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3D Talent Analytics System (3DTAS)

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Presenting the 3D Talent Analytics System (3D TAS) that enables organizations to manage talent better.

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3D Talent Analytics System (3DTAS)

  1. 1. 3D Talent Analytics System Enterprise Talent Management. Simplified.
  2. 2. Build Tomorrow’s Businesses Today Talent is the bloodstream of all successful organizations. With competition increasing globally, aligning your key resources – your people – towards delivering maximum performance is key to ensuring long-term success in today’s business environments.
  3. 3. 3D Talent Analytics System (3DTAS) 3DTAS enables business leaders,HR and key stakeholders in your organization to recruit, manage,utilize and retain talent more effectively.  Highly Scalable  Highly Configurable  Integrated,On-DemandAccess  Powerful & Flexible to grow with your business MAXIMIZEYOUR HUMAN CAPITAL ROI WHILE MINIMIZING TCO
  4. 4. Skill & Competency Mapping Built on our proprietary 3D Capabilities Profile (3DCP) engine,3DTAS profiles your employees’:  Skills & Proficiencies across  Functional / TechnicalAreas  Behaviorial / Soft Skills  Managerial Skills  Roles performed at work  Value added to the roles
  5. 5. Skill & Competency Mapping 3DTAS enables you to:  Assess & Manage talent effectively  Identify skill gaps across projects & business units  Gauge competency through self-assessment, 180- and 360-degree feedback  Validate skills through peers and managers  Develop customized development plans to align individual goals with organizational goals.  Profile employees’ organization-wide, irrespective of level, function or business specialization.
  6. 6. Foster Employee Engagement An engaged employee is happier,more productive, loyal and less prone to switching jobs. (Engaged employees are 87% less likely to leave the organization than the disengaged. Gallup Q12 Meta- Analysis) Foster higher employee engagement through:  Transparent review & feedback processes  Clear transition & succession planning  Align individual goals with departmental objectives & organizational goals  Identify & reward best performers  Align employees with best-fit roles  Address performance concerns before they become issues
  7. 7. Foster Employee Engagement With 3DTAS, you are able to translate workforce activities into measurable business results by putting your organizational talent at the center of your business strategy.  Quantitatively identify skills needed for a position  Map your organization’s talent pool to identify the best-fit  In the event that you’re unable to recruit internally,simplify recruitments with clearer job descriptions
  8. 8. Organizational Overview Simplify your organizational management with our dynamic organizational charts that offer integrated talent profiles to map succession scenarios for any position in the organization. Features Included  IntegratedTalent Profiles  Multi-level,multi-department drill-down  InternalTalent Pooling & Recruiting
  9. 9. Zero-Pain, Highly Configurable Setup Designed for a quick and painless setup,3DTAS allows you to set up your organization just the way you want.  Highly flexible  Highly customizable at all levels  Supports multi-level approval workflows,bulk imports,dual-reporting hierarchies  Rock-solid rights and permissions framework  Minimal effort for setup  No need for specialized HR / IT-IS consultants  Centralized,easy administration
  10. 10. Integrated Learning Management With higher competition for recruiting talent and evolved attitudes towards work, there is an important need for today’s businesses to grow their talent base effectively to meet tomorrow’s organizational challenges. Top 3 challenges for enterprise talent development:  Identifying training needs (44%)  Identifying appropriate training programs (36.8%)  Validating skills (36%) 3DTAS can help:  Identify skill gaps that pose a challenge  Identify best-fit training programs from theTraining Orbit marketplace  Identify the right employees to lead and conduct internal training programs
  11. 11. Integration With Existing Systems 3DTAS is based on a flexibleAPI (Application Programming Interface) engine that allows it to talk to your existing systems without hassle,allowing you to add talent-based intelligence to your transaction- centric systems.
  12. 12. Powerful Reporting Suite 3DTAS puts powerful talent analytics at your fingertips, so that you can make better informed,data-driven decisions based on your organization’s talent.  Preconfigured reports to get you started out of the box  On-demand,real-time custom reporting With the ability to customize report creation at any level, 3DTAS delivers actionable analytics and insights to your key stakeholders when they need it the most.
  13. 13. Cloud-Based Talent Management Hosted on the cloud and offered as a SaaS (Software- as-a-Service) product,3DTAS offers unmatched value for your talent management investment.  Low maintenance,versionless software  Iron-clad security  LoweredTCO through reduced hardware, software & maintenance costs  Highly scalable platform that can scale to tens of thousands of concurrent users  Integrated,fast product support  Universal upgrades & maintenance with instant upgrades  Centralized administration interface
  14. 14. State of the art Security 3DTAS uses leading industry-grade security standards to protect your organization’s data.Your organization’s data is safe,secure and available only to registered users with the right roles and permissions to view that data. 3DTAS is hosted on an iron-clad secure server environment at Rackspace,one of the world’s leading cloud computing providers.Rackspace uses state-of- the-art firewalls and threat management solutions to protect your sensitive data from prying eyes and intruders.
  15. 15. Access Anywhere With all your applications being hosted on the cloud, you will be able to access your information from anywhere in the world, on any connected device with a web browser – computer,smartphone or tablet. This ensures that you get timely access to the right information in the same format that you expect – no matter where you are.
  16. 16. Ready to find out more about empowering your organization with 3DTAS? ► Free Trial