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  • Dear Mr. Alexander;and all Who May Concern
    nice to meet you My name is Antonello Sparta Italian citizen, and Cultural  attaché for the Isla Margareta Government of nueva Espana Republic of Venezela in Hungary,so let's say that I have an institutional Mandate.
    It's happen that in March 2012 My wife Bencsik Orsolya Italian citizen as well purchased from Yr. well knowed company,placed in Denmark,Carbon Credit for an amount of 1340€ around with the agreement and or promise by Yr. Hungarian ' Pilotas' (more than one) proceeds of 20 that after  four mounth we can sell in the market with a proceeds of 25% so let's say that the profit wad quite interesting.
    Unfortunally the time is over and Nowadays after 10 mounthes we do not received any money,not capital neither proceeds.
    Quite funny right??? May be for you but not for us.
    During last mounth looking for our money yr pilotas informed us that the Carbon Credit is vaible but we cannot reach it becouse : we cannott sell and you don't want sell it.This was the first information.
    Second information is that all the credit you have in yr. portfolio will be sold inthe Russian market at the samemoment when the market will be ready tu buy.What is meaning I do not know,but I think that the Russians won't buy yr C.C. If you still have, due to all bad news yr. company has in Europe,personally I think that all seems to be an International fraud.
    Well Mr. Alexander: I hope that you will receive my message and you will answer at it .I hope that whithin one week you will transfer back our money otherways we will apply to the authority's seat.
    We are nearly sure that all the C.C. is an International Fraud so the follows steps are:
    1.    Accusation to the Hungarian Finance Investigation Department
    2.   Accusation to the Romanian Finance Investigation Department( we are in contact with Romanian Diplomacy it will be fast)
    3.   Accusation to the Italian Embassy in Hungary
    4.   Accusation to Romanian Embassy in Hungary
    5.   Accusatio to the European Court.
    In case of International Fraud be adviced that different persons will be involved and not only yr.self Pilotas and so on.
    Best Rgds
     Isla Margareta Governo de Nueva Esparta ' Repubblic Bolivariana  Of Venezuela
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