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International linkbuilding by Jan-Willem Bobbink | Seo Campixx 2013

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How to optimize your international outreach campaigns! Interesting insights based on thousands of hours of international linkbuilding activities.

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International linkbuilding by Jan-Willem Bobbink | Seo Campixx 2013

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  4. 4. Key words they use:HearAskTalkTellFunSoundTypical for young aged bloggersThey want to chat, call them!
  5. 5. •Key words that they use:ProcessThinkKnowDetailsResearchTypical for German bloggers
  6. 6. Phrases they are more likely to use:I see what you meanI can see the big pictureIt appears to mePicture thisMental Picture30,000ft view-Typical for Spanish bloggers-They like to win, organize contests-Egobait
  7. 7. Key phrases that they use:That feels right to me.Come to grips withLet’s touch base.Let’s connect.Take care.Get a handle on it.I feel strongly about this.Let’s do this together.Typical for Travel bloggersLike interacting -> organise bloggers meetings
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