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    • Julian Cole Julian Cole This presentation is top notch, definitely the best one I have seen from the course. The presentation is really nicely laid out to, easy to follow along and the design looks awesome. Great set up, I love the comparison and you have done a great job of showing the market becoming more crowded Slide 16 - Love your breakdown in the content strategy about how they are targeting the niches. Slide 30 - The single minded proposition could probably be more focused on Narcos as the point of difference. The 30 second version of this would be something around ‘Nacres the most enthralling gangster drama only available on Netflix’ Slide 35 - I love that the clues play out with the story, that is really smart. I like the idea of Find Escobar. However I think this would be a play you would make with a known series. From the experience that I have had with marketing entertainment properties is that people have little interest in the category before the launch of the product so it is hard to get them to deeply engage in marketing activity. So I love the structure that you have created for the Find Escobar but it might be a little hard to get people in. I think the thing you would need to focus on here too is how you would drive scale to this activity, because there will probably be only a couple of people who will participate but then you need to get to the masses with the message too. Slide 41 - With the inviting friends I think you need to think through what do people get for recruiting their friends, what would I get if I was the friend because it could come across as just spammy. Slide 46 - I love the integration in to watching the show, this is a great tie in and really brings home the activity that you want. This is a really impressive deck and really shows that you have done a lot of thinking and creating around this. Congrats and I hope you can start implementing this kind of thinking in your everyday work!  2 days ago
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