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Impacted Mandibular 3rd Molar & other teeth than 3rd molar

by on Apr 12, 2010


Management, Indication, Contraindication

Management, Indication, Contraindication



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Impacted Mandibular 3rd Molar & other teeth than 3rd molar Impacted Mandibular 3rd Molar & other teeth than 3rd molar Presentation Transcript

  • v. Root Resorptionof Adjacent Teeth
    • Misaligned erupting teeth may resorb the roots of adjacent teeth just like succedaneousteeth resorb the roots of primary teeth during normal eruption.
    • Most cases - adjacent tooth recalcified (deposition of a cementumover the resorbedarea) & formation of 2odentin.
    • If severe resorption & the mandibular 3omolar displaces significantly into the roots of the second molar REMOVE.
  • vi. Teeth underDental Prostheses
    • Removable tissueborne prosthesis – is constructed on a ridge where an impacted tooth is covered by only soft tissue or 1 or 2 mm of bone  overlying bone resorbed, mucosa perforate & the area become painful and inflamed. So ----> Extract!
    • In older patients with tooth- or implant-borne fixed prostheses asymptomatic deeply impacted teeth can be safely left in place.
  • vii. Prevention of Jaw Fracture
    • Patients engage in contact sports(football, rugby, martial arts) & noncontact sports (basketball)  remove to prevent jaw fracture
    • An impacted third molar -  resistance to fracture in mandible  common site for fracture
    • increased complications in the treatment of the fracture.
  • viii. Management ofUnexplained Pain
    • Jaw pain in the area of an impacted third molar but  clinical or radiographic signs of pathology.
    • the surgeon must make sure that all other sources of pain are ruled out before suggesting surgical removal of the third molar.
    • Patient must be informed that removal of the third molar may not relieve the pain completely
  • Contraindication for removal of impacted tooth