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Empowering YouTube for Higher Education

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This webinar will teach you how to leverage your YouTube videos to create an engaging learning portal for your students. Justin McCutcheon, the CEO and co-founder of Cattura, will walk you through the tools available for utilizing learning solutions that bridge Google Apps for Education, YouTube, and other Google services to create a rich video experience for your YouTube videos directly inside of your learning management system course.

This webinar will cover:
- An overview of video solutions with Google Apps for Education and YouTube
- Creating a well-organized YouTube course portal
- Delivering lecture capture and flipped classroom content to YouTube
- Making recorded and public YouTube videos accessible with closed captions
- Enriching YouTube videos with time-coded video metadata to drive notes, chapters, tags, and video search
- Creating a complete educational integration between Google Apps for Education and your LMS
- Leveraging Google tools such as YouTube annotations, video clipping, and Google Analytics to improve your educational video content

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Empowering YouTube for Higher Education

  1. 1. Empowering YouTube for Higher Education Lily Bond Marketing Manager 3Play Media lily@3playmedia.com www.3playmedia.com twitter: @3playmedia live tweet: #empoweryoutube  Type questions in the control panel during the presentation  This presentation is being recorded and will be available for replay  To view live captions, please follow the link in the chat window Justin McCutcheon CEO & Co-Founder Cattura
  2. 2. Empowering YouTube In The Classroom An overview of current trends, needs, and solutions for using YouTube & Vimeo For Lecture Capture & Flipped Classrooms Justin McCutcheon, Cattura Video
  3. 3. Current Landscape Of YouTube For Educators • Free and unlimited for educators • Simple to use, students & teachers get it • Millions of existing videos to share • TEDx, Documentaries etc... • Easy tools to manage video and share • Private mode to lock down videos if authenticated with a Google Account • Great tools to enhance the video experience • Video Editing & Mixing • Video Annotating Tools • Quality refining for mobile captures • Closed Caption Editor • Google YouTube Analytics • Many Third Party Add- Ons
  4. 4. Current Needs For Educators Using YouTube • Simple way to centralize YouTube videos inside a school LMS/CMS (BlackBoard, Canvas, Moodle etc..) enabling teachers to easily create, manage and share a flipped video repository with students • Educators need a way to keep students on target without the YouTube clutter & distractions such as un- related videos, advertisements public comments • A way to organize, group, and control their “own” flipped YouTube videos that matches their teaching curriculum and flipped objectives • A way to bring back YouTube to your school in a controlled and secure way when YouTube is globally blocked for the entire school. •
  5. 5. Current Needs For Educators Using YouTube • A simple and well integrated series of tools to quickly upload existing video, import video directly from YouTube, and create new video by capturing screen and webcam content, all with seamless uploading into your YouTube and LMS. In some cases advanced integration such as lecture capture hardware integration is needed • A way to elevate the limited/linear video playback experience with rich video and time-line metadata to enhance video searching, time based notes, chapterize the video into segments, enhance with captions to rapidly drive student search and discovery at any point in time of the video
  6. 6. Why educators use Vimeo Pro vs YouTube • Low cost alternative for schools • Set up in minutes and share just like YouTube • Portfolios and albums for your classroom • Domain level embedd locking for all videos • Password protection on videos & channels • Great extra tools • Enhanced analytics • Closed caption integration • Many third party add-ons All the same needs from the YouTube landscape apply to Vimeo Pro with the exception of the extra layer of video security to ensure your video is not available to the world
  7. 7. Cattura developed a video solution for educators to do more with YouTube and elevate the video learning experience for students YouTube/Vimeo Enterprise • Deeper video authentication • More third party options • Deeper analytics & tracking • More extendable with API • Deeper enterprise integration • More costly & larger commitment • Limits on usage & bandwidth limits • Difficult to launch & train faculty • Larger IT burden & maintenance • Free to low cost for schools • Simple, everyone knows it • Simple share and embed options • Many third party add-ons • No limits! • Limited integration features • Not educational driven • Distracted learning environment • No control, teachers need their own video space
  8. 8. Our solution to those needs Learning Engine Video Platform The Learning Engine is an LTI app that bridges Google Apps For Education, YouTube, Vimeo and various Google Serivces together to form an educational video solution for teachers to easily capture, import, manage, enrich, and deliver flipped videos to students directly inside their LMS course and content+ +
  9. 9. Create & Control Your Own “Flipped YouTube” Centralize and manage videos away from YouTube.com & Limited Embedded YouTube playlist • Create your own teacher controlled YouTube inside any LMS course • Embed video inside any course created content with the LMS WYSIWG tool • Students feel a complete integrated experience without leaving your course • Run securely through school’s proxy even if YouTube is blocked Seamless set up and authentication using Google Single Sign On • Seamless login for teacher to create, manage and deliver their own video library • Teachers can use their school’s GAFE account or their own private Google Account Clutter free learning environment to keep students on track • No advertisments and unrelated videos to distract students • Clean learning experaince with just your videos that you decide to publsh • Mix unlisted and private YouTube video for mixed securty usage • Integrate Vimeo Pro for an extra layer of securty to your videos
  10. 10. Integrated Tools & Seamless IT setup Simple tools for capturing and uploading new video • Free Google Chrome app to capture screen and webcam content • Advanced classroom hardware HD recorder for complete automation • YouTube importer to quickly add liked, uploaded, and watched videos Inline management tool for interfaces • Simple tools to manage video timeline data for search and playback • Group videos into collections to drive students to topics & concepts • Manage and process free and professional closed captions for search and caption playback • Direct link integration into YouTube’s free services including the YouTube editor, annotator and more • Integrate Google Analytics to track and measure usage of your videos Simple IT set-up & administration • LTI configuration that takes a few minutes to set up per school or per course • Works with exsiting Google accounts, keep your data where it already exist
  11. 11. Enhance the linear video experience with smart video data Universal video search across media and video timelines • Powerful video search to quickly find media across your entire video library • Inline video timeline search across notes, chapters, tahs, captions to drive Enhance Video With Notes & Chapters • Create short or long text notes tied to any point in time of the video • Notes can be searched and diplayed with synchrizaion with the video timeline • Chunk-up your long video into chapters to drive navigation around topics Transcriptions to drive smart search with captioning services • Picks up automatic transcriptions from YouTube • Captions are converted for speech-to-text search • Caption video widget to print or read along while the video is playing • Inline management tools to process captions on any media directly with 3Play
  12. 12. Before we get started... • Must have an LTI Enabled LMS platform • BlackBoard, Moodle, Canvas, Schoology etc.. • We will be using Canvas in today’s demonstration • A Gooole account • Use your schools GAFE assigned account or personal Google Account • A YouTube or Vimeo Pro account • Use your schools YouTube / Vimeo account or your personal Google/Vimeo account Let’s see what this new YouTube looks like...
  13. 13. 113 Justin McCutcheon CEO & Co-Founder Cattura Lily Bond Marketing Manager 3Play Media lily@3playmedia.com Q&A Upcoming Webinars:  July 23: DIY Workflows for Captioning/Transcription  August 6: Quick Start to Captioning  August 27: HTML5 Video Accessibility: Updates, Features, & Guidelines You can register for these free webinars at: www.3playmedia.com/webinars/ A recording of this webinar will be available for replay