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Seige arndt-lightning talk swib13

Seige arndt-lightning talk swib13






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    Seige arndt-lightning talk swib13 Seige arndt-lightning talk swib13 Presentation Transcript

    • managing electronic resources using linked data a subproject of the cooperation between Leipzig University Library and SLUB Dresden Leander Seige / Natanael Arndt - Leipzig University Library - SWIB13
    • electronic resources - quo vadis?
    • … we need a electronic resource management that is flexible by design.
    • electronic resource management ● analyzing and verifying internal workflows/ old fashioned apps ○ following the conclusions of ERMI ● current requirements & tasks ○ ○ ○ ○ ○ license- and contract management terms of use & administrative information variety of current and future licensing and purchasing models usage statistics title & package management
    • managing electronic resources using linked data not about innocent metadata linked open data focused on linked enterprise data
    • data sources ● Integrated Library System (users, budgets, …) ● Knowledge Bases (metadata, coverages, packages, …) ● Publishers & Distributors (availibities, usage statistics, …)
    • technical solution ● convert all relevant data into Linked Data ○ through the data management platform @SLUB ● aggregate these data in a unified triplestore ● access/manipulate via a generic GUI ● application will be based on OntoWiki
    • OntoWiki ● A tool for collaborative and distributed knowledge engineering ● Full LinkedData support (publish & pull/query) ● Application framework for semantic web apps
    • OntoWiki Application Framework ●
    • OntoWiki ● We are improving the user guidance for the editor interface to give more support for librarians ● OntoWiki is already in use for enterprise data management ● Flexible extension system with a big choice of existing ones
    • vocabulary: bibrm (work title) site: http://vocab.ub.uni-leipzig.de/bibrm/ repo: https://github.com/ERM-HD 1. reuse existing vocabulary ○ e.g. foaf, vcard, … 2. define own properties ○ following the ERMI if possible ○ create new vocabulary
    • strictly open source ● based on OntoWiki (GPL) ● all software-development takes place in the official OntoWiki source code repository site: http://ontowiki.net/ repo: https://github.com/AKSW/OntoWiki
    • partners OntoWiki Development and Linked Data Technology : AKSW - Agile Knowledge management and Semantic Web / Institute for applied informatics InfAI e.V. http://infai.org Data integration and versatile data conversion: SLUB - Saxon State and University Library Dresden http://www.slub-dresden.de
    • contact http://dmp.slub-dresden.de/erm/ project coordinator: Björn Muschall, muschall@ub.uni-leipzig.de project manager: Leander Seige, seige@ub.uni-leipzig.de