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VirtuOz - Chatbots - 2007

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VirtuOz pitchdeck for VC in 2007 outlining our chatbot vision around Personal Intelligent Assistants.

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VirtuOz - Chatbots - 2007

  1. 1. VirtuOz Personal Intelligent Assistants
  2. 2. Alexandre Lebrun, 32 CEO • KDS (e-procurement software): former Product manager • BS Ecole Polytechnique, MS in EE and in Chinese Pascal Levy-Garboua, 29 Business Development • eBay: Former Marketing Executive • Lokaliz.com (local search): Founder • BS Ecole Polytechnique, MS MS&E Stanford University Callixte Cauchois, 31 VirtuOz Labs • KDS: Former R&D Director • MS CS at ENSTA • MS in Arabic Laurent Landowski, 29 Operations • Former Professional Services Manager at KDS in Boston • MS CS at Ecole Centrale Team A team with combined expertise in linguistics, AI and software
  3. 3. Preparing a trip… the old way Alex and Bob both booked a flight to NYC. They both need a hotel and need to prepare for that trip. Scenario  Complex and time-consuming
  4. 4. Preparing a trip… the ideal way − Bob: I need a hotel for my New York trip − X: That means five nights from June 23rd to 28th I guess ? − Bob: Yes − X: All your appointments are in Midtown. Do you want a hotel in this area ? − Bob: Why not. Find me something under $300 per night − X: In this range, I have one standard room for $241 at the Tudor Hotel or one standard room with queen bed for $246 at the Bestwestern President Hotel. Here are the maps, videos and reviews. Bestwestern is affiliated with your AAdvantage frequent flyer program. − Bob: How many miles do I have ? − X: You have 13500 miles. You need 6500 more to fly to Chicago. − Bob: OK. Book the Bestwestern. Do you know if Emily is available on Tuesday night ? − X: Let me check. Emily : nothing planned. − Bob: OK, invite her for dinner. What is the best thaï near my hotel ? … Alex and Bob both booked a flight to NYC. They both need a hotel and need to prepare for that trip. Scenario
  5. 5. What is a Personal Intelligent Assistant ? • Personal: he/she knows me, my profile, my habits. • Intelligent: he/she performs understanding, reasoning, combines many knowledge sources, know-how, transactional services. Learns. • Assistant: provides services. Available 24/7 through website, instant messenger, SMS, voice ― A ton avis c’est quoi le mieux pour une télé : LCD ou plasma ? ― Cela dépend de votre besoin et de votre budget. ― Je veux pas y mettre plus de 800 euros. ― Je crois me souvenir que le salon fait 18m², dans ce cas, un petit LCD sera plus adapté. ― OK allons voir ça. ― Voilà un comparatif des prix du marché.
  6. 6. PIA Skills My home My social life My entertainment My health My information My shopping My services
  7. 7. Is it possible ? NO YES NL-based  Seamless access User-generated Transactional AAdvantage account Hotel booking Citysearch API IM interface to friends Outlook interface
  8. 8. Technological breakthrough • Other technologies are based on keyword pattern matching and FAQ-search. • Our proprietary technology is the result of 5 years of R&D and partnerships with top research teams in France • Unique features: – Deep and goal-oriented linguistic analysis (syntactic, semantic) – Language-independent reasoning – Built-in automatic-learning mechanisms • Main advantages: – Dialog reliability – Configurable by virtually anybody – The more people use it, the better it becomes
  9. 9. • Company pay per dialog. Benefits: – Reduced support costs – Increased conversion – Get leads • Free for users 0.22 € 0,58 €0.24 € 0.58 € 0.50 €0.58 € Business model: companies pay to optimize their support / get qualified leads
  10. 10. Proven results • eBay France : 100,000 problems solved/month • AOL France : 52,000 deflected incoming calls • Coca-cola Company : 4,000 chats/day
  11. 11. Strategy