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Trouble-Free Solutions Of VoIP Systems

Voice over IP(VoIP) is one of the cheapest communication services and you can reduce your ISD bills up to 80%.

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Trouble-Free Solutions Of VoIP Systems

  1. 1. Voice Over IPTrouble-Free Solutions Of VoIP Systems
  2. 2. INDEX• Introduction• Features• Benefits• Corporate Plans• Service & Support• Why Net4 ?• Choose Us
  3. 3. INTRODUCTIONDo voice calls using internet as a mediumUsing VoIP, save upto 80% on your ISD BillsEnjoy ISD calls to 44 countries at low ratesCrystal clear voice callsIdeal for Corporates / SME / BPO
  4. 4. FEATURES Multi-user Account OnlineCaller ID CDRs Voice- Incoming Mail Facility
  5. 5. BENEFITS Easy set-up Low Rates Use of latest with No/Low Huge of technology cost on savings onInternational (SIP) Capex / Bills Calls Opex
  6. 6. CORPORATE PLANS For BPO / CallFor Enterprises Centers Corporate Plans BPO Ultimate BPO Ultimate Incoming Plans with Bandwidth Voice Lines for Unlimited Plans BPO
  7. 7. SERVICES GSM Voice SIP Technology QualityMultiple Carrier Compatibility to Backup Software Redundant Cisco Call Server Manager EPABX/IPABX
  8. 8. WHY NET4 ? 24 x 7 Online Support Easy Recharge Options Licensed ITSP from DoT(GOI) VAS like Single / Hunting Voice Line Different Plans for Different SegmentsManaged VoIP for Corporate & Contact Centre
  9. 9. CHOOSE US• VoIP is replacing the typical voice telephony for Companies and People around the world Use VoIP Grow More Save Costs Use Net4 KNOW MORE
  10. 10. CORPORATE ADDRESS D-25, Sector 3 Noida, U.P. 20130, INDIA Call: 1860 180 5555 http://www.4tify.in/
  11. 11. THANK YOU !