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Inbound marketing


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Inbound marketing

  1. 1. Inbound MarketingInbound Marketing Attract ,engage and delight cutomers online by Brian Halligan and Dharmesh shah Published by Wiley Submitted by- Joshpin Bala Roll.No:171
  2. 2. Inbound Marketing •Inbound marketing refers to marketing activities that bring visitors in, rather than marketers having to go out to get prospects' attention. •Inbound marketing earns the attention of customers, makes the company easy to be found, and draws customers to the website by producing interesting content.
  3. 3. Introduction • Inbound marketing has evolved since the last time the HubSpot gurus enlightened us on the foundations of online visibility and engagement. • The updated and revised book from Halligan and Shah, is a comprehensive guide to attracting, engaging and delighting customers online. • You will gain insights on lead nurturing and visual marketing, with practical advice on how to produce remarkable content that convert visitors into leads and further nurture those leads to the point of sale.
  4. 4. What’s in it for you? • With customers of today, being smarter and in more control of the buying circle, this book will provide you with the necessary ammunition to apply what you’ve learned to your own marketing efforts. • And in return you will be one step ahead of those ever- changing consumer behaviours and another step closer to present your audience with content that draws interest and builds trust.
  5. 5. • Inbound Marketing, Revised and Updated: Attract, Engage, and Delight Customers Online is a comprehensive guide to increasing online visibility and engagement. • Written by top marketing experts, the book contains the latest information about customer behavior and preferred digital experiences. • From the latest insights on lead nurturing and visual marketing to advice on producing remarkable content by building tools, readers will gain the information they need to transform their marketing online.
  6. 6. • With outbound marketing methods becoming less effective, the time to embrace inbound marketing is now. • Cold calling, e–mail blasts, and direct mail are turning consumers off to an ever–greater extent, so consumers are increasingly doing research online to choose companies and products that meet their needs.
  7. 7. • Inbound Marketing recognizes these behavioral changes as opportunities, and explains how marketers can make the most of this shift online. • This not only addresses turning strangers into website visitors, but explains how best to convert those visitors to leads, and to nurture those leads to the point of becoming delighted customers.
  8. 8. • Gain the insight that can increase marketing value with topics like: • Inbound marketing strategy, reputation, and tracking progress. • Visibility getting found, and why content matters, Converting customers turning prospects into leads and leads into customers
  9. 9. • Better decisions picking people, agencies, and campaigns. • The book also contains essential tools and resources that help build an effective marketing strategy, and tips for organizations of all sizes looking to build a reputation. • When consumer behaviors change, marketing must change with them. • The fully revised and updated edition of Inbound Marketing is a complete guide to attracting, engaging, and delighting customers online.
  10. 10. Chapter 1:Shopping Has Changed . . . Has Your Marketing? • Who Moved My Customers?
  11. 11. Chapter 2:Is Your Website a Marketing Hub? • Megaphone versus Hub 9 • It’s Not What You Say—It’s What Others Say About You • Does Your Website Have a Pulse? • Tracking Your Progress • Inbound in Action: 37Signals
  12. 12. Chapter 3:Are You Worthy? • Creating a Remarkable Strategy • Tracking Your Progress • Inbound in Action: The Grateful Dead
  13. 13. Chapter 4:Create Remarkable Content • Building a Content Machine • Variety Is the Spice of Life • You Gotta Give to Get • Moving Beyond the Width of Your Wallet • Tracking Your Progress • Inbound in Action: Wikipedia
  14. 14. Chapter 5: Get Found in the Blogosphere • Getting Your Blog Started Right • Authoring Effective Articles • Help Google Help You • Making Your Articles Infectious • Give Your Articles a Push • Starting Conversations with Comments • Why Blogs Sometimes Fail • The Gift That Keeps on Giving • Consuming Content with RSS • Subscribe to Relevant Industry Blogs • Contribute to the Conversation • Tracking Your Progress
  15. 15. Chapter 6:Get Found in Google • Paid versus Free • A (Brief) Introduction to How Google Works • Picking the Perfect Keywords • On-Page SEO: Doing the Easy Stuff First • Off-Page SEO: The Power of Inbound Links • Black Hat SEO: How to Get Your Site Banned by Google • The Dangers of PPC • Tracking Your Progress • Inbound in Action: LinkedIn “Elite”
  16. 16. Chapter 7: Get Found in Social Media • Creating an Effective Online Profile • Getting Fans on Facebook • Creating Connections on LinkedIn • Gathering Followers on Twitter • Gaining Reach from Google+ • Being Discovered with StumbleUpon • Getting Found on YouTube • Tracking Your Progress • Inbound in Action: FreshBooks
  17. 17. Chapter 8:Visual Content • SlideShare • Visual.ly • Pinterest • Instagram • Snapchat • Vine
  18. 18. Chapter 9: Software and Tools as Content • Writing Code Instead of Text • Replace Humans with Machines • Provide a Next Step • Kill Bad Tools Quickly • Tools Don’t Market Themselves • Inbound in Action: Wealthfront
  19. 19. Chapter 10: Convert Visitors into Leads • Compelling Calls-to-Action • Mistakes to Avoid • Optimizing Through Experimentation • Tracking Your Progress • Inbound in Action: Google
  20. 20. Chapter 11:Convert Prospects into Leads • Landing Page Best Practices • Creating Functional Forms • Going Beyond the Form • A Word of Caution • Tracking Your Progress
  21. 21. Chapter 12:Convert Leads to Customer • Grading and Scoring Your Leads • Nurturing Your Leads • Broadening Your Reach • Tracking Your Progress
  22. 22. Chapter 13:Make Better Marketing Decision • Levels and Definitions • Campaign Yield • Tracking Your Progress
  23. 23. Chapter 14:Picking and Measuring Your People • Hire Digital Citizens • Hire for Analytical Chops • Hire for Their Web Reach • Hire Content Creators • Developing Existing Marketers • Tracking Your Progress
  24. 24. Chapter 15:Picking and Measuring a PR Agency • Picking a PR Agency • Tracking Your Progress • Inbound in Action: Solis, Weber, Defren & Roetzer
  25. 25. Chapter 16: Watching Your Competition • Tools to Keep Tabs on Competitors • Tracking Your Progress • Inbound in Action: TechTarget
  26. 26. Chapter 17: On Commitment, Patience, and Learning • Tracking Your Progress • Inbound in Action: Tom Brad
  27. 27. Chapter 18:Why Now? • In this chapter it is discussed regarding why inbound marekting should be implemented now..
  28. 28. Thank You