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Movie quiz

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Movie quiz

  3. 3. •DON’T write your answer on FB page•just inbox it on arishabh95@yahoo.com onfacebookor mail me on rishabhrocket53@gmail.com•If u r a movie enthusiast then it will be for “U”•ENJOY IT , FEEDBACK AND SUGGESTIONS RALWAYS WELCOMED
  4. 4. Tribute to which famous indian film?
  5. 5. Publicity Poster of which historic film?
  6. 6. connect
  7. 7. Google Doodle for What?
  8. 8. In the 1983 Hindi film “Agar Tum NaHote”, Rajesh Khanna played anindustrialist, the owner of a cosmeticcompany. The film displayed productsof a Calcutta-based company. Thecompany thus claims to be one of thefirst in India to make productplacements in films.Which company?[Source- IIT bombay]
  9. 9. Minimalist Poster of which movie?
  10. 10. Minimalist Poster of which movie?
  11. 11. National Awards for Best MusicIdentify the respective Music Directors in the next slide. source- IIT bombay
  12. 12. NEWS 3: National Award, Best Music Dev.D Hirak Rajar Deshe Ghatashraddha Jogwa
  13. 13. Born as Shamsher Raj, He is thefounder and chairman of InternetUsers Community of India (IUCI) andhas been influential in setting upinternet organizations like the EthicalHackers Association. But, he is famousfor his work in a completely differentfield. Who?