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Instamojo -- Selling Online as Easy as Sharing

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Instamojo lets you sell your digital creations directly to your customers by just sharing a link.

For individuals, selling their digital creations was time consuming, complicated & had friction. We are simplifying it by making it easy & fun thus attacking a huge opportunity between a traditional payment gateway (which doesnt work for individuals) & marketplaces (where an user is just one out of many).

Now all you've to do is just upload your file with a price and share the unique link to sell.

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Instamojo -- Selling Online as Easy as Sharing

  1. founders@instamojo.com angel.co/instamojo We make Selling Online as Easy as SharingThursday 7 February 13
  2. founders@instamojo.com angel.co/instamojo Acquired Sampad Swain Founder & CEO Instamojo, Inc. Raised $20M Top 10 E-commerce companies in IndiaThursday 7 February 13
  3. founders@instamojo.com angel.co/instamojo For an individual, selling his digital creation like and more... is Friction Time Consuming CostlyThursday 7 February 13
  4. founders@instamojo.com angel.co/instamojo Conversions Suck.Thursday 7 February 13
  5. founders@instamojo.com angel.co/instamojoThursday 7 February 13
  6. founders@instamojo.com angel.co/instamojo Sell instantly in 3 simple steps UPLOAD SHARE SELL your content. unique checkout link instantly in seconds.Thursday 7 February 13
  7. founders@instamojo.com angel.co/instamojo 9% = 6x conversion More than average E-commerce websitesThursday 7 February 13
  8. founders@instamojo.com angel.co/instamojo Powerful analytics behind every linkThursday 7 February 13
  9. founders@instamojo.com angel.co/instamojo Merchant Acquisition Costs Oct ’12 Nov ’12 Dec ’12 Jan ’13Thursday 7 February 13
  10. founders@instamojo.com angel.co/instamojo +100% Revenue Growth Sept 2012 Oct 2012 Nov 2012 Dec 2012 Jan 2013Thursday 7 February 13
  11. founders@instamojo.com angel.co/instamojo Worldwide Digital Goods Market $36 Billion $26 Billion $16 Billion 2010 2012 2014 Source: JP Morgan, GigaOM, Wall Street JournalThursday 7 February 13
  12. founders@instamojo.com angel.co/instamojo CTO Bizdev 20+ years of experience. Harshad Akash Sharma Gehani Engineer UI/UX Aditya Nachiketas Sengupta RamanujamThursday 7 February 13
  13. founders@instamojo.com angel.co/instamojo Raising $500,000 $250,000 CommittedThursday 7 February 13
  14. founders@instamojo.com angel.co/instamojo Thank you founders@instamojo.comThursday 7 February 13