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33 Digital - the Social Business guide

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33 Digital - the Social Business guide

  1. 1. The Social Business Guide
  2. 2. Social Business The term “Social Business” describes the permeation of social technologies through all aspects of a business: • From external to internal communications and knowledge sharing • From employees communicating and working with each other, with partners and customers from innovation management to customer support A truly social business embraces social technologies on all levels • To boost employee and customer satisfaction • To improve work flows, processes and knowledge sharing • To remain an attractive employer in the future
  3. 3. Some Numbers More than 1.5 Billion users of social networks 70% of all companies worldwide already use one form of social technology, 90% of those give positive feedback Knowledge workers spend 28 hours per week with emails, searching for information and collaboration
  4. 4. 8 Steps to Social Business Success 1. efine the WHY D 2. ake it a culture thing M 3. eading by example L 4. reate a social governance model C 5. ecide on the right tools D 6. ive Internal Communications the social overhaul G 7. nable the people (especially your CEO) E 8. how your employees you mean (social) business S
  5. 5. Define the WHY What goals do you want to reach? • Improved productivity • Improved employee satisfaction • More efficient editorial processes for internal and external communications • Improved customer support and customer satisfaction
  6. 6. Make it a culture thing Social technologies require a certain mindset to unlock their full potential. Often their rollout is more of a change management than sole IT project. You have to make sure your company culture is compatible with what you‘re trying to achieve.
  7. 7. Leading by example For your company to really take off as a social business, you need everyone on board. That includes the base as well as your top management. Make sure you have your full management support and that your CEO and top management are leading by example.
  8. 8. Create a social governance model A truly social business is one that embraces social technologies on all levels. You need to create a social governance model that integrates all these different areas and formulates a holistic social strategy for your company.
  9. 9. Decide on the right tools Which tools to use depends on what you want to achieve and where your company stands technologically. It‘s important to thorougly test before you buy and make sure to involve all parties in the decision.
  10. 10. Give Internal Communications the social overhaul Internal communications is the lighthouse function within your company that can make or break the adaptation of your social business strategy. Within a social business, the internal communications function shifts more towards management than sole editor of internal news. So make your internal communications fit for social.
  11. 11. Enable the people (especially your CEO) While most of your employees will use a social network in their private lives, you still need to educate and enable them on how they should use social technologies for the benefit of your company. That means training sessions for everyone, first and foremost your top management.
  12. 12. Show your employees you mean (social) business Actions speak louder than words: Show your employees that your social business strategy is here to stay. Make sure you shift important processes and information to the new technologies. There‘s an uncomfortable topic that needs communicating? Have your CEO available for a truly social live Q&A session on your social platform rather than send out an email.
  13. 13. Contact Us Annabelle Atchison Director annabelle.atchison@33-digital.com Franziska-Bilek-Weg 9 | 80339 München D: +49 89 244 14 3304 M: +49 171 4310437