehicles, natural gas vehicles etc.
  10. Findings (Respondents) • In a survey, it was found that the occupation pattern of respondents is a mixture of servicemen, businessmen, self-employed persons, students and unemployed. It was noticed that the maximum respondents in the total population belong to students. • Most of the people in the survey have income less than 5 Lakh due to more involvement of students and servicemen which shows that people belong to age groups 18 – 39 are more aware of online car and bike repairing service. • The interesting and quite mixed responses had come into light when the question regarding which type of vehicle they have. The survey shows that the maximum number of respondents using the bike and scooty who wants online vehicle repairing service. • Most of the people in the survey are more desirable they go to the repair center within 1 year in weekends-day time to make their vehicle maintain and also some of them are taking service when they found any problems in a vehicle they choose any time weekday-day time or evening. • In this survey, it has been found that the majority of people watch ratings of garages in-app or web before taking services and they also like payment through app or web. • Mostly respondents of the survey go to the same garages each time after asking the price of repairing from other repair shops, they prefer the same garages due to trust, price and quality and various other factors like time for fixing it, courtesy service, helping out, nearby etc.
  11. From the research, it has been found that most of the respondents were happy due to the booking of online car and bike services with pickup and drop off facility. Respondents were aware of the Online booking of vehicle repairing services of the brand Xetlynx Autocorp but did not find it to be as secure, attributed to the fact that value-added services offered by Xetlynx Autocorp were not as familiar to the respondents or there are some flaws in building trust. There is positive association between Price and Customer satisfaction of the auto services of the automotive industry It is found that more respondents not preferred the online booking of car and bike repairing services hence from the above it is concluded that consumers don't have much time and are very price sensitive and this particular class is having income in the range belongs to middle class. It is also found that more respondents preferred to pick up and drop facility in repairing. The customers are fully satisfied with this new repairing service and this loyalty makes this brand awaiting product. It is found that the people are accepting the Xetlynx Autocorp services very well. The people are well excited about the online multi-brand of car and bike repairing services of XETLYNX AUTOCORP. Free Pick-up and Drop-off are the most valuable demand for customers. CONCLUSION
  12. RECOMMENDATIONS • Marketing communications should incorporate the value-added services offered by Xetlynx Autocorp, so the consumers can have a more luxurious feeling towards the brand. • The present study suggests following recommendations to improve the performance of automobile industry especially Xetlynx Autocorp along with their dealers in Jaipur region to provide quality and one price to all customers.  In a survey it is observed that, the maximum car users are businessman and servicemen. Xetlynx Autocorp should focus to fulfill the needs of businessman & service people and try to provide them the best and value-added services.  To boost the sales, it is also recommended that the companies in association with banks and financial institutions should provide the vehicle loans to middle class and rural customers with a very low interest rate.
  13.  Xetlynx Autocorp should organize various programmes, events and competitions like poster competition, drawing competition, quiz competition etc for college and school students in Jaipur.  Xetlynx Autocorp companies should launch more efficient and fast vehicles services by using advanced technology.  The automobile companies especially Xetlynx Autocorp through their workshop should satisfy their existing customers & try to keep in touch with them.  The company should have to give advertisements in local news papers and digital marketing techniques to create more and more awareness & to promote their brand.  The Company have to provide proper behavioral training to their assistant.  Company should have to give attractive margin to their workshop and assistants.  It is also recommended that the workshop owner should delight their customers by offering them value added services rather than just retaining them. This will boost the trust among company, workshop and customers.
  14. 1. The study is limited to Jaipur Region due to geographical barriers and time constraint. 2. The study is partially based on the respondents of the research. 3. The respondents were from various fields, so their responses sometimes more differ from one another. 4. The respondents were belonging to the various backgrounds like; urban and rural, differ qualification, differ age, income and family background which is fully based on respondents. LIMITATIONS