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Open: Decreasing Costs, Improving Access, and Increasing Quality of Education
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Open: Decreasing Costs, Improving Access, and Increasing Quality of Education


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While "open educational resources" initiatives like MIT OpenCourseWare generated media buzz during the 2000s, a new wave of initiatives is leveraging OER to dramatically decrease the cost, improve ...

While "open educational resources" initiatives like MIT OpenCourseWare generated media buzz during the 2000s, a new wave of initiatives is leveraging OER to dramatically decrease the cost, improve access, and increase the quality of secondary and higher education for the average student. This presentation demonstrates how "open" is shaping the field of education, and what is coming in the future.

This talk was delivered at the University of Georgia during March, 2013.

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  • CC By Photo by David Wiley
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  • Transcript

    • 1. OPENDecreasing Costs, Improving Access,and Increasing Quality of Education David Wiley, Shuttleworth / Lumen / BYU
    • 2. “Socially Responsible Research” For the love of Pete - MAKE A DIFFERENCE
    • 3. Overview• The Why and What of “open”• Sharing at scale, and when sharing isn’t• The Displacing Adoption and the Golden Ratio• Results, and shaping the trend line
    • 4. WHAT and WHY
    • 5. Education is Sharing
    • 6. Education is Sharing Faculty with students Students with teachers
    • 7. Faculty Share With Students Knowledge and skills Feedback and criticism Encouragement
    • 8. Students Share With Faculty Questions in Class Assignments Exams
    • 9. Successful Educators Share most compeltely with the most students
    • 10. If there is no sharing… there is no education.
    • 11. Interlude: A RiddleWhat can you give without giving it away?
    • 12. Ideas are NonrivalrousCan be given without being given away
    • 13. Physical Expressions Are Not To give a book you must give it away
    • 14. Expressions Are DifferentTo give a book you must give it away
    • 15. When Expressions Are Digital They also become nonrivalrous
    • 16. Unprecedented Capacity We can share as never before
    • 17. Except We Can’t© regulates copying, adapting,and distributing those copies
    • 18. Internet CopyrightEnables Forbids What to do?
    • 19. Use copyright to enforce sharing
    • 20. The 4Rs Reuse – copy verbatim Revise – adapt and editRemix – combine with other OERRedistribute – share with others
    • 21. What to Watch For
    • 22. What are Open Educational Resources (OER)?(1) Any kind of teaching materials – textbooks, syllabi, lesson plans, videos, readings, exams
    • 23. What are Open Educational Resources (OER)?(2) Are free for anyone to access, and(3) Include free permission to engage in the 4R activities
    • 24. Internet OEREnables AllowsLeveraging the full technical capability of the internet
    • 25. Sharing at ScaleWhen Sharing Isn’t
    • 26. Well Over 500M CC License Uses Over half a billion OER
    • 27. OpenCourseWare Consortium
    • 28. When Is Sharing Not Sharing? When it is only offering
    • 29. Publishing (Offering) is Prestigious Reusing is not
    • 30. Vice VersaWe need to change the way reuse is valued
    • 31. The Displacing Adoption and why it matters
    • 32. Tuition and Fees are Political What about textbook adoptions?
    • 33. Textbook CostsThe lowest hanging fruit
    • 34. e.g., Developmental Math $180, MyMathLab, and a financial aid check
    • 35. Displacing AdoptionsMake the required textbook cost $0
    • 36. The Golden Ratio
    • 37. Education’s Golden RatioDollars spent per learning outcome
    • 38. Open High School of UtahPublic, fully online charter school 400 students in grades 9-12 Adding 7-8 in Fall 2013-2014
    • 39. Open High School of Utah Charter mandates use of OER 76% whole school proficiency (Ranked 31st in Utah)
    • 40. % Proficient Content + LMS Proficiency on CRT Cost per DollarOther 58% $380 0.15OHSU 76% $18 4.22
    • 41. % Proficient Content + LMS Proficiency on CRT + Teacher Cost per DollarOther 58% $800 0.07OHSU 76% $34 2.24
    • 42. ResultsShaping the Trend Line
    • 43. Utah Open Textbook Project Hewlett funding Secondary science classrooms Adapt textbooks
    • 44. Utah Open Textbook Project3 years, 6000 students, 30 teachers Very few digital devices
    • 45. Utah Open Textbook Project $4.99 per book ($80/$11.43)
    • 46. MethodQuasi-experimental design with:• Treatment and Control Group• Pre and Post Test• Dependent variable: 2012 science CRT score• Independent variable: Textbook condition• Covariates: age, gender, special education, English language proficiency, 2011 test data, 2011 GPA, and race
    • 47. Propensity Score MatchingConditional probability of assignment Increased group balance by 98%
    • 48. Results• IRT scaled scores +0.8 for participants, significant at p < .001• Multiple r squared of .635 (variance in scores accounted for in our model)
    • 49. Utah Open Textbook Project Saves money Improves outcomes Period
    • 50. Utah Open Textbook Project Winter 2012: USOE goal of 6-12Fall 2013: 75,000 students in science Math and ELA next State partnerships
    • 51. Kaleidoscope Open Course Initiative NGLC funding 8 community colleges / OA colleges Aggregate OER-based textbook replacements
    • 52. Kaleidoscope 10 GE courses; 9,000 students Dropped required textbook cost to $0Average change was +14% in success rate
    • 53. 908070605040302010 0 Historical Success Kaleidoscope
    • 54. Why?OER mean full access to all course content for every student from day 1
    • 55. Student ratings of quality of open texts Number of StudentsWorse quality 3% Same quality 56% Better quality 41% 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80• “It was very concise and aligned with exactly what we were working on in the class.”• “Having the textbook catered to us by our teacher was perfect.” Bliss, Hilton, Wiley, Thanos (2012)
    • 56. Student preference for Kaleidoscope courses Number of Students No preference 13%Prefer traditional 13% Prefer Kscope 73% 0 20 40 60 80 100 • “I enjoy having online texts provided for me because Im poor. I spend the money I have left after rent on school, so having free online texts provided for me benefits me very much.” • “GREAT WAY TO DO ONLINE CLASSES!!!!” Hilton, Wiley, Thanos (2012) Bliss,
    • 57. KaleidoscopeRenewal funding from NGLCExpanding to 28 institutions
    • 58. Textbook Zero Tidewater Community CollegeAssociates of Business Administration Opens Fall 2013
    • 59. Textbook Zero100% OER pathway through degree Decreases cost of degree by 25%+
    • 60. Continuous Improvement (ImprovOER) OER and Assessment Redesign Students Use Determine OER and OER Assessments Effectiveness Assessment and Behavioral Student Data
    • 61. By Fall 2013 OHSU + TCC100% OER pathway from 7 - Associates
    • 62. By Fall 2015 100% OER options for6-12 science, math, and ELA
    • 63. By Fall 2015 (?) 100% OER options forGeneral Education requirements
    • 64. By Fall 2016 (?)100% OER pathway through a Bachelors degree
    • 65. Driving Questions How inexpensive can we make it?How broadly can we expand access and participation?How high can we push the success rate?
    • 66. Driving Questions If I only have 25 years left,is there something more important I should be working on?
    • 67. Discussion