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UHealth in Korea for Health and Wellness by Jongtae Park

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OECD Expert Consultation 2016
UHealth in Korea for Health and Wellness
Oct. 5, 2016
Jongtae Park
Kyungpook National University
Daily Healthcare Demonstration Complex Construction Agency jtpark@ee.knu.ac.kr

Veröffentlicht in: Technologie
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UHealth in Korea for Health and Wellness by Jongtae Park

  1. 1. OECD Expert Consultation 2016 헬스케어 실증단지 사업 현황 및 발전 계획 Oct. 5, 2016 OECD Expert Consultation 2016 UHealth in Korea for Health and Wellness Jongtae Park Kyungpook National University Daily Healthcare Demonstration Complex Construction Agency jtpark@ee.knu.ac.kr
  2. 2. OECD Expert Consultation 2016 UHealth in Korea for Health and Wellness • Daily Healthcare Demonstration Complex Construction Project - Focusing on pre-care and wellness • Smart After-Care Service Test-bed Construction and Demonstration Project• - • - - Focusing on after-care
  3. 3. OECD Expert Consultation 2016 Korea Gov’t has initiated this project to promote IoT-based healthcare services industry that has strong growth rate in terms of volume of revenue and future job creation Korea Government, Daegu city and Private Sectors Collaboration •Promote competitiveness of healthcare services industry •Uphold creative economy initiatives •Improve citizen’s quality of life •Find new IoT-based healthcare killer applications and services Participating PartnersGov’t Bodies Involved Daily Healthcare Demonstration Complex Construction Project
  4. 4. OECD Expert Consultation 2016 Project Scope The objective of project is to improve quality of life of people through IoT-based healthcare services and to support business incubation scheme with better regulatory support Daegu Metro. City’s Healthcare Resources Advanced Medical Industry Cluster Medical Institutions (e.g. Hospitals) Healthcare Services Vendors Healthcare Services • Build and test IoT-based healthcare services • 6 trial services in 2015 • 7 more services in 2016 Open Platform for Healthcare Services • Open platform with internationally recognized standards • Interoperability with exiting platforms • Collaboration with healthcare institutions Int’l Healthcare SVC Incubation Center • Initiating Int’l Healthcare incubation center • Supporting SMEs, startups and ventures in business development • Devising an international collaborations scheme Improving Regulatory Restrictions • Study of regulatory nuisances in promoting IoT-based Healthcare services • Introducing minimized regulatory restrictions within the project IoT-based Healthcare Services Open Healthcare Platform Int’l Healthcare Services Incubation Center Regulatory Support
  5. 5. OECD Expert Consultation 2016 Project Progress Reaching out to potential service providers with identified demands to create and promote Technology Enabled Care Service market Local Gov’t Support Daegu city has been actively engaged to provide budget as well as policy support & spaces for service trials Project Lead & Participants Service evaluation plan and commercialization outlook During 2015, six potential services had been tested with 2,700 Daegu citizens and seven more services will be evaluated this year.
  6. 6. OECD Expert Consultation 2016 Project Focus Developing 5 services in accordance with demands identified from various primary users and trial will be given until the end of year … Devices Platform PoC Services Algorithm Contents Public HC Service with Fitness Club Fatigue Recovery Service for Air Force Pilots DNA & Self- Obesity Mgmt. Service Maternity Mgmt. Service Chronic Disease Mgmt. with Small & Medium Hospitals 1 2 3 4 5 Participating Consortium Medical Institutions Insurance Companies School Air-Force Primary Users Provide Services Feedback for Improvements Public SME Improved Living Quality and wellness New opportunities & investmentsEcosystem of mutual benefits Choice of Diversified Services Provides better Healthcare Services Product/services verification Faster Quality Improvements
  7. 7. OECD Expert Consultation 2016 Open IoT Healthcare Platform The Healthcare platform will be based on Common-IoT-Platform that uses oneM2M standard, integrated with Int’l healthcare standards Open Healthcare Platform 1 2 3 4 5 Healthcare Services Development Support SME Supports Compliant w/ Int’l Healthcare Standards Standardization of IoT Device Developments Reliable IT Environments Provide Open-API to all participating SMB and startups ISO/IEEE 11073 & HL7 IHE PCD-01 Service development and commercialization guide portal oneM2M standard compliancy provide a better interoperability & cost savings for the growth of industry Tried and tested platform through trials Support projects by Daegu Techno. Park
  8. 8. OECD Expert Consultation 2016 The Healthcare platform is complying not only with oneM2M but also, compliant with Healthcare related standards, such as ISO/IEEE 11073 and HL7.Healthcare Platform Standards 1 2 3 4 Standards and Interoperability
  9. 9. OECD Expert Consultation 2016 Chronic Disease Management Extended Scope in 2016 Trail Scope in 2015 Activity and Weight Display Measurement < HC Platform > Measurement < User APP > < Doctor WEB> ※ Simple Tracker based measurement < Guardians APP > Patient’s Condition < Biometric Reader >
  10. 10. OECD Expert Consultation 2016 Healthcare Platform Cumulative Biometric Information Mgmt Measurement Result Analysis Alarm GenerationHigh/Low Blood Pressure Patients Medical Institute Treatment & Consulting based on monitoring Biometric Information Exercise/Diet, Contents, Alarm Blood Pressure Smart Band + Medical Equipment Wellness Diabetes Patients Smart Band + Wellness Heart Disease Patients Smart Ring + Doctor Doctor Hospital Visit Treatment/Consulting Service Monitoring Medical Equipment WellnessMedical Equipment Blood Pressure/Sugar Blood Pressure 2015 Chronic Disease Management Service
  11. 11. OECD Expert Consultation 2016 Pregnant Woman & Maternity Care Maternity Care App Currently Available Maternity Care App Activity Count Bespokeguide basedon activity level andweight changes Generic Guide Pregnant Woman Mother /w infant less than six mo. old Weight < HC Platform > < User App >
  12. 12. OECD Expert Consultation 2016 Gene Analysis based Healthcare 2016 Scope Gene Analysis Service Takea sample (saliva) GeneAnalysis (Obesity, Cholesterol, Vitamin C and etc.,) Analysis Result Activity / Diet Planning MonitorActivity / Diet using a smartphone Regular Feedback
  13. 13. OECD Expert Consultation 2016 Fitness App connected to Fitness Centers Personal Fitness App Monitor and Record Daily Exercise Activity < Trainer > Report Design Display Measurements Trainer’s App < HC Platform > < Trainee’s App >< Trainee >
  14. 14. OECD Expert Consultation 2016 Fatigue Recovery Operates UsageInformation < Chamber> < Control Program> < HC Platform >
  15. 15. OECD Expert Consultation 2016 Data Collection Develop analytics & Embed Improvement of visualization Enhancement of prediction Prediction Visualization Environment · Weather · Health Government 3.0 public data ● ● ● ● ’16 Collected data from healthcare center ● ● ● ● Results & VisualizationData connection Goal Healthcare Big Data Analysis using DL
  16. 16. OECD Expert Consultation 2016 UHealth in Korea for Health and Wellness • Daily Healthcare Demonstration Complex Construction Project • Smart After-Care Service Test-bed Construction and Demonstration Project
  17. 17. OECD Expert Consultation 2016 ` ` `` After-Care Demonstration Operations Center ` ` Smart After-Care Service Test-bed Construction and Demonstration Project Korea Gov’t has initiated this project to construct and demonstrate smart after-care service The project consortium is comprised of 6 main hospitals and 4 companies
  18. 18. OECD Expert Consultation 2016 Management system of Smart After-care Lifelog analysis system User Medical Sensors Medical Agency Rehabilitation Training Program Everyday health habit management Diet therapy Nutritive management Stress management Procedure/surgery disease therapy method, Cancer information Heart disease information Testbed environment Demonstration test Feedback Smart After-care Service PHR storage Life log PMIR After-Care mobile service for patient/protector Patient monitoring service for medical team/expert Primary Care Secondary Care Tertiary Care Medical Institutions International standard based medical examination record connection Inspection record Medical examination record Prescription record Image record Wearable Device/ Health Measurement Device Heart disease device(electrocardiograp hs, etc, total 6 types) Cancer disease device (activity graphs, total 4 types) S N S Wearable Device Lifelog Blue Button + … Disease specific dedicated mobile service Public Health Data Weather service, Health index, Life index Public data portal Store personal health information Supports many languages Supports service API patient/medical team Smart After-Care System Overview Big data analysis of patient statistical information and situation analysis using rule based reasoning Prostate cancer Cardiac disorder each 100 people Lung cancer 100 people Stomach cancer Colorectal cancer each 100 people Brain nerve disease 100 people Breast cancer 100 people Hospital Cooperation
  19. 19. OECD Expert Consultation 2016 Chemotherapy side effects management : nausea, etc. High-strength pain treatment algorithm Therapeutic exercise for respiratory rehabilitation Video services After-care service that focuses on preventing recurrence after discharge from the hospital Cooperative medical care Discharge training Care App registration Chemotherapy Cooperative medical care with upper level hospitals By using sensor data, continuously check condition of the patient Weight Blood pressure SPO2 BMI Check the condition of patients through remote monitoring Hospital Visit Hospital Visit Seoul Asan Hospital – Lung Cancer Patient interacts with primary and secondary care hospitals during chemotherapy treatment
  20. 20. OECD Expert Consultation 2016 Samsung Hospital – Colorectal, Gastric Cancer Medical team offers fast aid to the patients in case of an increase in pain and high temperature. ※ Samsung’s Cancer Center has 40 intensive care unit rooms, 36 sterile rooms, and 67 outpatient treatment sickbeds. Samsung’s Cancer Center has 652 rooms in total. Monitoring by medical team Server Dietary advice Medication alarm Exercise rehabilitation Medication guide Symptom handle Temperature Pain Emergency cooperation system Primary prescription (Emergency) Digital Health Care Research Center Colorectal/ Gastric Cancer Center Cancer Healing Center Cancer Rehabilitation Center Nutrition Support Team Customized nutrition and rehabilitation Thermometer Pain monitoring Smart band (Activitiy mass) 2 Patient
  21. 21. OECD Expert Consultation 2016 Boramae Hospital – Brain Disease App Service for After-Care 3.Shake your hands Self cognitive ability check ` `Primary and Secondary care Hospitals Consultation system After-Care Management System (Monitoring) Lifestyle improvement Medication alarm Side effect recording Diet/activity guide Personalized feedback from medical team Weekly Consultation First month Program reset Weekly Consultation Second month Program reset Weekly Consultation Third month Program reset Consultation with experts and evaluation, every week. After-care service program is reset, every month. Doctor Doctor
  22. 22. OECD Expert Consultation 2016 Thank you for your attention !