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Social Media! How They Connect the World with All Businesses

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Social Media is getting more and more important in today’s world. Businesses need to learn how to leverage social media to build their brand, get more leads and sales and how to connect with their customers through social media.

This presentation will help to see the true potential from social media!

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Social Media! How They Connect the World with All Businesses

  1. 1. FACEBOOK Facebook says it now has 1.11 billion people using the site each month, slightly more than the 1.06 billion reported three months earlier. It represents a 23 percent growth from a year earlier.
  2. 2. LIKE IN FACEBOOK Over 2.5 billion likes are made every day on and off the Facebook site (c/NET)
  3. 3. Mobile facebook 7000 Different Types of Mobile Devices Access Facebook Every Day (TechCrunch)
  4. 4. LINKEDIN-255 Million users Linkedin is the most power social site for driving B2B sales. (HeidiCohen)
  5. 5. Linkedin 65% of B2B respondent have acquired a customer through linkedin (hubspot)
  6. 6. PINTEREST Pinterest users spend more than twice as much as Facebook users ($180 vs. 85) (eConsultancy)
  7. 7. Pinterest Its users are extremely engaged, it keeps its users logged on for long period of time and ranks as number three at 88.3 minutes per user per month (jeff bullas)
  8. 8. Twitter There are more than 106 million accounts on twitter.
  9. 9. Twitter A free social networking and micro-blogging service that enables users to send and read message known as tweets.
  10. 10. GOOGLE PLUS Google plus more than 400 million total user, with 100 million accessing the site each month. The typical position or background (jeff bullas)
  11. 11. GOOGLE PLUS Google plus is much like Facebook , it allows people to share and discuss status updates photos and links but with different groups of people.
  12. 12. INSTAGRAM Insragram has an average of million daily active users, more than twitter with its 6.9 million daily active users (allthingsD)
  13. 13. YOUTUBE Over 4 billion hours of video watched each month on YouTube. (YouTube)
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