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500 Startups Demo Day

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  1. 1. Mobile advertising that learns Improve response and engagement uplette.com angel.co/uplette
  2. 2. Advertisers can now create highly personalized, relevant experiences powered by data, easily and effectively! Super Simple Smart Data Powered Auto Optimized Self Service
  3. 3. Our Difference Auto Optimized Content Delivery User Personas Behavioral & Preference Modeling Feedback Loop
  4. 4. Our Clients
  5. 5. Our Traction (in 5 Months)
  6. 6. Mobile Advertising’s Problem Creating, segmenting and analyzing consumer experiences is ! Time-consuming Complicated Expensive
  7. 7. Existing Experience *Actual ad and landing page
  8. 8. Existing Tools • Not actual dynamic content rendering • Fail to use targeting data for decision making • Limited to impression and conversion analytics
  9. 9. The Market Mobile advertising is huge, and growing. Source: eMarketer (Mobile Internet Ad Spending Worldwide)
  10. 10. Our Team
  11. 11. amanda@uplette.com angel.co/uplette 647-705-6556