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2: How Does Your Media Product Represent Particular Social Group?

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2: How Does Your Media Product Represent Particular Social Group?

  1. 1. 2. How Does Your Media ProductRepresent Particular Social Groups?
  2. 2. Shot Sizes Establishing shots are a common convention in social realism movies, as shown in This Is England. This shows where our chosen represented group lives, occupies or is currently situated. It gives the introduction context and can help the viewer theA shot from This Is England. understand. A shot from my product. Wide shots are also used to the same effect. This is more personal though. Instead of setting the scene for the social group in the scene, it sets it for the person or group of people in the scene. A shot from my product. A shot from Bullet Boy.
  3. 3. TakesLong takes in my movie This is also used in partnership with pansintroduction to show the to further connote and show his sporadicmany hectic activities that life.my character has to gothrough. It shows a lot ofaction in a long take toemphasise his lifestyle. Thisis used for him to be anoverall representation ofhis social and economicclass. People in his socialsituation, no father to takecontrol after the mothersillness and economic classof the lower class often livein this sort of way; sporadicand repetitive. Example of the long takes and pans.
  4. 4. David HarrisDavid wears a branded workjumper and shirt, this shows that heworks for the company that hedoes. It reinforces the idea that heis more responsible than he needsto be at his age by being the mainprovider for the family. He alsowears large baggy jeans thatreveals his underwear that couldmean two things. First, he has hadto buy clothes that don’t fit due totheir current economic status.Secondly, it could be metaphoricalfor his childish side. The side thathe doesn’t show at home when heisn’t being the man of the house.
  5. 5. Kevin HarrisKevin’s attire consists ofhis school uniform. Thisrepresents his age, beingat school. A more strikingpart of his clothingincludes thick blackgloves. These show thehouses temperature beinglow and could possiblymean that due to theirsocial status, they can’tafford to have the heatingon during the day. This isalso shown by Melisabeing bundled under a bigquilt.
  6. 6. Alan WoodsAlan wears the same brandedshirt and jumper that Davidwears, although different jeans.Alan wears tattered, worn-outjeans that show he is moreserious about his laborious job.It shows that as an owner of acompany, he is just as preparedto get down to business with thephysical work at hand,alongside his down-the-laddercounterparts and employees.