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Youth of Democratic Alliance condemns DEMYC SG participation in the youth event
on temporarily occupied Ukrainia...
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Statement regarding DEMYC participation in Tavrida

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Statement regarding DEMYC participation in Tavrida

  1. 1. STATEMENT Youth of Democratic Alliance condemns DEMYC SG participation in the youth event on temporarily occupied Ukrainian territory - Crimea Youth of Democratic Alliance expresses its deep concern over participation of the Secretary General of the Democrat Youth Community of Europe (DEMYC), representative of Spanish organization, Nuevas generaciones del partido popular - Javier Hurtado Mira, in the International Youth Forum “Tavrida” which was held on the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territory - Crimea, on August 10-20, 2014. The mission of the event was “meaningful and substantive binding of the Crimea as a part of Russia.” Youth of Democratic Alliance has stated that the Crimean peninsula is an integral part of Ukraine and strongly condemns the violation of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity by acts of aggression by the Russian armed forces. We also encourage our international partners to condemn acts which contradict principles of international law, values of democracy and human rights and not to take actions which can be considered as the recognition of these acts. We would like to remind that the international community united its efforts in supporting Ukraine and its territorial integrity as well as condemning the aggression by the Russian Federation. Thus on 13th March 2014 the European Parliament adopted resolution “On the invasion of Ukraine by Russia” in which it stated that Russia’s act of aggression in invading Crimea is a violation of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and is against international law The European Parliament has clearly rejected arguments of the Russian side justifying its aggression: the Russian-speaking population in the Crimea has never been threatened nor will be threaten in the future. As stated in the resolution, these speculations are absolutely "out of touch with the realities". The European Parliament firmly condemned Russia’s act of aggression in invading Crimea, which is an inseparable part of Ukraine and called for the immediate de-escalation of the crisis, with the immediate withdrawal of all military forces present illegally on Ukrainian territory. On 27th March 2014 the UN General Assembly passed a resolution on the "territorial integrity of Ukraine" declaring Crimea's secession vote invalid. In this regards, Youth of Democratic Alliance, a full member of DEMYC, urges the Chairman and Board of DEMYC to clarify details and status of Mr. Hurtado Mira participation in Youth Forum “Tavrida” on Ukraine’s temporarily occupied territory - Crimea.