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Abstract baru

  1. 1. ABSTRACT THE CONNECTION OF FAMILY SUPPORT TO THE LEVEL OF PREOPERATIVE ANXIETY IN THE KUTILANG’S ROOM RSUD Dr.Hi.ABDUL MOELOEK PROVINSI LAMPUNG BY IKHWANUDIN *) Anxiety as a response without a specific object subjectively experienced and interpersonal communicated. On the client who will be in operation will generally experience a traumatic experience, such as separation and loss that would cause physical weakness and anxious response, it is necessary for the support of those closest to the clients that support from family. Family support is one of the factors that influence anxiety. Based on data obtained in 2014 at RSUD AM in Kutilang’s room there are 50 patients were operated on 30 patients where surgery cyto (60%) and 20 elective surgery (40%). The title of this research is The Connection Of Family Support To The Level Of Preoperative anxiety In The Kutilang’s Room RSUD Dr.Hi.Abdul Moeloek Provinsi Lampung. The research is a quantitative design correlation description/cross sectional. Total sample of 30 respondents with a total sampling technique. This research analyzed with chi square test. The independent variabel is the support of family, among others : support assessment (p = 0,000 and OR = 53,333) , instrumental support (p = 0,247 and OR = 3,214) , informasional support (p = 0,020 and OR = 10,083) , emotional support (p = 0,027 and OR = 8.000) It can be concluded that family support showed no significant correlation with the level of anxiety in patients with preoperative it is advisable to the hospital to provide information to families in providing support for the family members who
  2. 2. underwent surgery with the form of counseling importance of family support for patient preoperative. Keywoards : family support, the patient’s preoperative anxiety Literature : *) Fakultas Keperawatan Universitas Malahayati