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  1. • Qatar is a great state in Western Asia, occupying a peninsula juts into the Arabian Gulf. One can't close his/her eyes when visiting Arab countries. She is pretty and compelling. • The excitement multiplies as Qatar is the official host of the 22nd FIFA World Cup. A month-long competition cum festival will be conducted in eight beautifully crafted stadiums across Qatar from November 21 to December 18, 2022. 22 Editions 65 Matches 08 Stadiums All About Qatar
  2. • The first ever FIFA World Cup goes back to 1930. Jules Rimet, the President of FIFA (Fédération International de Football Association), the world's football governing body, decided to stage an international men's football tournament. The 1930s FIFA World Cup edition consisted of only thirteen teams invited by the organization. The entire world loves FIFA World Cup, which fetched successive responses and format remodeling every year. Its current 32-team final tournament is preceded by a two-year qualifying process involving around 200 teams worldwide. FIFA World Cup - History
  3. Brazil Germany Italy 1958 1982 2006 Uruguay Brazil Argentina Spain 1930 1962 1986 2010 Argentina Brazil Germany 1978 2002 1954 France Uruguay Germany 1998 1950 1974 Italy England Germany Germany 1934 1966 1990 2014 Italy Brazil Brazil 1938 1970 1994 2018 France -? 2022 World Cup Winners So Far
  4. Al Bayt Stadium Al Bayt Stadium Al Bayt Stadium Al Bayt Stadium Al Bayt Stadium Al Bayt Stadium Al Bayt Stadium Al Bayt Stadium Playing Stadiums
  5. Stadium In Qatar 01 02 03 05 06 04 07 08 01 - Al Bayt Stadium 02 - Lusail Stadium 03 - Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium 04 - Education City Stadium 05 - Khalifa International Stadium 06 - Stadium 974 07 - Al Thumama Stadium 08 - Al Janoub Stadium
  6. Meet La'eeb - Official Mascot • La'eeb is an Arabic word meaning super- skilled player. It's been chosen as the official mascot for FIFA World Cup 2022. La'eeb encourages everyone to believe in themselves as 'Now is All.'
  7. Official Anthem Of FIFA World Cup 2022 • It was released in April 2022. • It is performed by Cardona, Davido, and Aisha, while the video features images of Zinedine Zidane, Cafu, Edinson Cavani, Cristiano Ronaldo, and other football stars. Hayya Hayya - Better Together.
  8. FIFA Official Ball • FIFA announces a unique match ball during every World Cup, which is named differently and has a special design and a color pattern. This year it is Al Riha. Take a look at the 360o full view of Al Riha.
  9. 32 Participating Teams of FIFA 2022 Group A Qatar Ecuador Senegal Netherlands Group C Argentina Saudi Arabia Mexico Poland Group D France Australia Denmark Tunisia Group B England IR Iran USA Wales
  10. 32 Participating Teams of FIFA 2022 Group E Spain Costa Rica Germany Japan Group F Belgium Canada Morocco Croatia Group G Brazil Serbia Switzerland Cameroon Group H Portugal Ghana Uruguay Korea Republic
  11. Evolution Of Trophy (1930- 2022) Jules Rimet Trophy 1930-1970 FIFA World Cup Trophy 1974-Present
  12. FIFA Awards Golden Ball Golden Boot Golden Glove Best Player Top Goal Scorer Best Goalkeeper
  13. FIFA Quick Facts 1930 (Uruguay) First Tournament Brazil (5 times) Most Wins Mexico (8 times) Most Losses Brazil (22 times) Most Appearances Miroslav Klose (Germany) Most Goals Hakan Sukur (Turkey) Fastest Goal Scorer
  14. FIFA World Cup Fixtures Arabia Standard Time (AST) UTC+03:00 Senegal Netherlands 01:00 pm 21 Nov 2022 Al Thumama Monday VS VS 07:00 pm 21 Nov 2022 Al Bayt Monday 04:00 pm 21 Nov 2022 Khalifa International Monday VS VS 10:00 pm 21 Nov 2022 Ahmad Bin Ali Monday Qatar Ecuador England IR Iran USA Wale s
  15. Al Janoub Stadium Arabia Standard Time (AST) UTC+03:00 10:00 pm 22 Nov 2022 01:00 pm 24 Nov 2022 01:00 pm 26 Nov 2022 01:00 pm 28 Nov 2022 06:00 pm 30 Nov 2022 06:00 pm 02 Dec 2022 France Australia Switzerland Cameroon Tunisia Australia Cameroon Serbia Australia Denmark Ghana Uruguay VS VS VS VS VS VS
  16. Al Bayt Stadium Arabia Standard Time (AST) UTC+03:00 07:00 pm 21 Nov 2022 01:00 pm 23 Nov 2022 10:00 pm 25 Nov 2022 10:00 pm 27 Nov 2022 06:00 pm 29 Nov 2022 01:00 pm 01 Dec 2022 Qatar Ecuador Morocco Croatia England USA Spain Germany Netherlands Qatar Costa Rica Germany VS VS VS VS VS VS
  17. Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium Arabia Standard Time (AST) UTC+03:00 10:00 pm 21 Nov 2022 10:00 pm 23 Nov 2022 01:00 pm 25 Nov 2022 01:00 pm 27 Nov 2022 10:00 pm 29 Nov 2022 06:00 pm 01 Dec 2022 USA Wales Belgium Canada IR Iran Wales Costa Rica Japan England Wales Belgium Croatia VS VS VS VS VS VS
  18. Education City Stadium Arabia Standard Time (AST) UTC+03:00 04:00 pm 22 Nov 2022 04:00 pm 24 Nov 2022 04:00 pm 26 Nov 2022 04:00 pm 28 Nov 2022 06:00 pm 30 Nov 2022 06:00 pm 02 Dec 2022 Denmark Tunisia Uruguay Korea Republic Saudi Arabia Poland Ghana Korea Republic France Tunisia Portugal Korea Republic VS VS VS VS VS VS
  19. Al Thumama Stadium Arabia Standard Time (AST) UTC+03:00 01:00 pm 21 Nov 2022 07:00 pm 23 Nov 2022 04:00 pm 25 Nov 2022 04:00 pm 27 Nov 2022 10:00 pm 29 Nov 2022 06:00 pm 01 Dec 2022 Senegal Netherlands Costa Rica Spain Qatar Senegal Belgium Morocco IR Iran USA Canada Morocco VS VS VS VS VS VS
  20. Stadium 974 Arabia Standard Time (AST) UTC+03:00 07:00 pm 22 Nov 2022 07:00 pm 24 Nov 2022 07:00 pm 26 Nov 2022 07:00 pm 28 Nov 2022 10:00 pm 30 Nov 2022 10:00 pm 02 Dec 2022 Mexico Poland Portugal Ghana France Denmark Brazil Switzerland Argentina Poland Serbia Switzerland VS VS VS VS VS VS
  21. Khalifa International Stadium Arabia Standard Time (AST) UTC+03:00 04:00 pm 21 Nov 2022 04:00 pm 23 Nov 2022 07:00 pm 25 Nov 2022 07:00 pm 27 Nov 2022 07:00 pm 29 Nov 2022 10:00 pm 01 Dec 2022 England IR Iran Germany Japan Ecuador Netherland s Canada Croatia Ecuador Senegal Japan Spain VS VS VS VS VS VS
  22. Lusail Stadium Arabia Standard Time (AST) UTC+03:00 01:00 pm 22 Nov 2022 10:00 pm 24 Nov 2022 10:00 pm 26 Nov 2022 10:00 pm 28 Nov 2022 10:00 pm 30 Nov 2022 10:00 pm 02 Dec 2022 Argentina Saudi Arabia Brazil Serbia Argentina Mexico Portugal Uruguay Saudi Arabia Mexico Brazil Cameroon VS VS VS VS VS VS
  23. To The Finals… Al Bayt Stadium Khalifa International Stadium Al Thumama Stadium Lusail Stadium Stadium 974 Education City Stadium Al Janoub Stadium Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium 06 Dec Tuesday 1H vs 2G 22:00 1F vs 2E 18:00 03 Dec Saturda y 1A vs 2B 18:00 1C vs 2D 22:00 1G vs 2H 22:00 1E vs 2F 18:00 05 Dec Monday 04 Dec Sunday 1B vs 2A 22:00 1D vs 2C 18:00 W49 vs W50 22:00 W53 vs W54 18:00 09 Dec Friday 10 Dec Saturda y W51 vs W52 22:00 W55 vs W56 18:00 W57 vs W58 22:00 13 Dec Tuesday 14 Dec Wednesda y W59 vs W60 22:00 18 Dec Sunday Final 18:00 17 Dec Saturda y 3rd Place 18:00 Round 16 Quarter Finals Semi Finals 3 rd Place & Final
  24. Group Matches 21 Nov Monday 22 Nov Tuesday 23 Nov Wednesday 24 Nov Thursday 25 Nov Friday 26 Nov Saturday 27 Nov Sunday 28 Nov Monday 29 Nov Tuesday 30 Nov Wednesday 01 Dec Thursday Al Bayt Stadium QAT vs ECU 19:00 MAR vs CRO 13:00 ENG vs USA 22:00 ESP vs GER 22:00 NED vs QAT 18:00 CRC vs GER 22:00 Khalifa International Stadium ENG vs IRN 16:00 GER vs JPN 16:00 NED vs ECU 19:00 CRO vs CAN 19:00 ECU vs SEN 18:00 JPN vs ESP 22:00 Al Thumama Stadium SEN vs NED 13:00 ESP vs CRC 19:00 QAT vs SEN 16:00 BEL vs MAR 16:00 IRN vs USA 22:00 CAN vs MAR 18:00 Lusail Stadium ARG vs KSA 13:00 BRA vs SRB 22:00 ARG vs MEX 22:00 POR vs URU 22:00 KSA vs MEX 22:00 CMR vs BRA 22:00 Stadium 974 MEX vs POL 19:00 POR vs GHA 19:00 FRA vs DEN 19:00 BRA vs SUI 19:00 POL vs ARG 22:00 SRB vs SUI 22:00 Education City Stadium DEN vs TUN 16:00 URU vs KOR 16:00 POL vs KSA 16:00 KOR vs GHA 16:00 TUN vs FRA 18:00 KOR vs POR 18:00 Al Janoub Stadium FRA vs AUS 22:00 SUI vs CMR 13:00 TUN vs AUS 13:00 CMR vs SRB 13:00 AUS vs DEN 18:00 GHA vs URU 18:00 02 Dec Friday Ahmad Bin Ali Stadium USA vs WAL 22:00 BEL vs CAN 22:00 WAL vs IRN 13:00 JPN vs CRC 13:00 WAL vs ENG 22:00 CRO vs BEL 18:00
  25. FIFA Official Partners • Federation Internationale de Football Association • Organising Committee for FIFA Competitions • FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 LLC
  26. FIFA Official Partners
  27. The opportunity to purchase tickets for the FIFA World CUp 2022 is first come first served sales period. To book tickets, visit: ents/mens/worldcup/qatar2022/tickets Get Your Tickets?
  28. “The World Cup is a very important way to measure the good players and the great ones.’’
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