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Atelier 9 hank kune - acsi lpd

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Atelier 9 hank kune - acsi lpd

  1. 1. Changing Foresight Models: From think-tanks to do-tanksCase: ACSI Aalto Camp for SocietyInnovation (2012):“Inclusive Society” Hank Kune, Educore (NL) hankkune@educore.nl
  2. 2. International learning camp8-day event + follow-through Distributed intelligence in global networks Real-life challenges ofregions, cities, organizations Based on: Societal innovation Self-organization Thinking in outcomes Knowledge Triangle
  3. 3. Inclusive Society: The Challenge Espoo, Malmo, In 3 countries Amsterdam ACSI 2012
  4. 4. Innovation culture New kinds of collaboration Urban test-beds Demonstrations in Real life & Virtual realityFive perspectives ICT Cluster Revolution & Job creation
  5. 5. How can cities establish a newbalance between government and civilsociety that better integrates all actorsin new collaborative models forservice provision and societalcontribution?How can we create living test-beds –places which actively engage peoplein rapid prototypes ofproducts,services and policies?What are the implications of thisdigitalizationfor strengthening an inclusive society?What societal changes are needed todayto make this happen?What are the implications for citizens: on a political level,for the social structure, and for society as a whole?How can cities best support people in developing their own innovative spirit?
  6. 6. Prototyping process in 8 days Discovering Opening UpReality Checking Developing Evaluating Synthesizing Materializing Sharing
  7. 7. OUTPUT: Prototypes New perspectives Plans for testing in practice Continuing the collaboration
  8. 8. What we didn’t get right (yet)Preparing the groundHarnessing the global networkCapturing the complete outputProcesses for follow-throughCommitment to co-implement
  9. 9. What’s Next? Shorter workcycle Different issues Clearer commitmentInvolve more stakeholders directly Other cities