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•C All 2008 10 23


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Series Fever Spikes. ...

Series Fever Spikes.
On the Trail, Obama & Bush

Published in: News & Politik
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  • 1. Gov. Bill Richardson rallies for Barack Obama OUR TOWN PAGE 1 CharlotteSun STOCKSa deep economic slowdown TUMBLE PREP FOOTBALL AND WEEKLY HERALD SPORTS PAGE 4 Rising fears of A LITTLE HELP FROM HIS FRIENDS prompts Wednesday’s Wall Street tumble. DeSoto’s record-setting fullback Marcus Shaw is only AN EDITION OF THE SUN FRONT PAGE 9 getting better, but he’s not doing it all on his own. VOL. 116 NO. 297 AMERICA’S BEST COMMUNITY DAILY THURSDAY OCTOBER 23, 2008 75 cents Bad ballots mar absentee voting Campaign On The Early voters have problem performing their civic duty By TERRY O’CONNOR Dent said she handled. We even put postage on Trail NORTH PORT ASSISTANT EDITOR didn’t think it was it for them.” SARASOTA — Sarasota County the kind of The problem came to light Supervisor of Elections Kathy problem that after Detert noticed her race Dent said Wednesday she knew required a press was not included in her 10 days ago that 69 flawed release or other sample ballot and a supporter absentee ballots had been sent notification. called her complaining about to Florida voters by her office. “We took care of the omission. “We discovered it a week ago BENTLEY DETERT DENT it,” Dent said. “We More than 52,000 absentee Saturday and took care of it,” discovered the ballot requests had been Dent said. Bentley was omitted from the errors and reordered the ballots received through Saturday, said bad absentee ballots. Neither TODAY: The state Senate District 23 — 69 absentee ballots. We Scott Farrington, assistant Sen. McCain is in race between Republican Nancy campaign said they had been reissued those ballots already. It’s Ormond Beach, Fla., at a Detert and Democrat Morgan informed of the problem. been contained and completely BALLOTS | P5 rally at Allstar Building Materials from 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. He will then be in WO R L D S E R I E S G A M E 1 | PH I L L I E S AT R AY S Sarasota, Fla., at Robarts Sports, 3000 Ringling Blvd. The event will be from BEST-OF-7 SERIES, GAME 2: TONIGHT AT TROPICANA FIELD, 8:00 P.M. TV: FOX 3 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., with Series fever spikes doors opening at 3 p.m. Gov. Palin will have a morning rally in Troy, Ohio, north of Dayton. She will then have an afternoon campaign in Beaver, Pa. Sen. Obama is canceling campaign events scheduled for Thursday in Ripken Madison, Wis., and Des Moines, Iowa, and flying to brothers visit Hawaii because his grandmother Madelyn Dunham, 85, has taken ill, Port Charlotte his campaign has announced. He plans to return from Hawaii late By PATRICK OBLEY Friday evening or early SPORTS EDITOR Saturday morning. Wife PORT CHARLOTTE – A day Michelle Obama will take All times had passed since the Charlotte his place at rallies in Akron Stone Crabs officially introduced and Columbus, Ohio. GAME 1 themselves to the denizens of Wed., Oct. 22 Charlotte County when Bill Sen. Joe Biden’s Philadelphia Ripken pulled up to the $27 campaign reported the at Tampa Bay million work-in-progress off State Delaware senator plans to Road 776. visit three North Carolina GAME 2 Times have changed since cities today. He will hold a Thurs., Oct. 23 rally in Charlotte, Wake Philadelphia Ripken last visited the former at Tampa Bay spring stomping grounds of the Forest University in Texas Rangers as a player. Winston-Salem, and GAME 3 Meredith College in “I had three spring trainings Sat., Oct. 25 Raleigh. Tampa Bay here in 1993, ’94 and ’96,” he said. at Philadelphia “I enjoyed my spring trainings here, I really did. After being with GAME 4 FRIDAY the Orioles, where we didn’t have Sun., Oct. 26 a set site, I was like a kid in a Tampa Bay candy store and I didn’t mind the Sen. Obama is in at Philadelphia Hawaii. fact it was a little bit on the GAME 5* outskirts of (Port Charlotte).” Mon., Oct. 27 Ripken was in town Wednes- Sen. Biden will visit Tampa Bay day to take a look at what the Charleston, W. Va., Friday to at Philadelphia locals have done to the old place talk to voters about the GAME 6* and to check in on the progress of economy and the middle the Ripken Baseball Group’s class. Wed., Oct. 29 Philadelphia newest venture. Then, he was at Tampa Bay headed to Tropicana Field to Sen. McCain visits watch Game 1 of the World Series Colorado Friday stopping in GAME 7* Denver, Durango and between the Philadelphia Phillies Thurs., Oct. 30 Colorado Springs. and the organization that will Philadelphia at Tampa Bay provide the talent to his Stone Crabs, the Tampa Bay Rays. Gov. Palin will speak *If necessary at Missouri State AP PHOTO He considers himself the “Big Spectators arrive at Tropicana Field for Game 1 of the baseball World Picture” fella of the Ripken group. University’s McDonald Series between the Philadelphia Phillies and Tampa Bay Rays in St. Peters- Arena at 11 a.m. burg, Fla., Wednesday. VISIT | P5 — Source: AP Alleged burglar jailed on nearly $1M bond Suspect may be responsible for a rash of burglaries in North Port By TERRY O’CONNOR crimes, including 33 The CCSO arresting Milliken to the Sarasota of criminal those are felonies,” Estrada NORTH PORT felonies. officer didn’t have to go far County crimes after a mischief. said. “It adds up pretty ASSISTANT EDITOR “It definitely solves a lot to arrest Milliken. He was jailhouse discussion. Bond was quick.” NORTH PORT — A string of cases for us,” said already in jail stemming “We questioned them set at “That’s a new one on of 17 burglaries — seven of Estrada. “I can’t think of from an April 29 arrest on a and obviously a confession $976,240 for me,” said NPPD Chief Terry which were armed — has anything in recent times as number of similar charges. was made,” Estrada said. the Fort Lewis. “I haven’t seen a been solved, according to extensive as this.” Altogether, Milliken has The captain said no one was Myers bond that high.” North Port Police Depart- Milliken was arrested at 110 charges on his rap shot or hurt during any of native, No information was ment Capt. Robert Estrada. 2:30 p.m. Tuesday by the sheet, which date to his first the burglaries. including available Wednesday on the Geoff Allen Milliken, 19, Charlotte County Sheriff’s arrest in Charlotte County The latest charges against MILLIKEN $100,000 two juveniles. 7000 block of Cameo Court Office, along with two other on Nov. 16, 2005. He’s been Milliken include 15 felony apiece for Some property has been in North Port, is being held juveniles, in connection arrested on at least six grand thefts, 11 unarmed three armed burglaries. recovered, Estrada said. on a nearly $1 million bond with North Port crimes different occasions. burglaries, seven armed “You look at all the Milliken’s arraignment is set after being charged with 40 dating back to February. Police said they linked burglaries and seven counts counts and the majority of for Nov. 21. INDEX| FRONT: Nation 2,3,4,7,8 | World 3,4,7 | State 6 | Business 9-12 | Weather 14 | TV Grid 14 | OUR TOWN: Police Beat 4 | Obituaries 7 | Crossword 8 | Abby 9 Daily Edition 75¢ High Low Look inside for valuable coupons This year’s savings to date ... CHARLIE SAYS ... SUN COUPON 78 72 Cloudy with rain likely, breezy. VALUE METER $65,207 Go Rays! 7 05252 00025 8
  • 2. Front Page 2 D/E/N/C HEALTH/NATIONAL NEWS The Sun /Thursday, October 23, 2008 | NATION Deliberations begin Patients skimp on medicine CHICAGO (AP) — The could not afford the gas both cases, about one-fifth in Stevens case ailing economy is leading money to drive them to the said their condition got many Americans to skip doctor. He gave them soup worse as a result. WASHINGTON — With doctor visits, skimp on and soda instead, and they • The number of pre- Sen. Ted Stevens’ fate and their medicine, and put off got better. scriptions filled dropped possibly the outcome of his mammograms, Pap smears “I never felt the crunch 0.4 percent for the quarter re-election race hanging in and other tests. And like this before,” Hendricks ending in June — the first the balance, jurors in his physicians worry the result said. time it hasn’t risen, accord- corruption trial declared will be sicker patients who The numbers show ing to IMS Health, which themselves stressed out need more expensive Americans are increasingly has been tracking such after a few hours’ delibera- treatment later. putting their health at risk: data for 12 years. tions Wednesday and went In Lombard, Ill., Donald • More and more are • Elective surgeries like home early. Hendricks lost his job over postponing needed care, hip and knee replace- Four hours after U.S. AP PHOTO the summer at an event- according to a Kaiser Family ments, diagnostic tests and District Judge Emmet planning company. When outpatient procedures fell Donald Hendricks sits with his wife Rhonda, left, and their Foundation poll released Sullivan declared, “the two of his six children came children, left to right: Demitrius, Donxell, D'Angela, Dominique down with a fever and sore Tuesday. The portion who roughly 1 to 2 percent in case is yours,” the eight and Donald III at their home in Lombard, Ill. Tuesday. said they or a family mem- recent months at many women and four men throat several weeks ago, he ber have put off needed hospitals, said Dick Clarke, passed the judge a note. care climbed to 36 percent president of the Healthcare Beer, alcohol and alcoholism Things had become in the Oct. 8-13 telephone Financial Management “kind of stressful,” jurors poll, up from 29 percent in Association. While the said, and they asked to go April. Almost one-third decline seems small, the home for some “clarity.” They left without reaching a verdict. DEAR DR. DONOHUE: The news that two beers a Dr. Donohue coordination and reaction time suffer. had skipped a recom- mended test or treatment, numbers typically climb 2 to 4 percent a year as the day is good for a person People can drink a up from 24 percent. In population ages. Readers may has been received with larger volume of beer Family killed relish in my home. If two write Dr. because it has less in house fire are good, four to seven Donohue alcohol. That’s why 12 HARDEE/DESOTO ENGLEWOOD plus must be better. My at P.O. Box ounces of beer equals one CIRCULATION CIRCULATION HIGHLAND PARK, Mich. husband has adopted that drink, while only 1.5 — Fire killed a woman and stance. He doesn’t sleep 536475, ounces of 80-proof liquor Customer Service Customer Service three children in a home well. He can guzzle three Orlando, is one drink. People who 863-494-2434 941-681-3000 without electricity or gas to four beers in an hour. drink only beer can Fax: 863-494-3533 Fax: 941-681-3008 service early Wednesday Florida He gets angry if anyone become as addicted to and spread to four other 32853-6475. houses, three of them says something about the amount he drinks. The alcohol as people who drink only wine or liquor. NORTH PORT vacant, fire and city amount he drinks is 12 ounces of beer, 5 Light beer has slightly CIRCULATION CHARLOTTE officials said. increasing. He has to take ounces of wine or 1.5 less calories than regular Customer Service CIRCULATION A space heater is believed to have caused antacids all the time. ounces of 80-proof liquor. beer, but it has roughly the 941-429-3000 Customer Service Does body size change Body size figures into same amount of alcohol. Fax: 941-423-2318 the blaze, Highland Park the amount one can how much alcohol a Beer and ale have equiva- 941-206-1300 firefighter Ryan Clark said. drink? How many times a person can handle. The lent amounts of alcohol. Fax: 941-629-2085 The temperature around week should one drink? above recommendations Drinkers who consume Display Advertising the time of the fire were in How long between drinks? are made for a person of increasing quantities of North Port 941-429-3000 Punta Gorda Herald office the upper 30s. The fire is If one drinks only beer, average build. Very large alcohol show they have Charlotte 941-206-1214 being treated as acciden- 941-205-1000 does that mean he can people could drink developed a tolerance to it Englewood 941-681-3000 tal, Clark said. drink more? How many slightly more, but only and are in danger of DeSoto 863-494-2434 Port Charlotte Town Center The officials confirmed light beers equal one slightly more. addiction. Alcohol can Hardee 863-494-2434 mall kiosk the deaths but would not regular beer? Do beer and It takes 60 to 90 minutes foster heartburn and the National & Regional Advertisers identify the victims. 941-206-1270 941-206-1700 ale have the same amount for the body to metabolize need for antacids. Becom- Family members identified of alcohol? — F.L. one drink. So, an hour to ing angry at the mention them as Josephine Dale, ANSWER: Men age 65 an hour and a half is a of a person’s alcohol intake 51, great-aunt of Orlando Glover, 10; Zeryha Dale, 8; and younger can safely drink two drinks a day, prudent interval between is a sign of alcoholism. drinks. If a person drinks If your husband doesn’t Classified Advertising and Melvin Turner, 5. They were among eight people every day. Older men and more in that interval, take matters in hand, he’s 866-463-1638 women of any age should blood alcohol levels rise, at risk of permanent liver, Fax: 866-949-1426 living in the house. limit themselves to one and that person’s mental heart, brain and nerve — From wire reports drink a day. One drink is function, judgment, injury. Sun Newspapers MEMBER of the Audit Bureau of Circulation President ...........................................................................Derek Dunn-Rankin ...............................................941-206-1001 Publisher ...........................................................................David Dunn-Rankin................................................941-206-1003 I Editor.................................................................................Chris Porter ............................................................941-206-1134 Managing Editor................................................................John Hackworth .....................................................941-206-1147 DeSoto/Hardee Sun Editor ...............................................Laura Schmid ........................................................863-494-0300 DeSoto General Manager..................................................Joe Gallimore.........................................................863-494-0300 Charlotte Sun Editor..........................................................Christy Arnold.........................................................941-206-1168 North Port Sun Editor ........................................................Lorraine Schneeberger...........................................941-429-3003 )MA North Port General Manager .............................................Steve Sachkar........................................................941-429-3003 Englewood Sun Editor .......................................................Mike Billington .......................................................941-681-3000 rm 1 a Ia Englewood General Manager ............................................Lang Capasso........................................................941-681-3000 Sun Coast Saver’s Autumn Savings Are Coming! - f, *TOW Saturday, ; !am November 1st! ma er r q tr 340807 r In Your Local Sun Newspaper's E-Eclition is a great wayfor me to stay in touch with what's happening at home while I am away at college and it's only $3.0o a month. SU NEWSPAPERS America 's BEST Community Daily Go to to Subscribe Today 358412 NEWSPAPERS The SUN (USPS 743170) is published daily at Sun Coast Media Group, Inc., 23170 Harborview Road, Port Charlotte, FL 33980-2100. Periodicals postage paid at Punta Gorda, FL. Postmaster: Please send address changes to the SUN, 23170 Harborview Road, Port Charlotte, Florida 33980-2100.
  • 3. Thursday, October 23, 2008/ The Sun WORLD/NATIONAL NEWS D/E/N/C Front Page 3 AP poll: Presidential race tightens in final weeks Among likely voters, Barack Obama’s seven-point lead over John McCain has narrowed to almost even during the past three weeks. WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama at 44 percent and surged to a seven-point lead experience in government 55 percent presidential race tightened McCain at 43 percent, sup- over McCain, lifted by voters than Obama. I don’t think Obama after the final debate, with ports what some Republicans who thought the Democrat Obama has been around long 50 48% 48% John McCain gaining among and Democrats privately have was better suited to lead the enough,” said Angela Decker, whites and people earning less said in recent days: that the nation through its sudden 44, of La Porte, Ind. 44% than $50,000, according to an race narrowed after the third economic crisis. Polls are snapshots of highly 45 Associated Press-GfK poll that debate as GOP-leaning voters The contest is still volatile, fluid campaigns. In this case, 44% 43% shows McCain and Barack drifted home to their party and and the split among voters is there is a margin of error of plus 40 41% Obama essentially running McCain’s “Joe the plumber” apparent less than two weeks or minus 3.5 percentage points; Range of margin of error even among likely voters in analogy struck a chord. before Election Day. that means Obama could be McCain the election homestretch. Three weeks ago, an AP-GfK “I trust McCain more, and I ahead by as many as 8 points or 35 Sept. 5-10 Sept. 27-30 Oct. 16-20 The poll, which found survey found that Obama had do feel that he has more down by as many as 6. AP | WORLD HURRY IN FOR US airstrike kills 9 Afghan soldiers LIMITED TIME VALUES N D KABUL, Afghanistan — A U.S.-led coalition airstrike hit an Afghan army OCTOBER 23 - 27, 2008 L WE S O checkpoint Wednesday, Let's Build Something Together ," killing nine soldiers, Afghan officials said. The Introducing Porter-Cable®, 100 American military $ acknowledged that its forces may have “mistak- enly” killed allied troops. Pl?litr?cews +nmx?+ ? the professional’s choice The U.S. acknowledged sj for over 100 years that its forces “may have mistakenly killed and injured” Afghan soldiers in GIFT CARD • Professional-grade power tools and accessories what may have been a case AVAILABLE • New high-performance cordless and of mistaken identity “on corded power tools lines both sides.” The deaths VIA MAIL-IN REBATE WITH $300 OR MORE PURCHASE OF ALL IN-STOCK — now available at Lowe’s come as Afghan President Hamid Karzai presses OWENS CORNING FIBERGLASS INSULATION international forces to avoid Limit one per household. Valid 10/23/08 - 10/27/08. See store for details. airstrikes in civilian areas. 10 Gen. Mohammad Zahir Azimi, the Defense Ministry spokesman, confirmed % ALL IN-STOCK STORAGE PORTER O ERBLE. off nine soldiers died and three BUILDINGS $ 169 were wounded in the airstrike in the Sayed Kheil area of Khost province in eastern Afghanistan. 18-Volt Lithium Ion Compact Cordless Drill/Driver Mass graves SPECIAL #37116 found near Syria VALUE ! BAGHDAD — Iraqi now officials Wednesday reported finding mass $ 1254 was $ 97 13 Pricing for commodity items may vary due to market Discount taken at register. Offer valid 10/23/08 - 1/2" x 4' x 8' 4-Ply conditions. We reserve the 10/27/08. See store for details. graves with remains of 34 Sheathing Plywood #12247 right to limit quantities. people, most believed to have been Iraqi army recruits waylaid three years Open a new Lowe’s Business Credit Account and ask for 10% OFF ago by al-Qaida gunmen as they traveled to a training base near the Syrian border. Farmers tipped off authorities last week about your first the graves, located in the purchase* Euphrates River valley When you open and use a new Lowe’s Business Credit Account. Some exclusions apply. near Syria about 200 miles Offer valid 10/22/08 - 10/27/08. See bottom of page, store or for details. northwest of Baghdad, according to a local mayor, 20 % 20 % Farhan Fitaghan. Fitaghan told The Associ- SPECIAL ated Press that two of the VALUE ! remains were women. off now off Russia modernizes $ 169 missiles was ALL SPECIAL ORDER $189 SUN RELIABILT & MOSCOW — Russia’s M efforts to upgrade its •SMOKE ALARMS M Tr , - i aMT. M MILLENNIUM SPECIAL missile arsenals will help VALUE! INTERIOR DOOR counter the planned U.S. •CARBON MONOXIDE _ Honeywell SLABS AND missile defense sites in ALARMS BOSTITCH' now PRE-HUNG UNITS Europe, a top general said Wednesday. •FIRE EXTINGUISHERS 2-HP (Peak) 6-Gallon 2" Brad Nailer Combo Kit $ 49was $ 97 59 Discount taken at time of order. Does not Russia’s Strategic Missile Discount taken at register. Offer valid •Includes 25' hose, and fittings 5 + 2 Day Programmable include installation. Offer valid 10/23/08 - 10/23/08 - 10/27/08. See store for details. •3.4 SCFM @ 40 PSI Thermostat 10/27/08. See store for details. Force chief, Col.-Gen. #236550;252879;299318 #39500 Nikolai Solovtsov, said the military will commission a new type of intercontinen- TOP CHOICE' tal ballistic missile and modify the existing missiles. Solovtsov said that the new RS-24 missile equipped with multiple nuclear warheads will - - _ - s $119 enter service next year. 32" or 36" 6-Panel Steel Entry Door Unit Israeli, Egyptian SPECIAL SPECIAL •Weatherstripping leaders to meet VALUE! Pricing for VALUE! Pricing for SPECIALVAL UE! for a tight seal •Ready for lockset JERUSALEM — Israeli now commodity items may vary due to now commodity items may vary due to now and deadbolt 2 was $ 77 $ 19 2 $ 12 was $ 65 was market conditions. market conditions. •Primed and ready President Shimon Peres We reserve the right We reserve the right Locksets sold separately. will discuss an Arab 3 to limit quantities. $ 36 2 to limit quantities. 75 $ to paint •Ready-to-install proposal for comprehen- 2" x 4" x 8' Top Choice 2" x 4" x 92-5/8" Kiln-Dried 4' x 50' Chainlink Fence door with frame sive Mideast peace when Treated Lumber #46905 Whitewood Select Stud #6003 Fabric #85190 he meets with Egypt’s 20 leader this week, Peres’ % SPECIAL office said Wednesday. Peres has been promoting VALUE ! now the Saudi initiative recently because Israel’s separate peace talks with Syria and off $ 69 the Palestinians appear to Georgia-P acifi c , was $92 be making little progress. Peres spokeswoman L or p1us Paperless Interior Drywall I WERNER. SPECIAL SPECIAL 8' Fiberglass Ayelet Frisch confirmed the Arab peace plan would Discount taken at VALUE! VALUE! Stepladder “come up” when he meets register. now now •225 lb. load 4 35 capacity President Hosni Mubarak Valid on item #26411 only. was $ 38 $ 98 $ was •Medium duty/ in Egypt on Thursday. Offer valid 4 80 lbs. $ 78 39 commercial or 10/23/08 - 10/27/08. PRO FINISH QUIKRETE ® 50' 12/3 Contractor Cord •Includes Tool-Tra-Top® Saudi Arabia first pro- See store for details. 5000 Concrete Mix #234135 #242027 #94571 posed the peace initiative in 2002. It offers pan-Arab recognition of Israel in COMMERCIAL APPRECIATION DAYS Now Open in North Port 344378 exchange for Israel’s 3 DAYS ONLY: 10/22/08 - 10/24/08. FREE COFFEE & DONUTS. 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Void if altered, copied, transferred, or sold through any online auction. Limit one coupon per business. Not valid on sales via, since endorsed the plan. previous sales, purchases of services or Gift Cards. Offer must be requested at time of purchase. Offer is subject to credit approval. Coupon valid for one time use only. Offer is not valid for accounts opened prior to 10/22/08. Excludes Lowe’s® Consumer Credit Accounts, Lowe’s® Project CardSM Accounts, Lowe’s® VISA® Accounts, and all Lowe’s® Canada Credit products. While Lowe’s strives to be accurate, unintentional errors may occur. We reserve the right to correct any error. Prices and promotions apply to US loca- tions only and are available while supplies last. ©2008 by Lowe’s®. All rights reserved. Lowe’s and the gable design are registered trademarks of LF, LLC. (6456) — From wire reports 001/6456/017
  • 4. Front Page 4 D/E/N/C WORLD/NATIONAL NEWS The Sun /Thursday, October 23, 2008 | NATION US commandos rescue HIV testing planned amid scare NORMANDY, Mo. — American hostage near Kabul By JASON STRAZIUSO captives were wounded in a not known whether any Officials plan to start HIV ASSOCIATED PRESS WRITER raid by Italian commandos. ransom demands were testing at a suburban St. KABUL, Afghanistan — Last week’s rescue made. But a spokesman Louis high school where as U.S. Special Forces came to the attention of for the Army Corps of many as 50 students may soldiers conducting a the AP after a U.S. military Engineers in Afghanistan have been exposed to the daring nighttime opera- official sought to bring its said growing insecurity virus that causes AIDS. St. Louis County tion freed a kidnapped successful outcome into imperils its work to spokesman Craig LeFebvre American working for the the public eye. Officials rebuild the country. said Wednesday that the Army Corps of Engineers declined to reveal even “This guy didn’t have mode of transmission in — the first known hostage the smallest detail or the any money at all. It was the scare at Normandy rescue by American forces captive’s identity, saying like a personal life mission High School could include in Afghanistan. they did not want to for him to help others,” sexual activity, drug use, The American, who was compromise military said Bruce J. Huffman, a AP PHOTO piercings or tattoos. abducted in mid-August, tactics or the man’s safety. spokesman for the Army The Health Department is not saying whether the had been held in a growing insurgent stronghold 30 Three U.S. military officials told the AP that Corps of Engineers in Afghanistan. Palin’s wardrobe pricetag miles west of Kabul, U.S. Special Forces troops were “We all felt sick about it, Republican vice presidential candidate, Alaska Gov. Sarah infected person was a Palin, speaks at a campaign rally Tuesday. The Republican student. Testing at the school military officials told The able to locate the kidnap- because he was never going Associated Press. They said Party had spent $150,000 on clothes, hairstyling and is beginning this week. per’s hideaway in the to be able to pay a ransom. several insurgents were accessories for Sarah Palin and her family from such Nirkh district of Wardak He’s over here helping killed in last week’s upscale stores as Saks Fifth Avenue and Nieman Marcus. X-rays detected province outside Kabul, people and they’re trying to Most of the expenses for Palin were initially incurred by Jeff mission to free him. but would not specify how. make a buck off him.” from Scotch tape Taliban militants have Larson, a Republican consultant who was the CEO of the They spoke on condition News of the rescue lw kidnapped dozens of host committee for the Republican National Convention. NEW YORK — If you peel of anonymity because they comes on the heels of the Scotch tape off its roll in a international aid workers, were not authorized to targeted killing Monday of vacuum chamber, it emits journalists and other release the information. a British-South African aid 0 foreigners in recent years THE LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS OF X-rays. The researchers In the case of the worker by Taliban gun- and have demanded large rescued American, who men who accused her of CHARLOTTE COUNTY even made an X-ray image ransoms or the release of of one of their fingers. Who knew? Actually, imprisoned Taliban fighters for their freedom. had lived in Afghanistan for several years, it was spreading her Christian faith. Candidates Forum more than 50 years ago, Increasingly aggressive Wednesday, October 22 and B A D B AC K , G R E AT C H A I R ! ! BAD BACK, GREAT CHAIR!! some Russian scientists crime syndicates have reported evidence of X- Thursday, October 23 at 7:30 PM -------------------- also raked in big money rays from peeling sticky by kidnapping wealthy tape off glass. But the new Afghans and foreigners 1 1 CHARLOTTE COUNTY COMMISSION work demonstrates that you can get a lot of X-rays, and demanding ransoms. Hostage rescues are 1 1 $ 100 00 1 1 CHAMBERS - ROOM 119 18500 MURDOCK CIRCLE, PORT CHARLOTTE a study co-author says. “We were very surprised,” said Juan Escobar. “The rarely attempted and are difficult to pull off success- 1 1 off 1 1 October 22 October 23 fully. Only two such 1 with this coupon 1 power you could get from just missions are known to 1. Property Appraiser 1. Sheriff peeling tape was enormous.” 1 1 have occurred, both in 1 2. Airport Auth., Dist. 3 2. State Repr., Dist. 71 1 — From wire reports 2007. In one, both Italian 3. County Comm., Dist. 1 3. State Repr., Dist. 72 1 1 .?. - ? - 1 1 4. County Comm., Dist. 3 4. State Senate, Dist. 23 1 1 5. County Comm., Dist. 5 5. State Senate, Dist. 27 tii - -- ? dition un E-e The S 9 ?ti ?ti -? ?? 59 0 3.0! Only onth $$ 1 1 FREE SHIPPING Anywhere In 1 1 MODERATOR - PAULA HESS, LEAGUE OF WOMEN VOTERS EDUCATION CHAIR ------------------- - ?? m Continental U.S. 7 _ f per (plus tax) 1 FREE DELIVERY 1 Telecast live on Comcast 20, 7:30 PM EUROPEAN RECLINERS & LEATHER GALLERY ? ?. _ _? i Rebroadcast on Comcast 20, 333015 Saturday, 10/25 at 7 PM; Sunday, 10/26 at 1 PM; The Sun E-edition appears The Sun E-Edition appears exactly as it does in print. exactly as it does print. (941) 743-0033 Friday, 10/31 at 7 PM; and Monday, 11/3 at 7:00 PM 2122210 Hours: Same Plaza as Perkins Rest. Go to to Go Mon.-Sat. 10am-5:30pm 1700 Tamiami Trail, D-4 Media Sponsor: CHARLOTTE SUN to to subscribe today! subscribe today! 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PORT CHARLOTTE Cultural Center of Charlotte County 2280 Aaron Street Thursday, October 23, 30 • 1:00 p.m. For information, reservations or for accommodation of persons with special needs at sales meetings call: 1-800-372-2348 • TTY 1-877-833-4486 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., seven days a week –Medicare HUMANA® –Group Health –Individual Health Guidance when you need it most –Dental, Life, Vision A Medicare-approved PPO available to anyone enrolled in both Part A and Part B of Medicare through age or disability. Enrollment period restrictions apply, call Humana for details. Plans may be renewed annually. Copayment, service area, and benefit limitations may apply. You must continue to pay your Medicare applicable premiums if not otherwise paid for under Medicaid or by another third-party. A sales representative will be present with information and applications. M0006_GHA02W7RR2 SWFL 10/08 340234
  • 5. Thursday, October 23, 2008/ The Sun FROM PAGE ONE D/E/N/C Front Page 5 ALMANAC Today is Thursday, Oct. 23, the VISIT: Ripken brothers in town to review venues and see game 297th day of 2008. There are FROM PAGE 1 69 days left in the year. “I’m a vision person,” Today in history he said. “I like doing all On Oct. 23, 1983, 241 U.S. the exciting stuff.” service members, mostly Excitement for Ripken f- f ? Marines, were killed in a suicide is building a franchise’s truck-bombing at Beirut identity from scratch, International Airport in Lebanon; which is what’s happening a near-simultaneous attack on with the Stone Crabs. French forces killed 58 Excitement for him is paratroopers. seeing a stadium go up and figuring out what the On this date uniforms will look like. In 1707, the first Parliament One thing the Ripken of Great Britain, created by the Baseball Group wants all Acts of Union between England Charlotte County resi- and Scotland, held its first dents to know is this: The meeting. only similarities between In 1864, forces led by Union the Stone Crabs and the Gen. Samuel R. Curtis repelled long-dead Charlotte Confederate Gen. Sterling Price’s County Rangers is the army in the Civil War Battle of league they’ll play in Westport in Missouri. (Florida State League) and In 1915, tens of thousands the location. of women marched in New York The Charlotte County } City, demanding the right to Rangers were owned and vote. operated by the Texas In 1942, during World War II, Rangers, which never put Britain launched a major much of an emphasis on offensive against Axis forces at AP PHOTOS marketing the team or El Alamein in Egypt. Bob MacDonald of St. Petersburg watches batting practice before the baseball World Series between the Philadelphia In 1946, the United Nations even creating a fan- friendly atmosphere. Phillies and Tampa Bay Rays in St. Petersburg Wednesday. General Assembly convened in New York for the first time, at an “It was more strictly a auditorium in Flushing Meadow. player-development In 1956, a student-sparked situation for them, I revolt against Hungary’s think,” Ripken said. Communist rule began; as the The Stone Crabs will revolution spread, Soviet forces have a lot more in com- started entering the country, and mon with teams like the the uprising was put down Fort Myers Miracle — that within weeks. is, creating a product _ 1 In 1958, Boris Pasternak was that’s worth everyone’s named winner of the Nobel Prize J time, interest and money. ` L in literature. (However, Soviet But promotions and authorities pressured Pasternak marketing are the purview into relinquishing the award.) of the team’s general In 1973, President Nixon manager, Joe Hart, and his agreed to turn over White House staff. Ripken wants to tape recordings subpoenaed by make things interesting the Watergate special prosecutor for the players and to Judge John J. Sirica. coaches who pass through In 1987, the U.S. Senate rejected, 58-42, the Supreme Charlotte County. Court nomination of Robert H. “You know, just Bork. statistically speaking, for In 1995, a jury in Houston a lot of the guys playing convicted Yolanda Saldivar of there, it will be as far as murdering Tejano singing star they go,” Ripken said. “I Selena. want to make sure it’s a Ten years ago: Israeli Prime memorable experience .L Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for them, something and Palestinian leader Yasser they’ll remember for the Arafat signed a breakthrough rest of their lives.” land-for-peace agreement at the The new stadium and White House. Barnett Slepian, a its surrounding facilities doctor who performed will go a long way toward abortions, was shot and killed at enhancing that experi- his home in suburban Buffalo, ence, no doubt. So, too, N.Y. (James Kopp, a militant will the interest the Tampa abortion opponent, was later Bay Rays are drawing convicted of murdering Slepian.) during their improbable Typhoon Babs pummeled the run to the World Series. northern Philippines, killing at Jack Smith of St. Petersburg is seen outside Tropicana Field before Game 1 of the baseball World Series between the When spring training Tampa Bay Rays and Philadelphia Phillies in St. Petersburg Wednesday. least 189 people. Five years ago: As thousands opens around Valentine’s of anti-war demonstrators Day 2009, the new stadi- protested outside, President um and Charlotte County Bush thanked Australia for will draw a level of media sending troops to Iraq and exposure not seen since Afghanistan as he spoke to the Hurricane Charley. country’s Parliament. Later in Ripken expects that the day, the president concluded exposure to rub off on the his Pacific trip with a visit to Stone Crabs. Hawaii, where he dropped “I’d be lying to you if I 40, flowers into the water at the said I wasn’t thinking of sunken battleship USS Arizona. that,” he said with a laugh. Madame Chiang Kai-shek, “Even to be able to widow of the Chinese nationalist announce next spring that leader, died in New York at age this is the home of the 105. In Game 5 of the World American League Cham- Series, the Florida Marlins beat pions is great. To the New York Yankees 6-4, announce ‘World Champi- bringing the team within one ons’ at the ball park? That game of winning the baseball would be terrific. I think championship. this kind of exposure One year ago: Evacuations due to out-of-control wildfires in couldn’t be asked for. Southern California topped “There’s a little bit of 500,000; President Bush magic going on with the declared a federal emergency Rays,” Ripken added. for seven counties. Shuttle “Hopefully we can do Discovery and its crew of seven some things like that with thundered into orbit for a the Florida State League. complex space station Hopefully, we can get construction mission. people to say, ‘I’m going to Tampa Bay Rays' David Price signs autographs before Game 1 of the baseball World Series against the Philadelphia go see them.’” Phillies in St. Petersburg Wednesday. — From wire reports For BALLOTS: Controversy rises as early voters stumble on problems entertainment FROM PAGE 1 for the error and has sent The elections offices in Klos called Wednesday Sullivan and Klos have out new ballots with a letter Florida are already dealing for Dent’s removal. slammed Dent for what explaining the situation. with a controversial “This should be the last they claim are incompeten- news, supervisor of elections. He She said she didn’t go switch from touch-screen straw. It’s just inexcusable,” cies such as poor ballot and said the flawed ballots were public with the problem voting to a new paper Klos said. “How do we voting designs and putting restricted to Precinct 104 because it was not a big ballot fed through an know the extent of the the outcome of her race news of the near North Port and its 266 deal to fix. registered voters. The supervisor of “I really don’t think it’s something you send a optical scanner. The absentee ballot error could also affect the race problem? Her office has not been transparent. I find that to be a specious ahead of her constituents’ needs. Sarasota County is no weird elections creates different press release out about,” voting ballots to accommo- she said. “You do some- date different district voting thing like that and every- for Dent’s office. Dent is running for re-election in the Nov. 4 election against statement. “These people may not be able to vote again. And stranger to voting contro- versy. Democrat Christine Jennings unsuccessfully and lines. The numerous ballot body gets in an uproar that variations complicated the something is wrong with determination of the an election. And there’s Democrat Barry Sullivan and Levko Klos, a registered Republican running as an they may or may not vote again. Obviously someone was not being as cautious challenged her loss in the 2006 District 13 congres- sional race because of birthdays, see number of flawed ballots missing from the state not. We took care of it. I don’t think it’s a good idea Independent. “In this political climate with those ballots as they should have. These things 18,000 undervotes. The Associated Press page 13. Senate District 23 race. to get people excited about in particular, my opponents seem to happen all the time contributed to this report. Dent said the county something that’s already will be all over it,” Dent with Kathy Dent. It’s not a E-mail: toconnor@ elections office apologized been handled.” said. small problem.”
  • 6. Front Page 6 D/E/N/C The Sun /Thursday, October 23, 2008 FLORIDA REPORT Officials try to ease long lines Rays’ next opponent: Economy By MATTHEW FUTTERMAN THE WALL STREET JOURNAL deals will allow the team to keep its top players for several more By TAMARA LUSH lines,” 81-year-old Doris Vance, including in several key battle- ASSOCIATED PRESS WRITER a Barack Obama supporter in ground states like Florida, Ohio The Tampa Bay Rays have years, leading many to predict MIAMI — Unprecedented slain the big-market bullies that the Rays could become a Pompano Beach, Fla., said and Nevada. dominant force in the game. numbers of early voters in Wednesday. “I knew there Voters in every state can cast from New York, Chicago and Boston, but the team will soon But Mr. Sternberg has a Florida and other southern would be lines, but I don’t early ballots and results won’t problem: The Rays, he says, can face a much greater foe. states are prompting election mind it. The weather is good.” be released until Nov. 4. About “The economy could kill us,” barely afford their $44 million officials to add equipment, The Sunshine State is again key a third of the entire electorate is says Stuart Sternberg, the team’s payroll with their current extend schedules and hand out this election season, with a prize expected to vote early this year. principal owner and a former attendance, and that payroll is water and chairs to make of 27 electoral votes — 10 Ensuring voting machines partner at Goldman Sachs. going up. Once the glamour of people comfortable as they wait percent of the 270 needed to are ready for the load also is a For years, Mr. Sternberg’s October baseball fades, the Rays for hours to cast their ballots. clinch the election. The state’s priority. In Jacksonville, some franchise was the doormat of will need to build a stable fan About 150,000 people cast disputed election in 2000 gave optical scanning machines baseball, a money-losing team base in a region that has never ballots Monday and Tuesday, the presidency to George W. flashed a message Monday that that few thought would ever truly embraced them — and it the first two days of early voting Bush, and he captured the state the ballots were too large. prove successful. But tonight, must do so during an economic in Florida. The crowds are so in 2004. This year, Republican the Rays will begin the World crisis that is worse in Florida Officials say they were replaced Series at home in St. Petersburg, than nearly anywhere else. large that local elections super- John McCain and Democrat and voting continued. “There is no doubt doing these playing the Philadelphia Phillies. visors are increasing the num- Obama are locked in a close race. Mary Cooney, a spokes- Playing with Major League things would be a lot easier if you ber of key voting components, The excitement of casting a woman for the supervisor of Baseball’s second lowest payroll, had a robust national economy,” updating Web sites with wait ballot in the presidential race elections, said each early voting the Rays owe much of their says St. Petersburg Mayor Rick times and handing out fans and has outweighed the long lines site has only two printers and success to the long-term Baker, who has formed a com- water to people standing in line. for hundreds of thousands of officials have not been able to contracts given to their core of mittee of local business leaders “It doesn’t matter if there’s early voters nationwide, get more from the vendor. talented young players. The to build support for the franchise. | OTHER HEADLINE NEWS FROM AROUND THE STATE MCC, USF work on AP PHOTO Black voters overhaul plan skeptical about ballot MANATEE — Talks are under Now that’s JACKSONVILLE — Eugene way between Manatee Communi- a headdress Heath, like many in Jacksonville’s ty College and University of South In this photo black community, can’t help but Florida Sarasota-Manatee about released by the wonder if his vote will be counted in revamping an agreement Florida Keys News next month’s presidential election. designed to allow students a Bureau, Rochelle “A lot of people think the fix is seamless transition from commu- Eannarino is decked out in her in,” the retired New Jersey police nity college to the university level. chief and community activist The agreement between MCC red, white and blue headpiece at the said. “I’m hoping not. I do not and USF Sarasota-Manatee must V. I Fantasy Fest want a repeat of 2000. That would be revamped after MCC Headdress Ball be disastrous and disheartening.” announced it planned to offer four- late Tuesday, in Key After a confusing ballot led to year degrees in the next few years. f. . West. For 2008, the disqualification of 27,000 MCC President Lars Hafner +f' the 10-day Fantasy Duval County ballots in the 2000 on Tuesday addressed USF Fest costuming election, African-Americans Sarasota-Manatee’s campus f and masking remain sharply skeptical that a board about MCC’s plans. ? festival is featuring fair election is possible in this 1 Since coming to MCC almost the theme of northeast Florida city troubled four months ago, Hafner said he “Pirates, Pundits by a long history of racial strife. 4 ? f found the institution to be on “firm u ?' I and Political Party Animals.” Fantasy Most of the ballots thrown out ground” and capable of meeting in 2000 were from predominant- Fest continues the community’s needs for four- ly black and Democratic through Sunday. year programs in certain fields. precincts, leading to suspicion Even though MCC is working and mistrust among black voters toward offering four-year that linger still. Republican degrees, the plans do not devalue George W. Bush beat Democrat 10 the relationship with USF to Ap tacIrroota Al Gore by 537 votes statewide, continue offering quality, afford- Sacol a we+r Tallahassee CEihhlr lie winning the presidency. 10 able education to students who Matthew Corrigan, a political will supply the area’s workforce. Suwannee science professor at the Univer- “We want to continue to River St. Joins River sity of North Florida, said the partner strongly with USF to make situation is better now than 2000 things happen,” Hafner said. FLORIDA Dayton a Beach and believes “the system is much So far, 14 of the 28 community 5 more ready to deal with prob- colleges have joined the growing trend to become state colleges Head of Clean er>?o lems on Election Day.” - The Associated Press offering four-year degrees. Six others have shown interest. Team charged Canaveral Man charged with - Bradenton Herald with littering Tampa 4 Meleo exposing himself at toll Credibility, payouts TAMPA — Authorities say a SL Pete Vero Beach SANFORD — Authorities say steer FGCU settlement supervisor for Tampa’s initiative to Sarasota Florid a's T an Orlando man driving through keep its downtown area clean has Venice Arc adi a a toll plaza exposed himself to a BONITA SPRINGS — Credi- been charged with felony littering. Nort h Pon toll worker on two separate Gharlo l[e bility concerns with their own The Hillsborough County Sheriff’s E occasions. Pun ta Lak a Palm Beach key witnesses and the potential Office reports that 37-year-old Harvey Seminole County deputies say Okeechobee to pay six-fold the eventual sum Bivins, who works for the Tampa Down- 39-year-old Michael John of $3.4 million in one case town Partnership’s Clean Team, has been s Lauderdal e McDonnell was arrested at his forced Florida Gulf Coast dumping lawn debris and miscellaneous lfi aleah home Tuesday morning. A University to settle two differ- household items on various streets in a woman working at the Lake ent lawsuits involving three Nun Gibsonton subdivision since September. Jesup toll plaza on State Road women employees. EVERGLADE S Besides supervising Tampa’s Clean Team, NATIONAL PARK 417 called the sheriff’s office last Attorney Aaron Behar advised Bivins owns a lawn care business. week to report that a motorist the university’s Board of Trustees Authorities say Bivins was charged with had not been wearing pants in two separate meetings this three counts of felony littering on Mon- when she went to hand him his Key wes past summer that the gender day. He was later released on $6,000 bail. ro change. She told deputies the equities complaints against the Lynda Remund, a director of the same thing had happened about university were strong, accord- Clean Team’s district operations, says a week earlier. ing to transcripts obtained as Bivins’ arrest was not related to any McDonnell was charged with part of a public records request. team activities. two counts of exposure of sexual Besides the credibility issue - The Associated Press organs. He was later released on pointed primarily at former $5,000 bail. interim FGCU President Richard WWII-era bomb detonated Woman grows - The Associated Press Pegnetter and university dreads 8 feet long ombudsman Charles McKinney, MARATHON — A Navy team has detonated a World War Air bags stolen from Behar had several other concerns II-era bomb found in the waters near Marathon. MIAMI — Asha Mandela has The bomb was detonated Wednesday where it was found St. Lucie car auctioneer about going to trial. He said poor hair that could rival Rapunzel’s. record keeping by administra- in the water near Channel Key. Divers initially reported the The South Florida woman who WEST PALM BEACH — tors, a longer line of witnesses bomb last month and Navy divers later investigated. started growing her hair 20 Officials are investigating the who could testify against the As a precaution, the Sheriff’s Office stopped traffic nearby years ago now has locks longer apparent theft of approximately university’s case and the lack of while the detonation was carried out. than she is tall. 50 car air bags stolen from an financial limitations involving - The Associated Press Mandela has submitted her auctioneer on the east coast of Title IX cases were sufficient hair, which measures 8 feet, 9 Florida. reasons to avoid a jury trial. Perdue Farms attempting to hire in Florida inches long, to the Guinness The bags, worth about $3,000 Behar compared the lawsuit MIAMI — Poultry processor Perdue Farms has hatched a plan to Book of World Records for the each, were reported stolen out of filed by former volleyball coach find more workers for a plant in Delaware — get them from Florida. Longest Dreadlocks, the first vehicles that were parked in the Jaye Flood to a similar gender- The company interviewed about 30 candidates this week for entry in a new category. lot of St. Lucie auctioneer. equity case in California. At openings in the company’s cutting and deboning operations It takes one bottle of sham- A manager at Copart Auto Fresno State University, the in a Georgetown, Del., plant. The job openings have starting poo and one bottle of condi- Auction told St. Lucie County school had to give their volley- pay of $9.10 an hour. tioner every time she washes Sheriff’s deputies that 47 vehi- ball coach, who had less time on Perdue company spokeswoman Julie DeYoung says as part her hair and can sometimes cles has been burglarized the job and less success, almost of a pilot program it will fly 10 candidates to Delaware to see take days to fully dry after she between Oct. 11 and Friday. The $5 million to settle a lawsuit. the plant and the town. Perdue likely will start by offering jobs washes it. manager said the vehicles were Fresno State turned around and to five of the candidates. The 46-year-old Mandela parked at a lot near the St. Lucie forked out another $19 million New hires will be put up in a hotel for 30 days and get says she “used to wash it three County International Airport. to the women’s basketball coach transportation to and from the plant. They will also get one times a week. Now I do it once A sheriff’s report said the for a similar discrimination meal a day and get assistance in finding permanent housing a week. It’s very tiring. Some- manager estimated the total loss complaint. and transportation. times I don’t have the energy.” at about $150,000. - Naples Daily News - The Associated Press - The Associated Press - The Associated Press
  • 7. Thursday, October 23, 2008/ The Sun D/E/N/C Front Page 7 NORTHERN REPORT Beetles invading New England AP PHOTO Donna Massie By RODRIQUE NGOWI pleasing colors in the fall. around Worcester and four holds the ASSOCIATED PRESS WRITER “This insect scares us to neighboring towns, and at preserved WORCESTER, Mass. — A death because if it ever got least 1,800 trees have been remains of wood-devouring beetle loose in the forests of New tagged for destruction. an Asian has gained a foothold in England, it would be just The outbreak was longhorned New England, and authori- about impossible to detected this summer, after beetle, ties plan to cut down large contain and it’d change the Donna Massie spotted Wednesday, numbers of infested trees landscape dramatically,” beetles on a tree in her that she and grind them up to stop said Tom McCrum, coordi- backyard in Worcester. She and her the pest from spreading to nator of the Massachusetts caught one, searched husband the region’s celebrated Maple Syrup Association. online to identify it, then found this forests and ravaging the Calling it a national called agriculture authori- past timber, tourism and emergency, federal ties. Now her tree is riddled summer in maple-syrup industries. authorities have commit- with dime-size holes. their The infestation of Asian ted themselves to spend- “It looks like someone Worcester, longhorned beetles in the ing tens of millions of opened fire with a Mass., Worcester area marks the dollars to fight the inva- machine gun,” Massie, 53, backyard. fourth time the pests have sion. They have sent in said of the signature exit been found in trees in the smokejumpers, tree holes gnawed away by the U.S. and the closest they climbers and other experts bullet-shaped black beetle have ever come to the great to identify infested trees. with white freckles, long New England woods that The affected area now antennae and a voracious erupt in dazzling, tourist- covers 62 square miles appetite for hardwood. Connecticut regarded as something of an now says it needs the Wisconsin eyesore casting a shadow application forms to Man breaks into church to jam over part of downtown. The gradual demolition work that began Wednesday is monitor the program and the application-free plan Pfizer Settlement MADISON — Attorney will end in 2010. BRIDGEPORT (AP) — Bridgeport He was charged with criminal trespass expected to be completed General J.B. Van Hollen police say they snared a 47-year-old man and breach of peace after allegedly this week when he broke into a local breaking into the church, where officers by early December. Rhode Island says Wisconsin will receive $954,000 from a multistate church to play its drum set. Police say Michael Smith of Weston found him in a spirited solo after the church’s alarm system went off. Pennsylvania Deaf School-Director settlement with Pfizer Inc. over the marketing of its was driving by the Holy Ghost Deliver- Smith is scheduled for arraignment PROVIDENCE — Teachers Celebrex and Bextra ance Church on Monday when he Nov. 5 in Bridgeport Superior Court. A School Breakfast at the Rhode Island School products. The state spotted a drum set through its window. telephone listing was not available for him. PHILADELPHIA — for the Deaf have made a Department of Justice’s Pennsylvania is appealing vote of no-confidence in the share is part of a $60 Illinois residential customers, the first two years behind the a federal decision to end a leadership at the problem- million settlement filed credit will be $19. FairPoint wheel. Those drivers who 17-year-old universal plagued school. The Wednesday with 32 other Chicago Budget says the rate decreases are get four or more points will feeding program in states and the District of teacher’s union voiced its CHICAGO — Chicago part of the Verizon landline be ordered to complete the Philadelphia schools. To Columbia. The states lack of support last week for Mayor Richard Daley says he sale agreement as approved four-hour probationary maximize participation, alleged the pharmaceutical by the Maine Public Utilities driver program. Those who the breakfast and lunch Director Lori Dunsmore, isn’t going to back down on giant broke consumer Commission. finish receive up to a three- program doesn’t require who the union says failed to protection laws by misrep- the cuts in his tough-times point reduction. Licenses students or their families quickly notify staffers about resenting facts about 2009 budget. Last week, Daley announced a pared Michigan are suspended for up to 90 to fill out application a minor break-in at the potential side effects of the down budget designed to days for drivers who commit forms for the free or school earlier this month. pain relievers. Pfizer has Confined Candidate a violation within one year reduced-price meals. The Dunsmore said the incident agreed to change some of cover a $469 million shortfall. He announced plans to lay GRAND RAPIDS — The of completing the course. program feeds about and the manner in which it its practices. off more than 900 city Rev. Edward Pinkney’s Licenses also are suspended 121,000 students. The U.S. was handled were being workers and eliminate nearly congressional campaign has for any driver who fails to Department of Agriculture investigated. — From wire reports 1,350 vacant jobs. Daley said a number of obstacles to complete the program. Tuesday he’d like the city to overcome. The biggest is have more policemen. But that he’s currently an New York he says next year’s budget inmate of the state prison will be worse than this year system. The Benton Harbor Campus Crimes so the city has to be realistic resident and activist is the Green Party candidate for BUFFALO — State about its spending. Michigan’s 6th Congression- officials say two-thirds of When the colleges in the State Indiana al District. His opponents include Republican Fred University of New York Upton, who has occupied system aren’t properly Nerve Agent-Ceremony the seat since 1987. Pinkney reporting campus crime CLINTON — An Army is serving a prison sentence statistics. An audit by of three to 10 years after Comptroller Thomas problem is contractor that recently finished destroying a deadly being convicted of violating DiNapoli’s office says nerve agent stored in probation by writing statistics reported to the western Indiana will hold a something in a progressive federal Department of public celebration this Chicago newspaper that a Education often conflicted weekend marking the judge ruled as a threat to a with the colleges’ internal fellow judge. records. Auditors found poison, milestone. Saturday’s event at South Vermillion High some colleges failed to School in Clinton will New Hampshire properly report serious include speeches by officials crimes such as sexual with the Army’s Chemical Cancer Research offenses, burglaries and Materials Agency and Army drug offenses. DiNapoli CONCORD — New contractor Mason & Hanger Hampshire prison inmates says part of the problem is the answer Corp. Workers who began inadequate training of and workers have raised campus officials in how to destroying the depot’s VX more than $3,300 for nerve agent stockpile in report the statistics. breast cancer research. May 2005 eliminated the last batch on Aug. 8. The State prison officials say about 80 inmates at the Ohio is poison project’s waste was shipped women’s prison in Goffs- to Texas for incineration. Skywalk Demolition town filled out withdrawal slips worth $1,450 for last COLUMBUS — Crews in Maine weekend’s Making Strides Columbus have begun the for Breast Cancer work of dismantling a wide FairPoint-Rates walkathon. Their walk was enclosed walkway over control. PORTLAND — FairPoint downtown’s main thorofare. on prison grounds Sunday. Communications says The sky bridge was built in phone customers in parts of 1989 to connect the Colum- Maine formerly served by New Jersey bus City Center mall near Verizon will be seeing rate the Ohio Statehouse to the decreases in their upcoming Probationary Drivers Lazarus department store bills. In their December 2008 TRENTON — New Jersey across High Street. The mall bills, most customers will see has overhauled the program is barely surviving, with just a one-time credit ranging aimed at improving the a few tenants. The Lazarus from $8.47 to $32.10, skills of young motorists building closed in 2004 and depending on the customer’s who get two or more is now being redeveloped, calling plan. For many moving violations in their and the skywalk has been | CANADIAN NEWS BRIEFS — from AP wire reports Pesticide Ban between Canada, the United States and Mexico. POISON CALGARY — A Quebec’s ban on the pesticide 2,4-D is being challenged under Student Aid Hebp. the North American Free Trade Agree- TORONTO — Although the federal and ment. A unit of Dow Chemical alleges the provincial governments made major FREE EXPERT ADVICE IN AN EMERGENCY 24 HOURS A DAY province began its campaign against the boosts to student aid in the last 10 years, pesticide in 2002 without any scientific a study shows the share going to those basis for a ban. The company notes that who need it most is dropping. The Health Canada ruled this year that 2,4-D can be used safely according to label Canadian Millennium Scholarship Foundation says student financial aid Call for your free directions. Dow AgroSciences argues that Quebec’s ban opens the door to making from all levels of government hit a record $7.1 billion last year. But, it adds only 61 Medicine Safety Packet. 1•800-2PY-11Y2 public policy without scientific criteria. It cents of every dollar was targeted to is challenging the province under students based on need, compared with 340246 Chapter 11 of the free trade agreement 80 cents 10 years ago.
  • 8. Front Page 8 D/E/N/C The Sun /Thursday, October 23, 2008 NEWS ACROSS reduce the state’s infant mortality rate. The rate in Baltimore City is 11.3 deaths per 1,000 births, North Platte River will likely be separate from the existing Monument Valley Pathways. monster truck rallies. Deputy District Attorney Karen Loomis said Carly and Laramie Torres Vermont BURLINGTON — The investigation AMERICA and the overall rate statewide is about 8 deaths per 1,000 births. Nevada sent their children door to door for more than a year seeking into last week’s explosion in a boiler at the University of Both figures are higher than the donations. Vermont is being put on hold Alabama returned to court to argue his national average. The state is CARSON CITY — Nevada may cut while asbestos is removed from case. Roy Pearson appeared about to begin using an electronic deeper into its budget, on a South Carolina the boiler room. UVM has hired a PRATTVILLE — The Prattville City Wednesday before a three-judge system to collect more detailed percentage basis, than any other firm to remove all the asbestos Council has approved an appellate panel, more than a year birth information, including the state in the nation, budget chief COLUMBIA — Plans to cut $488 from the boiler room of incentives package to bring a after a D.C. Superior Court judge mother’s body mass index, Andrew Clinger says. Clinger million from the state’s $7 billion Gutterson Fieldhouse. UVM new shopping center to town. The rejected his claim that he was infections during her pregnancy attended a National Association budget mostly from health care spokesman Enrique Corredera 5-2 vote Tuesday night paves the defrauded by a “satisfaction and the number of years the birth of State Budget Officers meeting and education programs are now says investigators will return to way for the Exchange at guaranteed” sign in the store. parents have lived in the U.S. in Washington, D.C. last week in the Senate’s hands. The try to determine the cause of HomePlace, a 266,000-square- and learned that many of his House clerk finished the Thursday’s explosion after that foot shopping center anchored by Georgia Minnesota counterparts around the country paperwork on the third and final work is completed. Academy Sports and Outdoors, were reporting cuts of 5 percent reading Wednesday morning and Hobby Lobby and Kohl’s. ATLANTA — Representatives from ST. PAUL — If you think it’s tough and 6 percent. sent the measure to the House. Virginia DeKalb County and other hard- to find a job now in Minnesota, Plans call for getting the bill to Alaska hit areas discussed the role the next year is expected to be even New Mexico Gov. Mark Sanford’s desk for RICHMOND — Officials in funds can play in creating worse. Minnesota’s job market vetoes as early as Friday Virginia are looking for ways to ANCHORAGE — The state affordable housing Wednesday at has lost 19,000 jobs in the past LAS CRUCES — Republican afternoon. reduce truancy and dropout Division of Elections says more a quarterly meeting of the United 12 months. And the latest short- presidential nominee John McCain rates. The Virginia Commission than two dozen people voted Way’s Regional Commission on term employment forecast by the will be in New Mexico this South Dakota on Youth, in partnership with twice during the Aug. 26 primary Homelessness. Housing and Minnesota Department of weekend for a pair of campaign Virginia Commonwealth election. The division says 26 Urban Development is giving Employment and Economic rallies. McCain will be in ABERDEEN — Aberdeen is going University and the Governor’s voters cast absentee ballots Georgia more than $153 million, Security says nearly 30,000 Albuquerque on Saturday morning to get a second hospital. Office on Substance Abuse before the election and voted in part, to keep families from more jobs are expected to vanish before heading south to Mesilla Sanford Health, based in Sioux Prevention, are hosting the again at the polls on Election becoming homeless. Plans must by late 2009. Job losers for a rally on the plaza there. A Falls, has merged with United state’s First Family Impact Day. They did not affect the be submitted to HUD by Dec. 1. outnumber gainers by 3-1 among spokesman for the Republican Clinic to build the 36-bed Seminar on Wednesday to outcome of any contest. the 92 industries included in the National Committee said the hospital. United Clinic will now discuss truancy and dropout Hawaii employment projections. doors at the Albuquerque event be known as Sanford Clinic prevention policies and Arizona will open at 8 a.m. and the Aberdeen. Officials say the strategies. HONOLULU — The state Office of Mississippi Mesilla Plaza will open at 2 p.m. hospital will provide 200 jobs. PHOENIX — A Phoenix grand jury Elections is reminding Hawaii The $50 million community Washington has indicted a physician, an residents taking advantage of CORINTH — Ayrshire Electronics North Carolina hospital is scheduled to be assistant and a homeopath on early voting to bring picture has acquired the former ACT finished in mid-2011. SEATTLE — Presidential charges related to the deaths of identification. Early voting began Electronics facility in Corinth and CRESTON — A tree farm in the candidate Ralph Nader says three patients after liposuction Tuesday at 15 locations across saved more than 200 local jobs. northwestern corner of North Tennessee Seattle has spent too much procedures in Anthem. Dr. Peter the state, including Honolulu Hale. The Louisville, Ky.-based Carolina now knows which tree money building sports stadiums Normann, the physician who Registered voters can cast ballots company manufactures high-tech the White House wants for MEMPHIS — The Memphis City while, he says, schools and performed liposuctions and other in the presidential, congressional, electronic products and President Bush’s final Christmas Council has been told that a hospitals are crumbling. In a procedures, has been charged state and county elections. components. ACT had announced in office. River Ridge Tree Farms colleague with DUI troubles has Tuesday night speech in Seattle with two counts of second-degree two weeks ago it planned to in Ashe County won the right to checked herself into rehab. he criticized the leverage that murder and one count of Idaho close the Corinth facility and lay supply the tree in August, when it Council member Myron Lowery billionaires like Paul Allen have manslaughter. Gary Page, the off its over 200 employees. was named grand champion of told the council at a meeting in local government. And as for homeopath, was charged with one BOISE — A competition between the 2008 Christmas Tree Contest Tuesday that Council member the departed Sonics, Nader said count of manslaughter. Jose A-10 pilots from around the world Missouri of the National Christmas Tree Janis Fullilove has checked into “good riddance.” In his fourth Andres Lopez, a licensed massage is over and a team from Idaho Association. a rehabilitation program and will presidential campaign, Nader is therapist working with Normann, came out on top. Four pilots from COLUMBIA — Republican be away for about 30 days. on the ballot in 45 states faces eight counts of practicing the Idaho Air National Guard’s congressional candidate Blaine North Dakota Fullilove was arrested over the including Washington. medicine without a license from 190th Fighter Squadron placed Luetkemeyer continues to weekend in DeSoto County, September 2006 to April 2007. first out of 14 rival air crews at hammer his 9th District FARGO — Integreon Managed Miss., and charged with reckless West Virginia the Hawgsmoke competition in Democratic opponent over her Solutions says it plans to lay off driving and refusing to take a Arkansas Salinas, Kan., held once every management role with a about a fourth of its Fargo staff DUI test. MORGANTOWN — Improving two years. They scored highest in University of Missouri doctors’ of 250 due to the economic conservation and enhancing LITTLE ROCK — Arkansas’ Martin competitions meant to determine group. Judy Baker is a health slowdown. Los Angeles-based Texas wildlife habitats are the goals of Luther King Commission may be the best performance for ground care consultant hired as interim Integreon provides support two U.S. Department of headed for a downsizing. The attack and target destruction. director of operations and later services to legal and financial SAN ANTONIO — Toyota Motor Agriculture programs aimed at embattled panel’s director and a interim director of finance at companies. About 65 Fargo Co. will resume production at its West Virginia farmers. Farmers lawmaker on Tuesday both said the Iowa University Physicians for a total employees could be laid off. full-size truck plant Nov. 10 but can apply for grants through the commission needs to cut its of 21 months in 2000 to 2002. Chief Executive Officer Liam will run only one of the two Environmental Quality Incentives membership in half or more to GLENWOOD — An Iowa road Brown said the company will production lines, officials said Program and the Wildlife operate more effectively. Sen. Hank construction crew can add another Montana help workers find new jobs. Tuesday. The 2,000 workers at Habitat Incentive Program Wilkins later said Tuesday he was item to the list of strange stuff the Tundra plant will split their through Nov. 28. working on legislation that would discovered along the road — a BUTTE — A 61-year-old Silver Oklahoma time between making the 2009 cut the commission’s membership dead alligator. The crew found the Bow County woman got into a model and doing non-production Wyoming to between 10 and 13 members, 4-foot-long gator on Tuesday along tussle with an aggressive deer OKLAHOMA CITY — An organic improvements projects, said with some members named from Interstate 29 near Glenwood in after it attacked one of her market and cafe is planned for a spokesman Mike De La Garza. GREEN RIVER — The Sweetwater congressional districts. southwest Iowa. The Iowa poodles. Carol Lince says she let downtown area that has County Commission has adopted Department of Natural Resources her three poodles outside, and undergone a residential building Utah new regulations for sexually California says the alligator appears to have then heard one “screaming boom but doesn’t have much in oriented businesses. The new suffered a head injury. bloody murder.” She went outside the way of grocery shopping SALT LAKE CITY — A developer rules, adopted unanimously LOS ANGELES — Drilling will likely and saw a doe attacking the opportunities. The Sage Gourmet is getting more time to fill a Tuesday, spell out where such start in a month on 24 new oil Kansas smallest dog. Lince kicked at the Cafe & Market is to be built in gaping hole in the heart of Salt businesses may operate. They wells in Baldwin Hills, the first of deer’s hind legs and started Deep Deuce, once a historic Lake City’s Sugar House also prohibit sexually oriented 600 new wells over three decades. GOODLAND — The National walloping the deer’s head with center for jazz music and black neighborhood. City officials say businesses from advertising on Los Angeles County supervisors Weather Service says it expects to her fists until it eventually ran off. culture, where a growing number they want Craig Mecham to vehicles. County planner Eric voted Tuesday to create a post a blizzard warning for far of condominiums and apartments submit a plan by January and Bingham said the new rules Community Standards District for Northwest Kansas. Forecasters say Nebraska are being built close to the start work by June to fill the apply to sexually oriented the 84-year-old oil field, giving the rain is expected to mix with snow Bricktown entertainment district. building-sized pit. Frank Gray, the arcades, bookstores, theaters, county regulatory authority. A final Wednesday afternoon, then change SCOTTSBLUFF — New mountain city’s director of community and cabarets and nude or semi-nude draft of the ordinance will be to all snow after nightfall. Up to bike and nature trails are part of Oregon economic development, says the establishments. approved next week. four inches of snow are expected in the plans for riverfront develop- financial downturn is the primary the Goodland area and up to a ment project at Scottsbluff in MEDFORD — Prosecutors in reason. — From wire reports Colorado foot is possible in several western Nebraska. The proposed Jackson County have subpoe- Northwest Kansas counties. trails were unveiled Tuesday night naed 166 witnesses for the trial COLORADO SPRINGS — A veterans group claims that a Kentucky by the Monument Valley Riverfront Task Force. Scottsbluff Parks and of a Medford couple accused of using their children to fraudu- Cool Under Pressure cleanup campaign in Colorado Recreation director Perry Mader lently solicit funds that were Springs is illegally discarding VA LOUISVILLE — A new survey says the new trails along the allegedly spent on movies and Stay cool with the comfort and dependability paperwork, medications, IDs and shows that more than 1,100 of a Rheem® Air Conditioning System. Call service medals that belong to employees were cut in Kentucky your Rheem® Top Contractor today. homeless veterans. The Colorado public schools this year because WE 'RE GROWING TO MEET YOUR NEEDS... Veterans Alliance on Tuesday of the state’s budget crunch. The blamed police and a group called survey released Tuesday by the NAVIJA Keep Colorado Springs Beautiful, which cleans up homeless camps Kentucky School Boards Association found that 135 out VALLADARE S, M.D. under a contract with the city. of a total of 174 districts lost at least one post before the new Delaware school year started. NEW CASTLE — A restructuring Louisiana of Comcast’s organization nationwide means the cable SPRINGHILL — A warning has operator will shed about 300 gone out to dog owners in the jobs, including some in north Louisiana city of Springhill. Delaware. Comcast spokes- Last week, some Springhill • Environmentally Friendly woman Beth Bacha says some residents were notified by letter • Save money on your energy bills of those affected will be eligible form the local postmaster that • Nationally Truste d Brand for other jobs within the dangerous dogs were creating a • Up to $1300 Manufacturer Rebates on 16 Seer company. The company is also problem for mail carriers, and and higher Systems ti increasing rates next month. New that the problem could lead to b4 • FPL Rebate Castle County customers will see interruption of mail service. Mayor their rates go up 3.5 percent. Carroll Breaux says three dogs have been taken off the streets. Birch ' Air Conditioning & Heating s District of Columbia tit ?? ? Maryland 941.625.0974 WASHINGTON — A customer who Port Charlotte sued a dry cleaner for $54 million BALTIMORE — Maryland health CAC021319 340617 344392 over a missing pair of pants has officials are stepping up efforts to
  • 9. DOW 8,519.21 -514.45 BUSINESS ........................................................................................................ . NYSE ................................... ................................... .................................. 5,630.47 -420.87 . NASDAQ ................................... ................................... .................................. 1,615.75 -80.93 . S&P 500 896.78 -58.27 Thursday, October 23, 2008 Editor: Bob Fliss Where is the silver lining? MALCOLM BERKO Cheaper gas doesn’t mean anyone’s spending freely Show no By JOHN PORRETTO AP BUSINESS WRITER “Let’s try six months. Let’s try a year. Then we can talk about how With worries like that, saving $20 or $30 on a tank of gas lift the economy, the decline in gasoline prices could amount to interest in credit HOUSTON — It’s almost like a much it’s saving me,” said Jacob Curtis of Columbus, Ohio, who doesn’t amount to much of a silver lining. as much as a $125 billion stimu- lus all by itself, according to surprise stimulus check: Gas card company prices have fallen so fast that the paid $2.48 a gallon this week. Make no mistake, the drop in calculations by Lawrence nation has found itself with an “Right now, I’m just trying to gas prices has been dramatic. A Goldstein, the director of the D extra $125 billion to spend. But make ends meet.” gallon of gas is 30 percent Energy Policy Research Founda- ear Mr. Berko: I One in three Americans fears cheaper today than it was when tion Inc., which studies energy don’t expect the freed-up cash to received an early pump much life into the econo- losing a job, half are worried prices peaked this summer. On economics. That figure takes into retirement bonus from my. about keeping up with mortgage July 11, a gallon of regular account the amount of fuel used my employer and I’m thinking Filling up for less than $2.50 a and credit card payments and averaged $4.11. On Wednesday, it not only by drivers and house- of putting $48,000 of it into the gallon in some places hasn’t done seven in 10 are anxious about was $2.86. That’s almost as cheap holds but also by businesses. 7 percent, three-year notes of much to boost confidence — not shrinking stock and retirement as the $2.82 reading of a year ago. “We already have the equiva- Advanta Corp. They also have when disappearing jobs, sagging portfolios, according to a recent As lawmakers debate whether lent of an invisible stimulus a 9 percent, 10-year note that home prices and the financial Associated Press-Yahoo News to send a second round of I’d consider. Please tell me meltdown are everyday worries. poll of likely voters. stimulus checks to Americans to GAS | P10 what you think and whether I would be better off with the 9 percent notes or the 7 percent notes or if I should buy Dow plummets 514 points Condo sales bleak in $24,000 of the 7 percent notes and $24,000 of the 9 percent notes. A couple of friends bought those notes with their retirement bonuses and they think it would be good for me Sarasota to do it, too. They bought the By GERALD A. ROGOVIN stock, too, and they think I SUN CORRESPONDENT should. — S.P., Bethlehem, Pa. SARASOTA — Condominium sales Dear S.P.: Well, Hoagy in the Sarasota market are as bleak as Carmichael! Either your friends they’ve ever been, according to were smoking dope and doing specialists in the industry. mushrooms when they bought <I - In the nine months ended Sept. 24, those things or were drunker sales were below those of a year ago than Cootie Brown. With idiot by 30 percent — 1,510 in 2008 vs. friends like them, you have my 2,160 in 2007 — deeds registered at the county Circuit Court show. sincere condolences. Those 16 Across the state, the Florida Associa- guys are dumber than a tion of Realtors reports, median prices second coat of paint. fell six percent to $220,000 in August Advanta (ADVNB-$6.55) compared to $235,000 a year ago. provides MasterCard and Visa AP PHOTO Notwithstanding, J&J Homes, which to small businesses and Trader Paul Maguire works on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange Wednesday. has built 4,500 homes in Venice, plans business professionals, giving to develop a 70.65-acre parcel on the approved customers access, Drop caused by worries about earnings forecasts north side of East Venice Avenue and via banks and merchants, to west of Fellsmere Road. The western By TIM PARADIS globe even if lending begins may lay ahead. portion of the property will contain unsecured business credit AP BUSINESS WRITER to approach more normal Wachovia Corp., which is liens. ADVNP, the sixth largest 493 condominiums. The eastern end NEW YORK — Wall Street levels. being bought by Wells Fargo & credit card issuer, also offers will be occupied by 264 townhouses. tumbled again Wednesday as The dollar hit multiyear Co., reported that it swung to credit insurance products, highs against several other a huge loss in the third “Nothing lasts forever,” said Robert investors worried that the major currencies, weighing on quarter while the drugmaker Melsom, vice president of the 35- various payment waiver global economy is poised to year-old company’s Land Division. agreement plans (disability, weaken even as parts of the commodity prices. That hurt Merck & Co. said its quarterly credit market slowly show raw materials and energy profit fell 28 percent and that “This project will put us into the best loss of life, job, business position for the economy’s recovery. signs of recovery. The major companies, while giving a it would cut more than 10 interruption, etc.), money boost to airlines. Technology percent of its work force. We believe in our product and we indexes fell more than 4 market accounts and certifi- percent, including the Dow shares fared better than the John Thornton, co-portfolio believe in Venice.” cates of deposit. Dennis Alter is Jones industrial average, broader market following manager at Stephens Invest- J&J filed for rezoning originally in Advanta’s Chairman, CEO. He which finished off its lows quarterly reports from Apple ment Management Group 2005. It was approved last month by and also the company’s alter with a loss of 514 points. Inc. and Yahoo Inc. LLC in Houston, said the board of county commissioners. ego, according to a couple of The Standard & Poor’s 500 While reduced strains in investors’ fear has shifted Extending westward to Jacaranda ADVNB folks at its headquar- index was the worst per- global credit markets have from the immediate concerns Boulevard, the parcel is part of 90 former among the major eased some investors’ about tightness in credit and acres owned by the company. ters in Spring House, Pa. nervousness about the the resulting difficulty in indexes with a 6.1 percent Nine stipulations were imposed on Not a particularly well-run slide that left it at its lowest economy, market anxiety borrowing to the broader the approval. Among them were a company, Advanta’s earnings level since April 2003. remains as hundreds of economy as companies come requirement that a 20-foot-wide have declined in the last two Corporate profit forecasts, a companies this week report out with their quarterly buffer be built on all sides of the years and several brokerages jump in the dollar and falling third-quarter results and issue numbers. parcel; access to Fellsmere Road be reckon that the company will oil prices signaled investors somewhat murky forecasts “Even if it weren’t for the that are stirring unease about credit crisis we’d probably be prohibited; a bus bay and shelter be report a loss for 2008 and 2009. are fearful that an economic slowdown will sweep the the economic bumps that Meanwhile, ADVNB’s return on PLUMMETS | P10 SARASOTA | P10 assets, its return on investment and return on equity have fallen by 50 percent during the last five years and total operat- From Caribbean meals to home sales, Englewood is up K ing expenses have increased they might in time. The Title, was telling me that Barbara Sovan from eith and Laurie disproportionately more than Farlow of Farlow’s restaurant at 41 N. in one week they did Advanced Physical revenue growth. On the Water have Englewood Indiana Ave. is still the over $2 million in Therapy tells me that You’ve also got to know that brought the Caribbean Biz Bits place to go for great food transactions, and in they are going to have an the fundamental outlook for to Englewood. and friendly service. September they had 17 open house today for all the credit card business is Their dishes include Lang It’s Concrete at 845 closings. their customers old and roundly negative. While credit Cuban-style ribs, Capasso Indiana Ave. is doing The market is leaning new. Wear a hat or shirt quality is at near historically Barbados filet house great. Owners Scott and toward short sales so the of your favorite sports low levels, I suspect it will specialty, Caribbean Ann Marie Budwitz told firm is now concentrat- team and receive a prize. continue to weaken over the sweet pork tenderloin, Rana Whitaker was me that despite the ing on that aspect. He is They are at 272 South next 12 to 18 months. Loan St. Lucia shitake mush- telling me about what is gloom-and-doom news also putting on seminars Indiana Ave. room steak, St. John’s going on with Food is that dominates the addressing this trend. levels may continue to grow financial pages their They are located at 121 Chris Raver, the marinated steak, St. Love. They are now owner of A Quilter’s and some card issuers are Croix crab salad and serving beer and wine business is up 15 percent N. McCall Road. beginning to raise rates, but Cottage at 80 S. McCall many other selections and will be open for to 20 percent. They’re European Auto default rates will continue to pretty happy to be doing Repairs at 151 W. Perry Road in Olde Englewood that hail from the supper on Thursday, rise perhaps as high as 9 islands. Combined with business in Englewood Lane is sending owner Village, has something to Friday and Saturday percent in the next 12 months. the music they play, you nights from 4 p.m. to for 15 years. Business is Ron Taylor to the BMW brag about. She is the Competition in this business really get the feeling that 9 p.m. so good they are adding School for more training exclusive carrier of Baby is enormously intense, pricing you’re in the Caribbean, They have also rented sub-contractors to help so that he can be up to Lock sewing machines in pressures will continue to and while you might the old Kayak Outpost with installation. They date on all the new our area. I am told that think you need a pass- and Taki Tiki on Green have added pavers, vinyl technology that’s being these machines are the mount and profitability will be seriously challenged. I suspect port, all you really need Street. They will be using lettering and thin installed in the cars. Ron top of the line and can to get in the door is a that as a smokehouse, layering of stone lami- tells me that every bit of do almost anything. that some of the smaller card Chris was pleased to say good appetite. catering kitchen and nate to their inventory. their diagnostic equip- companies could find them- They are at 2080 S. office. They are not Bret Clark, one of the ment has recently been that business is up 20 selves unable to compete with McCall in Englewood. serving there as yet but owners of Community updated. percent also. . . . the . . . of. . . . . One, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . Capital . . . Bank . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . likes . . . . . . . . . . . . . of America and CitiCorp, so we MINDY TEW | NORTH PORT CHAMBER could see some consolidation HOLIDAY SHOPPING in the industry. This is a very mature industry and the only Thanking our partners Layaway makes a comeback Thank you to all our partner businesses for helping us make A payment method that became decidedly passe in the the Third Annual Hob Nob a great success. PAGE 10 1980s is being promoted again this holiday season. PAGE 10 BERKO | P10
  • 10. Front Page 10 D/E/N/C FROM PAGE NINE The Sun /Thursday, October 23, 2008 North Port Chamber thanks its partners T hank you to all of our vote between now and Nov. 8:07 p.m.; games three and protects you and your welcome, but you are partner businesses 2. Hours of operation for four are in Philadelphia on business, but it is also encouraged to call us at who helped make both locations are: Monday Saturday and Sunday at environmentally responsi- 941-423-5040 to schedule our Third Annual Hob Nob through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 8:07 p.m. Go Rays! ble as all of the materials an appointment. Remem- a great success: Buffalo 4:30 p.m.; Saturday, 9 a.m. This Saturday, we will be created will be recycled. ber, there’s nothing scarier Wild Wings; Busey Bank; Mindy to 1 p.m.; and Sunday, hosting our second Please call the office at than a blood shortage! 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Community Shred in 941-423-5040 with any As always, remember that Calusa National Bank; Carrabba’s; Exceptional Tew And how ‘bout them conjunction with our questions. you are our clients. Please Properties Group; Gold Rays?! If you didn’t get partners ShredIt. Business- On Oct. 29, the chamber do not hesitate to contact Coast Eagle Distributing; positions, came out to tickets to tonight’s game, es and community mem- will be hosting our second us should you need any- Kinetico Quality Water meet and greet with North be sure to stop in at a local bers alike are welcome to annual Halloween Blood thing, we will do our best to Systems of Southwest Port residents and business chamber partner’s estab- stop by the chamber Drive in partnership with accommodate you. We can Florida; North Port Tae people. Now it is time to lishment to cheer the Rays between the hours of Florida’s Blood Centers be reached at 941-423-5040 Kwon Do; PGI Homes; take what we have learned on with some friends and 9 a.m. and noon on from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. All or info@northport Publix; ROI Media; and and show up as a commu- family as they continue Saturday with any sensitive donors will receive a free Smoothie King. nity at the polls. Early their historical season: materials you need to T-shirt, a goodie bag and a It was an enjoyable coupon for 50 percent off The mission of the North voting began Monday; you Beef O’Brady’s, Brick destroy. Bring as much as evening in the courtyard House Pizza, Buffalo Wild you have; ShredIt will be admission to either Port Area Chamber of can visit either City Hall behind City Hall where (4970 City Hall Blvd.) or at Wings, Carrabba’s, and destroying documents on Universal Studios or Commerce is to support and several candidates for the North Port location of Olde World Restaurant. site at no charge. Remem- Islands of Adventure. All promote business; encour- public office, as well as the Supervisor of Elections Game two against the ber, shredding your donors must have a picture aging growth, cooperation some already holding (13640 Tamiami Trail) to Phillies is tonight at documents is not only identification. Walk-ins are and diversification. PLUMMETS: Dow drops 514 points Layaway makes a comeback FROM PAGE 9 minutes that left the blue the price of oil, as did a chips 183 points above the government report that By ASHLEY M. HEHER roots in the Great Depres- already generating dismal looking toward a pretty session’s low — indicated U.S. fuel supplies rose last AP BUSINESS WRITER sion, was largely eclipsed in predictions. tough recession anyway,” that the trading was more week. Light, sweet crude CHICAGO — A payment the past two decades as That’s because shoppers he said. “The third-quarter orderly than it had been fell $5.43 to $66.75 a barrel method that became economic prosperity grew who buy items on layaway earnings are kind of two weeks ago when waves on the New York Mercantile decidedly passe in the 1980s and consumers began lining make the initial purchase uninspiring but third of selling pounded the Exchange, after falling as is being promoted again this their wallets with credit weeks before they take quarter hasn’t been the real major indexes. low as $66.20. holiday season as a way for cards. One of the last large goods home, locking sales concern of people. I think Meanwhile, credit While the decline in oil budget-conscious shoppers holdouts, Wal-Mart Stores statistics in early. In Kmart’s the concern is the depth markets showed improve- and other commodities to buy gifts without break- Inc., discontinued the case, shoppers pay a $5 fee and duration of the ment after virtually freezing can be a welcome sign for ing the bank. practice in 2006, citing and put 10 percent down, downturn and the effect it’s up in the past month. consumers and many Layaway — the practice falling demand and rising while making payments going to have on earnings.” Bank-to-bank lending rates businesses it can also that allows people to pay for costs, leaving a smattering over an eight-week period. The Dow fell 514.45, or fell sharply overnight, indicate that investors everything from tools to of discount chains, inde- “Retailers have a stake in 5.69 percent, to 8,519.21, indicating that credit is think economic activity is televisions bit by bit before pendent retailers and Web getting the Christmas after being down as much becoming easier to obtain. poised to shrink. taking their items home — sites to offer the option. season started as early as as 698 points in the final The London Interbank Energy issues fell as oil is back in advertisements TJX Cos. offers layaway in possible,” Rosenbaum said. half hour of trading. Still, Offered Rate, or Libor, on slid to its lowest level in 16 for the first time in years for some of its Marshalls and TJ Michael Bilello, a the Dow finished above its three-month loans in months. Exxon Mobil Corp. discount chain Kmart. Maxx stores and nearly all of spokesman for e-Lay Oct. 10 closing low of 8,451. dollars fell to 3.54 percent fell $6.93, or 9.7 percent, to In a national campaign its A.J. Wright locations, but which offers The Dow fell 231 points from 3.83 percent. $64.57, while Chevron launched last week, the ads said it couldn’t say whether online layaway services for Tuesday after jumping 413 Demand for Treasury Corp. fell $5.06, or 7.6 proclaim “beat the rush and it plans to expand the more than 1,000 merchants, points Monday. bills, regarded as the safest percent, to $61.74. pay the easy way with payment option or whether said interest in the practice Broader stock indicators assets around, grew slightly The decline in oil helped Kmart layaway.” They mark it expects layaway sales to is soaring, especially among also fell Wednesday. The compared to the previous airlines. JetBlue Airways the first time many shop- climb this quarter. middle-income shoppers Standard & Poor’s 500 day as economic worries Corp. rose 2 cents, or 0.40 pers have even heard the Wal-Mart spokeswoman who might have eschewed it index lost 58.27, or 6.10 led investors to shun risky percent, to $5.01, and phrase, even though the Linda Blakley said the before. percent, to 896.78, its assets in favor of govern- United Airlines parent UAL chain has offered the option company has no plans to “There’s nothing sexy lowest close since it ment bonds. Corp. rose 85 cents, or 6.2 for decades. bring back layaway, which it about leaving the layaway finished at 892 on April 21, Worries about the global percent, to $14.65. Discounter Burlington said can mean higher prices counter,” he said. “But that’s 2003. economy helped the dollar. In corporate news, AT&T Coat Factory Warehouse for customers. why a lot of people have The technology-heavy The greenback rose against Inc. said its third-quarter Corp. — one of the few George Rosenbaum, shifted over to the world of Nasdaq composite index currencies like the British earnings rose 5.5 percent remaining national chains chairman of retail consult- e-commerce. You’re able to fell 80.93, or 4.77 percent, pound and the euro as but missed analyst expec- offering the option — saw ing firm Leo J. Shapiro and shop for things you wouldn’t to 1,615.75. investors worried about tations in part because of its percentage of layaway Associates, said retailers that necessarily want to buy in Light trading volume and sluggishness in overseas strong sales of iPhones, sales grow from 4.6 percent offer layaway may find public and be fiscally the Dow’s snapback — a economies. The strong which the carrier subsi- in August to 5.3 percent last themselves with a jump on responsible when being rebound in the final 20 dollar helped drive down dizes. The stock fell $1.95. month. the competition during the fiscally responsible hasn’t Layaway, which has its fourth quarter, which is really been the trend.” BERKO: Show no interest in credit GAS: Where is the silver lining? FROM PAGE 9 so is 9 percent for 10 mindful that you’re FROM PAGE 9 for safekeeping this time. said she struggled when years. But if you had to retired and no longer a “Because of the economic prices neared $4 a gallon. growth areas still remain- sell all or part of that working American. If you ing are North Korea, package going if (oil) prices circumstances, a lot more “I’ve been very, very note, please ask yourself lose some of that money, bottom out in the $75 to people are going to be careful,” Stewart said. Angola, Yemen, Baluchis- one question: “To whom you don’t have the ability $80 range,” Goldstein said. cautious with that kind of She’s using the extra cash tan, Qatar, Cuba, Miami would I sell it?” If you to earn it back. And Oil prices tumbled close to money,” said Joel Naroff, an these days to pay bills. and North Vietnam. while those returns are $66 a barrel Wednesday as economist and president of Prices could tumble as low don’t have a ready ADVNB has been in attractive, you must fear of an extended global Naroff Economic Advisors as $2 a gallon if oil falls to answer then, perhaps business for over 50 recognize at your age economic slowdown in Holland, Pa. “Consumers $50 a barrel, as some years and has never you shouldn’t buy it. You and stage in life that outweighed a likely OPEC are worried. They don’t analysts suspect it will. One defaulted on any of the can get 5 percent for a losing an opportunity is crude production cut later know what’s going to question is whether some of notes issued to the year at various banks or this week. happen to their jobs.” the changes Americans made a much less regrettable public. Though that’s fine savings and loans, which alternative than losing The difference is that the Jean Stewart knows the to cope with the gas spike and dandy I’m not is where I suggest you couple of hundred bucks feeling. The 68-year-old, this summer, such as money. “Better safe than semiretired housekeeper, carpooling or taking mass comfortable ascribing place this money. One that in previous years sorry,” as Noah said to might have turned into a who filled her Saturn sedan transit, not to mention ADVNB’s past success to year from now when that his sons when they in suburban Denver on driving smaller cars, will hold CD matures, I’m fairly holiday splurge will the future. Certainly a boarded the ark. probably be tucked away Tuesday for $2.57 a gallon, as gas gets cheaper again. three- year note with a 7 certain you will be able percent annual yield, to renew it at a much 4.20 6.77 percent simple higher rate. interest, is attractive and You must be especially % APY* SARASOTA: Condo sales BANKUNITED 4 to 6-Month CD FROM PAGE 9 the county. CD SPECIALS 4.40 $5,000 minimum deposit The increased number added on East Venice of vehicles that will % PICK YOUR TERM Avenue; and 10.8 resi- emerge from the J&J APY* dences be the maximum development; Bella Terra, per acre. a residential community; Height limits of 35 and and a commercial prop- 45 feet above a 35-foot erty on which a Publix grade are called for on and a CVS are already 7 to 12-Month CD $5,000 minimum deposit the eastern portion. The under construction raised highest building can questions on concurren- reach 69 feet parking. cy and the roads’ ability Member FDIC It took three years for to handle traffic. NEIGHBORHOOD BRANCHES: J&J to work through Most of the costs to issues raised by the improve the intersection Port Charlotte/Town & Country • (941) 625-4369 • 4265 Tamiami Trail county. One was the East will be borne by the Venice Overlay. Rather three, the largest of Punta Gorda/Colonial Promenade • (941) 575-0226 • 3941 Tamiami Trail large in scope, it several developers. addressed the makeover Those improvements, of that part of the city. which will enhance An early challenge to drainage and reduce the development agree- ment by the city was grades on the sides of the roads, will extend 1,000 It's a local thing'' QB nl a lU l n t d resolved. Then, suggested feet north and the same improvements for the distance south of the THE LARGEST BANK HEADQUARTERED IN FLORIDA WITH $14 BILLION IN ASSETS. intersection of Jacaranda intersection on Jacaran- Boulevard and East da. They will also extend Toll free 877-779-BANK (2265) Venice Avenue required about 1,100 feet west and J&J and other developers 1,400 feet east on Venice 340267 *Annual Percentage Yield (APY) is accurate as of date of publication and subject to change without notice. Minimum balance required to obtain the stated APY is $5,000. Early withdrawal penalty applies. to work out a plan with Avenue.
  • 11. Thursday, October 23, 2008 /The Sun BUSINESS NEWS D/E/N/C Front Page 11 THE MARKET IN REVIEW NYSE AMEX NASDAQ HOW TO READ THE MARKET IN REVIEW STOCKS OF LOCAL INTEREST MOST ACTIVE ($1 OR MORE) MOST ACTIVE ($1 OR MORE) MOST ACTIVE ($1 OR MORE) Here are the 1,300 most active stocks on the New York Stock Exchange and the 855 YTD YTD most active on the Nasdaq National Market. Stocks in bold are worth at least $5 Name Div Yld PE Last Chg %Chg Name Div Yld PE Last Chg %Chg Name Vol (00) Last Chg Name Vol (00) Last Chg Name Vol (00) Last Chg and changed 5 percent or more in price. Underlining for 50 most actively traded ActionPr h ... ... 34 1.37 -.06 +44.2 RJamesFn .44 2.1 10 20.83 -2.35 -36.0 iShEMkt s1540446 21.50 -2.53 SPDR 4694434 90.64 -5.22 PwShs QQQ263250730.61 -.87 Avatar ... ... ... 27.94 -.83 -33.2 stocks of the day. Tables show name, price and net change, and one to two Citigrp 1356114 13.32 -.86 SP Fncl 1765493 14.64 -.98 Microsoft1466707 21.53 -1.83 Ryder .92 2.4 8 38.57 -5.46 -18.0 additional fields rotated through the week, as follows: BkofAm 1.28 5.6 20 22.66 -1.31 -45.1 GenElec 1172265 18.96 -1.39 ProUltFin1043726 8.70 -1.66 Intel 775593 14.58 -.67 Name: Stocks appear alphabetically by the company’s full name (not its abbreviation). CBRL Grp .80 4.5 6 17.91 -.10 -44.7 StJoe ... ... ... 28.57 -1.57 -19.5 BkofAm 981829 22.66 -1.31 ProUltSP 783743 27.72 -3.98 Apple Inc 764614 96.87 +5.38 iShR2K 820205 50.49 -2.69 SP Engy 618510 44.20 -4.76 Cisco 750251 17.41 -.45 Names consisting of initials appear at the beginning of each letter’s list. Tuesday Carnival 1.60 5.8 10 27.71 -2.21 -37.7 SimonProp3.60 6.1 30 59.34 -3.55 -31.7 Last: Price stock was trading at when exchange closed for the day. Chicos ... ... 24 2.87 -.22 -68.2 .35 1.5 10 23.05 -2.26 -28.6 SteinMrt .25 12.8 ... 1.95 -.19 -58.9 Div Name Last Chg GAINERS ($2 OR MORE) GAINERS ($2 OR MORE) GAINERS ($2 OR MORE) Chg: Loss or gain for the day. No change indicated by ... Disney PE: Price-earnings ratio. Derived by dividing closing price by .44 ACE Ltd 24.88 -.13 Name Last Chg %Chg Name Last Chg %Chg Name Last Chg %Chg 1.10 ACMIn 9.75 +.13 Eaton 2.00 5.1 5 39.00 -3.05 -59.8 SunTrst 3.08 7.7 11 40.13 -1.50 -35.8 company’s earnings per share for the most recent four quarters. .80 ACM Op 7.25 # FPL Grp 1.78 4.3 14 41.28 -2.39 -39.1 FredM pfK 2.10 +.59 +39.1 RydxInvEn n161.16+33.21 +26.0 TIB Fncl 6.75 +2.15 +46.7 PPE: Projected price-earnings ratio. Derived by dividing closing price 1.10 ACM Sc .50 -.13 HarrisCorp .80 2.4 10 32.98 -2.41 -47.4 SuprUnifm .54 5.9 16 9.21 -.29 -7.4 .96 ACMSp 7.50 J # MS1HRZ12 12.30 +2.08 +20.4 ProUltSTel n126.04+23.92 +23.4 CmtyWest 5.00 +1.20 +31.6 by company’s projected earnings per share for upcoming 12 months. Ashfd pfA 7.52 +1.27 +20.3 PrUltSEM n159.90 +28.98 +22.1 TeamStff rs 2.26 +.41 +22.2 PPE supplied by I/B/E/S, Institutional Brokers’ Estimate System. Is a Wednesday HltMgmt ... ... 3 2.48 -.06 -58.5 TECO .80 6.0 8 13.32 -.95 -22.6 LeSuna97 9.44 +1.56 +19.8 PrUShCh25126.90 +22.32 +21.3 Tegal 2.46 +.36 +17.1 consensus forecast of all analysts following the company. Only LennarA .16 1.9 ... 8.44 -.57 -52.8 ... ... 9 25.56 -1.49 -27.3 TechData ... ... 8 21.01 -.64 -44.3 PE PPE Name Last Chg ReddyIce 2.20 +.34 +18.3 ProUShOG 53.98 +8.78 +19.4 BeachFstN 6.50 +.86 +15.3 companies with three or more analysts following them have a PPE. 8 9 ACE Ltd 24.88 -.13 Lincare How to use: In general, if PPE is lower than PE, analysts believe 17 19 ACMIn 9.75 +.13 5 ... ACM Op 7.25 # McClatchy .36 12.0 ... 2.99 -.20 -76.1 Wachovia .20 3.5 ... 5.71 -.38 -85.0 LOSERS ($2 OR MORE) LOSERS ($2 OR MORE) LOSERS ($2 OR MORE) earnings will be going up. If PPE is higher, they expect earnings to 12 10 ACM Sc 8 6 ACMSp 7.50 J .50 -.13 NatlCity .04 1.4 ... 2.81 -.18 -82.9 fall. The numbers can be helpful in following stocks but as with all # WendyArby.32 10.3 ... 3.11 -.05 -64.4 Name Last Chg %Chg Name Last Chg %Chg Name Last Chg %Chg OfficeDpt ... ... 3 2.32 -.31 -83.3 financial data are only one of many factors to judge a company by. PGT Inc ... ... ... 2.28 -.13 -52.1 WldFuel .15 .8 CoventryH 13.93 -14.56 -51.1 AlldNevG 2.14 -.66 -23.6 Cresud 5.27 -2.50 -32.2 Thursday 8 18.38 -1.42 -36.7 Consult your financial advisor before making any investment decision. NortelInv 3.60 -3.09 -46.2 ProUltO&G 27.00 -7.50 -21.7 SanDisk 10.09 -4.67 -31.6 Tkr Name Last Chg DevDv 8.15 -5.02 -38.1 PSCrudeDL n5.14 -1.31 -20.3 Bucyrus s 20.02 -5.91 -22.8 Stock Footnotes: cld - Issue has been called for redemption by company. d - New Air ACE Ltd 24.88 -.13 52-week low. ec - Company formerly listed on the American Exchange's Emerging ACL ACMIn 9.75 +.13 GnGrthPrp 3.05 -1.79 -37.0 Rydx2xEn n 16.00 -3.89 -19.6 NII Hldg 18.87 -5.54 -22.7 Cosan Ltd 2.11 -1.10 -34.3 PSBMetDL n 7.40 -1.66 -18.3 Illumina s 25.14 -7.18 -22.2 Company Marketplace. g - Dividends and earnings in Canadian dollars. h - Does not meet continued-listing standards. lf - Late filing with SEC. n - Stock was a new issue in ACG ACM Op ADF ACM Sc GSF ACMSp 7.25 7.50 # .50 -.13 # CURRENCIES the last year. The 52-week high and low figures Wednesday, October 4, 2006 only Yesterday Pvs Day Yesterday Pvs Day DIARY DIARY DIARY from the beginning of trading. pf - Preferred stock issue. pr - Preferences. pp - Holder owes installments of purchase price. rt - Right to buy security at a specified price. rs - Friday Argent Peso 3.2255 3.2160 Jordan Dinar .7090 .7089 Advanced 496 Advanced 278 Advanced 414 Stock has undergone a reverse stock split of at least 50% within the past year. s - YTD Name Australia Dollar JJ Last Chg 1.4872 1.4616 Mexico Peso 13.7005 13.0125 Declined 2,713 Declined 900 Declined 2,449 Stock has split by at least 20 percent within the last year. wi - Trades will be settled Brazil +2.3 ACE Ltd 24.88 -.13 Real 2.3813 2.2225 N. Zealand Dollar 1.7008 1.6276 when the stock is issued. wd - When distributed. wt - Warrant, allowing a purchase of +0.2 ACMIn 9.75 +.13 Unchanged 50 Unchanged 70 Unchanged 116 -3.0 ACM Op 7.25 # a stock. u - New 52-week high. un - Unit,, including more than one security. vj - Britain Pound .6121 .5901 Norway Krone 7.2010 6.8541 Total issues 3,259 Total issues 1,248 Total issues 2,979 Company in bankruptcy or receivership, or being reorganized under the bankruptcy -0.2 ACM Sc +1.8 ACMSp .50 -.13 7.50 # New Highs 1 New Highs 4 New Highs 2 law. Appears in front of the name. Canada Dollar 1.2521 1.2136 Pakistan Rupee 80.95 81.10 PE Footnotes: q - Stock is a closed-end fund - no P/E ratio shown. cc - P/E exceeds 99. dd - Loss in last 12 New Lows 445 New Lows 136 New Lows 311 months. Source: The Associated Press. Sales figures are unofficial. Chile Peso 646.75 634.95 Peru New Sol 3.025 3.070 Volume 6,056,561,478 Volume 1,515,946,912 Volume 2,548,347,784 China Yuan 6.8376 6.8346 Philpins Peso 48.68 48.04 FOREIGN Colombia Peso 2346.50 2250.50 Russia Ruble 26.9302 26.6567 INDEXES 52-Week YTD 1 Year 52-Week Net YTD 12-mo Czech RepKoruna 20.37 19.49 Saudi Arab Riyal 3.7519 3.7534 High Low Name Close Change Chg% Chg% Chg% High Low Name Last Chg %Chg %Chg %Chg Denmark Krone 5.7937 5.6754 Singapore Dollar 1.4999 1.4810 13,962.53 7,882.51 Dow Jones Industrials 8,519.21 -514.45 -5.69 -35.78 -37.70 551.69 242.37 Amsterdam 255.08 -14.28 -5.30 -50.54 -53.05 Euro Euro .7772 .7614 Sweden Krona 7.8309 7.7101 5,536.57 3,401.89 Dow Jones Transportation 3,601.74 -164.60 -4.37 -21.20 -26.43 4,441.82 1,921.04 Brussels 1,968.63 -120.72 -5.78 -52.30 -54.60 Hong Kong Dollar 7.7529 7.7536 Switzerlnd Franc 1.1599 1.1507 555.71 294.30 Dow Jones Utilities 348.10 -22.46 -6.06 -34.63 -31.08 8,117.79 4,308.00 Frankfurt 4,571.07 -213.34 -4.46 -43.34 -41.61 Hungary Forint 220.51 212.36 Taiwan Dollar 32.96 32.68 10,330.54 5,336.59 NYSE Composite 5,630.47 -420.87 -6.95 -42.19 -43.75 6,726.90 3,808.11 FTSE 100 4,040.89 -188.84 -4.46 -37.42 -37.66 2,562.20 1,211.54 Amex Index 1,328.51 -85.77 -6.06 -44.87 -45.57 31,958.41 14,398.54 Hong Kong 14,266.60 -774.57 -5.15 -48.70 -51.36 Indnsia Rupiah 9898.00 10025.00 Thailand Baht 34.52 34.36 2,861.51 1,542.45 Nasdaq Composite 1,615.75 -80.93 -4.77 -39.08 -41.77 5,855.35 3,047.85 CAC-40 3,298.18 -177.22 -5.10 -41.25 -41.88 Israel Shekel 3.8716 3.7901 Turkey Lira 1.7140 1.5757 1,552.76 839.80 S&P 500 896.78 -58.27 -6.10 -38.93 -40.84 32,419.17 19,230.75 Mexico 18,787.34 -1,415.93 -7.01 -36.39 -41.38 Japan Yen 97.97 100.79 Venzuel Bolivar 2.1470 2.1473 908.85 506.75 S&P MidCap 530.19 -33.11 -5.88 -38.22 -40.36 16,887.04 8,115.41 Nikkei 225 8,674.69 -631.56 -6.79 -43.33 -46.97 British pound expressed in U.S. dollars. All others show dollar in foreign currency. 830.39 467.92 Russell 2000 501.97 -28.68 -5.40 -34.47 -38.09 15,154.77 8,761.02 Toronto 9,236.88 -558.92 -5.71 -33.23 -34.44 NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE TKR Name Last Chg BK BkNYMel 28.21 -3.15 CYH CmtyHlt 16.85 -1.45 EXM ExcelM 11.75 -1.32 HD HomeDp 19.47 -1.05 LII Lennox 29.42 -.34 JPC NvMulSI&G 4.75 -.02 RCL RylCarb 17.13 -1.55 TMK Trchmrk 35.10 -1.97 A-B-C BNS BkNova g 32.93 -3.34 RIO CVRD 11.22 -1.90 XCO ExcoRes 7.58 -2.04 HME HomeProp 37.81 -3.97 LUK LeucNatl 27.88 -2.53 NPI NuvPI 10.35 -.07 RDS/B RoyDShllB 45.70 -4.34 TD TorDBk g 44.41 -2.51 ABB ABB Ltd 13.96 -1.56 BCS Barclay 14.78 -1.19 RIOp CVRD pf 9.94 -1.84 EXC Exelon 50.31 -3.06 HXM HomexDev 21.90 -4.97 LXP LexRltyTr 6.41 -.62 NPT NuvPI4 8.93 -.13 RDS/A RoyDShllA 46.99 -4.54 TOT Total SA 46.60 -4.28 ACE ACE Ltd 45.30 -2.46 BCR Bard 78.25 -1.16 CMP CompssMn 43.30 -4.69 EXH ExterranH 19.86 -2.95 HMC Honda 21.63 -1.52 LXK Lexmark 26.51 +.80 NQU NuvQInc 10.79 +.16 RT RubyTues 2.39 -.21 TSS TotalSys 11.79 -.96 AES AES Corp 8.31 -1.55 BRL BarrPhm 61.00 -1.84 CPX CompPrdS 10.14 -1.75 XOM ExxonMbl 64.57 -6.93 HON HonwllIntl 27.85 -1.00 USA LbtyASE 3.62 -.20 OGE OGE Engy 24.98 -1.45 R Ryder 38.57 -5.46 TM Toyota 67.95 -4.02 AFL AFLAC 37.24 -5.73 ABX BarrickG 20.17 -3.46 CSC CompSci 27.56 -4.53 FMC FMC Corp 32.46 -4.05 HRL Hormel 28.80 -.29 LRY LibtProp 22.43 -2.37 OMG OM Group 16.38 -1.33 RYL Ryland 17.90 -1.10 LLY LillyEli 32.11 -1.57 RIG Transocn 68.88 -9.92 AG AGCO 24.79 -6.10 BAX Baxter 59.31 -2.43 CRK ComstkRs 37.96 -5.39 FTI FMC Tech 33.07 -4.26 HSP Hospira 27.89 -1.89 OXY OcciPet 44.90 -4.63 S-T-U TRV Travelers 37.02 +.69 ATG AGL Res 27.96 -.23 BTE BaytexE g 15.59 -1.96 CNW Con-Way 33.48 -1.38 FPL FPL Grp 41.28 -2.39 HPT HospPT 9.94 -1.10 LTD Limited 11.76 -.40 OII Oceaneer 25.41 -3.47 LNC LincNat 21.01 -4.21 SAI SAIC 18.00 -.43 TY TriContl 11.04 -.80 AKS AK Steel 12.12 -1.84 BE BearingPt h .25 ... CAG ConAgra 17.57 -.31 FCN FTI Cnslt 57.18 -3.68 HST HostHotls 8.21 -.61 ODP OfficeDpt 2.32 -.31 SAP SAP AG 34.27 -1.17 AMB AMB Pr 20.11 -3.23 BZH BeazerHm 3.12 -.23 CXO ConchoRes 21.36 -4.07 FDS FactsetR 38.69 -1.24 HOV HovnanE 4.44 -.44 LGF LionsGt g 7.20 -.11 OMX OfficeMax 4.38 -.82 TYp TriCntl pf 40.67 ... BEC BeckCoult 55.00 -3.93 COP ConocPhil 49.06 -4.90 FCS FairchldS 5.47 -.19 HNP HuanPwr 21.72 -2.99 LIZ LizClaib 8.15 -1.17 OIS OilStates 18.70 -2.72 SCG SCANA 32.83 -1.01 TRN Trinity 19.08 -2.10 AMR AMR 11.97 +.84 SKM SK Tlcm 16.91 -.97 ABWpA ASBC pfA 17.36 -.65 BDX BectDck 70.13 -1.39 CNO Conseco 1.91 -.33 FDO FamilyDlr 24.59 -.70 HUB/B HubbelB 30.33 -2.82 LMT LockhdM 79.77 -4.42 ONB OldNBcp 17.48 -.70 TUP Tuppwre 21.48 +2.18 L Loews 30.05 -2.96 SLG SLGreen 34.71 -6.85 T AT&T Inc 23.78 -1.95 BDC Belden 21.40 -3.42 CNX ConsolEngy 27.83 -7.98 FNM FannieMae .79 -.12 HUM Humana 34.27 -3.25 ORI OldRepub 8.12 -.60 SLM SLM Cp 9.50 -1.25 TKC Turkcell 11.42 -1.30 AUO AU Optron 7.43 -.69 BLC Belo s 2.84 -.13 ED ConEd 39.71 -1.12 FNMpS FMae pfS 1.90 +.04 HUN Huntsmn 10.99 -.87 LDG LongDrg 71.43 -.05 OLN Olin 15.88 -.89 TEL TycoElec 19.95 -.61 LO Lorillard 60.46 -1.22 GLD SpdrGold 71.71 -4.32 AXA AXA 19.97 -1.93 BMS Bemis 23.37 +.12 STZ ConstellA 13.32 -.98 FDX FedExCp 58.00 -4.44 IAG IAMGld g 2.61 -.47 OHI OmegaHlt 15.18 -.56 SPW SPX Cp 46.16 -7.14 TYC TycoIntl 24.11 -1.95 ABT AbtLab 53.86 -2.13 BHE BenchElec 9.44 -.24 CEG ConstellEn 24.44 -.39 FRT FedRlty 56.02 -2.70 IBN ICICI Bk 14.12 -2.53 LPX LaPac 3.53 -.44 OME OmegaP 6.88 -.29 LOW Lowes 18.36 -.86 STM STMicro 7.96 -.25 TSN Tyson 10.06 -.84 ANF AberFitc 27.47 -2.04 WRB Berkley 22.85 -.28 CAL CtlAir B 18.50 +1.05 FII FedInvst 21.42 -1.46 IDT IDT Corp .63 +.01 OCR Omncre 23.53 -1.73 SBS SABESP 18.29 -2.51 UBS UBS AG 14.12 -1.40 ABH AbitiBow n 1.59 -.19 BRK/B BerkH B3948.55 - CLR ContlRes 22.73 -3.78 FCH FelCor 3.01 -.30 RX IMS Hlth 13.73 -1.27 LZ Lubrizol 35.11 -2.37 OMC Omnicom 28.00 -2.88 LMC LundinM 1.43 -.31 SBR SabnR 48.10 -2.86 UDR UDR 17.95 -.63 ACN Accenture 29.96 -1.13 111.45 CVG Cnvrgys 11.27 -.41 FGP Ferrellgs 15.40 -.85 ING ING 11.16 -.77 OKE ONEOK 29.14 -1.10 SDA SadiaSA s 5.74 -1.32 ATU Actuant s 15.99 -1.51 BRY BerryPet 20.21 -3.18 COO CooperCo 21.54 -1.96 FOE Ferro 15.10 -.93 IO ION Geoph 7.32 -1.15 OKS ONEOK Pt 51.53 -1.20 UIL UIL Hold 30.77 -1.08 M-N-0 SWY Safeway 21.21 -.81 AYI Acuity 31.82 -2.80 BBY BestBuy 22.86 -1.67 CBE Cooper Ind 28.00 -2.81 FNF FidlNFin 9.02 -.70 IRS IRSA 4.32 -.68 MTB OEH OrientEH 12.00 M&T Bk 78.21 -5.61 OSK OshkoshCp 6.92 -.70 JOE StJoe 28.57 -1.57 URS URS 22.68 -3.11 AAP AdvAuto 28.15 -.85 BIG BigLots 21.36 -1.51 CTB CooperTire 6.59 -.45 FIS FidNInfo s 13.99 -1.22 EWA iSAstla 14.56 -1.12 MBI MBIA 7.34 -1.45 OI -.33 STJ StJude 35.77 -1.61 LCC US Airwy 8.49 +.66 EYE AdvMOpt 6.09 -.67 BBG BBarrett 18.17 -1.98 CPO CornPdts 20.00 -3.05 FAF FstAmCp 21.07 -1.11 EWZ iShBraz 32.84 -5.00 MDC MDC 30.62 -1.18 OwensIll 20.61 -2.74 SM StMaryLE 23.51 -2.72 USU USEC 3.81 -.15 AMD AMD 3.62 -.29 BMR BioMedR 17.00 -.86 GLW Corning 10.97 -.33 FHN FstHorizon 11.20 -.35 EWC iSCan 17.56 -1.62 MDU MDU Res 17.92 -1.02 P-Q-R SKS Saks 5.79 -.38 USG USG 19.68 -.19 AAV AdvEngy 6.01 -.59 BDK BlackD 49.47 -2.51 OFC CorpOffP 28.90 -1.45 FR FstInRT 10.17 -1.29 EWG iShGer 16.44 -1.26 WFR MEMC 19.56 -1.32 PCG PG&E Cp 32.15 -1.47 CRM Salesforce 27.53 -2.46 UST UST Inc 67.06 -.20 ANW AegeanMP 12.65 -1.40 BLK BlackRock 119.87 - CXW CorrectnCp 17.61 -.61 FE FirstEngy 49.33 -3.97 EWH iSh HK 10.03 -.73 MF MF Global 3.25 ... PMI PMI Grp 1.97 -.40 SBH SallyBty n 5.24 -.92 UPL UltraPt g 45.75 -5.45 AEG Aegon 4.90 -.33 10.33 CZZ Cosan Ltd 2.11 -1.10 FLE FleetEn .43 -.07 EWJ iShJapn 8.54 -.55 MFA MFA Mtg 5.29 -.22 PNC PNC 55.62 -3.37 SD SandRdge n 10.21 -1.94 UA UndrArmr 20.42 -2.39 ARO Aeropostl 23.40 -1.86 BX Blackstone 8.90 -.10 CUZ CousPrp 15.50 -1.56 FLS Flowserve 53.29 - EWY iSh Kor 24.86 -2.83 MTG MGIC 4.15 -.72 PNM PNM Res 8.91 -.60 SNY Sanofi 28.46 -1.85 UNS UniSrcEn 26.28 -.22 AET Aetna 28.82 -2.38 HRB BlockHR 16.94 -1.03 CVD Covance 66.47 -4.33 10.28 EWM iSMalas 7.19 -.21 MGM MGMMir 12.44 -1.97 PKX POSCO 49.66 -8.17 SLE SaraLee 10.79 -.66 ACS AffCmpSv 40.88 -2.05 BBI Blockbstr 1.32 +.13 CVA CovantaH 19.14 -1.61 FLR Fluor s 37.05 -4.18 EWW iShMex 27.60 -3.53 UBB UUniao 53.30 - MPS MPS Grp 6.98 -.50 PPG PPG 46.70 -2.96 SSL Sasol 22.48 -4.05 AMG AffilMgrs 44.10 -5.97 BA Boeing 42.91 -3.49 CVH CoventryH 13.93 - FMX FEMSA 24.36 -3.00 EWS iShSing 6.87 -.63 MXB MSCI Inc n 17.16 -1.44 PPL PPL Corp 29.23 -2.30 SAY Satyam 14.34 -.73 11.43 A Agilent 21.24 -1.49 BWA BorgWarn s 21.81 -1.55 14.56 FL FootLockr 12.16 -.68 EWT iSTaiwn 8.18 -.43 MAC Macerich 28.29 -2.25 PKG PackAmer 17.26 -.72 SGP SchergPl 13.07 -1.35 UN UnilevNV 23.39 -1.80 AEM Agnico g 25.85 -8.70 BXP BostProp 64.82 -4.93 COV Covidien 43.93 -1.81 F FordM 2.10 -.07 OEF iShS&P100 43.40 -2.37 CLI MackCali 20.64 -1.88 PTV Pactiv 24.37 +.81 SLB Schlmbrg 49.74 -4.04 UL Unilever 21.93 -2.19 AGU Agrium g 32.27 -4.32 BSX BostonSci 8.19 -.43 CS CredSuiss 37.37 -4.00 FpS FordC pfS 7.26 -.27 DVY iShDJDv 43.48 -2.11 M Macys 9.13 -1.06 PLL PallCorp 25.36 -2.50 SNI ScrippsN n 26.66 -2.62 UNP UnionPac s 56.87 -1.55 APD AirProd 54.98 -1.90 BYD BoydGm 4.85 -.33 CCI CrwnCstle 20.03 -1.50 FDG FrdgCCT g 78.47 -.91 TIP iShLeTips 97.65 +.72 MGA MagnaI g 31.91 -1.54 PKD ParkDrl 4.13 -.46 SEE SealAir 19.13 -.35 UIS Unisys 1.40 -.17 ARG Airgas 33.30 -5.30 BDN Brandyw 8.33 -.87 CCK CrownHold 19.83 -1.18 FCE/A ForestCA 13.54 -1.42 FXI iShCh25 s 23.94 -2.84 MTW Manitowoc 10.14 -1.11 PH ParkerHan 37.94 -1.78 SRE SempraEn 37.69 -3.30 UNT Unit 31.75 -3.07 AAI AirTran 3.45 +.36 BGG BrigStrat 13.83 -.62 CFR CullenFr 51.62 -.82 FRX ForestLab 22.51 -.21 IYT iShDJTr 64.98 -2.84 MAN ManpwI 27.21 -.59 PRE PartnerRe 55.50 +.62 SNH SenHous 16.22 -1.22 UMC UtdMicro 1.87 -.02 ALK AlskAir 23.50 -.25 EAT Brinker 9.03 -.36 CMI Cummins s 30.45 -2.16 FST ForestOil 23.80 -3.23 IVV iSSP500 90.34 -5.23 MFC Manulif gs 20.62 -1.71 PCX PatriotC s 14.99 -3.66 SXT Sensient 23.83 -1.75 UPS UPS B 46.39 -4.31 ALB Albemarle 21.90 -1.35 BCO Brinks 46.66 -3.78 FXE CurEuro 128.27 -2.40 FIG Fortress 3.90 -.81 EEM iShEMkt s 21.50 -2.53 MRO MarathonO 22.49 -3.87 BTU PeabdyE 32.95 -3.74 SCI ServiceCp 6.40 -.10 URI UtdRentals 8.42 -1.13 ACV AlbertoC n 23.05 -1.02 BMY BrMySq 17.53 -.93 CY CypSemi s 4.39 -.13 FO FortuneBr 36.42 -2.48 IVW iSSPGth 43.62 -2.79 ME MarinerEn 11.88 -1.76 PGH Pengrth g 10.57 -.93 SGR ShawGrp 15.30 -3.36 ALU AlcatelLuc 2.33 -.21 BR BroadrdgF 11.41 -.26 CYT Cytec 24.76 -1.11 CFD 40/86Strat 5.59 -.21 IGE iShNRes s 23.27 -2.67 USBpHUS Bcp pfH 12.70 -.25 RSX MktVRus 14.22 -2.44 PVA PennVa 31.25 -5.06 SHW Sherwin 55.77 -.49 AA Alcoa 10.52 -1.63 BKD Brookdale 8.52 -.38 D-E-F FCL FdtnCoal 16.30 -4.85 ILF iShSPLA s 23.04 -3.53 KOL MkVCoal 17.23 -3.77 PWE PennWst g 16.20 -1.56 SID SiderNac s 11.12 -2.35 USB US Bancrp 28.11 -2.09 ARE AlexREE 69.42 -5.59 BAM BrkfldAs gs 18.09 -1.22 BEN FrankRes 62.04 -5.29 IVE iSSPVal 46.24 -2.63 X USSteel 35.97 -6.38 DCT DCT Indl 4.13 -.44 MAR MarIntA 18.00 -.31 JCP Penney 20.15 -1.49 SI Siemens 58.32 -5.65 AYE AllgEngy 28.34 -3.25 BPO BrkfldPrp 9.35 -.40 DNP DNP Selct 7.62 -.39 FRE FredMac .83 -.09 TLT iSh20 T 97.05 +1.93 MMC MarshM 26.37 -.64 PEI PenRE 10.33 -1.18 SRP SierrPac 7.42 -.37 UTX UtdTech 48.60 -2.35 ATI AllegTch 22.81 -1.92 BRO BrwnBrn 19.00 -.15 DPL DPL 22.40 -.73 FREpF FredM pfF 1.60 +.26 SHY iSh1-3T 84.13 +.12 MI MarshIls n 17.55 -1.18 PAG Penske 6.21 -.84 SLW SilvWhtn g 3.77 -.88 UNH UtdhlthGp 24.06 -1.19 AGN Allergan 38.23 -2.98 BC Brunswick 3.82 -.50 DHI DR Horton 6.49 -.29 FREpH FredM pfH 1.55 +.19 EFA iS Eafe 41.18 -3.50 MLM MartMM 79.82 -2.55 PNR Pentair 26.45 -2.92 SPG SimonProp 59.34 -3.55 UNM UnumGrp 16.67 -1.44 ALE Allete 35.24 -1.80 BPL Buckeye 35.94 -1.16 FREpZFredMac pfZ 1.50 ... IWS iSRMCV s 28.54 -1.74 DST DST Sys 38.90 -2.57 MAS Masco 11.36 -1.44 POM PepcoHold 18.62 -1.39 SII SmithIntl 29.50 -4.63 ADS AlliData 47.16 -2.55 BKI BuckTch 5.22 -.27 DTE DTE 33.48 -1.32 FCX FMCG 26.92 -5.82 IWP iSRMCG s 31.37 -2.07 MEE MasseyEn 20.36 -4.84 PBG PepsiBott 22.66 -1.22 SFD SmithfF 13.48 -1.04 V-W-X-Y-Z ACG AlliBInco 6.87 -.15 BKE Buckle 38.79 -2.85 DTEpA DTE pfA 21.84 +.04 FCXpMFMCG pfM 43.40 -7.91 IWR iShRsMd 60.21 -3.65 MA MasterCrd 139.44 - PEP PepsiCo 53.64 -1.36 SJM Smucker 45.54 -.43 VFC VF Cp 49.69 -4.49 AB AlliBern 21.44 -1.41 BVN Buenavnt s 12.66 -1.94 GCS DWS GCm 8.80 -.90 FTR FrontierCm 8.22 -.54 IJH iSSPMid 53.04 -3.22 10.34 PAS PepsiAmer 17.50 +.63 SNA SnapOn 36.85 -2.34 VCI Valassis 4.37 -.37 LNT AlliantEgy 29.08 -.93 BG BungeLt 35.25 -5.72 FTO FrontierOil 10.95 -1.30 ICF iShC&SRl 46.83 -3.88 DAI Daimler 30.00 -3.46 MAT Mattel 13.60 -.35 PKI PerkElm 20.03 -1.01 SQM SocQ&M s 18.68 -1.54 VRX ValeantPh 18.42 -.49 AZ Allianz 8.54 -.82 BKC BurgerKing 18.90 -1.28 DAN DanaHldg n 2.14 -.45 FRO Frontline 30.07 -3.00 IWD iSR1KV 49.37 -3.13 MKC McCorm 33.27 -.89 PCZ PetroC g 20.65 -2.73 SLH Solera 22.68 +1.43 VLO ValeroE 17.92 -2.19 ALD AlliedCap 6.80 +.03 BNI BurlNSF 80.86 CBG CB REllis 5.39 -3.32 -.93 DHR Danaher 56.85 -1.25 FBN FurnBrds 6.29 -.78 IWF iSR1KG 36.83 -2.17 MDR McDermInt 15.62 -3.01 PTR PetChina 71.21 - SON SonocoP 23.31 -1.16 AIB AldIrish 8.70 -.95 CBL IWB iSRus1K 48.56 -3.13 VLY VlyNBcp 16.80 -.68 CBL Asc 8.26 -.86 DRI Darden 19.63 -1.37 G-H-I IWN iSR2KV 49.37 -2.46 MCD McDnlds 54.18 -.95 10.00 SNE SonyCp 23.38 -1.96 VAL Valspar 19.09 -1.41 AW AldWaste 9.14 -.78 CBS CBS B 8.09 -.95 DAR Darling 6.58 -1.08 GMT GATX 29.42 -3.73 MHP McGrwH 22.72 -1.76 PZE PetroEng 6.64 -1.58 BID Sothebys 8.74 -.64 ALL Allstate 28.23 -3.72 CEC IWO iSR2KG 52.35 -2.79 VTI VangTSM s 44.42 -3.09 CEC Ent 22.00 -4.57 DVA DaVita 49.09 -2.46 GLG GLG Ptrs 2.95 -.14 IWM iShR2K 50.49 -2.69 MCK McKesson 42.21 -2.87 HK Petrohawk 15.40 -1.00 SOR SourcC 34.44 -2.63 ANR AlphaNRs 32.28 -8.19 CF DV DeVry 44.86 -2.21 GOM GMAC 44 7.35 -.45 MMR McMoRn 12.20 -1.80 PBR/A PetrbrsA s 19.00 -2.95 SJI SoJerInd 31.61 -1.21 VTV VangValu 40.68 -2.64 CF Inds 49.88 -6.05 IWV iSRus3K 51.91 -3.14 VEU VangAllW 30.34 -2.66 AOD AlpTotDiv 8.22 +.07 CHG CH Engy 42.28 +.22 DF DeanFds 18.54 -.82 GDV GabDvInc 10.28 -.70 MFE McAfee 29.02 -.72 PBR Petrobrs s 23.15 -3.69 SO SouthnCo 33.58 -1.48 MO Altria s 19.29 -.09 CI IYR iShREst 38.60 -3.64 CIGNA 24.43 -3.43 DE Deere s 33.83 -3.56 GGT GabGloM 4.80 -.10 IYG iShFnSv 56.15 -3.76 MWV MeadWvco 14.29 -1.13 PQ PtroqstE 8.54 -1.39 PCU SthnCopp s 10.85 -1.15 VGK VangEur 38.55 -2.92 ACH AlumChina 9.45 -1.17 CIT CIT Gp 3.53 -.63 DLM DelMnte 5.71 -.18 GUT GabUtil 7.45 -.10 MTL Mechel s 7.69 -.91 PFE Pfizer 16.74 -.60 LUV SwstAirl 12.00 -.68 VEA VangEurPc 25.65 -2.30 ABV AmBev 36.61 -8.51 CMS CMS Eng 10.12 IYF iShFnSc 50.67 -3.23 -.51 DAL DeltaAir 9.93 +.17 GFA Gafisa 12.84 -3.58 IYE iShEngy s 26.21 -2.97 MHS MedcoHlt s 37.33 -2.01 PM PhilMor n 40.83 -1.33 SWN SwstnEgy s 26.13 -4.78 VAR VarianMed 41.37 -3.62 ABK AmbacF 2.52 -.47 CNH CNH Gbl 13.24 -2.21 DNR Denbury s 10.23 -2.16 AJG Gallaghr 23.74 -.50 MDT Medtrnic 39.63 -1.47 PHG PhilipsEl 17.52 -1.19 SOV SovrgnBcp 2.57 -.40 VTR Ventas 34.78 -2.85 DOX Amdocs 22.94 -.82 CEO IJR iShSPSm 44.52 -2.77 CNOOC 70.44 -7.28 DB DeutschBk 41.53 -3.44 GME GameStop 28.23 -2.23 IYM iShBasM 39.06 -4.16 MW MensW 14.32 -.80 PVH PhlVH 24.19 -2.23 SSS SovranSS 32.05 -2.49 VSE VeraSun 1.54 -.22 AEE Ameren 29.68 -1.85 CSX CSX 43.56 -1.51 DGP DBGldDL 12.94 -2.02 GCI Gannett 9.31 -1.18 IEO iShDJOG 36.95 -4.52 MRK Merck 28.01 -1.96 PNX PhnxCos 5.50 -1.15 SE SpectraEn 17.14 -1.51 AMX AMovilL 28.97 -4.15 CVS CVS Care 28.85 PAY VeriFone 11.19 -.78 -.91 DZZ DBGldDS 39.42 +2.90 GPS Gap 12.45 -.91 IEV iSEu350 s 28.82 -2.38 MDP Meredith 18.38 -.57 PNY PiedNG 30.32 -1.00 SPC SpectBrds 1.20 +.03 VZ VerizonCm 25.75 -2.26 AXL AmAxle 1.94 -.21 CVC CablvsnNY 16.33 -1.63 DT DeutTel 13.93 -.87 GDI GardDenv 22.28 -2.06 SFI iStar 1.18 -.24 MER MerrillLyn 17.16 -1.47 PPC PilgrimsPr 2.60 -.11 SPR SpiritAero 13.51 -1.10 AEO AEagleOut 10.26 -.80 CBT DDR DevDv 8.15 -5.02 GNK GencoShip 17.17 -4.43 MET MetLife 30.04 -2.60 PNK PinnclEnt 4.52 -.43 S SprintNex 3.47 -.35 VIA/B ViacomB 18.09 -1.03 Cabot 23.45 -1.35 ITT ITT Corp 41.09 -2.68 VVI ViadCorp 18.91 -.96 AEP AEP 29.76 -1.60 COG CabotO&G 25.22 -3.05 DVN DevonE 68.49 -8.72 DNA Genentch 82.55 -3.13 ESI ITT Ed 71.00 -5.32 PCS MetroPCS 13.96 -.24 PNW PinWst 30.54 -1.28 SPF StdPac 3.12 -.12 AXP AmExp 25.02 -1.37 CHY CalaCvHi 8.58 -.22 DEO Diageo 57.33 -3.71 GAM GAInv 18.62 -1.24 IAR Idearc .70 -.08 MU MicronT 4.34 -.13 PXD PioNtrl 27.71 -4.57 SWK StanlWk 32.99 -2.76 VIP VimpelCm 10.08 -2.29 AFG AFnclGrp 19.97 -1.00 CCC Calgon 16.55 -1.62 DO DiaOffs 64.39 - BGC GnCable 18.70 -2.39 IEX IDEX 21.66 -1.33 MIL Millipore 53.39 -3.80 PBI PitnyBw 22.48 -.68 SGU StarGas 2.08 -.20 V Visa n 48.51 -2.19 AIG AmIntlGp 2.11 -.10 CWT CalifWtr 31.10 -1.40 11.52 GD GenDynam 56.49 +1.01 IKN IkonOffSol 16.94 -.02 MR MindrayM 22.01 -1.06 PAA PlainsAA 38.47 -.74 HOT StarwdHtl 19.20 -1.05 VSH Vishay 4.00 -.28 AOB AmOriBio 5.65 -.22 ELY CallGolf 9.48 -.15 DRH DiamRk 4.07 -.11 GE GenElec 18.96 -1.39 ITW ITW 32.25 -2.64 MIR Mirant 15.62 -3.12 PXP PlainsEx 22.35 -3.40 STT StateStr 36.06 -3.54 VC Visteon .97 +.05 AMT AmTower 29.26 -1.89 CPN Calpine n 11.50 -.65 DSX DianaShip 16.13 -1.43 GGP GnGrthPrp 3.05 -1.79 IMH ImpacM h .23 -.03 MTU MitsuUFJ 7.44 -.56 PLT Plantron 14.48 -.97 STO StatoilHyd 16.38 -1.26 VIV VivoPart rs 9.00 -2.26 ACF Americdt 7.97 -.98 CPT CamdnP 30.77 -2.32 DKS DicksSptg 15.02 -.98 GIS GenMills 64.45 -1.78 IFX Infineon 3.32 +.02 MBT MobileTel 31.32 -7.78 PCL PlumCrk 33.94 -4.05 STE Steris 31.12 -.82 VMW VMware 20.06 +1.33 APU Amerigas 29.42 -.41 CCJ Cameco gs 13.56 -1.44 DLR DigitalRlt 32.76 -1.55 GM GnMotr 6.19 -.35 IR IngerRd 18.78 -1.43 MHK Mohawk 46.78 -1.07 PII Polaris 27.92 -2.11 SLT Sterlite 4.93 -.61 AMP Ameriprise 21.82 -3.93 CAM Cameron s 21.90 VOD Vodafone 16.64 -1.88 -3.68 DDS Dillards 5.07 -1.10 GPC GenuPrt 34.54 +.13 IM IngrmM 12.54 -.45 TAP MolsCoorB 39.04 +.23 RL Polo RL 44.01 -3.49 SWC StillwtrM 3.21 -1.07 ABC AmeriBrg 32.18 -.67 CPB DFS Discover 10.29 -.68 GNW Genworth 4.67 -1.06 MON Monsanto 78.40 -6.98 PPS PostPrp 20.85 -1.94 SGY StoneEngy 25.75 -4.00 VNO Vornado 60.64 -3.37 CampSp 36.01 -.76 IRC InlandRE 10.43 -.83 VCP Votorantim 7.45 -1.40 AME Ametek 33.77 -1.49 CM CIBC g 43.70 -3.62 DIS Disney 23.05 -2.26 GNA Gerdau g 5.39 -.50 TEG IntegrysE 42.93 -1.90 MRH Montpelr 11.82 -.74 POT Potash 67.10 -6.26 BEE StratHotels 3.52 -.28 APH Amphenol 25.17 -2.33 CNI CdnNRy g 39.56 -.24 DTG DollarTh 1.92 +1.15 GGB Gerdau s 5.58 -.80 MCO Moodys 21.61 -2.69 PCH Potlatch 33.82 -3.62 SYK Stryker 49.42 -1.97 VMC VulcanM 50.19 -3.26 ICE IntcntlEx 68.63 -8.64 APC Anadarko 29.38 -5.46 CNQ CdnNRs g 39.61 -6.13 D DomRes s 33.86 -2.17 GIL Gildan 20.08 -2.24 IBM IBM 83.60 -5.26 MS MorgStan 19.33 -.87 PX Praxair 59.24 -6.07 SPH SubPpne 32.61 -.67 WTI W&T Off 17.77 -2.53 ADI AnalogDev 19.49 -.45 CP CP Rwy g 36.92 -2.58 DPZ Dominos 5.84 -.15 GSK GlaxoSKln 36.61 -1.21 ICO Intl Coal 4.00 -.79 MOS Mosaic lf 32.21 -4.52 PCP PrecCastpt 55.27 -3.40 SU Suncor gs 21.31 -2.42 WGL WGL Hold 28.20 -.28 AU AnglogldA 14.94 -3.66 COF CapOne 36.40 -2.48 UFS Domtar glf 2.50 -.13 GRT GlimchRt 4.45 -.57 IFF IntFlav 33.79 -2.11 MOT Motorola 5.04 -.64 PDS PrecDril 10.26 -1.29 SUN Sunoco 25.63 -2.87 WMS WMS 18.88 -1.71 BUD Anheusr 60.48 -2.59 CSU CapSenL 4.93 -.28 RRD DonlleyRR 15.58 -.94 GPN GlobPay 38.57 -2.99 IGT IntlGame 11.66 -1.26 MUR MurphO 41.06 -5.30 PPD PrepaidLg 33.22 -1.06 SRZ SunriseSen 6.00 -.25 WPC WP Carey 21.52 -1.60 AXE Anixter 34.75 -1.18 CSE CapitlSrce 7.06 -.64 DEI DEmmett 13.36 -1.14 GOL GolLinhas 3.58 -1.13 IP IntPap 16.12 -2.34 MYL Mylan 7.03 -.79 PDE PrideIntl 15.29 -2.71 SHO SunstnHtl 5.78 -.51 WAB Wabtec 44.75 -.83 ANN AnnTaylr 14.38 -.06 CBC CapitolBcp 10.59 -.61 DOV Dover 28.02 -2.31 GFI GoldFLtd 4.95 -1.41 IPG Interpublic 4.29 -.42 NCS NCI Bld 17.54 -2.33 PFG PrinFncl 18.52 -2.91 STP Suntech 20.56 -2.44 NLY Annaly 12.02 -.95 CMO CapsteadM 9.25 WB Wachovia 5.71 -.38 -.22 DOW DowChm 22.11 -1.80 GG Goldcrp g 16.75 -3.17 IPI IntPotash n 16.77 -2.34 NCR NCR Corp 16.36 -.65 PG ProctGam 58.76 -3.80 STI SunTrst 40.13 -1.50 ANH Anworth 5.68 -.12 CAH CardnlHlth 39.05 DPS DrPepSn n 20.91 -.58 GS GoldmanS 115.06 -6.29 NRG NRG Egy 21.88 -2.74 PGN ProgrssEn 35.90 -1.92 SPN SupEnrgy 17.87 -2.48 WBpS Wach pfS 18.30 -.01 -1.32 IVZ Invesco 12.43 -1.90 WDR WaddellR 14.91 -.78 AOC Aon Corp 36.75 -1.30 CSL Carlisle 19.82 -.66 DWA DrmwksA 28.20 -.95 GSpD GoldS pfD 12.50 +.12 IRM IronMtn 20.97 -1.69 DCM NTTDoCo 15.16 -.09 PGR ProgsvCp 12.66 -1.14 SVU Supvalu 14.95 -1.02 APA Apache 69.00 -10.14 KMX CarMax 9.67 -.35 DRC DresserR 19.56 -3.12 GR Goodrich 32.03 -1.15 NYX NYSE Eur 28.75 -2.87 PLD ProLogis 16.27 -2.51 SFY SwftEng 27.16 -4.00 WMT WalMart 52.27 -1.40 IVN IvanhM g 1.73 -.67 AIV AptInv 17.50 -2.13 CCL Carnival 27.71 -2.21 LEO DryStrt 6.59 +.03 GDP GoodrPet 26.01 -1.55 NBR Nabors 14.30 -1.62 PL ProtLife 11.46 -1.04 SY Sybase 25.70 -.70 WAG Walgrn 23.36 -.99 ABI ApplBio 30.88 -.72 CRS CarpTech s 19.87 -1.97 DRQ Dril-Quip 23.29 -4.56 GT Goodyear 9.96 -1.25 J-K-L NLC NalcoHld 13.15 -.87 PVX ProvET g 6.05 -.46 SYT Syngenta 27.60 -2.96 WLT WalterInds 33.37 -4.02 WTR AquaAm 15.38 -1.09 CRI Carters 18.74 +2.26 DD DuPont 31.50 -1.78 GRA vjGrace 8.11 -1.60 JCG JCrew 18.17 -.22 NBG NBkGreece 4.20 -.51 PFS ProvidFS 12.48 +.13 SVR Syniverse 16.51 -1.49 WRC Warnaco 25.92 -2.69 ARA Aracruz 11.70 -2.80 CSH CashAm 34.98 -2.25 DUC DufPUC 9.30 -.20 GTI GrafTech 6.90 -.79 JPM JPMorgCh 37.17 -2.57 NCC NatlCity 2.81 -.18 PRU Prudentl 33.75 -4.21 SNV Synovus s 9.26 -.52 WRE WREIT 26.47 -1.25 ARB Arbitron 31.92 -1.80 CAT Caterpillar 36.52 -2.31 DUK DukeEngy 15.45 -.25 GWW Graingr 71.48 -6.25 JBL Jabil 8.05 +.78 NGG NatGrid 52.30 -5.33 PEG PSEG s 26.74 -2.59 SYY Sysco 23.77 -1.40 WCN WasteCon 32.53 -.24 MT ArcelorMit 24.18 -3.65 CE Celanese 14.26 -.04 DRE DukeRlty 13.77 -1.12 GKK Gramrcy 1.07 -.28 JEC JacobsEng 33.63 -5.51 NHI NtHlthInv 26.58 -.61 PSA PubStrg 71.10 -4.36 TAM TAM SA 10.73 -2.13 WMI WsteMInc 29.35 -1.25 ACI ArchCoal 20.48 -4.41 CLS Celestic g 3.84 -.29 DYN Dynegy 2.72 -.72 GAP GrtAtlPac 6.33 -.06 JNS JanusCap 10.34 -1.66 NOV NOilVarco 24.48 -6.20 PSD PugetEngy 22.33 -.27 TCB TCF Fncl 16.31 -1.18 ADM ArchDan 17.92 -1.55 CX EMC EMC Cp 9.98 +.29 GNI GNIron 67.05 -.94 JAH Jarden 13.96 -.20 NNN NatRetPrp 17.86 -.48 PHM PulteH 9.95 -.60 TE TECO 13.32 -.95 WAT Waters 44.10 -2.71 Cemex 6.77 -.86 WPI WatsnPh 22.82 -.63 ADMpAArchD pfA 25.35 -1.65 CIG Cemig pf 13.03 -2.31 EME EMCOR 17.28 -2.39 GXP GtPlainEn 18.49 -.64 JEF Jefferies 14.24 -1.23 NSM NatSemi 11.37 -.87 PMM PMMI 5.93 +.10 TJX TJX 25.13 -1.66 ARD ArenaRes s 24.73 -3.22 CNP CenterPnt 10.44 -.62 E ENI 39.85 -2.50 GEF Greif A 38.63 -4.48 JNJ JohnJn 61.42 -2.24 NHP NatwHP 28.26 -1.32 QI QimodaAG .62 -.06 TRW TRWAuto 5.84 -1.40 WFT WeathfInt s 13.85 -2.76 ARW ArrowEl 17.19 -1.04 CTX Centex 10.83 -.02 EOG EOG Res 66.03 -6.33 GPI Group1 6.55 -1.78 JCI JohnsnCtl 17.05 -1.60 NCI NavigCons 15.69 -.88 PWR QuantaSvc 19.55 -2.34 TSM TaiwSemi 6.88 -.52 WBS WebsterFn 17.85 -.57 ARM ArvMerit 6.50 -.89 CV CVtPS 20.92 -.56 EXP EagleMat 16.74 -.67 TV GpTelevisa 14.71 -.78 JNY JonesApp 9.31 -.64 NM Navios 3.33 -.47 DGX QstDiag 42.19 -2.74 TLM TalismE gs 8.77 -1.09 WRI WeinRlt 21.00 -1.42 AHT AshfordHT 1.86 -.26 CTL CntryTel 31.79 -1.59 EMN EastChm 38.23 -4.29 GSH GuangRy 16.82 -1.27 JLL JonesLL 26.98 -2.72 NAV Navistar n 30.01 -2.00 STR Questar 26.93 -3.03 TGT Target 33.41 -4.29 WLP WellPoint 39.80 -2.05 ASH Ashland 22.73 -1.74 CVO Cenveo 4.53 -.42 EK EKodak 11.19 -.89 GES Guess 20.77 -2.39 KB KB FnclGp 25.26 -2.55 EDU NewOriEd 59.41 -3.13 KWK QkslvRes s 9.35 -1.60 TTM TataMotors 4.83 -.43 WFC WellsFargo 31.30 -1.34 AIZ Assurant 38.26 -3.52 CHB ChmpE 3.13 -.29 ETN Eaton 39.00 -3.05 HCC HCC Ins 20.57 -.76 KBH KB Home 14.37 -.52 NWY NY&Co 2.89 -.42 ZQK Quiksilvr 2.57 -.38 TCO Taubmn 29.62 -1.46 WEN WendyArby 3.11 -.05 AF AstoriaF 17.20 -.42 CRL ChRvLab 40.10 -.31 EV EatnVan 20.06 -1.93 HCP HCP Inc 28.51 -2.45 KBR KBR Inc 14.75 -1.73 NYB NY CmtyB 13.42 -.45 Q QwestCm 2.61 -.39 TCK TeckCm gs 11.48 -2.77 WCC Wesco Intl 16.50 -2.88 AZN AstraZen 37.59 -.67 CKP Checkpnt 12.21 -.49 EOS EV EEq2 11.08 -.54 HDB HDFC Bk 58.10 -6.18 KFN KKR Fncl 3.37 -.66 NYT NY Times 10.68 -1.20 RAS RAIT Fin 3.14 -.30 TNE TelNorL 11.45 -1.96 ATN AtlasEngy 17.66 -1.67 CHE EXG EVTxMGlo 9.66 -.49 HRP HRPT Prp 3.48 -.31 KTC KT Corp 13.10 -.91 NAL NewAlliBc 14.00 -.48 RHD RH Donl .90 +.14 TEO TlcmArg 5.25 -2.40 WR WestarEn 17.58 -.75 Chemed 39.06 +2.66 EDF WAEMInc2 7.35 -.85 ATO ATMOS 22.30 -.21 CEM Chemtura 1.62 -.04 ECL Ecolab 38.93 -2.41 HBC HSBC 65.06 -3.77 KV/A KV PhrmA 16.98 -.13 NWL NewellRub 14.01 -.83 RPM RPM 14.07 -1.25 TEF TelefEsp 53.48 -6.29 ATW AtwoodOc s 22.83 -3.01 CHK ChesEng 21.12 -2.20 EDN Edenor 3.16 -.64 HBApFHSBUS pfF 12.75 +.10 KSU KC Southn 28.07 -1.94 NFX NewfldExp 19.77 -2.41 RTI RTI IntlM 12.57 -1.89 TMX TelMexL s 18.27 -2.27 WIA WAstInfSc 10.13 +.05 AN AutoNatn 5.96 -1.00 CVX Chevron 61.74 -5.06 EIX EdisonInt 32.31 -2.10 HBApHHSBUS pfH 18.47 +.12 KDN Kaydon 29.99 -4.55 NEM NewmtM 24.75 -4.06 RDN RadianGrp 3.32 -.41 TII TelmxInt n 8.97 -.93 WDC WDigitl lf 13.77 -.93 ALV Autoliv 22.35 -.38 CBI ChicB&I 10.37 -2.78 EW EdwLfSci 49.74 -4.29 HAL Hallibrtn 17.64 -3.11 K Kellogg 49.25 -1.05 NR NwpkRs lf 5.15 -.50 RSH RadioShk 13.08 -1.03 TIN TempleIn s 7.01 -1.03 WNR WstnRefin 5.68 -.63 AZO AutoZone 105.96 -2.98 CHS Chicos 2.87 -.22 EP ElPasoCp 7.62 -.95 HBI Hanesbrds 14.09 -1.69 KMT Kennemtl s 19.91 -2.33 NWS/A NewsCpA 8.46 -.75 RAH Ralcorp 66.43 -.25 GIM TmpGlb 7.14 -.25 WU WstnUnion 14.95 -1.80 AVB AvalonBay 64.24 -5.81 CIM Chimera n 3.01 -.42 ELN Elan 7.82 -1.24 THG HanoverIns 36.35 -1.26 KEG KeyEngy 5.17 -1.14 NWS NewsCpB 8.68 -.77 RRC RangeRs 32.59 -2.81 TPX TempurP 7.54 -.39 WON WestwOne .15 -.00 AVY AveryD 33.22 -.16 LFC ChinaLife 42.12 -2.23 EQ Embarq 31.98 -1.90 HOG HarleyD 22.35 -3.38 KEY Keycorp 10.75 -.20 NXY Nexen g 12.46 -2.29 RJF RJamesFn 20.83 -2.35 TS Tenaris 18.32 -4.10 WY Weyerh 37.51 -3.35 CAR AvisBudget 1.56 -.09 CHL ChinaMble 39.13 -3.51 ERJ EBrasAero 17.10 -1.62 HAR Harman 17.65 -1.80 KRC KilroyR 31.60 -2.95 NI NiSource 12.58 -.72 RYN Rayonier 31.53 -2.44 THC TenetHlth 3.79 -.21 WHR Whrlpl 53.83 -5.08 AVA Avista 18.41 -.71 SNP ChinaPet 65.53 -6.66 EMR EmersonEl 32.58 -1.87 HMY HarmonyG 6.20 -.93 KMB KimbClk 57.22 -4.45 GAS Nicor 42.20 -1.67 RTN Raytheon 44.15 -.57 TEN Tenneco 2.55 -1.30 WLL WhitingPet 38.74 -4.02 AVT Avnet 17.03 -.45 CHU ChinaUni 11.66 -1.71 ELX Emulex 8.15 -.32 HRS HarrisCorp 32.98 -2.41 KIM Kimco 19.78 -2.79 NKE NikeB 52.50 -4.62 O RltyInco 20.63 -1.09 TPP Teppco 26.55 -.59 AVP Avon 27.22 -2.79 CQB EEP EnbrEPtrs 34.50 -.64 HSC Harsco 20.01 -1.99 KMP KindME 50.55 -1.91 NDN 99 Cents 9.65 -.67 RHT RedHat 12.28 -.66 TDC Teradata 14.58 -1.55 WMB WmsCos 16.91 -2.83 Chiquita 13.86 -.18 AXS AXIS Cap 24.26 -1.03 CB Chubb 44.43 -2.88 ENB Enbridge 31.35 -1.86 HIG HartfdFn 22.68 -4.87 KND KindredHlt 14.64 -7.34 NTT NippnTT 20.02 -1.04 RWT RedwdTr 11.15 -.05 TER Teradyn 5.48 -.43 WSM WmsSon 10.96 -.37 BBT BB&T Cp 31.05 -1.67 CHT ChungTel s 14.99 +.09 ECA EnCana 41.10 -3.78 HTE HarvstEn g 8.87 -.88 KCI KineticC 20.39 -2.25 NE NobleCorp 25.59 -4.79 RGC RegalEnt 13.32 -.66 TEX Terex 16.72 -.70 WSH WillisGp 26.61 -.69 BFR BBVABFrn 2.26 -.21 CHD ChurchDwt 57.23 -1.75 EAC EncoreAcq 25.74 -3.72 HAS Hasbro 26.97 -2.23 KG KingPhrm 8.49 -.14 NBL NobleEn 40.93 -5.42 REG RgcyCtrs 37.09 -3.71 TX Ternium 9.70 -1.74 WIN Windstrm 8.20 -.53 BCE BCE g 28.47 -1.16 XEC Cimarex 35.14 -5.10 ENH EndurSpec 25.90 ... HE HawaiiEl 24.82 -.24 KGC Kinross g 9.08 -1.33 NOK NokiaCp 15.32 -1.63 RF RegionsFn 10.73 -.56 TRA Terra 18.08 -2.53 WEC WiscEn 39.49 -.79 BHP BHP BillLt 32.25 -5.04 CBB CinciBell 2.02 -.17 EGN Energen 29.56 -1.76 HW Headwatrs 9.39 -.95 KEX KirbyCp 31.67 -2.79 JWN Nordstrm 17.80 -.22 RS RelStlAl 22.10 -4.28 TNH TerraNitro 82.33 -3.61 WWE WldW Ent 14.51 -.30 BBL BHPBil plc 27.93 -4.52 CC CircCity .31 -.02 ENR Energizer 55.85 -2.55 HCN HltCrREIT 42.85 -1.75 KNX KnightTr 13.21 -.42 NSC NorflkSo 54.54 +.67 RRI ReliantEn 5.38 -1.10 TSO Tesoro 9.69 -1.44 WOR Worthgtn 11.18 -.63 BJS BJ Svcs 12.75 -.98 CDL CitadlBr h .27 +.07 ETE EngyTEq 20.24 +.21 HMA HltMgmt 2.48 -.06 KSS Kohls 30.24 -1.84 NT Nortel lfrs 1.52 -.02 SOL ReneSola n 6.56 -.74 TTI TetraTech 6.67 -1.62 WYE Wyeth 31.06 -3.72 BJ BJs Whls 32.42 -1.42 C Citigrp 13.32 -.86 ETP EngyTsfr 36.15 -.35 HR HlthcrRlty 23.10 -.82 KEP KoreaElc 8.92 -.64 NWE NoWestCp 18.62 -2.01 REP Repsol 18.92 -4.24 TXI Texas Inds 26.02 -5.41 WYN Wyndham 6.12 -1.41 BMC BMC Sft 24.12 -1.42 CYN CityNC 46.77 -4.13 ES EnrgySol n 4.39 -.42 HNT HealthNet 16.93 -1.68 KFT Kraft 28.18 -1.05 NU NoestUt 20.81 -.74 RSG RepubSvc 21.44 -1.38 TXN TexInst 16.28 -.57 BP BP PLC 43.25 -4.02 CLF CliffsNRs s 30.29 ERF Enerpls g 22.92 -3.18 HEK Heckmn n 7.60 -.10 KR Kroger 26.83 +.60 NOC NorthropG 45.91 +1.07 RAI ReynldAm 45.16 -.06 TXT Textron 13.03 -3.00 XL XL Cap 8.98 -1.08 -4.13 BRE BRE 33.74 -2.70 CLX Clorox 57.20 -.99 ENI Enersis 12.32 -1.03 HL HeclaM 2.60 -.63 ID L-1 Ident 8.87 -.86 NWA NwstAir 11.87 -.16 RTP RioTinto 143.00 - TMO ThermoFis 41.03 -2.11 XLpY XL CapEq n 13.99 -1.51 BHI BakrHu 30.35 -8.60 COH Coach 18.77 -1.60 EBF Ennis Inc 10.28 -.70 HNZ Heinz 41.88 -1.86 LLL L-3 Com 79.84 -2.16 NWN NwstNG 44.79 -1.00 24.75 TNB ThmBet 21.82 -1.85 XTO XTO En s 30.29 -3.55 BLL BallCp 30.75 -1.65 CCE CocaCE 11.04 -.75 ESV ENSCO 33.91 -5.04 HLX HelixEn 9.64 -1.58 LDK LDK Solar 18.24 -1.89 NVS Novartis 48.20 -2.33 RBA RitchieBr s 18.38 -1.43 TC ThomCrk gn 5.80 -.83 XEL XcelEngy 16.44 -1.06 BYI BallyTech 19.08 -2.63 KO CocaCl 45.38 -.65 ETM Entercm .96 -.08 HP HelmPayne 28.47 -1.28 LPL LG Display 7.21 -1.47 NUE Nucor 34.36 -1.70 RAD RiteAid .55 -.08 TMA Thornbg rs 2.02 -.54 XRM Xerium 5.51 +.28 BBV BcBilVArg 10.91 -1.94 CDE Coeur .69 -.11 ETR Entergy 75.61 -6.39 HLF Herbalife 28.24 -1.97 LSI LSI Corp 3.83 -.07 NAD NuvDivA 10.45 +.29 RBN RobbMyr s 18.72 -2.12 MMM 3M Co 58.19 -1.85 XRX Xerox 7.98 -.52 BBD BcoBrad s 9.22 -2.03 CNS Cohen&Str 15.33 -1.09 EPD EntPrPt 23.97 -.43 HPC Hercules 17.22 -1.07 LTC LTC Prp 21.91 -.64 JPZ NuvEqtP 11.55 -.31 RHI RobtHalf 17.31 -1.41 TDW Tidwtr 36.48 -3.39 AUY Yamana g 3.97 -.75 ITU BncoItau s 8.94 -1.70 RQI CohStQIR 6.72 -.19 EFX Equifax 23.87 -.82 HSY Hershey 34.83 -1.06 LH LabCp 58.48 -2.76 NQF NvFL 9.45 +.22 ROK RockwlAut 25.00 -2.14 TIF Tiffany 24.53 -1.68 YZC Yanzhou s 5.56 -.80 BMA BcoMacro 7.90 -1.79 CL ColgPal 58.82 -3.66 EQT EqtRes 25.22 -2.83 HTZ Hertz 4.59 -.52 LVS LVSands 11.71 -.72 NUF NFLQI 9.63 +.10 COL RockColl 34.16 -1.52 THI THorton g 22.73 -.96 YGE YingliGrn 5.02 -.86 STD BcoSantand 10.13 -1.82 PSS CollctvBrd 11.94 -1.02 EQY EqtyOne 15.83 -.73 HES Hess 49.02 -5.70 LHO LaSalleH 11.25 -1.63 NFL NIFLP 10.26 +.14 ROG Rogers 28.33 -2.07 TWC TW Cable 19.26 -1.20 EQR EqtyRsd 29.98 -2.54 HPQ HewlettP 35.23 -2.82 LAZ Lazard 31.15 -3.63 NQM NvIQl 10.46 -.11 ROH RoHaas 67.44 -2.24 TWX TimeWarn 9.61 -.76 YUM YumBrnds 26.67 -1.16 BXS BcpSouth 20.82 -2.45 CNB ColBgp 7.11 -.49 BAC BkofAm 22.66 -1.31 CLP ColonPT 9.91 -1.58 ESS EssexPT 87.01 -5.15 HXL Hexcel 10.20 -.43 LEA LearCorp 2.97 -.51 NMP NvMIPI 10.15 +.17 ROP Roper 40.89 -2.50 TWI Titan Intl s 10.44 -1.95 ZLC ZaleCp 15.00 -.73 BACpE BkAm pfE 10.05 -.24 CMA Comerica 27.35 -1.72 EL EsteeLdr 34.50 -1.70 HIW HighwdPrp 21.60 -1.78 LM LeggMason 17.53 -3.26 NMA NvMAd 11.16 -.24 RDC Rowan 16.05 -2.24 TIE TitanMet 7.84 -1.00 ZMH Zimmer 51.66 -3.23 BACpU BkAm pfU 16.71 -.40 CMC CmclMtls 9.68 -.81 ETH EthanAl 19.18 -.77 HTH HilltopH 8.69 -.32 LEG LeggPlat 16.03 -.65 NNP NvNYP 10.73 +.22 RY RoyalBk g 37.75 -2.16 TOL TollBros 19.92 -.65 ZBpB Zions pfB 20.06 -.67 BACpW BkAm pfW 20.11 -.14 CTV ComScop 20.38 -1.49 RE EverestRe 69.01 +2.51 HOC HollyCp 17.01 -1.50 LEN LennarA 8.44 -.57 NPP NuvPP 11.35 +.36 RBS RBScotlnd 1.16 -.11 TRU TorchEn lf 3.20 +.36 ZF Zweig 2.82 -.17
  • 12. Front Page 12 D/E/N/C BUSINESS NEWS The Sun/ Thursday, October 23, 2008 MUTUAL FUNDS 3-Yr. BlackRock Instl: Evergreen C: 21stCnt p 10.00 -.57 -11.9 SmCpStk n 19.69 -1.08 -22.7 PrmCap r n 50.19 -2.89 -8.7 Name NAV Chg %Rtn BaVlI 17.79 -1.24 -18.1 AstAllC t 10.87 -.33 -4.4 HOW TO READ THE MUTUAL FUND TABLES Master Select: SmCapVal n 25.87 -1.55 -11.6 STsyAdml n 10.82 +.01 +18.3 GlbAlloc r 14.66 -.61 +6.8 OmegaC t 18.30 -.96 -16.4 Here are the 975 biggest mutual funds listed on Nasdaq. Tables Intl 10.32 -.69 -9.0 SpecGr n 12.28 -.81 -20.2 ShtTrAd n 15.63 +.03 +10.7 AIM Funds A: Brandywine Fds: Evergreen I: Value r 8.05 -.41 -34.7 SpecIn n 10.29 -.10 +3.5 GroAllo p 8.34 -.52 -20.1 show the fund name, sell price or Net Asset Value (NAV) and Tuesday STIGrAd n 9.86 -.01 +8.0 BlueFd n 19.52 -.62 -20.2 FdLgCpI 17.67 -.98 -14.1 Meridian Funds: SumGNMA n 9.67 +.01 +16.0 TxMCap r n 43.18 -2.87 -20.9 AIM Investments A: Brndywn n 20.88 -1.01 -17.7 FPA Funds: daily net change, as well as one total return figure as follows: 4-wk Growth 25.67 -1.30 -11.3 SuMuInc n 9.82 +.21 +0.5 ChartA p 11.77 -.61 -3.3 BruceFund 254.33 ... NA Capit 25.79 -1.43 -21.6 Name NAV Chg %Rtn Metro West Fds: TxEfGr r n 6.66 -.41 -29.7 TtlBAdml n 9.79 +.03 +12.7 Const p 16.50 -1.11 -28.5 Tues: 4-wk total return (%) TStkAdm n 21.71 -1.39 -19.0 CGM Funds: Fairholme 23.09 -1.04 +1.9 AAL Mutual: TotRetBd 9.14 ... +10.6 TxEfMul n 7.94 -.56 -25.0 EuroGr p 21.09 -1.52 -12.8 Focus n 29.00 -2.59 +20.1 Federated A: Wed: 12-mo total return (%) Bond p CaGrp 9.44 14.52 +.09 +.17 +2.2 +3.9 Midas Funds: TxFrSI n 5.24 +.03 +8.1 WellslAdm n 43.10 -.86 +1.7 Inco p 4.70 ... -10.9 Calamos Funds: HiInBdA 5.63 -.04 -9.1 Thu: 3-yr cumulative total return (%) MuBd 10.44 SmCoSt 10.28 +.09 +.19 +3.3 +2.1 Midas Fd 1.48 -.29 -37.6 Value n 16.06 -1.11 -19.5 WelltnAdm n 39.83 -1.64 -5.1 SmCEA p 7.88 -.41 -11.4 GrwthA p 30.16 -1.76 -29.2 IntSmCoA 20.78 -1.64 -20.6 Fri: 5-yr cumulative total return (%) Special 11.56 -.78 -16.5 Principal Inv: Windsor n 29.47 -2.06 -29.9 AIM Investments B: GrowthC t 27.90 -1.63 -30.8 KaufmA p 3.61 -.20 -11.8 Wednesday ConstB t 15.02 -1.01 -30.1 Name: Name of mutual fund and family. Morgan Stanley B: DiscLCInst 9.25 -.59 -20.6 WdsrIIAd n 33.88 -2.21 -20.8 GlGrB t 14.24 -.91 -18.2 Calvert Group: Federated B: NAV: Net asset value. 12-mo DivGtB 11.30 -.81 -24.8 LT2020In 9.37 ... NA Vanguard Fds: Inco p 14.22 +.06 -1.0 CapAppB 14.39 -.75 -6.4 Name NAV Chg %Rtn FocGroB 16.68 -.90 -30.2 SAMGrA p 11.53 ... NA AssetA n 18.40 -1.19 -18.6 LrgCGB t 7.39 -.41 -22.0 Clipper 43.27 -3.13 -35.6 MidGrStB 19.87 -1.27 -22.3 Chg: Net change in price of NAV. AAL Mutual: HiYldB 1.27 ... -11.3 Putnam Funds A: AIM Investor Cl: Cohen & Steers: Bond p 9.44 +.09 -3.2 CapOpp n 22.42 -1.33 -14.1 Energy 23.63 -2.76 -2.8 Federated Instl: Total return: Percent change in NAV for the time period CaGrp 14.52 +.17 +1.5 PacGrB 13.28 -.88 -9.8 EqInA p 10.48 -.72 -13.8 Convrt n 8.96 -.24 -10.9 RltyShrs 37.00 -2.78 -22.8 KaufmnK 3.61 -.20 -12.2 MuBd 10.44 +.09 -3.0 UtilB 9.81 -.61 -7.5 GrInA p 9.32 -.62 -30.5 Tech 17.66 -.75 -26.8 Columbia Class A: shown, with dividends reinvested. If period longer than 1 SmCoSt 10.28 +.19 -8.5 Energy n 42.41 -4.99 -4.4 Fidelity Advisor A: Morgan Stanley I: IntlEq p 14.39 -.97 -21.3 Utilities 12.19 -.87 -2.4 Acorn t 17.22 -1.14 -19.4 DivIntlA r 11.72 -.94 -22.4 year, return is cumulative. Thursday HiYldI 1.28 ... -9.2 SmCVA p 6.73 -.41 -35.1 EqInc n 15.97 -.96 -10.1 Advance Capital I: FocEqA t 15.23 -.65 -18.0 IntBdA t 9.68 +.03 +1.2 Data based on NAVs reported to Lipper by 6 p.m. Eastern. MorganStanley Inst: VoyA p 11.62 -.71 -29.3 Explr n 42.93 -2.63 -24.6 Balanc p 12.06 -.31 -15.3 21CntryA t 9.43 -.52 -11.8 LgCapA t 10.66 -.68 -26.2 Name 3-yr NAV Chg %Rtn IntlEqI n 11.54 -.79 -12.8 Putnam Funds B: FLLT n 10.37 +.25 +2.4 Equity p 13.56 -.75 -25.4 MarsGrA t 13.70 -.67 -22.1 NwInsgh p 13.43 -.71 -9.3 Footnotes: e – Ex-capital gains distribution. f – Previous AAL Mutual: Muhlenk 40.08 -1.92 -37.4 IntlNop t 9.54 -.55 -17.6 GNMA n 10.36 +.02 +17.4 RetInc 7.66 -.01 -8.1 Columbia Class B: StrInA 9.68 -.07 -0.1 day’s quote. n - No-load fund. p – Fund assets used to pay Bond p 9.44 +.09 +14.4 Mutual Series: UtilB t 9.82 -.65 -5.2 GlobEq n 12.27 -.81 -22.2 CaGrp 14.52 +.17 +16.4 Alger Funds B: IntlValB t 11.30 -.76 -13.2 Fidelity Advisor B: distribution costs. r – Redemption fee or contingent deferred MuBd 10.44 BeacnZ +.09 +17.7 9.25 -.49 -19.6 Rainier Inv Mgt: GroInc n 19.59 -1.35 -22.7 SmCapGr t 3.79 -.23 -20.0 21CentB t 8.94 -.49 -13.7 EqGrB n 33.72 -2.01 -20.6 SmCoSt 10.28 +.19 NS DiscZ 23.61 -.51 +9.3 SmMCap 20.83 -1.72 -19.1 sales load may apply. s – Stock dividend or split. t – Both p HYCorp n 4.35 +.02 -11.8 AllianceBern A: Columbia Class Z: IntCApB t n 5.43 -.54 -39.8 Friday QualfdZ 16.40 -.45 +5.3 Reynolds Funds: IntlValA p 9.98 -.88 -29.1 Acorn Z 17.71 -1.17 -18.7 IntmBdB n 9.67 +.03 -1.0 and r. x – Ex-cash dividend. NA - No information available. SharesZ 15.82 -.76 -17.8 HlthCre n 102.93 -5.59 -7.7 SmCpGrA 17.58 -1.09 -21.9 BlChGr p n 31.81 ... +13.9 InflaPro n 11.55 +.02 +9.8 AcornIntZ 21.82 -1.29 -9.9 LgeCpB p n 10.08 -.64 -27.8 NE - Data in question. NN - Fund does not wish to be 5-yr Needham Funds: RiverSource A: AllianceBern Adv: IntTEBd 9.55 +.12 +3.7 Fidelity Advisor I: tracked. NS - Fund did not exist at start Wednesday, Name NAV Chg %Rtn Growth p 22.18 -1.29 -18.5 DEI 6.87 -.46 -18.4 IntlGr n 12.66 -1.10 -17.5 IntValAdv 10.17 -.89 -28.4 LCpVlZ 8.38 -.60 -19.5 DivIntl n 11.94 -.96 -21.8 AAL Mutual: Bond p 9.44 +.09 +43.4 Neuberger&Berm Inv: HiYdTEA 3.72 +.09 -4.3 IntlVal n 22.73 -1.76 -13.1 Allianz Funds A: MdCpVlZ p 8.80 -.60 -17.8 NwInsgtI n 13.57 -.72 -8.5 October 4, 2006. CaGrp 14.52 +.17 +59.6 GenesInst 32.54 -2.09 -3.6 ITIGrade n 8.45 +.03 +1.1 NFJDvVl t 9.96 -.73 -13.9 LgCpEq p 3.14 -.21 -26.3 ValRestr 29.57 -2.69 -28.6 Fidelity Freedom: Source: Lipper, Inc. and The Associated Press MuBd 10.44 +.09 +41.0 SmCoSt 10.28 +.19 NS SmCpGrIn 12.50 -.72 -11.1 Royce Funds: ITTsry n 11.57 +.05 +20.8 Allianz Funds D: Credit Suisse Comm: FF2010 n 10.72 -.33 -8.6 Neuberger&Berm Tr: LwPrSkSv r 8.89 -.63 -18.4 LifeCon n 13.08 -.41 -4.1 Biotech p 21.83 ... 0.0 CapAp 11.73 -.69 -27.4 FF2015 n 8.83 -.29 -8.9 Genesis 33.93 -2.18 -4.3 PennMuI r 6.95 -.45 -17.3 LifeGro n 15.79 -.94 -15.5 RCMWell p 18.58 -.72 -13.8 GlbSmCp p 12.39 -.88 -36.2 FF2020 n 10.36 -.44 -12.8 M R Alpine Funds: DFA Funds: FF2025 n 8.47 -.39 -14.3 C OMMODITIES ONEY ATES Northeast Investors: Growth 11.68 -.66 -23.1 PremierI r 11.88 -.82 TotRetI r 8.59 -.51 -6.0 -16.0 LifeMod n 14.85 -.66 -9.4 Dyn Bal 7.86 -.35 -24.8 IntlCorEq n 7.13 -.51 -18.9 Yesterday Wk Ago Nuveen Cl A: LTIGrade n 7.54 +.08 -5.5 FF2030 n 9.99 -.51 -16.8 FUTURES VlPlSvc 8.31 -.55 -17.5 Morg n 11.55 -.72 -21.1 DynaDiv r 5.48 -.30 -28.9 USCorEq2 n 7.23 -.46 -21.2 FF2035 n 8.21 -.44 -17.6 Prime Rate FLPrefMB 8.59 +.20 -4.5 Exch Contract Settle Chg Discount Rate 4.50 4.50 Rydex Advisor: MuInt n 12.45 +.20 +5.7 Amer Beacon Insti: DWS Invest A: FF2040 n 5.72 -.31 -18.4 1.75 1.75 Nuveen Cl R: Hlthcare n 11.13 -.59 -13.5 LgCapInst 13.90 -.85 -22.6 DrHiRA 24.02 -1.76 -33.3 Income n 9.75 -.12 +0.4 Lt Sweet CrudeNYMX Dec 08 66.75-5.43 Federal Funds Rate NY MBR 9.51 +.28 -0.4 Rydex Investor: PrecMtls r n 13.01 -1.35 -13.6 Amer Beacon Plan: GlbOppA 21.43 -1.39 -24.7 Fidelity Invest: 1.50 1.50 Oak Assoc Fds: PrmcpCor n 9.02 -.47 -11.0 LgCpPln 13.23 -.81 -23.1 Corn CBOT Dec 08 385 -26 Treasuries ElectInv n 6.34 -.29 -42.0 DWS Invest B: AMgr50 n 10.94 -.34 -12.7 BlkOkEm n 1.52 -.07 -24.4 NasdaqInv n 8.19 -.31 -21.9 Prmcp r n 48.32 -2.79 -9.1 Amer Century Inv: DreHiRB 23.94 -1.76 -34.9 AMgr70 r n 10.97 -.52 -19.7 Wheat CBOT Dec 08 517fl - 3-month 1.01 0.20 LivOakHlt n 9.01 -.37 -21.4 SEI Portfolios: SelValu r n 11.87 -.82 -21.6 CapVal 4.78 -.33 -23.3 GlbOppB t 19.46 -1.27 -26.4 AMgr20 r n 10.50 -.10 +0.6 31ü 6-month 1.56 0.89 PinOkAg n 14.61 -.46 -29.8 CoreFxA n 9.09 +.01 +1.6 STAR n 14.80 -.57 -10.0 EqInc n 5.64 -.31 -6.0 DWS Invest C: Balanc n 13.15 -.53 -11.0 Soybeans CBOT Nov 08 859 -49 5-year 2.54 2.88 RedOakT n 4.65 -.13 -29.1 IntlEqA n 6.48 -.53 -28.6 STIGrade n 9.86 -.01 +7.6 GrowthI 16.47 -.88 -14.8 GlbOpp t 19.56 -1.28 -26.4 BlueChGr n 26.74 -1.53 -22.6 Cattle CME Dec 08 91.87-1.10 10-year 3.61 4.00 Oakmark Funds I: LgCGroA n 14.04 -.84 -24.5 HiYldMu 8.38 +.13 -7.3 STTsry n 10.82 +.01 +17.8 DWS Invest S: Canada n 34.80 -3.06 -1.3 Pork Bellies CME Feb 09 87.95-3.00 30-year 4.08 4.24 EqtyInc r 22.32 -.65 +7.3 LgCValA n 12.07 -.84 -22.0 StratEq n 11.99 -.79 -29.3 LifeSci 4.55 -.21 -13.2 EmMkIn 8.22 -.31 -11.8 CapAp n 15.80 -.89 -22.8 GlobalI 15.37 -.89 -9.2 Schwab Funds: TxFBnd 10.12 +.16 +5.6 GlbOpp 22.01 -1.44 -24.0 CapDevO n 7.27 -.39 -19.4 Sugar (world) NYBT Mar 09 11.02 -.27 Intl I r 12.22 -.75 -19.3 TgRe2010 n 17.60 -.59 NS Tech 13.51 -.59 -24.9 SPOT 1000Inv r 26.61 -1.71 -19.7 TgtRe2025 n 9.26 -.47 -14.1 GroIncS 10.48 -.74 -29.2 CpInc r n 6.15 -.03 -10.1 Orange Juice NYBT Jan 09 89.10 -.35 Oakmark r 26.87 -1.60 -20.3 1000Sel 26.62 -1.71 -19.4 Ultra 14.59 -.71 -27.3 HlthCare r 19.62 -.88 -5.6 Contra n 45.37 -2.42 -9.3 Yesterday Wk Ago Select r 15.35 -.87 -36.4 S&P Inv 14.09 -.91 -19.6 TgtRe2015 n 9.54 -.38 -9.2 American Funds A: HiYldTx 10.53 +.28 -5.0 CnvSc n 14.86 -.69 -22.9 Gold (troy oz., spot) $733.30 $835.50 Old Mutual Adv II: S&P Sel 14.15 -.91 -19.2 TgRe2020 n 16.50 -.74 NS AmcpA p 12.12 -.62 -22.2 LatAmrEq 27.99 -4.64 -6.6 DisEq n 17.81 -1.08 -17.9 NYMX = New York Mercantile Exchange. CBOT = Silver (troy oz., spot) TS&WSCVZ 14.82 -.95 -14.0 S&PInstSl 7.22 -.46 -19.1 TgRe2030 n 15.49 -.87 NS AMutlA p 18.91 -.96 -13.7 $9.452 $10.142 LifeC2020 10.17 -.44 -15.4 DivIntl n 20.75 -1.62 -17.3 Chicago Board of Trade. CME = Chicago Mercantile Copper (pound) $1.8510 $2.2235 Tc&ComZ 9.60 -.39 -16.4 Selected Funds: TgtRe2035 n 9.27 -.55 -17.1 BalA p 13.78 -.48 -8.9 Davis Funds A: DivGth n 15.89 -1.19 -30.3 Exchange. NYBT = New York Board of Trade Oppenheimer A: AmShD 29.33 -1.93 -19.9 TgtRe2045 n 9.57 -.57 -16.0 BondA p 10.92 ... -3.9 NYVen A 24.27 -1.61 -21.2 EmrMk n 12.45 -1.34 -13.6 CapApA p 28.57 -1.81 -27.6 AmShS p 29.25 -1.93 -20.6 USGro n 12.75 -.60 -22.7 CapWA p 17.62 -.06 +7.1 Davis Funds C & Y: Eq Inc n 30.58 -2.24 -25.0 DvMktA p 24.28 -2.17 -1.7 CapIBA p 40.75 -1.72 -4.8 NYVenY 24.60 -1.63 -20.5 Sentinel Group: Wellsly n 17.79 -.36 +1.4 EQII n 13.20 -.94 -25.8 500InxInv r n 62.58 -4.05 -19.5 ForgnA p 6.58 -.36 -20.7 GrInc 20.44 -1.21 -28.3 GlobA p 41.05 -2.60 -22.5 ComS A p 21.72 -1.27 -12.2 CapWGA p 25.26 -1.68 -8.6 NYVen C 23.27 -1.55 -22.9 GlBd A p 10.97 -.04 +27.5 HiYld Welltn n 23.06 -.95 -5.4 Europe 21.93 -1.60 -15.7 IntlInxInv n 25.52 -1.92 -16.8 7.03 ... -7.0 IntBdA p 5.58 -.05 +13.8 Sequoia n 101.46 -3.73 -6.2 Wndsr n 8.73 -.61 -30.1 EupacA p 28.02 -1.90 -9.9 Delafield n 15.69 -.85 -11.4 Export n 14.55 -.93 -22.3 TotMktInv n 25.43 -1.61 -18.8 GrwthA p 13.21 -.79 -26.8 MdCpVal 15.57 -.90 -7.6 MnStFdA 21.72 -1.51 -24.5 SoundSh 23.36 -1.63 -18.1 FdInvA p 24.79 -1.53 -12.5 Delaware Invest A: Fidel n 22.76 -1.37 -15.2 Fidelity Spart Adv: WorldA p 10.87 -.62 -19.0 Orion 6.81 -.50 -9.2 MSSCA p 12.20 -.74 -24.3 St FarmAssoc: WndsII n 19.09 -1.24 -21.1 GovtA p 13.60 +.03 +14.0 Diver Inc p 7.89 +.01 +8.4 FrInOne n 19.95 -1.09 -14.5 EqIdxAd n 31.72 -2.05 -19.4 Frank/Temp Tmp Adv: Ovrseas r 24.99 -2.08 +0.6 MidCapA 10.52 -.78 -39.3 Gwth 40.23 -2.81 -6.6 Vanguard Idx Fds: GwthA p 20.75 -1.17 -17.8 CorPlsBd 6.85 +.03 +3.8 GNMA n 10.99 +.02 +17.1 500Ad r n 62.59 -4.04 -19.4 GrthAv 13.25 -.79 -26.3 Research 17.14 -1.32 -20.4 StrInA p 3.60 -.03 +2.4 Stratton Funds: 500 n 82.67 -5.36 -19.6 HI TrA p 8.50 -.06 -11.5 Dimensional Fds: GovtInc 10.47 +.04 +18.1 TotMktAd r n 25.43 -1.61 -18.8 GE Elfun S&S: RskMgSk 9.43 -.64 -21.4 Oppenheimer Roch: SmCap 35.13 -1.59 -8.8 Balanced n 16.32 -.58 -6.9 IncoA p 12.99 -.51 -9.5 EmMktV 17.73 -1.77 -5.7 GroCo n 49.11 -2.83 -14.4 First Eagle: S&S Inc 10.34 +.02 +7.6 Twenty 43.88 -1.77 -3.5 LtdNYA p 2.97 +.06 -0.2 Templeton Instit: DevMkt n 7.33 -.55 -17.1 IntBdA p 12.69 +.01 +6.9 IntSmVa n 10.45 -.54 -19.3 GroInc n 13.63 -.91 -40.7 GlblA 32.73 -2.16 +3.1 S&S PM 28.50 -2.03 -14.6 Ventur 28.54 -1.70 -24.3 RoMu A p 13.25 +.60 -15.1 ForEqS 15.33 -.86 -7.4 EMkt n 14.05 -1.48 -11.1 ICAA p 20.77 -1.12 -16.1 USLgCo n 26.43 -1.71 -19.3 HighInc r n 6.48 ... -7.9 OverseasA 16.60 -1.06 +1.6 GE Funds A: WrldW r 30.04 -1.74 -24.3 RcNtMuA 6.79 +.20 -33.2 Third Avenue Fds: NEcoA p 15.64 -.82 -18.5 USLgVa n 13.59 -.96 -25.7 Europe n 20.38 -1.67 -16.4 Indepn n 14.21 -1.26 -18.3 First Investors A PrmGrA p 15.43 -1.02 -22.7 Janus Adv S Shrs: PIMCO Admin PIMS: Value 32.50 -2.48 -31.7 Extend n 24.40 -1.54 -21.5 N PerA p 20.13 -1.26 -9.7 US Micro n 8.69 -.43 -23.7 IntBd n 9.27 +.03 +3.1 GloblA p 4.36 -.33 -17.3 GMO Trust III: Forty 24.25 -1.02 -6.8 TotRtAd 10.31 -.02 +13.8 Thompson Plumb: NwWrldA 30.29 -2.44 -0.6 US Small n 12.50 -.67 -21.5 EmMk r 7.76 -.74 -12.3 JennisonDryden A: Growth 20.66 -1.21 -39.8 Growth n 20.35 -1.25 -20.1 IntmMu n 9.46 +.12 +6.7 TotRtA p 11.39 -.30 -8.8 PIMCO Instl PIMS: ITBnd n 9.74 +.05 +8.4 SmCpA p 21.14 -1.14 -17.6 US SmVa 15.18 -.84 -25.4 IntlDisc n 22.65 -1.61 -12.8 Firsthand Funds: For 9.54 -.65 -14.8 BlendA 11.28 -.73 -20.1 AllAsset 9.96 -.21 -5.5 Thornburg Fds: TxExA p 11.06 +.20 +0.4 IntlSmCo n 9.83 -.52 -21.1 InvGB n 6.50 +.03 +1.7 eComm r 2.72 -.11 -14.5 GMO Trust IV: UtilityA 7.32 -.61 -12.9 ComodRR 10.01 -.48 -21.8 IntValA p 18.55 -.84 -0.1 LgCapIx n 16.27 -1.05 -19.0 WshA p 21.46 -1.36 -15.7 Fixd n 10.17 +.02 +13.3 LatAm n 25.10 -3.86 -1.4 Tech Val 25.50 -1.77 -15.7 Foreign 9.54 -.66 -14.7 JennisonDryden B: DevLcMk r 8.51 -.29 +8.1 IntValue I 18.94 -.86 +1.1 LTBnd n 10.26 +.11 +2.3 American Funds B: IntVa n 11.91 -.98 -17.3 LevCoStk n 15.83 -1.41 -23.2 Frank/Temp Frnk A: IntlIntrVl 16.89 -1.07 -15.3 SmlCoB t 9.92 -.60 -20.3 EmMkBd 7.68 -.35 -8.1 Thrivent Fds A: MidCap n 11.74 -.88 -25.6 BalB t 13.72 -.48 -10.9 Glb5FxInc n 10.73 +.02 +10.8 LowP r n 22.00 -1.33 -20.5 BalInv p 35.69 -2.05 -25.5 GMO Trust VI: JennisonDryden C: FrgnBd 9.46 +.08 +3.4 Incom 7.06 +.01 -5.1 Pacific n 7.68 -.50 -19.2 CapIBB t 40.75 -1.72 -7.0 TM USTgtV 13.43 -.77 -26.3 Magelln n 45.80 -3.22 -30.7 CalTFA p 6.32 +.17 -0.7 EmgMkts r 7.73 -.75 -12.1 IntlEqC 4.34 -.35 -28.5 HiYld 6.93 -.05 -10.8 MidCpGr 9.41 -.60 -19.5 REIT r n 12.64 -1.03 -22.8 CpWGrB t 25.13 -1.67 -10.7 2YGlFxd n 10.36 +.01 +13.3 MegaCpStk n 7.05 -.42 -17.9 EqIncA p 11.95 -.68 -26.4 IntlCorEq 21.75 -1.47 NS John Hancock A: LowDu 9.55 -.04 +10.0 Turner Funds: SmCap n 20.83 -1.24 -19.9 GrwthB t 19.94 -1.12 -19.7 DFARlE n 14.77 -1.19 -24.7 MCpGr r n 7.07 -.52 -36.9 FedTFA p 10.63 +.28 +0.6 StrFxInc 21.28 -.09 NS HSciA 25.07 -.93 -19.6 RealRet 10.27 +.09 +1.8 SmlCpGr n 20.00 -1.09 -15.0 IncoB t 12.90 -.51 -11.6 SmlCpGth n 12.18 -.75 -19.3 Dodge&Cox: MidCap n 15.27 -1.10 -27.4 FLTFA p 10.49 +.24 +1.2 USQltyEq 15.86 -.81 NS LCpSel p 12.94 -.66 -15.0 RealRtnI 9.98 +.03 +6.2 Tweedy Browne: SmlCpVl n 10.39 -.60 -21.1 ICAB t 20.67 -1.12 -18.0 Balanced 50.51 -2.31 -21.2 MuniInc n 11.37 +.26 +2.0 FoundAl p 8.10 -.35 -20.6 Gabelli Funds: TechA 2.57 ... 0.0 TotRt 10.31 -.02 +14.7 GlobVal 19.13 -.71 -13.0 Income 11.35 +.01 +4.4 Asset 29.91 -1.98 -14.2 John Hancock Cl 1: STBnd n 10.01 +.01 +14.3 Artio Global Funds: OTC n 29.04 -1.46 -17.0 GlComA 8.45 -.50 -7.4 TR II 9.92 -.02 +14.6 UMB Scout Funds: TotBnd n 9.79 +.03 +12.4 IntlEqI r 24.09 -1.09 -7.3 IntlStk 23.62 -1.88 -19.1 100Index 6.78 -.41 NS GrwthA p 28.96 -1.42 -13.8 EqInc p 14.04 -.86 -12.4 LSAggr Intl 21.56 -1.38 -9.2 IntlEqA 23.47 -1.07 -8.0 Stock 74.19 -4.96 -28.2 8.66 -.58 -23.0 PIMCO Funds A: TotlIntl n 10.23 -.83 -16.9 Ovrsea n 24.12 -2.02 -15.9 GrOppA p 12.61 -.73 -16.9 Value t 8.85 -.66 -30.3 LSBalanc 9.44 -.36 -14.5 RealRtA p 9.98 +.03 +4.8 USAA Group: IntEqII I r 9.65 -.45 -6.8 Dreyfus: Puritn n 13.20 -.47 -9.2 HYTFA p 8.82 +.17 -4.5 Gateway Funds: LSGrwth 9.44 -.47 -18.6 TotRtA 10.31 -.02 +13.1 BalStra 9.53 -.38 -21.7 TotStk n 21.70 -1.39 -19.2 Artisan Funds: Aprec 29.25 -1.79 -15.3 RealE n 15.98 -1.33 -29.3 IncomA p 1.66 -.03 -13.9 GatewayA 23.64 -.89 +1.8 Keeley Funds: PIMCO Funds C: Gr&Inc 10.06 -.72 -24.7 Value n 15.81 -1.07 -18.2 Intl 14.63 -1.23 -18.0 Dr500In t 25.61 -1.65 -20.4 STBF n 8.18 +.02 +5.1 NYTFA p 10.63 +.30 +2.4 Goldman Sachs A: TotRtC t 10.31 -.02 +10.6 HYldOpp 6.21 ... -10.8 Vanguard Instl Fds: MidCap 17.65 -1.03 -18.1 MunBd r 10.25 +.20 -0.8 SmCpValA p 16.68 -1.33 -13.7 SmllCpS r n 9.93 -.62 -25.4 SMCpGrA 20.52 -1.27 -25.9 MdCVA p 21.95 -1.46 -20.7 Kensington Fds: PIMCO Funds D: SciTech 7.59 -.43 -22.4 BalInst n 16.32 -.58 -6.7 MidCapVal 12.42 -.75 -15.5 NY Tax r n 13.26 +.33 +1.5 StratInc n 8.69 -.07 +0.6 TtlRtnA p 8.82 +.02 +2.5 ShDuGA 10.07 +.01 +16.3 SelectInA p 14.26 -.19 -46.2 TRtn p 10.31 -.02 +13.6 TxFIn 8.72 +.20 -1.4 DvMktInst n 7.28 -.55 -16.8 Baron Funds: SmCoVal 13.57 -.70 -22.8 StrReRt r 7.81 -.14 -10.6 USGovA p 6.49 ... +15.9 Harbor Funds: TxEIt 11.65 +.20 +0.9 Asset 38.81 -2.10 -17.7 Kopp EGA ... ... 0.0 Perm Port Funds: EuroInst n 20.42 -1.68 -16.1 Dreyfus Premier: TaxMgd n 9.37 -.55 -19.2 Frank/Tmp Frnk Adv: Bond 11.41 ... +13.3 Lazard Instl: Permannt 30.28 -.92 +12.4 VALIC : ExtIn n 24.45 -1.54 -21.1 Growth 31.17 -1.62 -19.3 BlncdA p 10.15 -.36 -13.7 TotalBd n 9.30 +.03 +4.1 GlbBdAdv p ... ... +28.5 CapApInst 23.87 -1.14 -20.9 EmgMktI 11.14 -1.18 -4.2 Pioneer Funds A: StkIdx 22.32 -1.44 -20.1 Partners p 12.40 -.82 -19.2 ST IncD 9.92 ... +3.4 IntlInv t 37.58 -3.11 -4.5 Legg Mason: Fd GrwthIst n 20.35 -1.25 -19.8 USBI n 10.48 +.05 +10.5 IncmeAd 1.65 -.04 -13.6 PionFdA p 29.72 -1.75 -15.9 Value Line Fd: InfProInst n 9.24 +.02 +10.2 SmCap 13.93 -.76 -19.9 Eaton Vance Cl A: ValueDisc n 10.35 -.68 -18.4 Frank/Temp Frnk B: Intl r 38.03 -3.14 -3.3 AmLd p 12.31 -.68 -38.3 Price Funds Adv: PreGro n 17.34 -1.20 -17.0 Berkshire Funds: LgCpVal 14.02 -.91 -12.1 Value n 41.37 -3.03 -28.8 IncomeB t 1.65 -.04 -16.2 Hartford Fds A: Growth p n 19.53 -1.11 -21.5 Van Kamp Funds A: InstIdx n 82.08 -5.31 -19.3 NatlMun 8.48 +.42 -12.9 ValTr p 27.73 -1.62 -48.7 InsPl n 82.08 -5.31 -19.3 Focus 5.10 -.08 -25.3 Fidelity Selects: Frank/Temp Frnk C: CpAppA p 21.68 -1.49 -20.2 Legg Mason Instl: Price Funds: CapGro 7.20 -.44 -24.5 Bernstein Fds: DivBldrA 8.35 -.51 -1.4 Electr n 23.63 -1.20 -40.2 FoundAl p 7.92 -.35 -22.2 DivGthA p 13.29 -.93 -12.7 ValTrInst Balance n 14.20 -.56 -10.0 CmstA p 10.86 -.72 -22.1 TotlBdIdx n 49.31 +.14 +12.5 IntDur 11.83 +.02 +3.5 31.98 -1.87 -47.2 Eaton Vance Cl B: Enrgy n 29.57 -4.02 -16.2 IncomC t 1.67 -.04 -15.1 Hartford Fds B: Legg Mason Ptrs A: BlChip n 23.63 -1.30 -22.0 EqIncA p 6.33 -.23 -11.5 InsTStPlus n 19.58 -1.26 -18.8 DivMu 13.58 +.10 +7.0 FLPlMunB p 8.60 +.31 -11.4 Leisr n 46.76 -2.08 -18.7 Frank/Temp Mtl A&B: SmlCoB t n 11.06 -.63 -17.0 AgGrA p CapApp n 14.02 -.78 -10.8 GrInA p 14.03 -.80 -15.9 MidCpIst n 11.79 -.88 -25.3 TxMgdIntl 12.22 -.89 -26.8 TMSG B 9.28 -.65 -3.0 64.79 -5.06 -34.9 MedDl n 29.40 -1.73 -32.0 DiscA 23.31 -.50 +8.3 Hartford Fds C: ApprA p 10.17 -.58 -10.5 CorpInc n 7.78 +.04 -5.9 HYMuA p 8.57 +.18 -7.1 SCInst n 20.87 -1.24 -19.5 IntlPort 12.23 -.86 -25.7 Evergreen A: NtGas n 21.13 -2.92 -24.7 SharesA 15.66 -.76 -18.6 CapApC t 19.35 -1.34 -21.9 MgMuA p 14.11 +.31 +4.9 EmMktS n 16.80 -1.52 -14.6 US MtgeA 12.29 ... +8.2 SmCpVlI n 10.43 -.60 -20.7 BlackRock A: AstAll p 11.27 -.35 -2.4 NatRes r n 17.50 -2.49 -10.3 Frank/Temp Mtl C: Hartford HLS IA : EqInc n 17.05 -1.16 -16.9 Van Kamp Funds B: GlAlA r 14.59 -.62 +5.9 Longleaf Partners: AmVlB t 15.33 -.93 -18.0 TBIst n 9.79 +.03 +12.8 Evergreen B: Wireless n 4.19 -.33 -28.1 DiscC t 23.00 -.49 +6.0 CapApp 25.80 -1.86 -18.5 Partners 17.04 -1.13 -34.9 EqIndex n 24.11 -1.56 -19.9 TSInst n 21.71 -1.39 -19.0 BlackRock B&C: OmegB t 18.25 -.96 -16.4 Fidelity Spartan: Frank/Temp Temp A: Div&Gr 13.85 -1.00 -12.5 Intl FinSvcs n 10.16 -.62 -32.6 Van Wagoner Funds: GlAlC t 13.69 -.57 +3.6 11.32 -.78 -17.8 ValueIst n 15.81 -1.08 -17.9 EqIdxInv n 31.72 -2.05 -19.5 DvMktA p 13.32 -1.01 -15.3 Advisers 13.89 -.61 -17.0 SmCap 14.55 -.99 -26.8 GlbTech 4.35 -.22 -23.3 EmgGro p 2.28 -.17 -45.2 Stock 26.25 -1.81 -26.7 Loomis Sayles: Growth n 19.72 -1.12 -21.0 Vanguard Admiral: Vanguard Signal: TotRetBd 10.16 +.03 +1.0 LSBondI HiYield n 5.07 ... -8.0 CAITAdm n 10.17 +.18 +4.3 500Sgl n 68.30 -4.42 NS 10.28 -.03 -8.8 CpOpAdl n 51.83 -3.08 -13.9 STBdIdx n 10.01 +.01 NS Heritage Funds: IntEqIdx r n 8.49 -.62 -16.7 CapApA p 17.55 -1.22 -20.5 StrInc C 10.41 -.05 -13.2 DILBERT HodgesFd 15.24 -1.07 -22.3 HussmnStrGr 14.42 -.22 -0.3 LSBondR 10.24 -.04 -9.6 StrIncA 10.37 -.05 -11.2 IntlBond n 8.95 -.04 Intl G&I IntlStk n 9.15 -.71 8.23 -.72 +8.1 -20.0 -25.6 EMAdmr r n 18.52 -1.94 Energy n 79.69 -9.37 ExplAdml n 40.01 -2.46 NS -4.2 -24.2 TotBdSgl n 9.79 +.03 TotStkSgl n 20.95 -1.34 NS NS Ivy Funds: Lord Abbett A: Victory Funds: LatAm n 21.66 -3.37 +5.2 ExtdAdm n 24.44 -1.54 -21.1 DvsStA 11.23 -.74 -13.1 AssetSC t 19.63 -.42 +31.3 AffilA p 8.62 -.54 -18.9 500Adml n 82.68 -5.35 -19.4 MediaTl n 25.44 -1.70 -10.3 OUR GRAPHICS IN RETROSPECT, I 2 PLEASE DON'T JUDGE AssetStA p 20.01 -.42 +34.3 BdDebA p 5.94 -.05 -6.7 MidCap n 34.37 -2.32 -18.5 GNMA Ad n 10.36 +.02 +17.8 Waddell & Reed Adv: PROBABLY SHOULDN'T GlNatRsA p 15.11 -1.77 -22.6 MidCpA p 10.35 -.65 -29.1 HlthCr n 43.46 -2.36 -7.5 AssetS p 9.19 -.19 +38.3 DEPARTMENT MADE MY COMPETENCE BY JPMorgan A Class: MFS Funds A: MCapVal n 14.39 -.99 -15.9 CoreInvA 4.09 -.20 -6.1 HAVE BADGERED THEM MY LOGO. N Asia n 7.96 -.54 -6.7 HiYldCp n 4.35 +.02 -11.5 THIS LOGO FOR MY MCpVal p 15.09 -1.08 -20.3 MITA 13.69 -.85 -12.6 New Era n 29.83 -3.95 -9.1 InfProAd n 22.68 +.05 +10.1 Wells Fargo Adv : PROJECT. TO FINISH QUICKLY. JPMorgan Sel Cls: MIGA 9.62 -.60 -21.0 N Horiz n 18.43 -1.25 -25.5 InsdLTAd n 11.17 +.27 +1.9 GrwthInv 17.70 -1.04 -8.9 CoreBd n 10.49 +.02 +12.8 TotRA 11.22 -.43 -8.6 ITBdAdml n 9.74 +.05 +8.6 IntmTFBd n 10.17 +.12 +6.5 ValueA 16.86 -1.18 -11.7 N Inc n 8.52 +.02 +9.2 Wells Fargo C: E T00 NJ Bond n 10.50 +.23 +1.8 ITsryAdml n 11.57 +.05 +21.3 LgCoGroC p 30.84 -1.66 -29.8 IntrdAmer n 16.53 -1.03 -22.4 MFS Funds B: IntGrAdm n 40.35 -3.51 -17.0 ( ' < LATE USLCCrPls n 13.31 -.83 NS MA ITB 13.26 -.83 -14.3 RealEst n 11.59 -.88 -25.0 Wells Fargo Admin: c E R2010 n 11.68 -.43 -8.6 ITAdml n 12.45 +.20 +5.9 DJTg2010Ad 10.57 -.17 -0.7 V Janus : Mairs & Power: ITGrAdm n 8.45 +.03 +1.4 m ti m u m Balanced 20.08 -.44 +3.4 Growth 55.40 -3.03 -10.5 R2015 n 8.72 -.37 -11.4 Western Asset: ID U R2020 n 11.70 -.56 -14.1 LtdTrAd n 10.59 +.06 +9.4 Contrarian 10.15 -1.11 -13.6 Managers Funds: MCpAdml n 53.33 -3.99 -25.4 CorePlus 8.74 -.04 -2.1 Enterpr 33.13 -2.54 -14.2 Bond n R2025 n 8.39 -.44 -16.1 Core 9.23 -.04 -4.7 m D ® l 19.39 -.04 -7.1 R2030 n 11.79 -.68 -17.5 MorgAdm n 35.87 -2.22 -20.7 Fund 19.18 -1.25 -20.0 Marsico Funds: MuHYAdm n 9.31 +.20 -0.5 William Blair N: GlbOpp 9.21 -.47 -17.8 Focus p SciTec n 13.77 -.51 -27.0 12.30 -.55 -18.6 IntlGthN 13.23 -1.13 -24.7 NASDAQ NATIONAL MARKET TKR Name Last Chg BCON BeaconPw .95 -.03 CPWR Compuwre 5.98 -.70 FFSX FFdBk IA lf 3.10 +.32 INFN Infinera 7.52 -.47 LNCR Lincare 25.56 - NDSN Nordson 36.86 -4.18 QSFT QuestSft 11.70 -.40 SKIL SkillSoft 7.94 -.72 A-B-C BECN BeacnRfg 12.25 -1.35 CMTL Comtech 43.56 -.46 FMBI FMidBc 20.00 -2.27 INFA Informat 13.37 -.48 1.49 NTRS NorTrst 51.13 -7.06 QCOR Questcor 7.73 -.19 SKYW SkyWest 13.13 -.75 APWR A-Power n 5.76 -.68 BEBE BebeStrs 6.87 -.01 CNQR ConcurTch 24.16 -1.76 FNFG FstNiagara 13.76 -.38 INFY InfosysT 25.36 - LECO LincEl 41.66 - NWSB NwstBcp 25.03 -.90 RAMR RAM Hldgs .80 -.04 SWKS SkywksSol 6.16 -.22 ADCT ADC Tel 5.19 -.41 BBBY BedBath 24.40 -.95 CTWS ConnWtrSv 24.11 -.90 FSLR FstSolar 137.24 -3.92 1.20 7.85 NOVL Novell 4.51 -.29 RFMD RF MicD 1.95 -.28 SMBL SmartBal 6.61 -.34 AMAG AMAG Ph 34.29 +.36 BCRX Biocryst 1.89 -.05 CPNO CopanoEn 21.67 -1.15 FMER FstMerit 17.43 -2.82 INSU InsitTc 9.81 - LLTC LinearTch 20.67 -.78 NVLS Novlus 14.19 -.94 RTIX RTI Biolog 5.09 -.72 SWHC SmithWes 1.89 -.15 APPA AP Pharma .65 -.03 BIIB BiogenIdc 40.72 -3.27 CPRT Copart 33.62 -.60 FISV Fiserv 33.20 -2.67 1.20 LINE LinnEngy 15.95 -.34 NUVA NuVasive 44.06 -1.96 ROIAK RadioOneD .13 +.04 SMSI SmithMicro 4.87 -.29 ASMI ASM Intl 12.30 -.94 BMRN BioMarin 19.09 -1.15 COCO CorinthC 12.99 -.46 FLEX Flextrn 4.23 -.04 PODD Insulet 8.01 -.66 LGTY Logility 5.09 -.64 NUAN NuanceCm 9.13 -.18 RMBS Rambus 7.85 -.56 SSCC SmurfStne .87 -.28 ASML ASML Hld 14.58 -1.24 BBBB Blkboard 31.07 -2.53 COST Costco 53.55 -2.31 FMCN FocusMda 14.76 -2.77 IBNK IntegraBk 6.01 -.72 LOGI Logitech 14.24 - NTRI NutriSys 11.30 +.08 GOLD Randgold 24.52 - SOHU 53.37 -4.50 ATMI ATMI Inc 12.22 -.99 BCSI BlueCoat 12.04 -.37 CREE Cree Inc 18.24 -.33 FONR Fonar h .68 -.03 ISYS Integral s 20.73 -.38 1.29 NUVO Nuvelo .36 -.03 5.41 SOLF Solarfun 6.11 -.69 ATPG ATP O&G 9.79 -1.27 BOBE BobEvn 21.02 -1.23 CRESY Cresud 5.27 -2.50 FRPT ForcePro 1.94 -.05 IDTI IntgDv 6.01 -.35 LULU lululemn g 12.50 -.24 NVDA Nvidia 6.93 -.27 RAVN RavenInd 30.02 - SONC SonicCorp 9.85 -.62 ATSI ATS Med 2.26 -.14 BPFH BostPrv 8.12 -.64 CROX Crocs 1.88 -.27 FORM FormFac 16.72 -.79 INTC Intel 14.58 -.67 NXTM NxStageMd 4.32 -.05 1.64 SONS Sonus 2.16 -.08 BEXP BrigExp 6.51 -1.10 XTXI Crosstex 12.52 -.24 FOSL Fossil Inc 16.68 -1.18 M-N-0 ORLY OReillyA 22.75 -.28 RNWK RealNwk 4.13 -.08 LNUX SourceFrg 1.11 +.06 ASTM Aastrom .34 +.05 IBKR InteractBrk 21.92 - CELL Brightpnt 4.74 -.32 CTRP 29.87 -.68 FWLT FosterWh s 24.82 -3.78 1.66 MCGC MCG Cap .89 -.18 OSIP OSI Phrm 35.82 -1.50 RCII RentACt 16.55 - TSFG SouthFncl 5.19 -.60 ACGY Acergy 4.98 -1.00 MKSI MKS Inst 15.38 -.82 ATVI ActivsBlz s 12.31 -.69 BRCM Broadcom 14.70 +.90 CBST CubistPh 21.86 -.59 FDRY FoundryN 17.13 -.32 IFSIA Intrface 6.48 - OCFC OceanFst 15.50 -.82 1.69 SPSN Spansion .77 -.14 BRCD BrcdeCm 3.19 -.29 CYBE CybrOpt 7.34 +.01 FRED FredsInc 10.32 -.46 1.08 MYRG MYR Grp n 10.01 -.86 OCNF OceanFrt 7.87 -.52 RGEN Replgn 3.62 -.30 SPTN SprtnStr 25.94 +.13 ADPT Adaptec 2.90 -.19 MVSN MacrvsnSol 11.34 -.54 ADBE AdobeSy 25.40 -2.19 BRKSBrooksAuto 6.96 -.78 CYBS CybrSrce 11.13 -1.74 FSYS FuelSysSol 30.35 -5.63 INAP InterNAP 2.59 -.14 ODFL OldDomF h 24.15 -1.37 RJET RepubAir 12.48 -.33 SPLS Staples 15.25 -.80 BUCY Bucyrus s 20.02 -5.91 CYMI Cymer 22.49 -.21 FCEL FuelCell 4.27 -.60 IBOC IntlBcsh 23.94 -.33 MANH ManhAssc 15.48 - ZEUS OlympStl 18.34 -.68 RIMM RschMotn 48.65 - STSI StarScient 3.10 +.10 ADTN Adtran 14.49 -1.00 2.59 AEIS AdvEnId 8.97 -.97 BWLD BuffaloWW 31.33 -1.55 CYTR CytRx .52 ... FULT FultonFncl 9.35 -1.98 ISIL Intersil 12.14 -.57 OMCL Omnicell 8.52 -.64 1.88 SBUX Starbucks 9.99 -.52 CA CA Inc 15.05 -.90 MNKD MannKd 3.60 +.20 OMTR Omniture 11.24 +.57 RECN ResConn 15.30 - STLD StlDynam s 9.46 -1.28 ADVS AdventSft 24.18 +.44 IWOV Interwoven 12.80 -.20 CBRL CBRL Grp 17.91 -.10 D-E-F G-H-I MATK Martek 28.45 -.55 OVTI OmniVisn 8.26 -.23 1.32 STEM StemCells 1.13 -.05 ABCO AdvisBd 23.93 -.48 DAKT Daktronics 10.99 -1.74 INTU Intuit 23.61 - MRVL MarvellT 6.57 -.17 AFFX Affymetrix 4.72 -.26 CHRW CH Robins 43.89 +3.82 GFIG GFI Grp s 3.54 -.23 ONNN OnSmcnd 4.82 -.15 REXX RexEnergy 7.50 - SRCL Stericycle 52.10 -1.28 DDUP DataDom 16.49 -.36 GMXR GMX Rs 28.00 -4.57 1.43 MASI Masimo 30.01 - FEED AgFeed 4.80 -.42 CME CME Grp 304.17 - ISRG IntSurg 173.09 - ONXX OnyxPh 27.36 -1.60 1.53 SBIB SterlBcsh 8.72 -.38 24.52 TRAK DealrTrk 11.04 -.56 GSIC GSI Cmmrc 9.40 -1.29 1.91 OPLK OplinkC 9.01 -.77 RVBD Riverbed 10.24 -.68 STSA StrlF WA 9.49 -.95 AKAM AkamaiT 13.98 -.87 DECK DeckOut 83.68 -9.55 7.13 ALXN Alexion s 39.66 -1.34 CSGS CSG Sys 15.12 +.98 SOLR GT Solar n 5.23 -.69 MXGL MaxCapital 14.63 -.93 OXPS optXprs 14.61 +.19 ROSE RosettaR 11.73 -.97 STEI StewEnt 4.87 -.31 DELL Dell Inc 11.98 -.60 GRMN Garmin 22.43 -1.84 IVGN Invitrogn s 29.43 -.61 MXIM MaximItg n 13.42 -.93 ALGN AlignTech 5.48 -.30 CTCM CTC Media 9.17 -1.14 ISIS Isis 13.58 -.37 ORCL Oracle 17.17 -.52 ROST RossStrs 29.42 -.61 SUBK SuffolkBc 31.18 -.85 CVTX CV Thera 8.80 -.39 DPTR DltaPtr 8.60 -1.37 GEHL Gehl 29.96 -.09 MEDX Medarex 5.58 -.53 OFIX Orthfx 10.35 -.36 RGLD RoyGld 25.71 - JAVA SunMicro rs 4.72 -.05 ALKS Alkerm 10.67 -.38 ITRI Itron 51.90 - ALGT AllegiantT 36.03 +.22 CVBF CVB Fncl 11.45 -.43 DNDN Dndreon 4.67 -.17 GNBT GenBiotc h .29 -.01 MDCO MediCo 19.42 - OSCI OscientP h .68 -.13 3.18 SPWRASunPowerA 43.13 -5.98 XRAY Dentsply 29.61 -1.79 GNTX Gentex 9.10 -1.01 3.35 1.85 ARLP AllnceRes 29.30 -2.12 CDNS Cadence 4.32 -.22 IVAN IvanhoeEn 1.02 -.02 OTTR OtterTail 21.23 -1.91 RYAAY Ryanair 19.46 -.26 SPWRBSunPwr B n 34.82 -5.72 MDRX AllscriptM 5.65 -.31 CAFI CamcoF 7.25 -.10 DGII DigiIntl 8.25 -.39 GENZ Genzyme 66.11 -2.21 MPEL MelcoCrwn 4.10 -.31 SUPX Suprtex 22.72 -.32 ALTR AlteraCp lf 16.75 -.51 CSIQ CdnSolar 10.49 -1.22 DRIV DigRiver 25.91 -.98 ROCK Gibraltar 12.59 -1.38 J-K-L MEMY MemryPh h .10 -.02 P-Q-R S-T-U SUSQ SusqBnc 14.31 -1.80 AMZN Amazon 49.99 -.24 CPST CpstnTrb 1.26 -.07 DIOD Diodes 9.27 -.83 GIGM GigaMed 6.13 -.38 JCOM j2Global 16.06 -.60 MENT MentGr 7.95 -.64 PDLI PDL Bio s 9.06 -.24 STBA S&T Bcp 30.94 - SCMR Sycamore 2.86 +.06 AMED Amedisys 53.67 -1.36 CAPA Captaris 4.75 ... DTV DirecTV 20.16 -2.04 GILD GileadSci 46.47 +.45 JASO JA Solar s 5.57 -.93 MELI MercadoL 14.25 - PFCB PF Chng 18.11 +.49 1.08 SYMC Symantec 14.28 -.74 ACAS AmCapLtd 13.04 -2.00 CRME Cardiom g 4.67 -.30 DISCA DiscCm A 12.61 -.69 GBCI GlacierBc 20.88 -1.88 JDAS JDASoft 12.78 -.70 1.77 PMCS PMC Sra 4.07 -.22 SBAC SBA Com 18.12 -.13 SYNA Synaptics s 29.55 +.54 ACLI ACmclLin 7.33 -1.31 CECO CareerEd 13.99 -.69 DISCKDiscCm C n 11.80 -.76 GLBL GloblInd 3.81 -.46 JDSU JDS Uniph 5.89 -.32 MEOH Methanx 12.44 -.38 PSSI PSS Wrld 16.64 -.87 SEIC SEI Inv 15.77 - SNCR Synchron 7.44 -.63 AMMD AmerMed 12.99 -1.29 CRZO Carrizo 19.25 -2.65 DISH DishNetwk 15.97 -.36 GSAT Globalstar .43 +.01 JKHY JackHenry 16.41 - MCRL Micrel 6.71 -.19 PACW PacWstBc 25.51 -2.26 1.75 SNPS Synopsys 17.04 -.62 AMSC AmSupr 13.20 -1.90 CASY Caseys 26.11 -1.51 DLTR DllrTree 34.30 -.55 GOOG Google 355.67 -7.08 1.40 MCHP Microchp 21.52 -.71 PCAR Paccar 24.41 -2.41 SIVB SVB FnGp 46.96 - TBSI TBS IntlA 7.92 -1.48 ASCA AmCasino 6.60 +.10 CATY CathayGen 19.38 -.81 DBRN DressBarn 8.71 -.42 GMCR GreenMtC 25.55 -3.10 JAKK JkksPac 19.12 - MCRSMicrosSys s 19.30 - PACR PacerIntl 10.94 -1.01 3.26 AMTD TD Ameritr 12.00 -.90 AMGN Amgen 49.70 -2.63 CAVM CaviumNet 12.41 -.44 DRYS DryShips 19.95 -2.74 GRIF Griffin h 35.21 -.50 1.13 1.37 PEIX PacEthan .81 -.07 SAIA Saia Inc 8.43 -.76 TFSL TFS Fncl 12.75 -.13 AMKR AmkorT lf 3.99 -.25 CRA CeleraGrp 11.31 -.01 DVAX Dynavax .25 -.98 GGAL GrpoFin 2.18 -.05 JRCC JamesRiv 16.59 - MSCC MicroSemi 20.03 -.88 PSUN PacSunwr 3.30 -.30 SNDK SanDisk 10.09 - THQI THQ 8.51 -.61 AMLN Amylin 11.96 -.76 CELG Celgene 53.29 -1.21 ETFC ETrade 2.28 -.01 GPOR GulfportE 6.07 -.82 MSFT Microsoft 21.53 - PAET PaetecHld 1.27 -.20 4.67 TIBB TIB Fncl 6.75 +2.15 2.56 ANAD Anadigc 2.19 -.08 CEGE CellGens .13 -.03 EBAY eBay 15.03 +.16 GYMB Gymbree 23.83 -1.84 1.83 PALM Palm Inc s 3.96 -.26 SANM Sanmina .79 -.06 TWTC tw telecom 6.38 -.87 ENG ENGlobal 4.79 +.10 JBLU JetBlue 5.01 +.02 MVIS Micrvisn 1.32 -.08 AAUK AngloAm 10.14 -1.25 CYCL CentlCom 3.05 -.03 HEES H&E Eq 5.74 -.55 PAAS PanASlv 10.88 -1.47 SAPE Sapient 4.96 -.27 TTWO TakeTwo 12.46 -.52 EVVV ev3 Inc 8.27 -.57 HLTH HLTH 8.05 +.26 JOSB JosphBnk 24.38 - MIDD Middleby 34.16 - PNRA PaneraBrd 42.11 +1.02 SVNT SavientPh 11.93 -.74 ANSS Ansys 26.87 -2.20 CEDC CentEuro 24.35 -4.26 1.29 NGLS TargaRes 15.49 -.38 APOL ApolloGrp 58.98 -.74 CETV CEurMed 25.29 -6.70 EGLE EagleBulk 8.37 -1.60 HCKT HackettGp 3.39 -.72 3.83 PLLL ParPet 3.74 -.73 SVVS Savvis 7.58 -.91 TECD TechData 21.01 -.64 ELNK ErthLink 6.70 -.48 HAIN HainCel 23.87 -.80 JOYG JoyGlbl 21.78 - MSEX MdsxWatr 14.67 -.70 PMTC ParamTch 13.00 -.67 SCHN Schnitzer 24.77 - AINV ApolloInv 11.45 -1.07 CENX CentAl 11.28 -2.65 4.95 TECH Techne 68.31 +.83 AAPL Apple Inc 96.87 +5.38 CEPH Cephln 69.61 -1.48 EWBC EstWstBcp 13.91 -.89 HBHC HancHld 44.32 -9.67 MLHR MillerHer 19.33 -.80 PRXL Parexel s 19.54 -1.86 3.49 TKLC Tekelec 11.77 -.47 ECLP Eclipsys 16.25 -.23 HANS HansenNat 23.40 -.70 JNPR JnprNtwk 19.01 +.59 MICC Millicom 34.94 -.66 PDCO Patterson 23.02 -1.27 SCHL Scholastc 19.21 - AMAT ApldMatl 11.64 -.58 CPHD Cepheid 10.93 -.86 KLAC KLA Tnc 19.18 - TSYS TlCmSys 6.78 -.64 AMCC AMCC rs 4.69 -.16 CRDN Ceradyne 27.52 -1.88 EBHI Ed Bauer 3.21 -.34 HLIT Harmonic 7.63 -.54 MOLX Molex 14.33 -.91 PTEN PattUTI 11.54 -1.60 1.38 TLAB Tellabs 3.39 -.06 ERTS ElectArts 26.74 -1.44 HA HawHold 5.77 +.31 1.49 MPWRMonPwSys 13.01 - PAYX Paychex 24.98 -1.14 SCHW Schwab 17.99 - ARNA ArenaPhm 3.12 -.19 CERN Cerner 36.71 +1.69 TSRA TesseraT 13.27 -1.36 CHIC CharlRsse 7.53 +.01 EFII EFII 8.75 -.40 HWAY Healthwys 9.74 -.91 KERX KeryxBio h .20 -.03 1.11 PENN PnnNGm 14.20 -.80 1.83 ARCC AresCap 6.84 -.76 TTEK TetraTc 19.75 -1.35 CHRS ChrmSh 1.38 -.26 EMKR Emcore 4.00 -.32 HTLD HrtlndEx 13.58 -.52 KFRC Kforce 7.68 -.12 MNST MonstrWw 10.86 -.69 PBCT PeopUtdF 16.21 -1.03 SGMS SciGames 17.06 -.76 ARBA Ariba Inc 10.93 -.03 TEVA TevaPhrm 40.44 -.61 CHTR ChartCom .42 -.04 ENDP EndoPhrm 16.24 -.09 HSIC HSchein 45.19 -1.91 NITE KnghtCap 14.44 +.09 MHGC MorgHtl 4.70 -.29 PWRD PerfectWld 19.81 -.59 STX SeagateT 8.00 -.11 TXRH TexRdhsA 7.13 -.20 ABFS ArkBest 28.11 -1.30 KLIC Kulicke 3.04 -.27 ARMH ArmHld 4.20 -.17 CHKP ChkPoint 18.47 ... 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  • 13. Thursday, October 23, 2008/ The Sun ENTERTAINMENT NEWS D/E/N/C Front Page 13 Today’s birthdays Movie director Philip Kaufman is 72. Soccer great Pele is 68. Three men sue Lindsay Lohan over wild ride SANTA MONICA, Calif. (AP) — pected Lohan was drunk and get a lot of headlines,” he R AP FILE Author Michael Crichton is 66. A wild ride that led to Lindsay arrested her. said, “and want to make some PHOTO Rhythm-and- Lohan’s arrest has sparked Lohan eventually pleaded money.” This blues singer another lawsuit. guilty to two counts of being An attorney for the men, October Barbara Ann Court records show that three under the influence of cocaine identified as Ronnie Blake, Jakon photo Hawkins (The men who claim they were in a stemming from the Santa Sutter and Dante Nigro, had said shows Dixie Cups) is sport utility vehicle that Lohan Monica arrest and an earlier last year he hoped to avoid filing actress 65. Actor commandeered in July 2007 drunken driving arrest in Beverly a lawsuit against Lohan. Lindsay Michael Rupert sued the “Mean Girls” star last Hills. She served 84 minutes in McPherson said there were Lohan is 57. Movie week. Their allegations include jail and entered rehab. some early talks, but no settle- during an director Ang battery, false imprisonment and Lohan’s attorney, Ed McPher- ment was reached. appear- PELE Lee is 54. Jazz that the actress was negligent son, called the lawsuit “absurd.” The case will be heard in ance at singer Dianne when she allegedly took over an He claimed the men were Santa Monica, where Lohan is Henri Reeves is 52. Country singer SUV belonging to one of the having fun during the chase and also being sued for emotional Bendel's in Dwight Yoakam is 52. Movie men to chase her recently fired questioned why they waited distress by a woman was in the New York. director Sam Raimi is 49. assistant. more than a year to file suit. “It car that was being chased by the Parodist “Weird Al” Yankovic is That chase ended when the just doesn’t make sense,” actress. 49. Rock assistant’s mother called police McPherson said. “They had The lawsuit, which seeks more musician because she was being fol- ample opportunity to get out of than $25,000 in damages, was Robert Trujillo lowed and led Lohan toward a the car. first reported by celebrity gossip (Metallica) is police station. Officers sus- “It’s three guys who want to Web site TMZ. 44. Rhythm- and-blues singer David | ENTERTAINMENT BRIEFS Thomas (Take Julianne Hough on the popular ABC Cindy Guagenti. “But she lated Redstone’s wealth at weapons mogul Tony Stark. 6) is 42. Rock dancing competition, went didn’t collapse.” $7.6 billion in 2007. Howard, who also starred YANKOVIC musician Brian hospitalized after to Cedars-Sinai Medical in “Hustle & Flow,” is Nevin (Big ‘Dancing With Center following the live Howard: ‘Iron Man’ promoting his new album Head Todd and the Monsters) is Sumner Redstone the Stars’ results show Tuesday. The swap a surprise “Shine Through It.” 42. Country singer-musician judges selected the pair to files for divorce Junior Bryant is 40. Country LOS ANGELES — perform an encore of their LOS ANGELES — singer Jimmy Wayne is 36. Rock LOS ANGELES — Court Terrence Howard says was Rampling, Julianne Hough took a trip jitterbug routine from documents show that musician Eric Bass (Shinedown) to the hospital with Monday’s performance surprised to learn that Don Kar-wai to receive is 34. Actor Ryan Reynolds is 32. entertainment mogul Cheadle stomach trouble after her show. film awards Actress Masiela Lusha is 23. Sumner Redstone has filed would performance on “Dancing “She was experiencing Actress Briana Evigan is 22. With the Stars.” for divorce from his wife of replace him STOCKHOLM, Sweden — slight stomach pains all day .......................................... Actress Jessica Stroup is 22. The 20-year-old profes- sional dancer, who’s that increased and the doctors thought it was best five years. The 85-year-old executive in “Iron Man 2.” Actress Charlotte Rampling and director Wong Kar-wai NEWS OF partnered with “Hannah to have them checked out,” chairman of CBS and Viacom petitioned for “It was will receive awards for their the surprise contributions to modern THE WEIRD Montana” actor Cody Linley said Hough’s publicist, divorce Friday. The docu- of a cinema at the Stockholm It’s all about timing ments say Redstone and his lifetime,” International Film Festival. wife, 46-year-old Paula the actor Rampling will receive the Illinois requires all state Fortunato Redstone, HOWARD and lifetime achievement award employees to pass an annual already have a settlement musician told National for her “impressive portray- 10-question, multiple-choice agreement. Public Radio on Tuesday. als of some of the most “ethics” test (whose format According to the papers, “There was no explanation, memorable female charac- lends itself to simplistic the couple married in April (the contract) just up and answers that, for instance, ters in modern cinema,” the 2003 and have no children. vanished.” festival said Wednesday. most college students might Redstone’s declaration Howard said he read handle easily). In January, Wong will be honored cited “irreconcilable news reports that money with the visionary award for state ethics officials declined differences” but provided was the issue, saying the to accept the passing grades “capturing the beauty of the no further details. contracts he signs appar- fleeting moment on the of 65 Southern Illinois Redstone’s theater chain, ently “aren’t worth the University professors silver screen.” National Amusements, paper that they’re printed Rampling’s screen because they finished “too moved last week to sell on sometimes.” quickly.” Asserted a review- credits include 1974’s “The some of its nonvoting Cheadle assumes the role Night Porter.” Wong ing state official, anyone who shares in both CBS and of James Rhodes, a charac- failed to spend at least 10 directed the 2000 film “In AP PHOTO Viacom, saying the stock ter that becomes Iron Man’s the Mood for Love” and minutes on the test was market put some of its sidekick War Machine in the being unreasonable. In this ABC image, Cody Linley and his dance partner the sequel “2046.” Julianne Hough perform on “Dancing With The Stars,” debts at risk. comics. Robert Downey Jr. — From wire reports on Tuesday. Forbes magazine calcu- will reprise his role as — From wire reports Thursday Television VEN-VENICE SPECIALS E-N-ENGLEWOOD MOVIES SAR-SARASOTA PC-PORT CHARLOTTE NEWS SPORTS ARC-ARCADIA SPG-SOUTH PUNTA GORDA KIDS MORNING AFTERNOON FIOS VEN SPG ARC SAR OCT. 23 E-N PC 8 AM 8:30 9 AM 9:30 10 AM 10:30 11 AM 11:30 12 PM 12:30 1 PM 1:30 2 PM 2:30 3 PM 3:30 4 PM 4:30 ABC 7 7 7 10 7 7 Good Morning 478217 Matlock (TVPG) 829052 Crosswrds Inside-Box The View (N) 477588 News (N) 364110 All My Children 364930 One Life Live 747859 Gen Hospital 950101 Style Style ABC 26 7 11 7 Good Morning 56965 Regis & Kelly 252830 News (N) (HD) 35472 The View (TV14) 55236 Fam. Feud Fam. Feud All My Children 16236 One Life to Live 18217 General Hospital 41168 The Doctors (N) 20675 CBS 11 5 5 5 5 The Early Show 91385 Bonnie Hunt (N) 51878 Millionre. Beautiful Price Is Right (N) 90656 News (N) 45120 Young Restless 61168 As the World (N) 93255 Guiding Light (N) 76491 Oprah Winfrey 95526 CBS 10 10 10 10 10 The Early Show 76089 Inside (N) Millionre. Studio 10 16694 Price Is Right (N) 96830 News (N) Restless (TV14) 359762 Beautiful As the World (N) 66101 Guiding Light (N) 89965 News (N) 68472 NBC 20 5 2 2 2 (7:00) Today Lee Ann Womack. (N) (HD) 810052 Ellen (TV G) (N) 76656 Today (N) (HD) 89120 News (N) (HD) 25946 Days Our Lives 34694 Martha Stewart 59491 Rachael Ray (N) 47304 News (N) (HD) 66439 BROADCAST NBC 8 8 8 8 8 (7:00) Today Lee Ann Womack. (N) (HD) 270830 Daytime 69762 NewsChannel 8 89526 Today (N) (HD) 48168 Days Our Lives 24588 Rachael Ray (N) 35217 The Doctors (N) 41781 Oprah Winfrey 37588 FOX 36 4 4 4 4 4 Fox 4 Rising 843507 Morning Blend 217168 Better TV 822014 Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Law & Order 494120 Fam Court Will (HD) King King Raymond Malcolm Maury (TV14) 337236 FOX 13 13 13 13 13 13 News (N) 15101 Regis & Kelly (N) 75472 Morning Show 13656 Martha Stewart 26120 News (N) 78472 Alex (N) Cristina Brown (N) Brown (N) Divorce Divorce Judy 6588 Judy 5472 PBS 30 3 3 3 3 Curious Sid 10588 Super Why Clifford Sesame Street 84762 Food (R) Keller (R) Europe Landscapes Ask This Sewing Big World Word (R) Curious Dragon Arthur (R) WordGirl WEDU 3 17 3 3 Curious Sid 48656 Super Why Clifford Sesame Street 45168 Dragon Word (R) Charlie Rose (N) 84946 Frontline: Heat Green policies. (R) (HD) 15439 Maxa World Maya 472 Martha (R) WordGirl CW 46 11 38 6 News (N) 3671830 Morning (N) 9049743 Brown (N) Brown (N) Young (N) Young (R) Judy (N) Judy (R) News (R) 5795743 Trivial Trivial Judge Pirro 5565236 J. Foxx Wayans CW 9 9 9 4 The Daily Buzz 472236 Cosby Cosby Lopez Home Vid Young (N) Young (R) Hatchett Hatchett Fam Court Fam Court Karen (N) Karen (R) Judge Jeanine 89085 J. Foxx Wayans MYN 38 11 11 11 14 Paid Prog. Bel-Air The 700 Club 8460526 Maury (TV14) 5128217 Court (TVPG) 5131781 Judge Mathis 1565255 Steve Wilkos 1541675 Fam. Feud Fam. Feud Raymond Raymond Maury (TV14) 8818526 MYN 8 8 Home Vid MTV Cribs Tyra: Bromance (N) Steve Wilkos Show (R) Jerry Springer (TV14) Cops Cops Cristina Alex (N) Divorce Divorce Judge Mathis (TVPG) Jdg Karen Jdg Karen IND 12 12 4 21 12 Paid Prog. Copeland Hollywood Degrassi Half 44656 Half 18120 Jerry Springer 99694 Tyra (TVPG) (R) 41946 Montel Williams 50694 Jerry Springer 45385 Jury (N) Jury (R) Cheaters Cheaters ION 66 2 2 2 13 26 15 17 Paid Prog. Robison Christian Levitt Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Penguins Zula MASH MASH A&E 26 26 26 26 39 58 181 Jordan (TV14) 291255 The Sopranos 821410 Amer. Justice 482410 Cold Case (R) 479946 Cold Case (R) 286588 CSI: Miami 408708 Jordan (TV14) 749217 The Sopranos 969859 Amer. Justice 741526 AMC 56 56 56 56 30 34 231 (:15) Hamburger Hill (‘87) aac Battle to take hill. (R) 46040052 (:45) Coogan’s Bluff (‘68, Drama) Sheriff in big city. 65226897 Black Dog (‘98, Action) Gun smuggling. 110781 Blown Away (‘94, Action) A mad bomber. 293120 APL 44 44 44 44 36 64 130 Bark Mad Bark Mad Me or Dog Me or Dog Growing Up 6721830 Rescues E-Vet (R) Animal Cops 5711781 Precinct (R) 5797101 Most Extreme 2409781 Croc Hunt 5567694 Growing Up 5546101 BET 35 35 35 35 40 68 270 Inspiration 666656 Smart Guy Smart Guy Karen Hatchett Hatchett Girlfriend You Got Served (‘04) c Street dancers. 183878 BET Now 164743 One One Harvey Harvey BRAVO 68 68 68 68 35 185 The West Wing 937615 The West Wing 602588 Top Design (R) 263588 Top Design (R) 276052 Top Design (R) 819656 Top Design (R) 828304 Housewives (R) 546323 Housewives (R) 750439 Housewives (R) 739946 COM 66 66 66 66 15 46 190 Overnight Delivery aa Hellish road trip. 1719304 Daily (R) Colbert Patton Oswalt 7387859 Jay Mohr 6970052 MADtv (TV14) 6956472 Daily (R) Colbert MADtv MADtv (TV14) 1080946 Dbl. Wham DISC 43 43 43 43 25 29 120 Paid Prog. Paid Prog. It’s Made It’s Made Cash Cab Cash Cab Verminators (R) 484878 Monster (TV G) 164912 The FBI Files 869520 A Haunting (R) 754149 A Haunting (R) 967491 Man vs. Wild 986526 DISCH 58 58 58 58 47 136161 Blaine Just Cook Make Room 9386897 Birth Day Birth Day Diaries Adoption Bringing Make Room 6014304 Birth Day Birth Day Diaries Adoption Runway X-Weighted 7963743 E! 46 46 46 46 27 49 196 News Daily 10 Beauty Queens Gone Wrong (TV14) 703781 Dr. 90210 (R) 424762 News Daily 10 E! True Story 785994 THS: Will Smith 794033 E! Ent. Special 907385 THS (TV14) (R) 919120 FAM 55 55 55 55 10 42 199 Sabrina Sabrina Step The 700 Club 213859 700 Club Gilmore Girls 677526 Full Hse Full Hse Sister Sister Sabrina Sabrina Full Hse Full Hse I Like (HD) I Like (HD) FOOD 37 37 37 37 - 62 164 Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Getaways Have Fork Emeril (R) Grill Entertain Paula (R) Quick Fix 30 Min. Chef (R) Emeril Live (R) 1722878 Guy Bite Tyler’s (R) Semi-Hm Italian (R) FX 51 51 51 51 58 53 53 Bernie Bernie Spin City Spin City Bats a A doctor races to stop killer bats. 6129897 King King Spin City Spin City Malcolm Malcolm ‘70s King King Bernie GSN 179179179179 34 102184 Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Match Tic Tac D. Password Fam. Feud Let’s Deal Press Luck Jeopardy Wheel Card Shark Match Fam. Feud Password Truth Lingo Weakest Fam. Feud HALL 17 74 96 17 66 240 The Waltons 3606526 The Waltons 9074439 Little House 6754168 Little House 6734304 Angel (TV G) 5704491 7th Heaven 5720439 7th Heaven 2492491 Little House 5550304 Little House 5579439 HGTV 41 41 41 41 53 54 165 Look Wht Junk Bros. Kidspace Dec. Cent Challnge Double (R) Reveal (R) 24 Dsign Hse Hunt Curb App. Designed Designed Design (R) Design (R) Parents Hammer Curb App. Curb App. CABLE HIST 81 81 81 81 33 30 128 Discoveries 3296656 Discoveries 4623762 Discoveries 5527101 Discoveries 5547965 Discoveries 6120526 Marvels (R) 6106946 Discoveries 9381410 Discoveries 8251675 Discoveries 2101304 LIFE 36 36 36 36 52 33 140 Standing Standing Gold Girl Gold Girl Frasier Frasier Will (HD) Will (HD) Housewives 225052 Housewives 201472 The Glass House (‘01) Wealthy orphans. 870526 Wife Swap 129304 NICK 25 25 25 25 24 47 252 Sponge Dora (R) Backyard Go Diego Pets (TVY) Dora (R) Kai-Lan Yo Gabba Dora (R) Go Diego Backyard Wubbzy Sponge Fairly U-Picks U-Picks U-Picks U-Picks QVC 14 14 12 9 14 24 150 QVC Morning 7577168 Susan Graver 1590965 Clever 7556675 Bradley 7576439 Q Check 7578255 Southwestern Jewelry: Balloon Fiesta 7425878 Presents 5565061 Xmas Shoppe 2515746 SCI 67 67 67 67 56 180 Sometimes They Come Back ... Again 7809679 Sometimes They Come Back (‘99) ac (R) 9633697 Penny Dreadful (‘06) Terrorized woman. 8059912 Monster Man (‘03) aa Human roadkill. (R) 9234781 Rest Stop (‘06) 4812168 SPIKE 57 57 57 57 29 57 54 Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Most Amazing 931566 Whacked Whacked Married Married Married Married Disorderly (R) 271472 Voyager 906781 Voyager 117675 CSI: Crime 129410 TBS 59 59 59 59 32 51 52 Save Bell Save Bell Bel-Air Bel-Air The Perfect Score Stealing SAT exam. 668743 Home Imp Home Imp Home Imp Home Imp Shoot Me Shoot Me Yes, Dear Yes, Dear Queens Queens TCM 65 65 65 65 105230 Eyes Night I’m Julia Ross 2383385 Dear Murderer A jealous husband. 39061526 The Big Sleep (‘46) aaac A hard case. 5253507 The October Man (‘48) aaa 4994033 (:15) D.O.A. (‘50) aaa Seeking his killer. 86272304 TLC 45 45 45 45 57 41 139 Wedding Dating (N) Baby Stry Baby Stry Bringing Bringing Plus 8 (R) People (R) Not to Wear (R) 280120 Not to Wear (R) 206168 Baby Stry Baby Stry Bringing Bringing Hme Chef Hme Chef TNT 61 61 61 61 28 31 51 Charmed (HD) 411323 Charmed (HD) 436976 ER (TVPG) (HD) 623946 Las Vegas (HD) 636410 Las Vegas (HD) 288762 Without Trace 297410 Law & Order 999491 Law & Order 100385 Charmed (HD) 112120 TOON 48 48 48 48 46 50 257 Skunk Fu! Robot (R) Baby Tune Pup Scby Garfield Gets Real ac Garfield’s travels. 1559694 Tom & Jerry 1552781 Pokémon Pokémon Skunk Fu! Skunk Fu! Johny Test Johny Test Johny Test Chowder TRAV 69 69 69 69 38 170 Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Treasures 8456976 Treasure 7964491 Treasure 7984255 Passport Passport Anthony B. (R) 4342878 Inside (TV G) 5136061 Ft. Knox 7275694 Treasures 7254101 TRUTV 63 63 63 63 50 65 183 Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Bloom and Politan: Open Court 6834149 Jami Floyd: Best Defense Legal issues. 7852304 Banfield and Ford: Courtside 6838965 Arrest Arrest N. Road N. Road TVL 62 62 62 62 31 71 244 Court 3rd Rock Sanford Sanford Jefferson Good Time Good Time Beaver Lucy Lucy Hllbillies Hllbillies Gunsmoke 2401149 Bonanza 5552762 Hllbillies Hllbillies USA 34 34 34 34 22 44 50 Monk (TVPG) 439149 Walker (TVPG) 445014 Wings 10.5: Apocalypse, Part 1 ac Catastrophic. 592743 10.5: Apocalypse, Part 2 a 529101 Monk (TVPG) 396149 Law & Order 516781 Law & Order 502588 WE 117117117117 74 149 Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Hope (HD) Hope (HD) Dharma Dharma Girlfriend Bridezillas (R) 7454217 Bridezillas (R) 7455946 Bridezillas (R) 3434633 Bridezillas (R) 3138120 Bridezilla WGN 16 16 14 14 41 18 9 Hllbillies Hllbillies Bewitched Jeannie Matlock (TVPG) 250014 Heat of Night 270878 Nash Bridges 839410 WGN News (N) 815830 Homicide: St. 540149 Cosby Cosby Becker Pets (R) CNBC 39 39 39 39 63 102 Squawk Box 1524385 Squawk on the Street (N) 6832781 The Call (N) 3055507 Power Lunch Market information (N) 6842168 Street Signs 6823033 Closing Bell Last hour of trading (N) 2696323 CNN 32 32 32 32 18 32 100 Amer. Morning 722930 News 450946 CNN Newsroom News for classroom. 671217 Issue #1 674304 CNN Newsroom News for the classroom. 337694 Situation Room 526120 NEWS CSPAN 18 18 18 18 37 9 109 (7:00) Washington Journal (N) 515142 U.S. House of Representatives (N) 24255 U.S. House of Representatives (N) 24878 U.S. House of Representatives (N) 67694 House of Reps 66156 FNC 64 64 64 64 48 60 118 FOX Friend 5350656 America’s Newsroom General news. (N) 9609651 Happening Now Latest news. (N) 5538656 The Live Desk Main stories. (N) 1504287 Studio B (N) 6605217 Your World 6617052 MSNBC 42 42 42 42 40 103 Morning Joe 7281101 MSNBC Live Live news. 9704205 MSNBC Live Live news. 5534830 MSNBC Live Live news. 9409453 MSNBC Live Live news. 9641526 CSS 28 28 28 28 49 SportsNITE 269255 R. Faulk Hook Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. B.Williams Tiger Shorter M.Hudspeth Dawg Rep. Press Conf Press Conf Tommy West Furman Inside Gm. ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 27 70 SportsCenter 648149 SportsCenter 282472 SportsCenter 837946 SportsCenter 840410 SportsCenter 409052 SportsCenter 485472 SportsCenter 103491 Outside College NFL Live Rome Brn SPORTS ESPN2 30 30 30 30 6 28 74 Mike and Mike in the Morning (HD) 5898255 ESPN First Take (HD) 4349781 ESPN First Take (HD) 6681156 Best/Mike 1st & 10 Bowling 7268304 Outside College FSN 72 72 72 72 77 FSN Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. S.W Fla. Reel Advnt Am.Outdrs Angler Paid Prog. Rodeo (Replay) 381323 Beyond Glory 956526 GOLF 49 49 49 49 55 55 304 Paid Prog. Paid Prog. F European Golf Tour (Live) 3958255 Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Paid Prog. F Nationwide Golf Tour (Live) 6251101 F PGA (Live) 6125878 SPEED 52 52 52 52 42 162 83 Thunder Thunder Pinks! Outtakes Wrecked Wrecked Paid Prog. Paid Prog. NASCAR Sprint Cup: TUMS QuikPak 500 (Replay) 3454149 Truck Truck Chop Cut Lucas SUN 38 38 38 38 45 37 76 Cap. Updte Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Sailing Glf Amer. Golfing Endlss Glf Sailing Gator Zne Marlins Wide Life Arnd. Trck Paid Prog. Paid Prog. Schiano GA Tech Youth Ftbl HS Sports DISN 136136136136 136 76 250 Einsteins Mickey (R) Han. Man Friends 99 Movers Charlie (R) Doodle Higgly (R) Now You See It ... (‘05) aa 9264897 Zack (R) Zack (R) Zack (R) Phineas Phineas Emperor Emperor ENC 150150150150 400350 Messengers Shanghai Noon Tracking kidnapper. 35265385 (:40) Under Siege 2 (‘95) 41745014 (:20) Stargate (‘94) aac Kurt Russell. Portal to galaxy. 32090762 Air Bud (‘97, Comedy) aac 56907897 Mohicans (R) 91435323 HBO 302 301301 301 17 500400 The Arrival (‘96) aac Aliens on Earth. 101033 Real Sports 839304 Forrest Gump (‘94, Drama) Tom Hanks. A simple man. 579052 Recount (‘08, Drama) A power struggle. 984149 The Cure (‘95, Drama) aac 4220491 77 77 PREMIUM HBO2 303302302302 501402 Soapdish aac 72627120 (:15) Stripes (‘81) Cabbie in the army. 21595743 Robin Hood (‘91) aac (NR) 2676149 Music and Lyrics (‘07) Writing team. 80702052 Jerusalem 9574236 HBO 1st Lk Live Free 40623101 HBO3 304303303303 502404 Maradona, the Hand of God (‘07) aac 2743435 (:15) The Suburbans (‘99) 1634675 Notes on a Scandal A teacher’s affair. 28418385 Digging to China (‘98) aac 1687435 Evan Almighty Man builds new ark. 43044675 MAX 320 320 320 320 63 540420 (:05) Naked Gun (‘88) aaa 10666897 Havana (‘90) aac A gambler falls for a beautiful widow. 353101 License to Wed (‘07) aa 359743 The Funhouse (‘81, Horror) 7502588 (:05) The Good Thief (‘02) Casino heist. 37228101 76 76 76 MAX2 321321321321 541422 (:20) After Hours (‘85) Comic disasters. 70445588 Ocean’s Thirteen Crew gets revenge. 7548014 The Shining (‘80) A crazed man stalks his family. (R) 4784588 Evening (‘07, Drama) A woman’s life. 8349762 Rendition SHO 340340340340 19 520365 Can’t Stop a 24706675 (:15) Mr. Jealousy (‘98) Man is jealous. 49938946 Blue Demon Sharks attack. 3089656 Inside NFL (R) 2760830 (:45) World Trade Center (‘06) Survivors rescued. 50700507 Inside the NFL 519878 TMC 350350350350 20 550385 Harlan County War (‘00) 90635965 The Field Tenant farmers try to buy land. 619439 Road A bad trip worsens. 1890526 At Sachem Farm (‘99) aac 40001830 Harlan County War Wife pickets mine. 83586830 The Field
  • 14. Front Page 14 D/E/N/C WEATHER / TV LISTINGS The Sun /Thursday, October 23, 2008 TODAY FRIDAY SATURDAY SUNDAY MONDAY THE NATION -10s -0s 0s 10s 20s 30s 40s 50s 60s 70s 80s 90s 100s 110s Five-day forecast Seattle 58/43 provided by WINK-TV Cloudy with rain likely, Mostly cloudy with Mostly cloudy with Partly cloudy, breezy Sunny, breezy and breezy scattered rain scattered rain cooler channel 11/cable Billings 63/39 Minneapolis channel 5. Tune in 78° / 72° 81° / 73° 83° / 68° 81° / 63° 79° / 56° 53/41 Detroit 57/41 New York Jim Farrell at 6 and 11 p.m. 100% chance of rain 70% chance of rain 50% chance of rain 10% chance of rain 0% chance of rain COOL 52/44 Kansas City Chicago San Francisco 58/46 50/38 CONDITIONS TODAY AIRPORT Plant City 80/52 Denver 52/25 Washington 58/43 UV Index and RealFeel Temperature® Today Possible weather-related delays today. Check with Clearwater 81/70 your airline for the most updated schedules. Winter Haven 82/73 80/72 DRY aie . .. . Hi/Lo Outlook Delays ? Tampa Brandon Los Angeles X000 Ft. Myers 80/69 storms afternoon 83/71 81/70 96/58 Atlanta Sarasota 84/72 storms afternoon Bartow El Paso 63/52 1 2 2 1 81/69 66/47 0 0 BREEZY SUN AND MOON 6 ' Shown are noon posi- Houston as z a a z 67 69 77 76 79 75 St. Petersburg ? 68/49 8 a.m. 10 a.m. Noon 2 p.m. 4 p.m. 6 p.m. The Sun Rise Set 82/73 Apollo Beach tions of weather systems 82/71 Ft. Meade Miami The higher the UV Index™ number, the Today 7:33 a.m. 6:52 p.m. 81/69 and precipitation. Temperature 80/76 greater the need for eye and skin protection. 0-2 Low; 3-5 Friday 7:33 a.m. 6:51 p.m. qW bands are highs for the day. Moderate; 6-7 High; 8-10 Very High; 11+ Extreme. I - The Moon Rise Set Fronts Precipitation RealFeel Temperature is the exclusive composite of effective temperature based on eight weather Today 2:32 a.m. 3:45 p.m. factors. Friday 3:31 a.m. 4:17 p.m. Wauchula Cold Warm Stationary Showers T-storms Rain Flurries Snow Ice New First Full Last Bradenton 81/69 AIR QUALITY INDEX 82/70 Today Fri. Today Fri. Air Quality Index readings as of Wednesday City Hi Lo W Hi Lo W City Hi Lo W Hi Lo W Longboat Key Myakka City 34 ? F? ? ? 83/69 1 Limestone I1 Albuquerque 55 34 s 66 40 s Jackson, MS 65 56 t 69 45 pc 82/70 ? 82/69 -r I ?I ?' Anchorage 32 21 sf 30 17 c Kansas City 50 38 sh 50 38 sh 0 50 100 150 200 I I I 300 I 500 I Oct 28 Nov 5 Nov 13 Nov 19 Sarasota o ° Atlanta 63 52 pc 53 51 r Knoxville 65 45 pc 56 52 r 84/72 f Baltimore 56 34 s 62 46 s Las Vegas 79 51 s 85 55 s 0-50 Good; 51-100 Moderate; 101-150 Unhealthy ?I for sensitive groups; 151-200 Unhealthy; 201-300 SOLUNAR TABLE Osprey ` Arcadia Billings 63 39 s 64 43 pc Los Angeles 96 58 s 92 58 s Very Unhealthy; 301-500 Hazardous Minor Major Minor Major Birmingham 69 56 pc 60 45 r Louisville 69 50 pc 64 48 r 82/70 82/69 Boise 61 36 s 65 42 s Memphis 62 50 t 64 49 pc Main pollutant: ozone Today 1:57a 8:09a 2:21p 8:33p Fri. 2:40a 8:51a 3:02p 9:13p Venice Boston 49 38 s 59 42 s Milwaukee 56 45 pc 57 44 sh Source: 83/70 North Port Hull Buffalo 54 36 s 61 46 s Minneapolis 53 41 c 54 43 c Sat. 3:18a 9:29a 3:40p 9:51p Shown is today’s weather. 83/69 Temperatures are today’s 83/69 Burlington, VT 46 29 s 54 33 s Montgomery 72 61 pc 62 51 r POLLEN INDEX The solunar period schedule allows planning days highs and tonight’s lows. _ Charleston, WV 65 39 s 67 50 r Nashville 68 53 pc 63 47 r Pollen Index readings as of Wednesday so you will be fishing in good territory or hunting Port Charlotte in good cover during those times. Major periods 78/72 Charlotte 62 46 s 57 52 r New Orleans 74 62 t 69 56 pc Trees 2 begin at the times shown and last for 1.5 to 2 Englewood Chicago 58 46 pc 60 45 r New York City 52 44 s 62 49 s Grass 11 hours. The minor periods are shorter. 84/70 Cincinnati 66 43 pc 62 46 r Norfolk, VA 61 51 pc 66 59 pc Weeds 11 Gulf Water Punta Gorda Cleveland 58 41 s 63 48 pc Oklahoma City 58 39 c 61 41 pc Molds 5113 TIDES Temperature Placida i 80/71 Columbia, SC 67 49 pc 63 56 r Omaha 44 39 r 50 39 sh 80/71 e t i I Columbus, OH 62 42 s 63 48 r Philadelphia 57 38 s 61 47 s absent low moderate high very high High Low High Low Source: National Allergy Bureau Punta Gorda 77° Boca Grande 0 ` Concord, NH Dallas 52 21 s 65 45 pc 58 22 s 71 48 s Phoenix Pittsburgh 87 58 s 56 36 s 90 60 s 60 47 pc Today 1:17a 5:42a 11:21a 6:55p 83/73 Denver 52 25 s 60 34 pc Portland, ME 52 30 s 56 34 s ALMANAC Fri. 1:24a 7:04a 12:48p 7:34p Forecasts and graphics, except for the Fort Myers Des Moines 50 39 r 50 39 sh Portland, OR 63 42 pc 62 46 s Punta Gorda through 5 p.m. Wednesday Englewood Detroit 57 41 s 60 45 c Providence 52 31 s 60 40 s WINK-TV 5-day forecast, provided by 80/69 Temperatures Today 9:58a 3:58a --- 5:11p AccuWeather, Inc. ©2008 1 I ! Q ? _ Duluth 56 39 pc 51 42 pc Raleigh 60 45 s 65 57 c High/Low 84°/62° Fri. 12:01a 5:20a 11:25a 5:50p Cape Coral Lehigh Acres Fairbanks 12 8 sf 15 5 c Salt Lake City 59 31 s 60 35 s Normal High/Low 85°/65° Boca Grande 82/69 79/70 Fargo 53 34 pc 52 35 pc St. Louis 60 47 r 56 43 sh Record High 91° (2007) Today 9:03a 2:19a 11:06p 3:32p Hartford 52 25 s 62 30 s San Antonio 76 49 pc 80 54 s Record Low 48° (1976) Fri. 10:30a 3:41a 11:18p 4:11p MARINE Helena 54 27 s 62 34 pc San Diego 91 58 s 85 58 s Precipitation (in inches) Wind Speed Seas Bay/Inland Sanibel Honolulu 86 74 pc 86 73 pc San Francisco 80 52 s 76 52 s El Jobean Houston 68 49 pc 77 52 s Seattle 58 43 c 57 43 pc 24 hours through 5 p.m. Wednesday 0.00” direction in knots in feet chop 82/72 Today 1:49a 6:11a 11:53a 7:24p Indianapolis 65 45 pc 58 46 r Washington, DC 58 43 s 62 51 pc Month to date 0.23” Fri. 1:56a 7:33a 1:20p 8:03p Cape Sable to Tarpon Springs Bonita Springs TA 0 Normal month to date 2.48” ENE 10-20 2-4 Moderate 83/70 Venice WORLD CITIES Year to date 43.26” Tarpon Springs to Apalachicola Normal year to date 45.48” Today 8:13a 2:37a 10:16p 3:50p Record 0.55” (1993) Fri. 9:40a 3:59a 10:28p 4:29p E 12-25 4-7 Moderate Accu ® Today Fri. Today Fri. City Hi Lo W Hi Lo W City Hi Lo W Hi Lo W Amsterdam 54 45 pc 55 43 pc Mexico City 72 46 pc 71 49 pc MONTHLY RAINFALL FLORIDA CITIES Baghdad 90 65 pc 93 67 pc Montreal 45 36 s 50 36 s Month 2008 2007 Avg. Record/Year Today Fri. Today Fri. Today Fri. Beijing 59 39 r 57 39 pc Ottawa 44 32 s 54 35 s Jan. 1.61 1.01 2.21 7.07/1979 City Hi Lo W Hi Lo W City Hi Lo W Hi Lo W City Hi Lo W Hi Lo W Berlin 50 38 pc 54 40 s Paris 56 43 s 57 41 c Feb. 1.72 1.28 2.32 11.05/1983 Apalachicola 75 68 t 75 58 r Key West 84 76 t 85 78 t Pompano Beach 80 76 t 84 76 t Buenos Aires 77 59 s 82 61 s Regina 58 25 s 53 31 s Mar. 3.04 0.06 2.73 9.26/1970 Apr. 3.98 1.30 1.70 5.80/1994 Bradenton 82 70 t 80 71 t Kissimmee 80 70 t 82 70 t St. Augustine 74 70 pc 74 66 t Cairo 83 65 s 82 62 pc Rio de Janeiro 87 74 s 84 74 pc May 1.22 0.83 3.15 9.45/1991 Clearwater 82 73 t 85 71 t Lakeland 81 69 t 83 69 t St. Petersburg 82 73 t 84 71 t Calgary 52 31 pc 57 34 pc Rome 72 61 sh 70 56 t Jun. 6.60 3.75 8.45 23.99/1974 Coral Springs 80 75 t 85 75 t Melbourne 79 75 t 82 72 t Sanford 79 72 t 81 70 t Cancun 84 73 t 84 73 t St. John’s 42 36 sf 44 33 pc Jul. 12.38 5.72 7.78 14.22/1995 Daytona Beach 78 73 t 80 72 t Miami 80 76 t 86 76 t Sarasota 84 72 t 84 71 t Dublin 57 45 r 54 46 sh San Juan 86 76 pc 86 76 pc Aug. 8.53 6.62 7.82 15.60/1995 Fort Lauderdale 81 76 t 85 75 t Naples 84 68 t 84 75 t Tallahassee 72 64 t 74 56 r Edmonton 52 34 pc 54 37 pc Sydney 64 52 pc 73 55 pc Sep. 3.95 5.37 6.75 14.03/1979 Fort Myers 80 69 t 85 73 t Ocala 77 68 t 79 65 r Tampa 83 71 t 82 72 t Halifax 46 36 pc 52 38 s Tokyo 72 64 r 73 66 r Oct. 0.23 3.11 3.12 10.88/1995 Fort Pierce 79 75 t 84 71 t Okeechobee 79 75 t 84 71 t Titusville 79 71 t 80 71 t Kiev 55 43 sh 47 37 pc Toronto 52 38 s 57 47 pc Nov. 0.03 1.88 5.53/2002 Gainesville 75 66 pc 77 63 r Orlando 78 70 t 81 70 t Vero Beach 79 77 t 82 73 t London 59 48 r 58 41 sh Vancouver 55 42 c 53 43 pc Dec. 0.31 1.77 6.83/2002 Year 43.26 29.39 49.68 (since 1931) Jacksonville 74 64 pc 73 64 r Panama City 77 67 t 74 55 r West Palm Beach 80 76 t 85 75 t Madrid 61 45 pc 66 45 pc Winnipeg 50 36 s 51 37 pc Totals are from a 24-hour period ending at 5 p.m. Key Largo 82 77 t 83 75 t Pensacola 72 66 t 69 52 r Winter Haven 80 72 t 83 69 t Weather (W): s-sunny, pc-partly cloudy, c-cloudy, sh-showers, t-thunderstorms, r-rain, sf-snow flurries, sn-snow, i-ice. MOVIES A A Thursday Television VEN-VENICE SPECIALS E-N-ENGLEWOOD SAR-SARASOTA NEWS PC-PORT CHARLOTTE ARC-ARCADIA SPORTS SPG-SOUTH PUNTA GORDA KIDS PRIME TIME FIOS VEN SPG ARC SAR OCT. 23 E-N PC 5 PM 5:30 6 PM 6:30 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30 9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30 ABC 7 News at 5 News (N) 263052 ABC 7 News at 6 World News (N) Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy! (TV G) Ugly Betty: Granny Pants Daniel’s Grey’s Anatomy “Domino” (:01) Life on Mars Murdered veteran. News (N) 4175101 (:35) Nightline (N) ABC Oo7 7 7 10 7 7 519743 260965 251217 539507 240101 match. (TVPG) (N) 601323 procedure. (TV14) (N) 5682830 (TV14) (N) (HD) 691946 79564878 ABC 26 Dr. Phil: Killer Texting 92946 7 11 7 News 22675 News 46255 ET (N) 93675 Extra 42439 Ugly Betty (TVPG) (N) 51033 Grey’s Anatomy (N) 8240965 Life on Mars (TV14) (N) 41656 News (N) Nightline (N) WINK News at News (N) 2120 WINK News at CBS Evening News (N) 1385 Inside Edition (N) Survivor: Gabon - Earth’s Last Eden CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Eleventh Hour: Agro Food-related News (N) 6679255 Late Show (R) CBS 17 5 5 5 5 5pm 1149 6pm 9033 News 2085 9897 (TVPG) (N) (HD) 94385 Statue-like victims. 3576304 paralysis cases. (N) 17236 53717897 CBS 70 10 10 10 10 Dr. Phil: Killer Texting (N) 6830 News 2507 News 3859 10 Connects Ray’s 21439 Survivor Gabon (N) 89089 CSI: Crime Scene 3589878 Eleventh Hour: Agro 13410 News (N) Late Show NBC 2 News at 5 NBC 2 News at NBC 2 News at 6 NBC Nightly Wheel of Fortune Jeopardy! (TV G) My Name Is Earl Kath & Kim: Old The Office (TV14) Saturday Night ER: Parental Guidance Injured NBC 2 News (N) Tonight Show (R) NBC 20 5 2 2 2 (N) 15859 5:30 69168 (N) 59781 News 40033 (N) 28323 (N) 46217 (N) 52453 (N) 23878 (N) 55323 Live 26675 gymnast. (TVPG) (N) 72588 74201830 7321965 NBC cu - 8 8 8 8 8 News 4061 News 8762 News 5675 News 9255 ET (N) 4205 Extra (N) 5439 Earl (N) 6675 Kath & Kim Office 26472 SNL 49897 ER Injured gymnast. (N) 80168 (:59) News (N) Leno (TV14) BROADCAST 2008 World Series: Game #2: Philadelphia Phillies at Tampa Bay Rays from Tropicana FOX 36 4 4 4 4 4 My Wife and Kids Friends (TVPG) 977743 621052 628965 Loves Raymond Seinfeld (TVPG) 619217 997507 The Simpsons Friends (TVPG) 608101 @ Field (Live) (HD) 859138 Fox News at 10 (N) 338965 FOX News Tracker 193014 FOX 73 13 13 13 13FOX 13 5:00 News (N) 6615 13 FOX 13 6:00 News (N) 74656 TMZ (N) 1694 Insider 6101 @ 2008 World Series: Game #2: Philadelphia Phillies vs Tampa Bay Rays (Live) (HD) 291694 News 29507 TMZ 91946 FETCH! Ruffman Cyberchase (TVY) BBC World News Business Report The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer The This Old House Hour Timber P.O.V.: Soldiers of Conscience Soldiers discuss moral Digital TV (TV G) Charlie Rose (N) 85491 PBS 30 3 3 3 3 (N) 92830 21830 28743 (N) 42323 (N) (HD) 15255 frames. (TV G) (N) 91675 dilemmas. (TV14) (R) (HD) 65762 24781 WEDU 3 17 3 3 Curious 7149 Focus (N) 743 News 656 Bus. Rpt 236 NewsHour with Lehrer 4149 Gulf Coast Up Close Antiques Roadshow (R) 3033 Normandie: (TVPG) 6120 Cancer Story 46897 CW 46 11 38 6 No Deal (N) Millionre. (N) Queens (HD) Queens (HD) Two & 1/2 Two & 1/2 Smallville: Prey (N) 1200946 Supernatural (TVPG) 1213410 News (N) TMZ 4983439 Family (TV14) Family (TV14) CW 9 9 9 4 Wife 9472 Malcolm 7694 Two & 1/2 Queens 5859 Simpsons Two & 1/2 Smallville Serial killer. 65897 Supernatural (TVPG) 45033 Queens (HD) Jim 51217 Jim 27149 South Prk MYN 36 11 11 11 14 The People’s Court 4868946 Judge Mathis (N) 1561439 No Deal (N) No Deal (N) A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge aa 8327101 News (N) ‘70s 4803236 ‘70s 5967255 (:35) Seinfeld The People’s Court (TVPG) (N) George Lopez Punk (TVPG) Scrubs: My New Access A Nightmare on Elm Street 2: Freddy’s Revenge (‘85, Horror) aa George Lopez Punk (TVPG) South Park RENO 911! MYN 8 8 (TVPG) Coat Hollywood (TVPG) Robert Englund. Freddy is back to inflict mayhem. (R) (TVPG) (TVMA) (TV14) The Tyra Banks Show Men who are Family Guy (TV14) Family Guy (TV14) Frasier (TV14) Frasier (TV14) Law & Order: Criminal Intent: See A Dog of Flanders (‘98, Drama) aa A discouraged Dutch artist Punk’D (TVPG) MTV Cribs (TVPG) IND 32 12 12 4 21 12 close. (TVPG) (N) 92043 53439 37491 42502 33675 Me (TV14) (HD) 86743 embarks on a journey with his faithful dog. (PG) 89830 61946 73168 ION 66 2 2 2 13 26 15 17 Harvey 75255 Harvey 96236 Cooper Cooper Fam. Feud Fam. Feud City of Angels (‘98, Romance) aac An angel falls for a human woman. 662014 MASH 37217 Paid Prog. Paid Prog. A&E 26 26 26 26 39 58 181 Cold Case Files (R) 530236 Cold Case Files (R) 164192 CSI: Miami (TV14) 694033 The First 48 (TVMA) 603781 The First 48 (TVMA) 690217 Jacked (N) Jacked (R) Rookies (R) Rookies (R) AMC 56 56 56 56 30 34 231 Blown Away Road House (‘89, Action) aa A bouncer tries to clean up rough bar. 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(R) 2301830 Saw II (‘05) Jigsaw is back for more deadly games. 1859472 Needful Things (‘93) ac Devilish shop. 5173304 SPIKE 57 57 57 57 29 57 54 Unsolved Mysteries 750304 Unsolved Mysteries 291236 CSI: NY (TV14) (HD) 859149 CSI: NY (TV14) (HD) 868897 TNA: Wrestling iMPACT! Wrestling action. (TV14) (N) 838656 UFC 90 631965 TBS 59 59 59 59 32 51 52 Raymond Raymond Raymond Friends Seinfeld Seinfeld Friends Friends Friends Friends Get Smart’s Bruce & Lloyd (‘08) 2043410 (:40) Sex City TCM 65 65 65 65 105 230 Cloudburst (‘51) A veteran hits back. 8886743 Cop Hater (‘58) Policemen are slain. 5246472 2001: A Space Odyssey An insane computer menaces astronauts. 22125507 Touch of Evil (‘58) A battle of wills. 9885385 TLC 45 45 45 45 57 41 139 Jon & Kate Plus 8 (R) 745472 What Not to Wear (R) 286304 LA Ink: Comic Relief 844217 Overhaulin’ (TV G) (R) 853965 American Chopper 833101 LA Ink Metal tattoo. (N) 843588 American Chopper 626033 TNT 61 61 61 61 28 31 51 Charmed (TV14) (HD) 743014 Law & Order: Trophy 284946 Law & Order: Enemy 842859 Law & Order (TV14) 851507 Law & Order (TV14) 831743 A NBA Basketball: Charlotte vs Los Angeles (Live) 958548 TOON 48 48 48 48 46 50 257 Chowder (R) Chowder (R) The Haunting Hour: Don’t Think About It (‘07) aaa 8342410 Goosebmp Goosebmp Island (N) Dude of Living 2438033 Island (R) Family (TV14) Family (TV14) TRAV 69 69 69 69 38 170 Treasure Hunt. 8935236 Treasure Hunt. 4322014 Extreme Truck 5073168 Extreme Waterparks 5059588 Terror Rides (TV G) 5062052 Samantha (R) Samantha (R) Places to Pig (TV G) 7965120 TRUTV 63 63 63 63 50 65 183 Pursuit (R) Pursuit (R) Cops (TVPG) Cops (TVPG) Speeders (R) Speeders (R) Speeders (N) Speeders (N) World’s Dumbest (N) 7245762 World’s Dumbest (R) 7255149 Ski Patrol (R) Ski Patrol (R) TVL 62 62 62 62 31 71 244 Hulk Hogan Wrs. 9988033 Griffith (TV G) Griffith (TV G) Griffith (TV G) Griffith (TV G) Cosby (TV G) Cosby (TV G) Myths (R) Scrubs 3rd Rock 3rd Rock Extreme Makeover 6757255 USA 34 34 34 34 22 44 50 NCIS: Iced (TV14) 133472 NCIS: Untouchable 665656 NCIS (TV14) (HD) 258255 House: Three Stories 234675 House (TVPG) (HD) 254439 House (TVPG) (HD) 257526 Law & Order: SVU 465453 WE 117 117 117 117 74 149 Bridezilla (R) Big (‘88, Comedy) aaa Tom Hanks. Boy’s wish to be “big” comes true. 7799878 Look Who’s Talking (‘89, Comedy) Baby comments. 1299830 Look Who’s Talking (‘89, Comedy) Baby comments. 5559675 WGN 16 16 14 14 41 18 9 Home Videos (TVPG) 303410 7th Heaven (TV G) 835694 7th Heaven (TV G) 456101 Casanova (‘05) The great lover is charmed by beauty. 476965 WGN News at Nine 455472 Scrubs Scrubs CNBC 39 39 39 39 63 102 Fast Money 4198304 Mad Money 9866439 Wall Street Crisis: Is Your Money Safe 3047588 On the Money 7250694 Big Idea 7253781 Mad Money 3036472 CNN 32 32 32 32 18 32 100 (4:00) The Situation Room Wolf Blitzer. 526120 Lou Dobbs Tonight 230859 Campbell Brown 249507 Larry King Live 229743 Anderson Cooper 360° Breaking news. 597656 NEWS CSPAN 18 18 18 18 37 9 109 House of Reps (N) 66156 U.S. House of Representatives Issues and policies. (N) 47830 Tonight from Washington Public policy. (N) 59675 Washington (N) 61410 Capital News Today 63255 FNC 64 64 64 64 48 60 118 Election HQ (N) 4887472 Special Report (N) 2788566 The FOX Report (N) 9231694 The O’Reilly Factor 9217014 Hannity & Colmes 9237878 On the Record (N) 9230965 The O’Reilly Factor 9342120 MSNBC 42 42 42 42 40 103 Hardball with Chris 4890946 White House 6388520 Hardball with Chris 9244168 Countdown 9220588 Rachel Maddow 9233052 Countdown 9243439 Rachel Maddow 9355694 CSS 28 28 28 28 49 In Huddle Hurricane SportsNITE 49588 Talkin Football 74651 Tennis: WTT Smash Hits 962976 SportsNITE 89217 ESPN 29 29 29 29 12 27 70 Arnd Hrn Interruptn SportsCenter (HD) 207781 C College Football: Auburn Tigers vs West Virginia Mountaineers (Live) (HD) 358781 SportsCenter (HD) 926439 O MLS Soccer: New York Red Bulls vs Chicago Fire (Live) (HD) 7361965 SPORTS ESPN2 30 30 30 30 6 28 74 NASCAR Rome Brn Arnd Hrn Interruptn College (HD) NFL Live E:60 (HD) 5075526 Streetball Rays Pregame: World FSN 72 72 72 72 77 Red Bull Air Race World Series: ACC ALL-Access Orlando Magic Detroit, Mich. 936762 675149 659101 @ Women’s College Soccer: Clemson Tigers at Florida State Seminoles FSN Knockouts FSN Final Score Best Damn Hooters Pageant Series: Game 2 (Live) 189061 (Taped) 789205 733897 719217 Period: 2008 Pageant 817323 GOLF 49 49 49 49 55 55 304 F PGA Tournament: Open: First Round 6125878 Post Game The Big Break X 5328526 Golf Cntrl PGA Tournament: Open: First Round (Replay) 5054101 SPEED 52 52 52 52 42 162 83 Monster Jam 3837675 Unique Whips 6111878 Pinks! Pass Time Pinks - All Out 9707656 Pinks - All Out 9710120 Wrecked Wrecked Pinks! Pass Time SUN 38 38 38 38 45 37 76 HS Sports Brawl Call Brawl Call SEC-TV O Women’s College Soccer: Arkansas vs Florida (Live) 16323 Orlando Trackside Live! 723439 Heat 42149 College Soccer 439052 99 Cory in the House Cory in the House Wizards (TV G) (R) Wizards (TV G) (R) Zack & Cody (R) Hannah Montana High School Musical 2 (‘07, Family) The Wildcats find work at a local Wizards (TV G) (R) Life with Derek Zack & Cody (R) Hannah Montana DISN 136 136 136 136 136 76 250 306507 557708 733471 733651 386743 333615 country club and prepare for a talent show. 481897 110897 (R) 196217 732033 543236 The Last of the Mohicans (‘92) The (:10) The Cowboy Way (‘94, Comedy) aa A pair of rodeo stars ride into Under Siege 2 (‘95, Thriller) aa Steven Seagal. A (:40) That Thing You Do! (‘96) aaa A small-town, pop rock band deals Big Trouble (‘86) ENC 150 150 150 150 400 350 Indians attack. 91435323 New York to find a missing friend. (PG-13) 19167656 genius uses a satellite to kill. (R) 1439217 with the price of fame in the early 1960s. 78374052 8495859 77 77 (:15) Big Momma’s House (‘00, Comedy) ac An FBI agent goes to Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel True Blood Men come for Bill. The Heartbreak Kid (‘07, Comedy) aac A newlywed man falls in Cathouse: Menage A Trois Legal HBO 302 301 301 301 17 500 400 extremes to catch a dangerous bank robber. 44989052 768007 (TVMA) (R) (HD) 463615 love with another woman while on his honeymoon. 213192 brothel. (TVMA) 830033 HBO2 303 302 302 302 501 402 terrorist. 40623101 Hard (‘07) Cop stops creates a new brand of(‘06, Martial Arts) Jet Li.89740472 arts master Live Free or Die (:15) Jet Li’s Fearless A martial Shoot ‘Em Up (‘07, Action) Clive Owen, Paul Life of Tim (HD) Little Britain USA Smokin’ Aces (‘07) aaa Ben Affleck. An army of PREMIUM fighting entertainment. Giamatti. Man cares for targeted baby. 5871385 9563052 9946762 assassins seeks FBI witness. (R) 5050120 HBO3 304 303 303 303 502 404 research his novel “In Cold Blood.” (R) 9964168 Truman Capote’s trip to Extrememany questions when a body disappears. 7935946 doctor Infamous (‘06, Drama) aaa Friends recall asks too Measures (‘96, Thriller) aa An emergency room Knocked Up (‘07, Comedy) aaac A slacker and a career woman (:15) Evan Almighty (‘07) aac struggle through an unexpected pregnancy. (R) 41057878 Man builds new ark. 88200526 76 76 76 Hitman (‘07, Thriller) aac Timothy Olyphant. (:35) After Alice (‘99, Thriller) ac Kiefer Sutherland. (:15) The Wedding Planner (‘01) ac A successful wedding planner falls License to Wed (‘07, Comedy) aa A couple (:35) Hitman (‘07) MAX 320 320 320 320 63 540 420 Genetically-engineered assassin. (R) 4014439 Killer obsessed with kids’ book. 52909323 in love with a charming groom-to-be. 48999472 attends a marriage prep class. (PG-13) 8363897 58446410 (4:30) Rendition (‘07, Thriller) aaa CIA analyst Born on the Fourth of July (‘89, Biography) aaa Tom Cruise. A veteran paralyzed Hollywoodland (‘06, Mystery) aaa A detective is hired to look into Hotel Erotica Cabo Feature 09: MAX2 321 321 321 321 541 422 questions his new mission. (R) 1784192 during the Vietnam War becomes an anti-war activist. (R) 9365014 the mysterious death of George Reeves. (R) 16865897 Addicted to Love 8558014 Rising Son: The Legend of Skateboarder (:45) Duane Hopwood (‘05, Comedy) aac A drinker (:10) Saw III (‘06, Horror) aac Tobin Bell, Shawnee Smith. A kidnapped Without Borders Without Borders Californication (R) Before (Drama) (R) SHO 340 340 340 340 19 520 365 Christian Hosoi A skateboarding pro. 4577149 won’t admit he has a problem. 38808965 doctor struggles to keep a serial killer alive. 60662439 (R) 968255 (R) 944675 510507 464149 (4:30) The Field (‘90, Drama) aac Richard Harris. The Dead One (‘07, Drama) a Wilmer Valderrama. Latino Showcase Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the Jackass Number Two (‘06, Comedy) aaa Risk Clay Pigeons (R) TMC 350 350 350 350 20 550 385 Tenant farmers try to buy land. (HD) 943472 Fighting the realm of evil. (PG-13) 529781 926385 13th (‘00) a Killer on the loose. (R) 601410 seekers endure pain & humiliation. 4162781 32383588 5 PM 5:30 6 PM 6:30 7 PM 7:30 8 PM 8:30 9 PM 9:30 10 PM 10:30 11 PM 11:30 CNN-HN is also available on: Ven 27, ENG 27, SAR 27, PTC 27, ARC 27, SPG 59. TWC is available on VEN 31, ENG 31, SAR 31, PTC 31, ARC 31, SPG 52. 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  • 15. OUR TOWN Thursday, October 23, 2008 Flu shot clinics offered in south Sarasota County PAGE 7 DAVID MORRIS Obama supporters rally IN YOUR CORNER New Mexico Governor says Florida could end McCain’s hopes By GREG MARTIN supporters gave testimonials of But Richardson, a former national political figures stump- Local phishing STAFF WRITER their support for Obama. One talked about Obama’s presidential candidate who dropped out and endorsed ing across the state as both Obama and John McCain push to PORT CHARLOTTE — New victim lured, Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson “intelligence and temperament.” Another talked about how Obama early this year, stoked the supporters even more, with his win Florida’s 27 electoral votes Nov. 4. didn’t have to do much to fire up shares story nearly 400 Barack Obama supporters at a rally Tuesday Obama has seen how America’s war in Iraq went wrong and “he’ll personal testimonials about Obama and his imperative for A former U.S. representative, U.N. ambassador and U.S. ‘A s I sat reading (your night. change all that.” the audience to get out and vote secretary of energy under Monday, Oct. 20 Those who packed into a Another, a 73-year-old veteran early. former President Bill Clinton, column), I received a conference room at the Cultural of the Korean and Vietnam wars, “Are we going to win?” he Richardson said McCain’s race phone call from a business Center of Charlotte County had said he hadn’t seen a candidate bellowed, to rousing applause would be over if Florida’s votes associate asking me what I was already been cheering boisterously like Obama “since John F. and cheers. doing in Africa. Apparently I am before he arrived, as several local Kennedy.” Richardson is one of several OBAMA | P6 the latest phishing victim. Every one of my 300 contacts received an e-mail supposedly sent from myself explaining that I was in Africa helping out some AIDS patients when my personal belongings were stolen and I needed some money to get home, about $1,000.” “I don’t consider myself naive or stupid, but I did get fooled. These people pretended to be Rl ?J my e-mail server, which is Hotmail. They used their logo H y and urged me to upgrade my account immediately or they ?? r were going to discontinue my y service. I blame no one but myself, so I will report this to all the Web sites you were kind enough to inform everyone of. Thanks for the heads up.” Lise Yust, Englewood. Lise, how ironic that this happened to you during National Protect Your Identity Week, which ends Saturday with a goal of increasing awareness of identity theft. According to the Florida Attorney General’s Office, we ranked fifth in the nation last year for the number of identity-theft complaints, with more than 19,000 reported incidents. Unfortunately when you responded to this e-mail from a “spoof” Hotmail site, you SUN PHOTO BY SARAH COWARD, provided access to all your account information, including the hundreds of contacts in your address book. The good news is that Hotmail has CARE luncheon raises over $2,000 Center for Abuse and Rape Emergencies supporter C.J. Brennan buys raffle tickets from North Port resident and CARE board member Kristy reviewed and verified your situation and has provided the Holmes Wednesday at the fifth annual CARE Auxiliary Fundraiser Luncheon, held at Carrabba’s in Port Charlotte. The event raised more than information to reset your $2,000. password and remove Tempo- rary Internet Files that infiltrat- ed your system. You lost all your saved e-mails, but your address book remains intact. With 300 entries, that should Sarasota County to state: Do no harm be good news! By STEVEN J. SMITH before the Legislature, reflecting its job. STAFF WRITER their stand on such issues as “That’s our overarching plea,” Administrator gets high Hotmail — with a reported marks. 350 million subscribers world- SARASOTA — The Florida economic stimulus, energy Staub said. “It means don’t wide — is part of Microsoft. The Legislature will soon get an independence, fiscal responsi- shove unfunded mandates implicit message from the bility and community-based down to us.” See page 13 company points out that it incorporates safety features Sarasota County Commission: governance, to name a few. Staub added the County including a bar at the top of Do no harm to local However, according to Com- Commission will draft a letter to efficiencies in their depart- each e-mail message that government. mission Chairwoman Shannon that effect, imploring the ments, this does not mean look visually indicates whether the e- County commissioners Staub, the most important Legislature to take fiscal stock of at what you can pass on to local mail is from a known or approved their 2009 Legislative message she and her colleagues itself. government,” Staub said. “It unknown sender or is potential- Program Wednesday containing want to send to the Legislature “The letter will say when ly fraudulent, including the a list of proposals planned to go is to let county government do they’re looking at finding HARM | P6 ability to automatically block further unwanted messages. You just had no way to quickly verify whether this “unknown sender” was legiti- ‘Tent sale’ rules United Way campaign mate. In its e-mail to you, Microsoft noted “we only could incite legal flap kickoff Friday in DeSoto provide e-mail support to our customers.” By JOHN HAUGHEY between 800 and 1,500 square By LAURA A. SCHMID The Salvation Army helps a So with a 24-hour scammer- STAFF WRITER feet. No more than six per year; DESOTO EDITOR woman, facing eviction from her imposed termination clock MURDOCK — Revising each limited to five days. No fee. Editor’s note: Laura A. Schmid is apartment, to pay her rent after ticking, anyone could under- temporary-use regulations to • Midsized: For events in areas a member of the United Way of she fell behind in payments, due stand why you succumbed to make Charlotte County less between 1,500 and 3,000 square DeSoto advisory committee. Some to being out of work because she attractive to fly-by-night sales- feet. No more than three per information in this story was had just had a baby and wouldn’t this scam. But Hotmail insists it men could leave it vulnerable to year; each limited to 10 days. provided by local agencies for be going back to work until six does not send unsolicited e- $300 fee. another menace: lawyers. allocation requests. weeks later. mail requesting personal or • Large: For events staged in Despite this, commissioners Hot meals and clothes are financial information, including areas more than 3,000 square Tuesday approved a new permit ARCADIA — A family with no provided by the Arcadia Center passwords. “Any official-looking system that imposes higher fees, feet. No more than two per year; relatives in the area loses its for the Needy for a couple in their e-mail that requests immediate frequency restrictions and time each limited to three days. personal possessions and home late 70s living on only Social action before Hotmail service is constraints on so-called “tent $1,000 fee. to a fire two days before Christ- Security. The agency also donates terminated is a red flag that the sales.” County Zoning Official Nicole mas, and turns to Catholic a wardrobe of clothes to the 1- e-mail is a scam,” noted a The revised regulations classify Dozier said the revisions do not Charities for help. Staff members year-old daughter of a single company spokesperson. temporary uses into three affect small charitable events or find the family temporary mother who had only diapers for In a similar scheme, the Better categories based on size, and fundraisers that support non- housing, food, clothing and her child to wear. Business Bureau recently issued makes landowners — not profits, sports groups and personal care items; and Christ- What do these stories all have an alert “warning senior citizens organizations or businesses — churches. mas gifts are gathered from a in common? to be aware of an emerging responsible for the permit. Nor do they impose new telephone scam that is preying on Classifications are: generous donor and delivered to grandparents nationwide.” Here, • Small: For events in areas TENT | P6 the family. KICKOFF | P6 scammers make random calls to ........................................................................... .......................................................................... . . “Grandmas” and “Grandpas” posing as their “favorite grand- INDEX| Calendar........................................................................................................................... ........ ....... . ..... ..... 2 | Police Beat 4, 5 | Obituaries 7 | Puzzles 8 | Horoscopes 8 | Comics 9 | Dear Abby 9 | Viewpoint 10, 11 | Opinion 12 . daughter.” Hoping to actually get POLICE BEAT one that responds, the crooks then say they’ve been arrested or Report: Breakup spurs aggravated battery PAGE 4 TAMPA RAYS involved in an auto accident and Youth pastor wins World Series tickets NORTH PORT — A man in the middle of a breakup need the grandparent to wire with his girlfriend has been arrested for aggravated Suncoast Baptist Church youth pastor Lee Tomlin and his wife, Katie, will be going to today’s World Series game in St. Petersburg, but their 7-month-old son who some- CORNER | P6 battery on a pregnant person, according to police. times wore a Rays jersey and sometimes a Red Sox jersey last week, won’t be. PAGE 5
  • 16. Our Town Page 2 D/E/N/C The Sun /Thursday, October 23, 2008 | DESOTO EVENTS | CHARLOTTE EVENTS | NORTH PORT EVENTS | ENGLEWOOD EVENTS Editor’s Note: All phone numbers have All phone number area codes are All area codes are 941 unless All phone number area codes are 941 the local area code of 863 unless 941 unless otherwise indicated. otherwise indicated. unless otherwise indicated. otherwise noted. ■ TODAY ■ TODAY ■ TODAY ■ TODAY American Cancer Society Relay for • Kahn Grove Service Company Barn ■ GOVERNMENT Life of North Port early-bird kickoff for ■ GOVERNMENT Party will be held from 3-5:30 p.m. today past team captains and team members at KGSC Hardee County Operations Punta Gorda Historic Preservation — 5:30-6:30 at North Port United Church ■ SARASOTA COUNTY Center, 5926 S. Hammock Road, Crews- Advisory Board meeting, 8:30 a.m. in of Christ, 3450 S. Biscayne Drive. For ville. RSVPs were required for this event. City Council Chambers at City Hall, more information or to preregister your ■ EVENTS • Early Learning Coalition of Flori- 326 W. Marion Ave., Punta Gorda. 575- team if you cannot attend, call 497-4309, da’s Heartland Quality Committee 3369. ext. 3759. Toddler Time at Elsie Quirk meeting, 9 a.m. today, at the ELCFH Charlotte County Tourist Develop- Grand opening celebration of Toddler Time for ages 1 to 3 accompa- Charlotte Office, 3028 Caring Way, Suite ment Council meeting, 10 a.m. at Lowes in North Port, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. nied by a caretaker, 10 a.m.-10:45 a.m. 4, Port Charlotte. To participate by Visitor’s Bureau Conference Room, Buy a Lowe’s gift card today and help at Elsie Quirk Library, 100 W. Dearborn conference call, dial 866-628-8620 and 18501 Murdock Circle, Suite 502, Port Habitat for Humanity South Sarasota St., Englewood. The theme will be: enter participant code 504163#. Charlotte. 743-1900. County complete the construction of “Puppy Tears.” 861-5000. • Martin Realty Fla art gallery two houses in North Port for two features the artwork of the DeSoto Arts ■ EVENTS families in need of affordable housing. Trained Master Gardeners are and Humanities Council from 5-7 p.m. Charlotte Sports Park presents North Port Parkinson’s Group available, 10 a.m.-1 p.m. at Englewood today. A wine-and-cheese reception will “Haunted Halls,” 6-7 p.m. not-so-scary meeting — 12:30 p.m. at First Presbyte- Charlotte County Library, 3450 N. Access be held. Open to the public. For more version; 7-10 p.m. scarier version at rian Church, 5600 Biscayne Drive. Road, Englewood East. Free advice on information, call 494-2100. 2300 El Jobean Road, Port Charlotte. Speaker, Dr. Steve Sutherland a neurolo- plant, shrub, turf and tree problems. • DeSoto Homeless Coalition meets Spooky scenes, ghostly encounters, gist in Venice and Sarasota. 426-4624. at 11:30 a.m. on the fourth Thursday of hayrides through Tippecanoe Environ- North Port Community Educational Beach Story Time at Englewood Beach the month in room 6 at the Family mental Park and concessions available. Center, 4940 Pan American Blvd., also Englewood Charlotte Library will have a Service Center, 310 W. Whidden St., Sponsored by Charlotte County Parks, known as the senior center, 426-2204. program for children ages two and up Arcadia. Anyone interested in helping Recreation and Cultural Resources and Potluck 1-3 p.m. accompanied by an adult. Listen to fun individuals and families meet their most Charlotte Players. Cost, $4 for not-so- Drive-thru flu clinic — 10 a.m.-noon stories and create a seasonal craft at the pressing needs as they move from scary; $5 for scary. Haunted Halls at Venice Assembly of God Church, 695 beach. Come to the pavilion next to the homelessness to productive homeowner- continues Friday, Saturday, Oct. 30 and E. Center Road, Venice. Enter by the Englewood Beach playground ship is invited to attend these meetings. 31. 743-2425. driveway east of the church. Required 10:30 a.m. No registration required. There • Order of the Eastern Star meets at League of Women Voters general authorization forms are available in is no fee or registration for this program. 7:30 p.m. the second and fourth Thursdays election Candidates Forums, advance at the church, Sarasota For more information, check the Web site monthly at Peace River Masonic Lodge, 7:30 p.m. today in the Commission County libraries or online at www. at and click 909 N.E. Oak St., (State Road 70 West). Chambers, Room 119, Charlotte Cost, $25-$30; on the Library Pages or call 474-1881. • Free blood pressure and glucose County Administration Center, 18500 pneumonia vaccine, $45. Cash and screenings from 10:30 a.m. to Murdock Circle, Murdock. Today’s checks accepted. Bring Medicare B Alzheimer’s Caregiver Training 11:30 a.m. on the second and fourth program includes candidates for card. 861-5000. Alzheimer’s Association will present a Thursdays of every month at the Senior Sheriff, State Representative districts AMVETS 312 — T-day Euchre, noon. number of exciting and practical pro- Friendship Center, in the Way building, 71 and 72 and State Senate districts 7050 Chancellor Blvd. 429-5403. grams for caregivers taking care of loved 23 N. Polk Ave. Administered by DeSoto 23 and 27. Moderator Paula Hess. VFW Post 8203 bingo — early bird ones with dementia. The free workshop Memorial Home Health Care and open Forums will be telecast live on Com- games at 5:20 p.m., regular games scheduled from 1:30 p.m. to 3 p.m. will to the public, regardless of age. cast, Channel 20 and rebroadcast at 6:30 p.m., corner of Pan American and focus on “Understanding and Diffusing • Caregiver support group meets at 7 p.m. Saturday, 1 p.m. Sunday, 7 p.m. Trott Circle. Sandwiches and sides Challenging Behaviors of Alzheimer’s 1:30 p.m. at DeSoto Memorial Home Oct. 31 and 7 p.m. Nov. 3. 637-1045. available through the first half. Use the Disease.” The presenter is Geri Lenigan. Health Care at DeSoto Memorial Hospital Area Agency on Aging, Southwest double doors. For more information or to RSVP for this Medical Plaza, 1006 N. Mills Ave., in Florida Advisory Council holds town Community Food Pantry — workshop, call Sterling House Engle- Arcadia. Anyone caring for someone with hall meeting, 9 a.m. at South Port 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Atwater wood, 550 Rotonda W. Blvd., Rotonda. chronic and/or debilitating conditions of Square, 2302 Westchester Blvd., Port Community Church of God, 5290 Call 235-7470 or 698-1198. any nature is encouraged to attend. No Charlotte. Purpose of meeting is to Atwater Street. For anyone in need. reservations are needed and there is no raise community awareness of Elder 426-3232. A-Z of fathering — Hear other dads on charge for attending. For more informa- Helpline, which provides information to Tot Time — 10 a.m.-noon. George D. the subject of being a great dad, tion, call DeSoto Memorial Home Health seniors, caregivers and concerned Mullen Community Activity Center, 4956 6 p.m.-8:30 p.m. Thursdays through Dec. Care at 494-8432 or Hospice of South- friends or neighbors while connecting City Center Blvd. Call 240-8121. 18, at Children First, 6926 Children Way, west Florida at 993-0662. them with the appropriate services for Volleyball, 8 p.m. to 10 p.m., Thurs- North Port. Discuss ideas about fathering • Pet therapy evaluation and train- seniors in Southwest Florida. Flu shots days, George D. Mullen Community with other men; course and materials are ing for the Book Buddies program is available for $25 each. Various health Activity Center. For ages 17 and above. free; classes meet once weekly for nine held from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. each fourth screenings offered. Elder Helpline, 866- Free. Contact Eric Atherholt at 941-240- weeks. Call Jack Baker 953-5507, ext. 127 Thursday of the month at Memorial 413-5337 or 239-332-3019. Agency on 8121 or e-mail him at eatherholt@ or register online at Elementary School. Book Buddies is a Aging, 239-332-4233. DeSoto County school reading program Christian Chamber Luncheon, YMCA On the Ball intermediate The Lemon Bay Chord Company, pairing pet therapy dogs and children 11:30 a.m. at Benedetto’s at Best exercise — 8 a.m. Free to members, $10 Englewood’s Men’s Barbershop with reading challenges. If you can Western Waterfront, 300 W. Retta nonmembers. North Port Family YMCA, commit one hour a week and love kids Chorus rehearses at 6:30 p.m. at Esplanade, Punta Gorda. Speaker 5925 Greenwood Ave. 429-2269. and dogs, this program is for you. Dogs Christ Lutheran Church, 701 N. Indiana David Gibbs. Registration and prepay- Naranon Family Group —for families must be people-friendly and tolerant. For ment required. 239-481-1411 or who have someone with a drug addic- Ave. on State Road 776, Englewood. more information and to enroll, call tion, 7-8 p.m. Thursdays at St. Mark’s Every night is guest night. Jac, 493- Bonnie Coker at 494-5744 or e-mail Life insurance workshop Church, 513 Nassau St. S. in Venice (be- 6417 or Bill, 697-1620. luncheon, 11 a.m. at Cultural Center of hind Venice Regional Medical Center). • DeSoto County Library holds story Charlotte County, 2280 Aaron St., Port Group for the family, not the addict. Pro- ■ SUPPORT GROUPS time at 3 p.m. Visit the library, 125 N. Charlotte. Speaker Tom Cannizzaro gram based on the 12 steps of AA and Hillsborough Ave., Arcadia, or call 993- discusses passing wealth on to heirs Alanon. Peer Counseling, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. 4851 for more information. and information on reviewing life “Painting with the Masters” classes Thursdays, Englewood United Methodist • TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) insurance policy to meet your current — at the North Port Art Center, 5950 Church counseling office, 700 E. Dear- meets at 6 p.m. at Child’s Christian Life needs. RSVP to 629-7546. Future Sam Shapos Way, 6-7:30 p.m. Students born St. Trained volunteers listen, offer Center of Arcadia First Baptist Church, workshop dates include: Nov. 18, Dec. will produce a painting of their own support and provide referrals to women 1106 N. Brevard Ave. For more informa- 16, Jan. 15, and Feb. 10. All workshops each class period, $10. Call instructor in the Englewood community. Cost, $5. tion, call Babs Ames at 494-2457. begin at 11 a.m. at 426-1232. Appointments required. 485-9724. EARLY VOTING TIMES AND LOCATIONS TODAY’S ADVERTISERS CONTACT US WITH YOUR NEWS The Sun news desk encourages readers to submit Early voting times and locations Charlotte County FR (Front), OT (Our Town), SP (Sports), B (Business) their story ideas, community briefs, club news, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. through Friday and from Oct. 26-Nov. 1 at the following locations: A. C. REFRIGERATION Express Care Walk In Clinic . . . .OT6 photos, opinions and requests for coverage. • Carmalita Park, 6905 Florida St., Punta Gorda. • Supervisor of Elections Office, Historic Courthouse, Taylor Mack . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .FR8 Murdock Family Medicine . . . . .OT6 For story ideas or tion, call Diane Brinckman 226 Taylor St., Punta Gorda. BANKS Eye Health Of Ft Myers Inc . . .OT11 breaking news, e-mail 941-206-1028 or • Mid-County Regional Library, 2050 Forrest Nelson Bankunited Financial CorporatiFR10 Olawale O. Idewu MD FACS . . .OT11 Charlotte Sun Editor e-mail obituaries@ Blvd., Port Charlotte. Florida Community Bank . . . . .OT12 SWF Assocs In Podiatric Med .OT11 Christy Arnold at • Murdock Charlotte County Administration Building, Mid Florida Federal Credit Unio OT14 Physician Healthcare ProfessionOT12 carnold@sun- Send Winners Circle, 18500 Murdock Circle, Room B-106. DENTIST Plummer Chiroprtic . . . . . . . .OT13, or call 941- birthday, anniversary, • Tringali Park, Unit 2, 3460 South McCall Road, Lawrence A Tarn DDS PA . . . . . .OT4 Port Charlotte Dental Care . . .OT13 206-1168. You can also engagement and wed- Englewood. Dr Gene F. Stout DDS . . . . . . . .OT6 Arcadia Medical Associates . . .OT13 contact Deputy Charlotte ding announcements to • San Casa Supervisor of Elections Branch Office, 6868 FUNERAL HOME/CEMETERIES MEMBERSHIP-GYM/KARATE Editor Garry Overbey at Jennifer Wadsworth at San Casa Blvd. Englewood. Royal Palm Memorial Gardens . .OT7 The Charlotte Cnty Family YMCA OT4 overbey@ or ICS Cremation & Funeral . . . . .OT7 OPTOMETRISTS or 941- call 941-206-1190. Sarasota County Larry Taylor Funeral And Cremat .OT7 206-1143. Items can be Send religion news or 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to Deep Creek Eye Care . . . . . . .OT14 FURNITURE/PATIO STORES faxed to 941-629-2085. church happenings to 1 p.m. Saturdays, and 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. Sundays at the European Recliner Gallery . . . . .FR4 POOLS/POOL SUPPLIES On Saturdays, contact mputman@sun- following locations: HARDWARE/PLUMBING STORES Casa Pools . . . . . . . . . . . . . .OT13 • Supervisor of Elections Office, Robert L. Anderson PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS Assistant Charlotte Editor Lowe's Vertis Communications . .FR3 Marion Putman at To send a letter to the Administration Center, 4000 Tamiami Trail South, Room Home Owners Supply . . . . . . . .OT8 PIA Desoto . . . . . . . . . . . . . .OT14 editor, e-mail 144, Venice. INSURANCE CO REALESTATE AGENCIES or 941-206-1183, or call • Supervisor of Elections Office, Biscayne Plaza, 13640 Humana . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .FR4 Ben Griffin Realtors . . . . . . . . .OT4 our newsroom phone at or write: Letter to the Tamiami Trail, North Port. United Healthcare . . . . . . . . . .OT5 SECURITIES/INVESTMENT 941-206-1100. Editor, c/o Charlotte Sun, • North Port City Hall, 4970 City Hall Blvd., North Port. LEGAL/ATTORNEY/GOVERNMENT Ken Wyatt . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .OT6 On Sundays, contact 23170 Harborview Road, James Mallonee PA . . . . . . . . .OT7 Dcr Nc6369 Wachovia Bank NaOT12 Garry Overbey at Port Charlotte, FL 33980. DeSoto County Robert K Kennett . . . . . . . . . .OT12 Legacy Resourse Asso . . . . . .OT13 For veterans’ stories, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. through Nov. 1 at the DeSoto Supervi- MEDICAL DOCTORS/CLINIC TELEPHONE CO or 941-206-1143, or call e-mail Lynne James at sor of Elections Office, 201 East Oak St., Suite 104, Murdock Family Medicine . . . . .FR8 Daystar Communications . . . . .OT3 our newsroom phone at or Arcadia. 941-206-1100. call 941-206-1177. Hardee County SUBSCRIPTIONS Unclaimed account balances under $10, For business news, For problems with the contact Charlotte Business crossword or other items 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. through Nov. 1 at the Hardee Supervisor inactive for 15 months, will be used to of Elections Office, 311 N. Sixth Ave., Wauchula. Home Delivery Rates: purchase newspapers for classroom use. Editor Bob Fliss at on the puzzle page, call Newspaper designated market: 941-206-1128. City Zone- Carrier home delivered 7 days. Sun Newspapers CUSTOMER SERVICE or call 941-206-1121. For TV Times informa- Rates as follows plus 7% Florida Sales POLICY – Delivery should be expected prior to 5 a.m. Monday through Saturday and 5:30 a.m. Sunday. To contact David Morris for consumer advocacy and fraud tion, call 941-206-1252. To place a classified ad, call 866-463-1638. Mind Mind Tax: Customer Service hours: 6 a.m. to questions or stories, For subscription Monthly Bank/Credit Card ...$12.67 5 p.m. Monday - Friday; Saturday and e-mail inyourcorner@ information, if you didn’t Sld; ! 3 Months..............................$48.50 6 Months..............................$87.00 Sunday 7 a.m. to noon. To subscribe or to report any problems with your service, please call or visit the office nearest to or 941- 206-1114. receive a paper, or to put your paper on hold, call Body Body Spirit Spirit For obituary informa- 941-206-1300. 1 Year ...................................$152.00 you. Mail subscription rates: Rates as follows (advance payment Englewood: 941-681-3001 NEW!!! Community briefs / calendar items: To required): 167 W. Dearborn St. submit events, please visit 7 Days Charlotte: 941-206-1000, for questions, 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year 23170 Harborview Rd., Port Charlotte e-mail or call 941-206-1180. $95.00 $170.00 $300.00 Items can be faxed to 941-629-2085. Read all about it in Read all about it in FEELING every Sunday in the e very Sunday in the Sunday Only North Port: 941-426-9547 FIT 3 Months 6 Months 1 Year 13487 Tamiami Trail, North Port SUNAM& $49.35 $92.40 $153.30 DeSoto: 863-494-0300 or toll-free at Single Copy rates Daily . . . . . .75¢ Sunday . . . $1.75 108 S. Polk Avenue, Arcadia or call toll free 877-818-6204 BREAKING NEWS! Log onto for the latest updates.
  • 17. Thursday, October 23, 2008/ The Sun D/E/N/C Our Town Page 3 : S g,n Up No,w ,an1' d ' Some: C-, ash 1- ' DayStar Communications is Southwest Florida 's undisputed value leader in customized b usiness- $79 class telecommunications services, We provide local and long distance telephone service , Fiber -optics , DSL broadband Internet access, TI an d PRI hi gh-capacity service, StarWave Duo wireless hi gh-speed Internet access, voice mail , e-mail and much more, at down- to-earth prices that can be sign ificantl y less than the bi g phone company. How can DayStar deliver such superior value? Our resources are focused on Southwest Florida , not in markets that don't matter to you. Our ]Row much d e o s i t) s'viritch to DayStar technology infrastructure is all new and state-of-the-art so we do not have t o expend time , money and resources The question is - how much will it cost not tos dismantling old equipment to upgrade Mak ing the switch is easy.j ust call Day Star toll-free se rv ice. The bottom l i ne? Save money at 866-530-5736.We'I l des ign a telecommun i cations and get better service. So wh y haven 't package that is customized for the way you do you called DayStar? business now, and in the future. D aSt r 7 vyl a Communications The Brighter Choice 333046 ? rA-- ai . 1- 866-53 0 -573 6
  • 18. Our Town Page 4 D/E/N/C LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS The Sun /Thursday, October 23, 2008 Report: Breakup spurs aggravated battery NORTH PORT — A man St., Punta Gorda. Charges: Bond: none. • Kathie Lynn Lockhart, in the middle of a breakup with his girlfriend has been | POLICE BEAT carrying a concealed firearm and violation of The Sarasota County 42, 4000 Allure Lane, North Port. Charges: possession arrested for aggravated The information for Police Beat is gathered from police, sheriff’s office, business-purpose-only Sheriff’s Office reported of a controlled substance battery on a pregnant Florida Highway Patrol, jail and fire rescue records. Not every arrest leads to license. Bond: $3,000. the following arrests: (methadone) and posses- person, according to a conviction and guilt or innocence is determined by the court system. • Courtney Michelle • Sherrie Lynn Pierson, sion of drug paraphernalia. police. Warram, 20, 600 block of E. 42, 4000 Prime Terrace, Bond: $1,120. Aleksey Chelnokov, 26, Office announced Wednes- suspended or revoked. Virginia Ave., Punta Gorda. North Port. Charge: felony • Steven Thomas Darrow, 3000 block of Renault day morning. Bond: $2,500. Charges: possession of grand theft. Bond: $1,000. 39, 4000 San Luis Terrace, Circle, North Port, was Virginia Navarro Barnes, • Donald Dean Mull, 48, hydrocodone, possession • Paul Daniel Petters, 42, North Port. Charge: arrested at 3:21 a.m. 62, of Sebring and Bur- of Murdock. Charge: out- of more than 20 grams of 1000 block of Panacea battery. Bond: none. Saturday. bank, Calif., was shot in of-county warrant. Bond: marijuana, possession of Blvd., North Port. Charges: • Kareem A. Cusick, 23, The victim told the the head and left in the $1,000. marijuana with intent to possession of cocaine and 10 block Loyola Road, North Port Police Depart- grove, Sheriff Susan Benton • Erick Gene Estrada, 21, distribute and possession drug paraphernalia. Bond: ment she was only at said in a written statement. of Jacksonville. Charge: of drug paraphernalia. $1,120. ARRESTS| P5 Chelnokov’s home to pick James Higley Barnes, 64, amended violation of up some belongings was arrested at the couple’s probation (original charge: home on the 6100 block of possession of a controlled Forever when he asked her to talk. The pair began to Sherman Terrace in substance). Bond: none. Young drink while talking, the Sebring. • Jesse James Collins, 21, NPPD reported. The suspect is being held 1000 block of Tudor Road, About four hours later, at the Highlands County Englewood. Charge: out- an argument ensued and Jail without bond. of-county warrant. Bond: the victim told police she none. was thrown against the The Charlotte County • Ronnie Fury, 23, 1000 wall where she hit her Sheriff’s Office reported block of Autumn St., Port forearm, head and the following arrests: Charlotte. Charges: grand shoulder. • Daniel Joel Porter, 27, theft, dealing in stolen Chelnokov was taken to of Fort Myers. Charge: property and false verifica- Suzanne Somers kicks off South County Jail in fugitive from justice. Bond: tion of ownership. Bond: none. $10,000. a series about living well Venice. • John Scott Meldeen, 36, • Samuel Singleton, 62, for years to come. 18000 block of Arapahoe 300 block of Fitzhugh Ave., Funny money Circle, Port Charlotte. Punta Gorda. Charge: buys an arrest Charges: two counts of violation of community VENICE — Janet out-of-county warrant. control (original charges: Suzanne Berman, 35, was Bond: $7,000. burglary and grand theft). arrested Saturday by Venice • Christopher Michael Bond: none. police officers at the Sun Peters, 24, 3000 block of • Alexjandro R. Rojas, 41, Fiesta in Centennial Park Westlund Terrace, Port 13000 block of Martha Ave., I while allegedly trying to Charlotte. Charge: driving Port Charlotte. Charge: pass a counterfeit $20 bill while license is suspended felony battery. Bond: none. at a food stand. or revoked. Bond: $500. • Shannon Duane Pritts, The vendor told police • Steve D. Hayden, 40, 40, 7000 block of Eldridge he noticed the serial 700 block of Bowman St., Englewood. Charge: numbers were the same as Terrace, Port Charlotte. out-of-county warrant. counterfeit $20 bills passed Charge: DUI. Bond: $750. Bond: $3,000. earlier in the day. The • Kim A. Millo, 54, 800 suspect was arrested at the block of Springlake Blvd., The Punta Gorda Police rear entrance to 309 1⁄2 W. Port Charlotte. Charges: Department reported the Venice Ave., where officers DUI, refusing to submit to following arrests: reportedly found three a lawful breath test and • Jermarl Jerome Harris, counterfeit $20 bills. driving while license is 28, 400 block of Carmalita Berman was charged with uttering a forged bill and taken to Sarasota LAWRENCE A. TARN, D.D.S., P.A. County Jail. 701 S. Indiana Ave., (S.R. 776) Englewood AFFORDABLE TOTAL DENTAL HEALTH MA GA ZINE MOST INSURANCE ACCEPTED & FILED FOR YOU Arcadia man * STATE OF THE ART STERILIZATION This This Sunday in ... Newspaper Logo Here Sunday in … Your 358417 charged with * FAST DENTURE REPAIRS & RELINES * GENTLE HYGIENIST ON STAFF FOR ALL CLEANINGS battery on ~ O N S I T E D E N TA L L A B ~ pregnant woman ------------------------------------ ARCADIA — The Arcadia DENTURE RELINE Police Department report- Same Day Better Fit W Af- ed the arrest Monday night REG. $ 225. 00 EXPIRES Best of $255.00 11-7-08 of Joshua Levi Gulledge, 21, Present Coupon At Start Of Service of the 1500 block of N.E. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - ---' Hickory St. in Arcadia, on HAPPY HALLOWEEN! charges of aggravated GRADUATE: MICHIGAN STATE UNIVERSITY 475-3962 PL Y T HE B 365053 & UNIVERSITY OF DETROIT DENTAL SCHOOL E battery on a pregnant Charlotte ®O M COSMETIC & RECONSTRUCTIVE DENTISTRY ST SI woman and felony battery Fees may vary with complexity of case. The patient and any other person responsible for payment has a right to refuse to pay, cancel payment, or be reimbursed for payment for any other service, examination, or treatment which is performed as a result of by strangulation. and within 72 hours of responding to the advertisement for the free, discounted fee, or reduced fee service, examination, or According to the police treatment. Charlotte Sun Reader’s Choice report, police were called AWARD 2008 around 9:30 p.m. to a WINNER residence in the 700 block of N. Robert Avenue in reference to a domestic dispute. Gulledge, who was reportedly living with a 2008 woman and her mother, allegedly started yelling at the woman and calling her Campaign has started! names. According to the AN "ALL-AMERICAN CITY " 2008 police report, the woman A LOW COST OF LIVING said the problems began FOUR MILD S EASONS when another woman ONE OF NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC 'S came over to the house. Don’t Miss Your Chance 50 BEST PLACES TO LIVE The woman, who was RANKE D BEST BUILDER BY LOCAL PAPER five months pregnant, To Campaign For Votes In reported to police she had 333357 been lying on a bed when Gulledge allegedly put his hand over her mouth so YMC LL she could not talk or breathe. He then threw a coat hanger, hitting her on the back and the right leg, ¦ ?, g j s r Of Ch1J? e t;?1 OD ?1 S JtrtrJ The O according to the police BaJ99?t?s j NEW report. Police observed a thin red mark on her back, Ballots Inside... the report stated. Eats & Treats I? rv, He allegedly then put his Best Professional } Entertainment right hand around the right Shopping & Ballot w side of her neck and ripped Best Service her shirt until she pulled free. He then allegedly I i LLiR v forced her to stay in the room and threatened her, amuTo L in Prizes S T ! Publication according to the report. Thousands Gulledge was arrested and booked in DeSoto County Jail where he was held with no bond. Coming Sunday, November 23rd In Your Charlotte Sumer Husband charged with wife’s murder HIGHLANDS COUNTY — The husband of a Games! Hay maze! Bounce house! aia and wee kly Herald Advertising Deadline November 13th 340805 woman found dead in a Food! Crafts! Call 941-206-1262 Today! 332698 citrus grove in rural Highlands County on Oct. 13 has been charged with t t t first-degree murder, the r r ? * 1' ? ? ?+ ? r 1 , Highlands County Sheriff’s * 4 Ag; ?- 0 ? & ` ?' ? `? `' e r o 4
  • 19. Thursday, October 23, 2008/ The Sun LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS D/E/N/C Our Town Page 5 ARRESTS Hodges, 27, 300 block Pinewood Ave., Nokomis. Charge: Charlotte County $1,000. • Manuel Sanchez, 20, 2200 block Bal Harbour through the kitchen window and took money from the office. St., Arcadia. Charge: shoplifting. Bond: $120. • Jose Alvarado, 23, 1500 The Hardee County Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrest: FROM PAGE 4 warrant. Bond: none. Drive, Venice. Charge: • 1100 block of S.E. Fourth block of E. Maple St., • Uriber Perez Morales, • Tyler Benjamen Mann, possession of alcohol by Ave.: Someone reportedly Arcadia. Charge: violation 20, general delivery. Venice. Charge: contempt. 19, 700 block Anna Hope person under 21. Bond: $120. threw rocks at a house and of probation (original Charge: no valid driver’s Bond: $7,500. Lane, Osprey. Charge: a car, and now the car’s charge: driving with license license. Bond: $250. • Sean Patrick Turek, 37, violation of probation. Sarasota Police Depart- windshield is broken. suspended). Bond: none. 1100 block Groveland Ave., Venice. Charges: aggravat- Bond: none. ment reported the follow- • 7100 block of S.W. Hull • Abel Velasquez, 30, The Wauchula Police ed domestic battery on a • Warren Rocco DeMarti- ing arrest: Ave.: An air conditioner Arcadia. Charge: failure to Department reported the pregnant woman and no, 20, 200 block High • Patrick Schiavone, 47, unit was reported stolen. appear. Bond: $500. following arrest: battery. Bond: $7,500. Point Drive, Venice. 200 block Cornell Road, • Fifth Ave.: A caller • Glenda Gonzales, 36, • Moises Allen Flores, 28, • Sandra Michelle Free- Charge: uttering a forged Venice. Charge: petty theft. reported much drug 100 block of N. Brevard 400 block of Heard Bridge man, 35, 200 block Venice instrument. Bond: $1,000. Bond: $120. activity in the area and Ave., Arcadia. Charge: Road, Wauchula. Charge: Palms Blvd., Venice. Charge: requested an officer to failure to pay child sup- driving with license battery. Bond: none. The Venice Police Neighborhood Watch: check into it. port. Purge: $350. revoked with knowledge. • Stephen Gregory Department reported the These incidents occurred • Alfonso Manganelli, 18, Bond: $250. Weeks, 27, 300 block following arrests: on Tuesday. The DeSoto County 1000 block of Fourth Ave., — Compiled by Jason Winfield Way, Nokomis. • Selena Angela Ferreira, • 10000 block of S.W. Sheriff’s Office reported Arcadia. Charges: criminal Witz, Mike Billington, Terry Charge: trespassing. Bond: 43, 300 block E. Venice Levsky Ave.: A caller the following arrests: mischief and four counts O’Connor, Samantha $250. Ave., Venice. Charge: reported that someone • Shalonda Maybell, 22, of interference with child Williamson and Susan E. • Justin Raymond uttering forged bills. Bond: broke into his home 1400 block of E. Gibson custody. Bond: $2,000. Hoffman. Youth pastor wins World Series tickets By JEFF ROSLOW sometimes a Red Sox jersey Red Sox jersey while the Wednesday morning. driving on U.S. 41 in Port get the food while his wife INTERNET EDITOR last week, won’t be. American League Champi- People registered for the Charlotte when she men- and child waited in the car. PORT CHARLOTTE — Tomlin won two free onship Series was being tickets at Chick-fil-A in tioned she wanted a “I saw all the media there Suncoast Baptist Church tickets to the Rays v. played. Port Charlotte by filling out sandwich. Tomlin said he and I asked why,” he said. youth pastor Lee Tomlin Philadelphia Phillies game “It depended on who a form. saw a McDonald’s and the “They said they were giving and his wife, Katie, will be in St. Petersburg. dressed him,” Tomlin said. “He was absolutely Chick-fil-A. He opted for away two free Rays tickets going to today’s World Tomlin’s wife, a Rhode John Hart, the Charlotte pumped and excited about the McDonald’s because it and all I had to do was fill Series game in St. Peters- Island native, has been a Stone Crabs general it,” Hart said. was on the right and easier out a form to enter.” burg, but their 7-month- lifelong Boston Red Sox manager, said Tomlin’s Tomlin stumbled into the to get to. However, his wife And this was the first old son who sometimes fan. Their son, Will, spent name was picked from free ticket giveaway, he decided Chick-fil-A sound- time he’s ever won any- wore a Rays jersey and the week in either a Rays or about 500 entrants said. He and his wife were ed better. He went inside to thing, he said. Charlotte County School Board discusses virtual school law By PAMELA STAIK providers of the virtual Due to these uncertain- to ask and get answers to law is an example of how tract out on education,” STAFF WRITER school are in charge of ties, Superintendent Dave questions three years into the legislators are trying to she said. “Let’s be honest, MURDOCK — During supplying all participating Gayler said the district will it,” he said. take away from the public this is just another exam- Wednesday’s workshop students with any equip- proceed with caution. While many of the board school system. ple of them telling us we meeting, Charlotte County ment necessary to com- “This is going to be one members announced their “I think this is a back- have to have somebody School Board members plete classes, including a of those things that we step displeasure with the lack of door attempt from Talla- else educate our kids. And and district staff discussed computer, a printer and through carefully this year details, Board Member hassee to get public quite frankly, I resent it.” new legislation requiring Internet service. and we’ll probably continue Andrea Messina said the schools to begin to con- E-mail: that all Florida districts Although the providers offer virtual school oppor- are not permitted to charge tunities for eligible stu- tuition or registration fees to participating house- Are you concerned you might be losing dents beginning in the 2009-2010 school year. holds, there are some your employer retirement coverage? Specifically, the virtual stipulations. program must be full time According to the legisla- for students enrolled in tion, students must reside kindergarten through in the district and have eighth grade. Districts can attended a Florida public implement either a part- school, a district virtual time or full-time program instruction program or one of the state’s K-8 virtual If you are Medicare eligible, for grades 9 through 12, for students in career and schools the year prior to learn today how an AARP® MedicareComplete® vocational programs or their participation in the from SecureHorizons® health plan could help put you at ease. those who are deemed at K-8 program. Also, stu- risk of dropping out. dents who are considered Districts can create their dependent on a parent or If your current group retirement health care coverage is ending, it’s time to consider own virtual schools, either guardian who is in the AARP MedicareComplete from SecureHorizons, a health plan that offers: by collaborating with other military and have recently districts or by contracting moved to Florida from • Plans starting at a $0 health plan premium. • No annual deductibles and with state-approved another state or country predictable copays. providers. would be accepted. • Health and prescription drug coverage, all While board members Because there aren’t in one plan. • Preventative care and health screenings. did not want to create their specific details about the legislation, the board own, they were interested members fleshed out some Learn how an AARP MedicareComplete health plan in seeing what providers could offer you more while costing you less! of the questions they have to offer. would like district staff to To date, only two K-8 ask during an upcoming schools have been Oct. 23, 11 a.m. Oct. 28, 11 a.m. Oct. 29, 11 a.m. Florida Organization of approved by the Florida Instructional Leaders Golden Corral Howards Restaurant Charlotte Cultural Center Department of Education: meeting in November. 1450 Tamiami Trail 1400 Aqua View Ln. 2280 Aaron St. Florida Connections These included how Academy and Florida charter schools would be Punta Gorda, 33950 Englewood, 34223 Port Charlotte, 33592 Virtual Academy. Florida affected by provider Virtual School is also contracts, who is responsi- available for online middle ble for monitoring the Nov. 4, 2 p.m. Nov. 5, 2 p.m. Nov. 6, 11 a.m. and high school courses. online program and how Mid-County Regional Library Perkins Family Restaurant Golden Corral Restaurant While funding would be often students can be 2050 Forrest Nelson Blvd. 6001 S. Salford Blvd. 1450 Tamiami Trail provided through the state, enrolled in the program. Port Charlotte, 33952 North Port, 34287 Punta Gorda, 33950 | CHARLOTTE NEWS BRIEFS Nov. 6, 2 p.m. Nov. 11, 11 a.m. Nov. 19, 11 a.m. Perkins Restaurant & Bakery Howards Restaurant Howards Restaurant Irish American a cake walk. Bring your best decorated pumpkin for the 6001 S. Salford Blvd. 1400 Aqua View Ln. 1400 Aqua View Ln. fall picnic North Port, 34287 Englewood, 34223 Englewood, 34223 Pumpkin Contest. Prizes will The Irish American Club be awarded for the funniest, will have their fall picnic Nov. most creative, cutest, most 16 at the Harbor Heights colorful and more. Only Park on Voyageur Drive, Port friendly and non-offensive Attend one of these important informational meetings near you. Charlotte, from noon to costumes are welcome. This Or, call SecureHorizons today to learn more. 4 p.m. Tickets are on sale event is designed for now. There are 150 tickets To find out how you can get all the retirement Medicare benefits you deserve or to learn children through fifth grade. available on a first-come All are welcome. For more more about your health care options, call today 1-877-628-7548 (TTY: 711). Open daily, basis. For more information information, contact the 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. local time. and tickets, please call Joe church at 941-629-2633 -!CARP MedicareComplete ® Currier at 941-629-5140 or at or visit online at 941-204-2088. Tickets are $8. fr om per adult and $4. for children SecureHorizons under 12. There will be Symphony A UnitedHealthcare Medicare Solution chicken, burgers, franks, celebration bratwurst plus salad and A sales representative will be present with information and applications. For accommodations of persons with special desserts, refreshments are The Charlotte Symphony needs at sales meetings, please call 1-877-628-7548 (TTY: 711). Open 7 days a week, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. local time. included. Orchestra is celebrating its The AARP® MedicareComplete® plans are SecureHorizons® Medicare Advantage plans insured or covered by an affiliate 30th season with a Gala of UnitedHealthcare, an MA organization with a Medicare contract. AARP is not an insurer. UnitedHealthcare pays a fee to Pilgrim Celebration. The public is AARP and its affiliate for use of the AARP trademark and other services. Amounts paid are used for the general purposes Pumpkin Festival invited to join orchestra of AARP and its members. The AARP® MedicareComplete® plans are available to all eligible Medicare beneficiaries, members at 7 p.m. Satur- including both members and non-members of AARP. AARP and the AARP Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks Pilgrim Church invites the day at Vivante, 2900 W. of AARP. The SecureHorizons and MedicareComplete marks are trademarks or registered trademarks of United public to a fun, festival day Marion Ave. in Punta Healthcare Alliance, LLC and its affiliates. Limitations, copayments and coinsurance may apply. Benefits may vary by held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Gorda. It is recommended county and plan. Saturday at the church to purchase tickets early, as AARP does not make health plan recommendations for individuals. You are strongly encouraged to evaluate your needs located at 24515 Rampart they are limited. For more before choosing a health plan. Blvd., Port Charlotte. There information, go to the Web will be games, prizes, face site www.charlottesym- AARP and its affiliates are not insurance agencies or carriers and do not employ or endorse individual agents. 340249 painting and food featuring M0011_080917_164721 © 2008 United HealthCare Services, Inc. AAFL3124663_000
  • 20. Our Town Page 6 D/E/N/C FROM PAGE ONE The Sun /Thursday, October 23, 2008 CORNER: Beware of e-mail and phone scams looking to steal your identity FROM PAGE 1 e-mail, if you get an directly or verify the story you don’t absolutely know. help for ID-theft victims, Road, Port Charlotte, FL “emergency” notification with other family members Finally, send any per- go to www.ProtectYourId 33980 or e-mail inyour money to Canada to post that requests money, don’t or friends before taking ceived scam e-mail to the bail or pay for damages, get duped. Do what Lise’s any further action. And legitimate company. In Do you have a consumer Archived columns can be usually amounting to a few 50 friends and relatives did. remember, never send Hotmail’s case, forward it issue or problem? Contact found at www. thousand dollars. Confirm the status of the money via Western Union to IN YOUR CORNER c/o The under Whether by phone or by individual by calling them or MoneyGram to anyone For protection tips and Sun, 23170 Harborview News Features. HARM: Sarasota County government sends message to Florida Legislature FROM PAGE 1 relations manager for the don’t impede local • Pursue aggressive information.” would take a positive cue county, summed up government. energy policies. Hosack added the from the commission’s letter, means how about reduc- some specific, key mes- • Leverage state funds “The legislative delega- message Sarasota County as well as its priority list. ing (your own) work force, sages the County Com- through expenditures tion will meet in November hopes to drive home will be “Maybe (when) they read travel expenses, adminis- mission hopes to deliver that will stimulate the or December,” Hosack its ongoing commitment to the letter they’ll (get) trative expenses; the to the Legislature economy, such as trans- said. “We will appear investing in infrastructure, serious about it, (especially) things we have done through its priority list: portation infrastructure. before them, with Com- keeping a strong energy when they see the (budget) locally.” • Work in partnership • Don’t cap county missioner Staub most program going. cuts coming in,” Staub said. Marsha Hosack, with the county. revenue and expenditures likely, and she will present Staub, meanwhile, was “That’s all we can ask.” intergovernmental • Make sure budget cuts or change property taxes. those priorities for their optimistic the Legislature E-mail: KICKOFF: United Way of DeSoto kicks off its campaign with Friday breakfast FROM PAGE 1 Service Center annex, 310 W. “All money that is raised in a wider range of people across issues or loss of family year and have been invited to Whidden St., Arcadia. DeSoto stays in DeSoto,” the economic spectrum, as members. “ Friday’s breakfast. Funds raised by the United “It is my pleasure to invite Sanders emphasized. noted by several of the In 2007, the Arcadia Center These agencies are: Senior Way of DeSoto County were you to our 2009 Campaign All funding goes directly to agencies in their allocation for the Needy saw a record Friendship Center, Child contributed to these local Kickoff Breakfast,” said local agencies, or local requests. Some previous high of 12,010 client visits, Protection Center, DeSoto agencies and helped to aid Melissa Sanders, chairwom- branches of national agen- donors now have become stated board chairman County Literacy Council, these people, who had fallen an of the United Way of cies, who use this money to those seeking help. Theodore R. Hanus in the Arcadia Center for the on hard times. The money DeSoto building committee. aid their missions. Agencies “Demographics of persons agency’s request. That was Needy, TideWell Hospice given by local residents and “We will be presenting our that have demonstrated they receiving services have nearly three times the and Palliative Care, Safe businesses during the 2007 funded agencies with their provide the most direct aid to changed significantly over caseload of 4,809, prior to the Place and Rape Crisis and 2008 UnitedWay cam- grant awards and there will the largest number of local the past few years, resulting 2004 hurricanes, he noted. Center, DeSoto Health paigns helped to provide a be representatives from some residents were given top in a service population that “Nearly 80 percent of Resources, the Salvation safety net to those who other- of the agencies on hand to priority in funding this year, is equally representative of clients requested a free hot Army Arcadia Service unit, wise might have gone with- talk about how United Way and as more funds come in, the ethnic groups living in meal,” Hanus stated. “Many the Redlands Christian out food, clothing or a home. funding makes a difference in other agencies may be the county,” Catholic Char- tell us it is their only hot meal Migrant Association, The DeSoto branch of our community.” considered for donations. ities stated in its request. of the day, as they are Catholic Charities of Venice United Way is gearing up for The committee has set These donations can make “Persons requesting financial homeless and cannot (which also serves DeSoto), its 2009 campaign, and $35,000 as its campaign goal the difference in the ability of assistance, food and clothing prepare meals. the American Red Cross of invites the community to for this year, reduced from local agencies to provide are often individuals pre- “Their survival is how we Southwest Florida chapter’s join its committee for a previous years’ campaign urgent help, especially with viously enjoying a middle- measure our success.” DeSoto County branch, and kickoff breakfast from 8 a.m. goals in view of the weak- the dramatic increase over the class lifestyle prior to Twelve agencies have been Special Olympics of DeSoto. to 9 a.m. Friday at the Family ened economy. past year in requests for aid by unexpected job loss, health allocated funds so far this E-mail: TENT: New regulations classify temporary events by size, restrict frequency FROM PAGE 1 regulations ensure fewer will the revised ordinance allows revenues — especially when D’Aprile said the revisions as evidence. occur, he said. only two three-day events the events feature big-ticket will also dissuade unscrupu- Attorneys “are going to standards or higher fees on By “tying (the permit) to per year, each requiring items such as automobiles, lous salesmen from “infil- download this conversation midsized activities such as the property, we have locked separate $1,000 permits. boats and RVs. trating our community, off the Internet and use this Christmas tree sales, she said. it onto the landowner,” The revisions were “The county is losing taking our tax money, taking conversation against you,” Dozier said the primary Rooney said. “He only has spurred by complaints from discretionary sales tax our people for a ride.” he said. intent is to better regulate two uses” per year. area businesses that argue it because cars are licensed But Commissioner Adam With only one meeting large events, such as Initially, the revisions is unfair to allow nonlocal and tagged in other coun- Cummings, the dissenter in remaining before his eight- weekend automobile “tent allowed a landowner to stage operators to stage sales in ties,” said George Werner of the 4-1 vote, said while the year stint on the commis- sales” in shopping center concurrent three-day sales parking lots and other Marlow-Werner Buick in restrictions are well- sion ends on Nov. 11, parking lots. events under one permit. outdoor sites for a few days Punta Gorda. intentioned, they are D’Aprile was in no mood to County attorney Derek In other words, a and then leave. Werner said area busi- unconstitutional. mince words or waste time. Rooney said temporary sales landowner could lease an They say this hurts nesses have lobbied for “We are not the sovereign “I am going to get myself in events can be staged only on area for one six-day event businesses that pay proper- years to “level the playing state of Charlotte County,” trouble, but who cares at this land with commercial zoning. per year, rather than two ty taxes, comply with field” and impose restric- he said. “We cannot erect point?” he said. “If this will Because few areas with three-day events annually. regulations, employ area tions and fees that would barriers to trade.” provide protections for local the necessary zoning are Commission Chairman residents, and contribute to ensure if nonlocal business- Cummings predicted the businesses, local people, then also big enough to stage a Tom D’Aprile and Commis- social groups, while dimin- es “come play in our sand- county will be sued with let’s get this done.” large event, the new sioner Tricia Duffy objected; ishing local government box, they will have to pay.” commissioners’ words used E-mail: OBAMA: New Mexico Governor fires up supporters of presidential candidate FROM PAGE 1 Obama will lead the real one,” Richardson said. he said. cies to oppose genocide Berlin last summer. country on a mission to When Obama On tax cuts, Obama and cure disease in “We will create an go to Obama. become energy indepen- addressed automakers won’t give them to compa- Africa, he said. America that is a shining “And Port Charlotte is the dent in 10 years, Richard- in Detroit during the nies that ship jobs over- Richardson recalled how light on a hill,” Richard- key to Florida,” he said. son said. He likened the campaign, he spoke out seas, but he will give them 200,000 Germans wel- son said. He acknowledged that mission to President on the need to convert to middle class Americans comed Obama in his visit to E-mail: Charlotte County has long Kennedy’s Apollo mission to plug-in hybrid cars, and entrepreneurs who been a bastion of conserva- to the moon. Richardson recalled. create jobs and new tive politics. However, if a “This young man “He told them to their technology, he said. “Better Smiles Adult Dentistry” large minority of voters cast reminds me of JFK,” he face, he was honest, he was On national security, their ballots for Obama said. candid,” Richardson said. Obama will end the war Gene F. Stout, D.D.S. “We Cater To Cowards” Preventive, Restorative and Cosmetic here, “that will add up to a Both Obama and Obama will not only sign in Iraq and back Israel as • New Patients & Emergencies Welcome margin that, with Southern McCain have energy the Kyoto treaty, but he’ll a key ally, Richardson • Root Canals • Denture Repairs & Relines • Crowns, Bridges & Caps Florida, will be enough to plans that include renew- make it several times said. He’ll also promote a • Non Surgical Gum Care win,” he said. ables such as wind, solar, stricter on emissions to peace agreement between • Nitrous Oxide Available Richardson highlighted biomass and geothermal, achieve an 80-percent Israel and Palestine, he several points in Obama’s as well as more drilling reduction in greenhouse said. Gentle Caring Dentistry 743-4545 platform. They included an for offshore oil. But, gas by 2040, Richardson But Obama will also 2400 Harbor Blvd., #11 • Port Charlotte 332897 economic stimulus package McCain has said “drill, said. “care about Latin Ameri- (Next to Peace River Hospital) . . s. . . .s .ss.. ss$s . s s s with tax rebates and federal baby drill,” while Obama “This has to happen,” ca,” and carry out poli- support for green infras- has called for the oil tructure such as commuter industry to first tap railways. Richardson also resources already leased, Richardson said. WE'RE GROWING TO MEET YOUR NEEDS... suggested a work program Obama’s energy plan is “a JANICE like the WPA of the 1930s. EXPRESS CAST E “Emergency MOVING! GAIL N ORD , M.D. Room WALK-IN CLINIC Mlehael G. Mozzett l, M% FACEP expertise with walk in 0 0 convenience Open Daily for you” THE ENGLEWOOD SUN 941-629-1218 is happy to announce Corner of Bayshore and we will be moving to 332390 Edgewater, Port Charlotte our new location soon. Think of a Reverse Mortgage... The new office is • As a Nest Egg, growing located at every day • Cash when you need it F7 Ken Wyatt, President 120 W. Dearborn Street 0W K 1 . - MEDIC ?I ' 11 uc • A smart financial move Call for FREE Reverse Mortgage Analysis • As Monthly Payments, Englewood. Cash Lump Sum, Line of 575-1020 344960 Credit or any Combination (Formerly Blue Pagoda) REVERSE MORTGAGE ASSOC. right across the street 340616 321884 NEW LEGISLATIVE 265 E Marion Ave #116 • Punta Gorda, FL 33950 19531 Cochran Blvd,, Pad Charkft ,FL 33948 CHANGES
  • 21. Thursday, October 23, 2008/ The Sun LOCAL/REGIONAL NEWS D/E/N/C Our Town Page 7 | OBITUARIES CHARLOTTE Auditions Saturday for Florence M. Black Florence Mae Black, 80, of Port Charlotte, Fla., musical to be held in Arcadia passed away Monday, Oct. 20, 2008. Arrangements are By SUSAN E. HOFFMAN DESOTO ASSISTANT EDITOR INFOBOX Auditions will be held starting at 10 a.m. Satur- be available. The production has the meet the shepherds and the Wise Men. How did all To take part in the day at the Trinity United support of the DeSoto Arts these players arrive at the by Kays-Ponger & Uselton ARCADIA — If you want audition ... Funeral Homes, Port to test your acting abilities 10 a.m. on Saturday Methodist Church at 304 and Humanities Council. inn where there was no Charlotte. or you think you’ve got a Trinity United Methodist W. Oak St. in Arcadia. Its chairman, Jonathan room, and what happens decent singing voice, Church Although the church Bainbridge, wholehearted- to the actors after they Billie J. Smith you’ll want to be in 304 W. Oak St., Arcadia loaned space to the ly backs the performance. witness the Nativity? Arcadia Saturday to performers, the play is “What a delightfully Tripp believes if this Billie J. Smith, 92, of audition for an upcoming “The director, Cinda nondenominational. The adventurous opportunity production is successful Punta Gorda, Fla., died musical production. Goeken, is a veteran cast will include 12 men for the Arcadia Players. and well-received, a full- Sunday, May 18, 2008. The holiday-themed actress and director who is and one woman, and Here’s a Christmas fledged production — She was play will be held Nov. 14 at affiliated with the Sarasota there are singing parts for musical written by a complete with scenery born March The Arbor Reception and Players,” Tripp said. “We six of the men and the native Arcadian. It is sure and an orchestra — could 26, 1916, in Banquet Hall. Organizer are trying to bring quality lone female actress. to be wonderfully reward- be staged in Arcadia next Charlesvoix, Donna Tripp said it will be professional-level stage Those planning to sing in ing for you and DeSoto year. Mich., to a professional quality entertainment to Arcadia. the audition should be County,” Bainbridge said. For more information, John and production. The perfor- Our goal is to interest and prepared to sing a few The play revolves call Tripp at 863-263-0076. Josephine mance will be free and involve the community in bars of a familiar song; around Silas, an innkeep- E-mail: shoffman@ Pesek. open to the public. this type of production.” an accompanist will er, who has the chance to Billie came to the Punta Gorda area in 1987 from Mount Clemons, Mich., where she was a member of the Huron Pointe Yacht Club. Flu shot clinics offered in south Sarasota County She was a waitress for PROVIDED BY THE SARASOTA Department’s flu information line Sandpiper Drive, Venice. Provider: Friday more than 30 years. Billie COUNTY HEALTH DEPARTMENT at 941-861-2800 or visit the Web Maxim Healthcare Services. • 10 a.m.-2 p.m., Publix, 1500 was of the Lutheran faith. SARASOTA — Flu shot clinics site for a • 10 a.m.-noon (drive-thru), Placida Road, Suite C, Engle- She was a lifetime member will be offered over through the complete schedule of flu shot Venice Assembly of God Church, wood. Provider: Maxim Health- of the Elks Detroit Lodge end of the week in South County. clinics. Those who are hearing 695 E. Center Road, Venice (enter care Services. 34. Billie was also instru- The cost of a flu shot at these impaired can call the Sarasota by the driveway east of the • 10 a.m.-2 p.m., CVS, 1760 S. mental in establishing locations will be between $25 and County Call Center TDD line at church and exit by the west McCall Road, Englewood. Provider: euchre tournaments $30. Pneumonia vaccine will be 941-861-1833. driveway). Provider: Sarasota Maxim Healthcare Services throughout the area, and $45. Cash and check are accept- Area clinics include: Health Care Services. • 1-5 p.m., Sandalwood Mobile was active in bowling. ed. If you have Medicare B, bring Today • 10 a.m.-2 p.m., Publix, 535 Home Community, 300 Sandpiper She is survived by her a copy of your card with you. • 8 a.m.-noon, Sandalwood Tamiami Trail S., Venice. Provider: Drive, Venice. Provider: Maxim daughters, Karen Kieling of Call the Sarasota County Health Mobile Home Community, 300 Maxim Healthcare Services. Healthcare Services. Punta Gorda, and Marcia Robinson of Shreveport, La.; son, Thomas (Marge) Merkle of Port Charlotte, Fla.; stepson, Charles Smith Sarasota County favors bag ban to help environment of Texas; stepdaughter, Carolyn Greggory of Michi- By STEVEN J. SMITH containers for the curb- education in the form of a tion out to the Commissioner Jon gan; eight grandchildren; STAFF WRITER side collection of lawn solid waste “how to” community.” Thaxton, a longtime and 14 great-grandchildren. SARASOTA — Local refuse. guide, which goes out to Alexander added the crusader against the use of She was preceded in death landfills may soon see the Plastic bags have come 140,000 county homes County Commission has plastic bags, applauded by her husbands, Otto C. elimination of plastic bags under increased scrutiny every January. already begun the the initiative. Merkle and Robert Smith; for yard waste, if the for negative environmen- “That’s what I think process through efforts “Plastic bags are just not and son, Gary Merkle. Sarasota County Commis- tal impacts and the use of we’ll do between now and aimed at eliminating good,” Thaxton said. A memorial service will sion gets its way. petroleum in their manu- when our current agree- plastic bags in grocery “Reuse is the answer. I have be at 10 a.m. Monday, Oct. The commissioners facture. They also suffo- ment expires (in Septem- stores. no problem if you want to 27, 2008, at Kays-Ponger & unanimously voted cate landfill airspace. ber of 2011),” Alexander “That’s why we see in do some kind of public Uselton Funeral Homes, Wednesday to begin an Larry Alexander, county said. “We can also do our surveys more and campaign that attempts to 2405 Harbor Blvd., Port initiative to supplant manager of solid waste things through outreach more people are willing to get consumers to do it Charlotte, with the Rev. those bags with the collections, maintained groups and community do away with (plastic) without regulation.” Kenneth Redmann employment of reusable the policy change required services to get informa- bags,” he said. E-mail: officiating. Please visit to leave the family condo- lences and to sign the | ENGLEWOOD NEWS BRIEFS online guestbook. In lieu of flowers, the Exhibit coming free; classes meet once Wednesday, Oct. 22. The at the Hospice Staff Englewood area please family requests memorial weekly for nine weeks. Call system is scheduled to be Center, 12034 N. Access call Lynette Melchio at donations to the American to the area Jack Baker 941-953-5507, available again by noon on Road, East Englewood. 941-548-2336. For more Heart Association, 7272 Renowned photogra- ext. 127 or register online Monday, Oct. 27. Lunch, beverages and information or to register Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX pher and environmentalist at The Utilities call center snacks will be provided. for training, e-mail 75231. Clyde Butcher will kick off will be open normal Those wishing to work Arrangements are by a month-long exhibit of Alzheimer’s hours, 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. with patients can take an Kays, Ponger & Uselton his artwork with a preview Wednesday, Oct. 22 and additional required 3-hour Flea Market Funeral Homes, Port reception, 6 p.m.-9 p.m. caregiver training Thursday, Oct. 23, but training program from and Craft Sale Charlotte Chapel. Friday, Oct. 24 at Phillippi Alzheimer’s Association services will be limited. 1 p.m.-4 p.m. Wednesday, Estate Park, 5500 S. will present a series of The Utilities call center Nov. 5. Patient care is just The El Jobean Commu- ENGLEWOOD Tamiami Trail, Sarasota. exciting and practical will be closed Friday, Oct. one of the roles available nity League will sponsor a Tickets are available for programs for caregivers 24. Cashiers at 1301 to volunteers. Some of the Flea Market and Craft Sale There were no deaths $50 per person by cash, taking care of loved ones Cattlemen Road, Sarasota, other duties needed with a Bake Sale and lunch reported in Englewood check or charge in with dementia. The free and 4000 S. Tamiami Trail include: barbering/hair available from 8 a.m. to Wednesday. advance or at the door. workshop scheduled Venice, will be open styling, foreign languages, 2 p.m., Saturday, Nov. 1 at The exhibit, titled “Flori- 1:30 p.m.-3 p.m. Thursday, normal hours each day of gardening, office assis- the El Jobean Community da’s Hidden Beauty” is Oct. 23 will focus on “Un- the conversion; however, tance, transportation, Center, 14344 Jamison NORTH PORT presented by Friends of derstanding and Diffusing services will be limited. computer data input, Way in El Jobean. For a Sarasota County Parks to Challenging Behaviors of Emergency utility bereavement calls, arts table and set-up informa- raise funds for the renova- Alzheimer’s Disease.” The service will still be avail- and crafts, financial tion, call 941-629-3640. Harry W. Patrick III tion of Phillippi Estate presenter is Program able at all times. counseling, handyman Harry Wilson Patrick III, Park’s historic farmhouse. Specialist Alzheimer’s For more information, chores, pet therapy and 43, of North Port, Fla., Butcher’s black-and- Association Geri Lenigan. contact Sarasota County more. If you’d like the PLANT A TREE passed away Monday, Oct. white photography will be For more information or to Utilities Customer Service rewarding experience as a ?- - - ;? 20, 2008. Arrangements displayed inside the Edson RSVP for this workshop, at 941-861-6790. care volunteer in the :?. are by Kays-Ponger & Keith Mansion through call Sterling House Engle- - Uselton Funeral Homes, Nov. 23. The exhibit will be wood, 550 Rotonda W. Hospice Port Charlotte, Fla. open to the public Blvd., Rotonda. 941-235- volunteer training Memorials in the Sun ' ? ' ? 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Tuesday- 7470 or 941-698-1198. Honor your passed ?• '4 Saturday and noon-4 p.m. Tidewell Hospice and loved ones anytime -, DESOTO Sunday. Exhibit admission Billing conversion Palliative Care’s volunteer with a personalized There were no deaths memorial tribute. is $10 per person. training in Englewood. Call (941) 206-1028 for rates. reported in DeSoto For more information, Sarasota County Utilities 9 a.m.-4 p.m. Wednesday, Wednesday. call 941-861-5000 or visit is converting to an Oct. 29 and Friday, Oct. 31 As A Living updated computerized billing system that will Memorial To HARDEE A-Z of fathering save utility rate-payers an Words of Comfort lcs Your Loved One There were no deaths estimated $150,000 per What the heart has once matl on 7 nc rals , Inc. reported in Hardee Hear other dads on the year over the next five owned and had, it shall Wednesday. subject of being a great years. During this conver- never lose. 6 2620 D Highlands Road, CALL FOR DETAILS dad, 6 p.m.-8:30 p.m. sion, customers will be - Henry Ward Beecher Harbour Heights, FL 33983 OBITUARY POLICY Thursdays through Dec. temporarily unable to Traditional Funeral ROYAL PALM 18, at Children First, 6926 make payments or access Obituaries are accepted Children Way, North Port. utility account informa- with Cremation & Use Of Casket from $2500 MEMORIAL GARDENS Discuss ideas about tion by phone or via the CEMETERYJones MAUSOLEUMS 27200 AND Loop Rd. from funeral homes only. 941-240-2515 344282 Punta Gorda fathering with other men; county’s Internet site. The 333385 There is no charge for (941) 639-2381 publishing an abbreviated course and materials are conversion began at noon 888-713-1224 death notice once. Full y obituaries and repeat death notices will be subject to an JAMES W. MALLONEE, P.A. Larr advertising charge. Faxed obituaries must be received ATTORNEYS AT LAW TAYLOR FUNERA L by noon and e-mailed obituaries must be received by 2 p.m. for next day JAMES W. MALLONEE • Real Estate • Guardianship ELLIE K. HARRIS • Probate • Wills and Cremation Services publication. The American • Wills/Trusts • Trusts 2002-2007 We’re not just in your neighborhood... flag accompanying an • Probate • Landlord Tenant obituary indicates a veteran ?I/ We’re part of your community. Office Hours – Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM 344223 of the U.S. Armed Forces. Please send e-mails to 946 Tamiami Trail, Unit #6, Port Charlotte, FL 33953 833-0600 1515 Tamiami Trail I I 332695 (941) 206-2223 Punta Gorda
  • 22. Page 8 D/E/N/C LEISURE The Sun /Thursday, October 23, 2008 HOROSCOPE THE Daily Crossword Edited by Wayne Robert Williams ARIES (March 21-April 19). The impor- tance you give your work is all the importance it will have. Your luckiest move of all is to make ACROSS sure that your night is filled with music. 1 Vino region TAURUS (April 20-May 20). You are a 5 Was defeated responsible person. Be aware that when you by befriend someone troubled you make a tacit 11 Letters for agreement to take on some of those troubles. shock GEMINI (May 21-June 21). You may not realize the breadth of your commitments until treatment you put them on paper. You are as happy as you 14 Any time now are organized. Write down every appointment. 15 Provo resident CANCER (June 22-July 22). Everyone 16 Quid pro __ has unique strengths to wield. Through the next 17 Start of Ed three days, your superpowers are surging. If you Howe quip don’t yet know what they are, they should be 19 Mentalist Geller pretty obvious by the end of the day. 20 River ends, LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). You’re fond of often getting others involved in your projects. Just 21 "Scream" now though, you are your own best teacher, healer and improver. Trust yourself. director Craven VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). You cherish 22 Down with the the people who make you laugh almost, but not flu quite as much as you cherish those who you can 23 Ford dud make laugh. 24 Scottish uncle LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). When you’re in 26 "Fiddler on the the right it’s easy to find people who will take Roof" role Cryptoquip © 2008 by King Features Syndicate your side. And when you’re in the wrong, well, it’s just you and that loyal friend. 28 Part 2 of quip 31 Aged SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). Life has gotten big and complicated. Exercise makes it 34 Egg-coloring all better. Start walking and the good feeling in brand your body leads to peace of mind. 35 Emetic SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). You medication have the confidence to do what you haven’t 38 Cover done before. Whatever the endeavor, your fresh 40 Part 3 of quip 4 Part of a foot take on it makes it a success. 42 Casa chamber 5 San __ Obispo CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). Family 43 Birthplace of 6 Polo Grounds activities get a special dose of cosmic luck dust. St. Francis great The ones who usually find something to fight about will do just the opposite. 45 Em, to Dorothy 7 Adage AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). There is a 47 Drink like a dog 8 What's method to your madness, though exactly what it 48 Part 4 of quip worldwide is would be anyone’s guess. Continue honoring 51 University of 9 Container your instinct. Maine town weight PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20). What is 53 Citrus drink 10 Ballroom dance needed is a dramatic statement.Your gestures of 54 Brahman, e.g. 11 Undecided good will are gladly received. 58 Reed or Rawls 12 Like Shirley 59 Scram! Temple's hairdo GOREN BRIDGE 61 Seal engraved 13 Linen fabric A lending hand on a ring 62 Lodging house 18 Billy of the Dead End Kids Neither vulnerable. Opening lead: Seven of ♠ himself playing there. 63 End of quip 24 Biblical twin West deals. An opening lead of the nine of 66 Tenth mo. 25 Lost It’s not easy for North-South to hearts would likely have defeated 67 Can skip 27 Somme NORTH reach a contract of four hearts the contract, but West started with 68 Bygone time summers ♠K543 after East opens the bidding with a spade. Declarer ruffed, cashed 69 Urgent letters 29 Flavorful ♥ 10 5 one heart. It was accomplished at three rounds of diamonds and two ♦ A 10 3 one table in a pairs event at the rounds of clubs, then continued 70 One thing after 30 Hansen of 39 Pride member 55 Woman's ♣ 10 8 5 2 recent North American Summer with the queen of clubs, East another NPR's 41 Gospel writer netlike cap WEST EAST Bridge Championships in Las ruffing. The king of hearts was 71 Jewish month "Weekend 44 Catchphrases 56 Aquarium fish ♠ J 9 8 7 6 2 ♠ A Q 10 Vegas. Even more surprising is returned to the ace and the 13th Edition" 46 Implied 57 Old-time ♥9 ♥KQJ72 that, with a helping hand from diamond was trumped with the DOWN 31 Egg cells 49 Shaving foam anesthetic ♦642 ♦J98 East-West, it was made! ten and overuffed with the jack. 1 Off the record 32 French article 50 Honshu city 60 Slurpee rival ♣J74 ♣93 South had no convenient All East had to do was exit 2 Planted seeds 33 Sale savings 51 Medleys 61 Certain NCO's SOUTH action after East’s third-seat one- with any spade and sit back to 3 Works 36 Fla. neighbor 52 Popeil 64 Despot Amin ♠ Void heart opening. This was passed wait to score two trump tricks ♥A8643 round to North, who found a with Q 7 — sooner or later South strenuously 37 Ceiling company 65 Wind dir. ♦KQ75 reopening double. South cue-bid would have to lead a trump into Tod ♣AKQ6 hearts, West showed his six-card East’s tenace. But East elected to major and that was passed round lead the seven of trumps! South The bidding: to South, who now cue-bid won with the eight and led a WEST NORTH EAST SOUTH spades. North tried three no winning club. East ruffed with the Pass Pass ♥ 1♥ Pass trump, an eminently sound queen for the third and last Pass Dbl Pass ♥ 2♥ contract which would have made defensive trick for a near top 2♠ Pass Pass 3♠ probably with an overtrick, but score, since only two North-South Pass 3NT Pass ♥ 4♥ Backer Pass Pass Pass South found a second cue-bid pairs reached three no trump and and, to his surprise, found made 10 tricks. A hodgepodge of hints Dear Heloise: Here are handy, even to freshen my A FEW HINTS that I hope dishrag. you will find helpful: — Pat D., via e-mail I do not have a lot of Pat, thanks for sharing storage in my kitchen and your hodgepodge of have to stack skillets, pots helpful hints. I, too, use a v and pans, etc. To elimi- spray bottle, but mine has nate noise and scratching vinegar (full strength), my nonstick pans, I use and it kills weeds, cleans old hot pads as a cushion. windows, plus cuts grease. Our city started Hints from Heloise — Heloise curbside trash pickup, furnishing the trash cans. Green things I use my old plastic trash much nicer and is smaller, Dear Heloise: I save the containers to store my too. liners from cereal boxes water hoses, sprinklers To help with germs and find that they are and other yard tools for and cleanliness in my tough enough to use as a the winter. kitchen, I use a 6- to 8- surface for chopping On the sink, I keep a ounce spray bottle of lettuce, tomatoes, cab- hand-lotion bottle with water with a small bage for slaw and grating dishwashing soap in it for amount of bleach kept cheese. — Ruth Smith, convenience. It looks under my sink. It really is Phoenix r BIBLE County Commissioner Fo “Wherefore let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall.” — 1 Corinthians 10:12. Dist - 3 It is true that our greatest enemy may be our own stubborn pride. “Humble your- selves in the sight of the Lord, and He shall lift you up.” “I WILL STAND UP FOR YOU” “ I W I L L S TA N D U P F O R YO U ” T his is where I stand! Reduce Property Taxes through economic development Reduce Spending through increased Government efficiency Reduce Government Interference in peoples lives and businesses Increase Jobs by encouraging investment in local businesses Increase Recycling by re-establishing the Recycle Program Increase Accessibility to county officials and departments When Elected - YOU will have a Backer backing YOU! 339147 Paid Political advertisement Paid for and approved by Tod Backer Republican
  • 23. Thursday, October 23, 2008/ The Sun COMICS D/E/N/C Page 9 FOR BETTER OR FOR WORSE By Lynn Johnston MOM? CAN I PLAY CUT DON' Go C TTNc f Close friendship starts with reaching out SIDE IN THERAIN By W ET!! DEAR ABBY: I would like ushering or making cos- MYSELF FOR A WHILE? I . ri a to tell “Friend-Challenged in tumes and props. Theater ? , E Glendale, Calif.” (Aug. 2) people will always welcome ?e I i HONE ? that I have been in her you and find a place for you shoes. She needs to make to fit in. — SYLVIA IN her desire for friendship MORGAN HILL, CALIF. known to others. DEAR ABBY: In addition For years I had a pleasant to women her age, that I M life as a wife, mother and young woman should open ,,?,? ? 1 I, n ?0? ._ . ? D w f'?• I- I o , teacher with many col- Dear Abby herself up to those of all 8 J ? ? tl a„ In ?4a41f/... u leagues and acquaintances ages. I’m 37, but my friends through church and other include those who are 13 interest groups. But inside I years younger and 54 years PEANUTS By Charles Schulz was desperately lonely for want to thank you for older than me. My best female friendship. No one generously sharing that life friend is 19 years older W E ARE LOOKIIV6 FORWARD )EAR GREAT NAPKIN , To YOURGAMIN oN NAEL WEEAI HAVE You NoT?cED? ever truly “connected” beyond the surface level. lesson. The responses I received from readers than me. If she limits herself by f? 1t NAVE You BEEN ? NIGHT ullrA YOUR 5A6 FULL One afternoon I was offering advice, ideas and looking in only one place, OF FW5.I RAVETRIEDTo walking with a colleague encouragement to the she will have a one-dimen- REA 600050Y ALL YEAR, and she asked, philosophi- young woman who lacked sional, flat life. Look Fs cally, “What do you really female friendship were everywhere. See everyone as need in your life?” I burst touching. A sample: a possible friend. You never into tears and answered, “I DEAR ABBY: There is an know where it might lead need a friend!” We hugged old adage: You have to BE a you. — OPEN-HEARTED IN and cried together, and friend to HAVE one. It seems AMESBURY, MASS. from that moment on, our to me that “Challenged” DEAR ABBY: I found deeper heartfelt relationship never takes the extra step in your suggestions to “Friend- HI AND LOIS By Brian and Greg Walker began and widened to establishing a relationship. Challenged” outdated and include several more The phone rings two ways, sexist. Groups in cooking, t7o /oi T 1 WAN o WANNA PLAY 7 yoU WANT 0 Not women who are solid, there- and sometimes you have to sewing, scrapbooking? What PLAN ON THE SWINGS IN THE T Do o WITH for-each-other friends. call people before they call about learning to ski, kayak ? SANVBc)( NYTHING? o0 I am grateful for her you. — ELLEN IN or rock climb with other No , 7 insightful question and CLEVELAND women? Or a running I YoU GO NAN , I oUT a? . emotional support. She had DEAR ABBY: “Friend- group, hiking club or tennis ?) T ` / co Go WIME no idea that I felt so isolat- Challenged” should become league? I’ve done many of ed, and I learned to be more involved in community these, and the women I met qcl open about my needs. — theater. There are always are fun, outgoing and 5 lr - BEFRIENDED AND jobs waiting to be filled always ready to welcome a S:2 10 BLESSED IN MICHIGAN backstage, during new friend. — BRETT IN z ? s DEAR BEFRIENDED: I rehearsals, at the box office, JACKSON, WYO. BEETLE BAILEY By Mort Walker CRANKSHAFT By Tom Batiuk & Chuck Ayers THE PENTA GON HOW DOES THAT m WE ' RE DOWN TO A c a+ ?, WO(J?DN`c sH(J[ 1 M 3UST SAYInIr• oU'D CUTOUR BUDGET AFFECT US? m ONE-GUN SALUT E MCNU :? A t)PJVEZNt ?p rr MLADq BE IN L?OIJ? &MWAL? CAR AGAIN = ? N NAVP-N WS U : kra e 10-23 ®? HAGAR THE HORRIBLE By Chris Browne BORN LOSER By Art and Chip Sansom KnloW YOU UT WNYvaN/7'YOIJ BREAK " WIFE 15TNREATENING T0 l r M`f BECAUSEYOU DON'T TA1K NO BECAUSE I DO i S VI ?G AY voWN ANO olVE HIM A 917E ? W LEAVE MEBECAUSEOF MY TO I ? AM TOOPR01J0 COMMUNICATION SK1U S, ro 0 0 5. BL Ili 5L ST E ?• ST ? V bm ? JJ J.1 SS ' 7 ? ? 1n J 'V Y /D ? ? I ` / ?` ? d ? Z 6Reu xl6 a3 Ic.xg ? ' n n ` 3' F 11 ii ? Y THE WIZARD OF ID By Brant Parker and Johnny Hart BLONDIE By Dean Young -" °ssY"°lME,m`-'s`°" ' ° T" UNDE?TAKEfZ I'M IN THE WRONG BUSINESS!JERRY WELL,THERE ARE PILLOWS, DELI PIZZA, BOWLING BALLS , GREEK SEINFELD GETS a MEATS,GOLF CLUBS, PICKLES, SALADS, ICE CREAM PARLORS, R 1 PIU.S 4 t5 GOING T T U N M 010 MILLI ON TO WHAT W OUL ECLIN S, HOM MA PI S HAMMOCKS, OVER TO TH-E EPA! TALK ABOUT YOU BE QUALIFIED „ MATTRESSES,HAMBURGERS , BARBE CUE OKAY, ALL DffY? TftAT IS MICROSOFT! TO ENDORSE? p LOUISIANA HOT SAUCE,RAVIOLI, BACKYARD GRILLS,CAKES... JOINTS... ?I RIGHT ... I GET (I IT,DEAR A, A- SOT II .: . : :. : . .: . . . •:. nnv ..g ..i : .: n i / 13q n.,• . PFESUPTIONS Io•a3 : :>>:::»> ' I io•z3 PICKLES By Brian Crane SHOE By MacNelly Productions WNY ARE YOU READ- I W 061 Z MM I NG -ME 50, WNY CAN'T ot•( , 1 iwr WHAT W OULD YOU SAY 15 THE GREATEST THE EIGHT HOUR LUNCHES. ING THE PAPER LAWN A ND Mq WEED POIJY1YOU GET-roEM No! uoPE A ADVANTAGE OF WORKING FOR YOURSELF? WI'M 50550R5 IIJ WNACKEQRAN OU1 th 1NEM 061 MVof FL? 90eSOT -. YOUR NAND, PAD? OF LINE , SO I FIN- AWAY IJOW? NAND, LAM ON 15NF.V11-IE IToB 1 6 AU '1 MV N05E, l Ei W11N-PE9E SCISSORS. CRAMPEDUP, 3 / x a laz3 v ? ? ANDY CAPP By Reggie Smythe B.C. By Hart THATWAS7HEPonEST 0 KICKOFF,THEY WERE TEAM TVE EVER PLAYED a PUSHING, RIGHTF- WTHE KICKIN G r T PLAY O FCRT F1 9/VlF . MORE7HAN ANYfHiNG! ICOME FP-O A M F'9157Y DUMPSTOWN, L 5JI 9 oUK. BAT SIGNAL HAD A SOLAR PANEL. 'TypU? AGAINST! AND EL SOWINGI 0 ° ROGER MAHONEY & ROGER KETTLE / -' j {0•?i° ®zaoa cunrors sxxu ¢nh,lec? ZITS By Jerry Scott & Jim Borgman GARFIELD By Jim Davis WEU.,AT6EAA6T" WELL ! LOOKS LIKE 1 NAD THE W?114DNTOlITGRUVI 5 AEOAE I L VW FogAWHILE... t MA D GIC A C GOOD NIGHT COOKIE DREAM 3 M M AGAIN ? , . wo ' ,oi? R r. ; DAV Ib•ZT 1M ?9 j `
  • 24. VIEWPOINT Page 10 D/E/N/C Derek Dunn-Rankin — President David Dunn-Rankin — Publisher Chris Porter — Editor . Brian Gleason — Editorial page editor Stephen Baumann — Editorial writer E-mail letter to Thursday, October 23, 2008 | OUR VIEW | OUR VIEW WAV N T?7c??.crt?a N.sVT '?? ? I ? ? Duffy for Rosenfeld Commission J for House District 5 District 70 B S y the tightest of margins in ince his election to the a crowded field, Charlotte House District 70 seat two County Republican voters years ago, Rep. Doug picked Commissioner Tricia Holder has done a creditable, if Duffy to move on to the Nov. 4 unspectacular job. He’s a likable general election contest against d.?f r fellow who does reasonably well Don Coppola, the Republican representing his district, which former county commissioner, stretches from Siesta Key to who is running as a no party Englewood and North Port. affiliation candidate. Despite Holder’s positive Duffy was the only one of the qualities, we believe there’s good three incumbents to survive the reason for a change this year. primary. She didn’t win because We’re particularly impressed she was infallible as a commis- with Holder’s opponent, the sioner the past two years. We Democrat Sam Rosenfeld. didn’t recommend her because Rosenfeld has a sharp mind and we agreed with every vote she t T E r analytical ability that we find cast. Duffy convinced us and the refreshing. He has a strong grasp voters that she would listen and f ? + L h t of the issues facing Floridians take that input into account as ? r r? i r 1 f ° t - + t, y and is able to convincingly she decides how to vote. articulate his moderate posi- What more can one ask of a tions with subtlety. politician? There are simply too Holder, the Republican, said many people and positions for a his greatest asset was that he candidate to pledge to repre- works “well with other people.” sent all of them all the time. away program. Also, that House of Representatives and He also seems to be responsive Every vote will anger some group of voters and please LETTERS TO money would be in circula- tion, not tied up supporting to replace the members of the Senate with the lieutenant to the community. When Pine View School was at another. And the hardest decisions are likely to displease THE EDITOR bad investments. I believe it was Benjamin Franklin who governors beholden to the risk of losing funding last year, he helped coordinate a local almost everyone. state legislatures (the portion North Port needs stated, “ Any business that is parents’ lobbying effort that Listening and leadership are of government that provides going to fail ought to be resulted in the restoration of what Tricia Duffy brings to the a Sweetbay market services) and in closer prox- funding. He also helped with County Commission. Her efforts allowed to fail.” imity/scrutiny by its voters. Editor: Let us not be so hasty to Legacy Park funding in Venice. to reach out to voters has This will reduce need for If one more Publix is built in throw good money after bad. The problem is that Holder included multiple town hall overwhelming propaganda North Port, I think I’ll scream. Personally, I don’t care who seems a bit too quick to line up meetings, where she has brought and the “buy-outs” of politi- Not that it isn’t a lovely grocery wins the next presidential behind state party powers. He together county staff and the cians and the power of the store (a tad overpriced election. Can you imagine settles for “easy-sell answers.” voters they serve. We think such small constituencies of house though). But it would be so having an ego so large that you For example, he is against encounters not only expose members banding together to nice to be given a choice on actually believe you can “fix” taxes, no matter what. Property staffers to the frustrations and retain their positions and who where to buy groceries. or present problems? Some- taxes are one thing, but he concerns of residents, they have abandoned any perfor- wouldn’t budge in the slightest, demonstrate to those residents We have to drive to Venice or how we may survive without a mance of service to the public Englewood to go to Sweetbay depression, but not by giving even when asked if he’d consider that county staffers are working and give the states the man- an Internet sales tax, which on their behalf. It’s harder to now. So we are still not spend- away the ranch. date by the voters the ability ing any money in North Port might level the competitive vilify someone after you have sat Patrick Dickson to attain efficiencies compa- playing field for local business- down together and talked (as we live in East North Port, Port Charlotte rable to that of private which is closer to Port Char- es, or an increase in the through the issues. That is the industry. cigarette tax, which might kind of atmosphere we want to lotte for shopping). McCain voting It must be recognized that as Please, give us an opportuni- support health care programs. see return to Charlotte County ty to shop in North Port. same as Obama a nation, as in private industry, Rosenfeld impressed with his politics. progression of changes in command of a wide range of While Duffy is determined to Enough with the retail “stutter” Editor: arising situations and goals issues and his ability to propose represent her constituents, she of Publix, Wal-Mart, Walgreens. OK. So John McCain brags mandate constant review of nuanced solutions. He is will not be a slave to public We need a Sweetbay here. about voting against his party our laws and the effectiveness someone who will build consen- opinion. Her leadership on the Helene Sovern umpteen times. Think about it. of our Constitution. Hopefully, North Port By Obama not voting “against sus in the center. Mosaic phosphate agreement we American voters can regain Rosenfeld characterized bears that out. Charlotte County his party,” he was essentially leadership and make our Money better spent voting the same way McCain himself a moderate. This comes achieved remarkable progress in politicians aware they are our from his background as a dentist its five-year, $12 million fight on infrastructure voted. Hmm. servants. Let’s pull together to in his native Pennsylvania. against phosphate mining. So Kathleen Pirtle enhance the future of our Editor: Rosenfeld said that experience much progress that Mosaic By my calculations, the Punta Gorda children and veterans. God gave him a strong feel for the agreed to mining standards and willing, it will be done. printing press at the U.S. Take time to problems of small businesses, monitoring protocols that Eugene Pentiuk Treasury Department printing such as the question of provid- exceeded what the state of $100 bills at a rate of $50,000 read about DeVries Punta Gorda ing medical care for employees Florida requires. Duffy dared to per second (sheets 50 X 10) Editor: at a reasonable cost. declare victory when others Puffy Paws will take just about 162 days to Ken Devries came to Char- As for the state budget, wanted only to keep fighting despite increasingly meager print the proposed $700 billion lotte County in 1974 and has needs some help Rosenfeld favored reexamining that President Bush “suggests” 19 years Charlotte County law sales tax loopholes and taxing returns on the open-ended Editor: be given to those private enforcement experience. He Internet sales. “Giving retailers investment. Help! Puffy Paws Kitty businesses that are in danger knows Charlotte County well online a 7-percent discount is Coppola served on the County Haven, a cat rescue organiza- of “going under.” Folks, that’s and is a team player. Customer not protecting business people Commission from 1996 to 2000. tion with over 100 rescued nearly 5.4 months at 24 hours service is very important to here,” he said. His tenure on the board was kitties, is in desperate need of a day. And no guarantee that Ken, that’s why he has no party He saw a need for studying marked by outrageous and often donations to help pay their so much as a dime will be affiliation. The citizens of the budget to find places where callous public comments. past due electric bill. The repaid to us, you and me that’s Charlotte County come first, cuts could be made, but wasn’t There’s no doubt Coppola is a amount is $2,273 and FPL has where it’s coming from. not political parties. Ken will about to haul out the broadax. witty, bright and engaging man, delivered a final notice for I have in the past when the restore the concept of “public “Any large department would but he lacks the self-control we turn-off any day. present administration gave servant.” need to be examined,” he said, think voters prefer in their Owner Rick and Chrissie Iraq $84 billion (not for To learn more about Ken, but wholesale cuts would likely elected officials. That was Kingston started this nonprofit military support) suggested please visit his Web site: mean further job cuts, which reflected in the voters’ rejection rescue group in 1997. But both that that money might be would add to the rising unem- of Coppola four years ago when have health problems. Chrissie more appreciated here in I am asking you to please join ployment rate and foreclosures. he finished fourth in a four- suffers problems from having America, by Americans who me in supporting Ken for Rosenfeld was against Amend- person race. been in several auto accidents earned it, paid taxes on it and Charlotte County sheriff. ment 1, arguing it gained Also troubling about Coppola’s over the years. Rick has had hoped it might do some good Thank you. taxpayers little while shipping candidacy is the issue of his several heart attacks, including here. I guess you might have Donna Moder millions out of Sarasota to residency. Coppola lives with his an idea how far that sugges- one a few weeks ago. Punta Gorda poorer counties. He called ideas wife, Kathleen, in a home on tion went. Once again, I ask They are caring for to convert state highways into Countryman Avenue in Port such a large number of cats, Charlotte, which is in District 4, “would it not be better to use Change for the which are up for adoption and private toll roads “a joke.” that money to create jobs Rosenfeld’s moderate views not District 5. Coppola does own here?” sake of our children would make for first-class jibe with his would-be con- a home on Harbor Boulevard in We, this country, could have companions. stituents, who demand govern- Editor: District 5, but to ask voters to the best Monorail system Neither candidate as presi- If the power is turned off, ment services provided as believe he and his wife, who running coast to coast and dent will implement notable and the cats get overheated, efficiently as possible. represents District 4 on the from North to our South portions of their programs this will not help to maintain “I believe less government is Charlotte County Airport borders using that $700 when faced with a Congress their health. better, but there are times when Authority, live in separate homes billion. We could put tens of blindly insistent on party Donations are down due to individuals are unable to help is nonsensical. thousands of people to work agenda regardless of the the economic climate across themselves and government This is not an academic issue. and create something that detriment to our nation. The the country. Anyone interested needs to step in,” he said. Former Commissioner Sara would be the envy of the latest bailout charade and the in helping may go online to That’s the right approach. Devos was forced by Gov. Jeb world. And that money, used various earmarks/pork barrels the Web site at www.puffypaws The Sun recommends Sam Bush to resign her District 5 for construction materials and insult us. Rosenfeld for the District 70 seat because she no longer wages would have taxes paid It is time to amend the Mary Chiri seat in the Florida House of lived in the district. If the state on it. Not so with this give- Constitution to eliminate the Englewood Representatives. determines Coppola’s “residen- cy” at the Harbor Boulevard property is not legitimate, we may see a redux of the Devos | LETTER SUBMISSION POLICY be provided. Due to the number of letters received, we are able to run only one letter per person per month. The Letters to the Editor section is designed as a public forum for community discourse and the opinions and statements made in letters are solely those of saga. Letters are welcome on virtually any subject, but we do have some rules. Please keep the individual writers. The newspaper takes no responsibility for the content of these The Sun recommends Tricia them less than 250 words. Letters will be edited for length as well as grammar and letters. Please send or bring correspondence to the Sun, Letters to the Editor, 23170 Duffy for the District 5 seat on the spelling. All letters must be signed with full name — not initials. An address and telephone Harborview Road, Charlotte Harbor, FL 33980, or fax to 941-629-2085. Readers with Charlotte County Commission. number must be included. The phone number and address are not for publication, but must access to the Internet may e-mail letters to the editor to
  • 25. Thursday, October 23, 2008/ The Sun OPED D/E/N/C Our Town Page 11 was ever passed was community service. budget went up again this banks was violated. the United States we are LETTERS TO campaign finance reform. He voted to allow Frank worked for the previous Charlotte County year. Mr. Cameron, you have certainly done your In pre-WW II Germany, the government did not unique in that we judge a person on the basis of THE EDITOR lawsuits against gun manufacturers. property appraiser since 1974, gaining experience part helping our citizens during our economic confiscate the big private companies. However, they their ideas, demonstrated abilities and visionary Editor’s note: Letters He supports granting and knowledge in various crisis. placed a government qualities, rather than bias regarding the Nov. 4 driver’s licenses to illegal departments. As the We simply need to look at supervisor in every and prejudice. election will be suspended immigrants and extending Charlotte County property your current position company, and the supervi- We are blessed with for the week prior to the welfare to illegal immigrants. appraiser for 12 years, he which has never existed in sor told the companies freedom of choice and election. Political letters Voted yes on comprehen- has continued to expand the history of the sheriff’s what to build, how to freedom to express our are no longer being sive immigration reform. upon that base of knowl- office until the Hatch Act. build it, when to build it, views. Lets not waste it by accepted. Voted yes on allowing edge for a very technical You are being paid over who to hire, what to pay hurling about insults or illegal aliens to participate and constrained job. He $104,000 a year and have and what to do. So even belittling our candidates in Social Security. must know and abide by no responsibility. You though the facade of and practicing innuendo. Why no lights He voted with Democrat- the laws, but the most should be ashamed of private property owner- That belittles us all and on girls’ field? ic Party 96 percent of 251 important attributes of a yourself. You came here ship was maintained, the accomplishes nothing. Editor: votes. property appraiser are from Lee County and have reality was complete Bill Tart My granddaughter is He is ranked as the most deep community and taken advantage of the government control. Punta Gorda participating in girls youth liberal senator in the technical knowledge citizens of Charlotte When the treasury softball at North County Senate today and that combined with a fair, County. You did not even secretary of the United Put an end to crony Park on O’Donnell takes some doing. even-handed application move to Charlotte County States tells the nine CEOs law enforcement Boulevard. Don Grillo of the rules to the facts. until you had to in order to of our largest banks that Last week, the lights for Punta Gorda Yes, Frank Desguin is one run for sheriff this year. they will, not may, sell Editor: the field were not on, and of my best friends. Ironi- This costs the taxpayers stock to the government I would just like to say practice had to be con- Same-sex marriage cally, my law firm, on money for you to go back under government terms, that for once let us clean behalf of our clients, have and forth to work provid- those companies can no out the sheriff’s office at ducted in the dark. I called can happen here the next election and stop Charlotte County Parks litigated against the office ing you a vehicle and fuel. longer be considered and Recreation on Friday, Editor: of the property appraiser You have spent most of private property. They are this hand-me-down and was assured that the The Sun has been — sometimes successfully, your campaign donations now controlled by the sheriff’s office and get a lights would be on for the recommending that we sometimes unsuccessfully in Lee County and have government and every new slate of people in next practice on Tuesday. vote “no” to Amendment — over the years. We find not supported the busi- stockholder has lost their office who are nonparti- Can anyone guess what 2. This amendment that with Frank Desguin nesses right here where right to private property. san. We need a new sheriff happened? prevents same sex mar- we can disagree without you want to be sheriff. You Jerry Wilke who will hire people who You got it, no lights, no riage in all its forms. his being disagreeable. But claim you were here for us Punta Gorda are qualified to hold that bases on the softball field, The reason given to us by there is one thing that we after Hurricane Charley. office. We do not need but the adjacent boys the Sun is that it already is have never found to You traveled home every Practicing innuendo people who hire unquali- Florida law. But in Califor- disagree on, and that is night to air condition and a fied employees who can baseball fields were lit, nia, Massachusetts and belittles us all not do the job that they and had bases. the honest, honorable hot shower. The troops The coach informed me Connecticut the state approach that Frank both deputies and the Editor: are hired to do. that he had talked to Parks court overturned the Desguin brings to his job National Guard were here As election day closes You can make a mistake and Recreation earlier that legislated law and on behalf of the people of for us. Not you. Go back to upon us it is appalling that in any job but not a day, and he was assured imposed same-sex Charlotte County. Lee County, Bill. I am going more and more of our mistake that will cause a that there would be lights marriage in those states. We have had in Frank to support the local man. airwaves are polluted with mother and daughter to and bases for practice. It could happen here. Desguin a clear voice of Kayla Jones personal attacks and lose her life. I am a mother I, for one, do not appreci- The only way we can be accountability and truth. Port Charlotte innuendo on our political and I have a daughter and ate my granddaughter or sure that the wishes of the He has a deep knowledge candidates. I shed tears every time I her teammates having to people are preserved is to of the community, an Private property Do we not have myriad of think of that poor girl make it a constitutional experienced knowledge of legitimate issues? Are there being murdered because try to practice softball in issue. rights have gone not a divergence of political of a woman who made a the dark, or having to park the law, and he applies the in an unlit parking lot. Therefore if you do not principles of law in an Editor: platforms to consider and mistake due to poor if not If anyone else would like consider same-sex honorable and forthright Some people define the debate? Are we truly no training. to call Parks and Recre- marriage a marriage, manner. right to property as the lacking data or understand- I am voting for a man who ation to find out why the then vote “yes” to Re-elect Frank Desguin, right to gain, keep and/or ing on how we as a nation I have known for many boys have lights and the Amendment 2. because of his knowledge, dispose of that property, have managed our affairs years who is non-partisan girls don’t, please feel free. John Germer experience, honesty, and free from government in the immediate past? and has many years of law Punta Gorda fairness. Please vote for coercion. That concept It is sad when candidates enforcement behind him. Bruce Davis took a hard blow to the themselves resort to half Mr. Ken DeVries would Frank Desguin. Port Charlotte head with the govern- truths and innuendo, but make a great sheriff and he Desguin runs office Michael P. Haymans Punta Gorda ment’s interference in more than regrettable does not have the IOUs to What you’ll get with principle, honor nine of the largest private when voters glean their “ help him stay in office or with Obama Editor: Cameron won’t admit banks in America. When information” from unreg- get elected. Please consid- This letter is in support the government forced ulated Internet and fail to er him when you go to Editor: of Frank Desguin as the budget is bloated the banks to sell them put this through a reality vote. You will not be What you’ll get with Barack Hussein Obama. Charlotte County property Editor: preferred stock, the check. disappointed. He voted for partial-birth appraiser. Bill Cameron believes the property rights of every I have always believed, Dolores Gorman abortion. I have been a resident of budget is lean and has no stockholder in those and still do, that here in Port Charlotte He voted “no” on notify- Charlotte County since intention in helping the ing parents of minors who 1960. Frank Desguin and community in our greatest get out-of-state abortions. his family have been economic challenge. He Supports affirmative residents of Charlotte states, “ There is no place County since before then to cut the budget without DON’T MISS action in colleges and government. and have actively worked cutting services.” However In 2001, he questioned for the betterment of his opponent Jim Melo has harsh penalties for drug Charlotte County for all explained in detail that dealing as being too of that time through there are ways to cut the THE 2008 PHYSICIAN severe. educational programs, budget without reducing Says he will deal with youth sports, and services. I understand the street-level drug dealing as minimum wage affair. Admitted his use of marijuana and cocaine in i Center for Beauty & MEDICAL GUIDE high school and in college. His religious convictions & Rejuvenation Coming are very murky. He is willing to meet with • Hair Removal Sunday, November 9th Fidel Castro, Hugo • Cellulite Reduction Chavez, Kim Jung Il and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad • Photo Rejuvenation without preconditions. • Micropeel & He said that one of his first goals after being i Permanent Makeup elected would be to have a conference with all i Muslim nations. HA B MEDICAL FALL / WI NTER 941.258.3333 2if-M8 He opposed the Patriot co Fi t er i a t 6 '!a d i p ? R e i 4 ? e n e a , o n 2400 Harbor Blvd., Suite 15 Act. Port Charlotte First bill he signed that 344593 Call For Consultation L - Cataracts? Smart Lenses : SM Dr. Thomas Quigley’s SmartLens procedure can produce clear vision without eyeglasses close up, far away and in between. “Freedom from it Call for SmartLens eye glasses now a evaluation with 332557 of Port Charlotte reality for many” Call Today at: Dr. Quigley Thomas Quigley, M.D. Port Charlotte r- ? COUPON EXPIRES January 15, 2007 Board Certi ied Eye Surgeon f 766-7474 NO HIOUEN CHPAGES: X sour poil ermm me {mllem anY emer pem , - - eim -, n,remae m pey, ceaeel {) . mem or Xe reimbum ea hY peymem or aay Omer xrvic e, eumineti on nrtrraM em ) wfii eM1k peMmiea as amauX m antl wXM1in ]2 M1wmv maponai sqm me tz im atlverti seme zt th M1ee, dk nlai he o? retlucetl he servi ce, elim inati on dtreaMe nt n[tor M1e eeou +. Itsr?ro? SOL ST FLORIDA ANKLE& FOOT CARE SPECTALJ TS S Make Sure You Save This Comprehensive Specializing in foot Board Certified Poandatrist. and ankle diagnosis,care di surgery narales , A merican RoardofPPJiairir Surgery Easy-To-Use Reference Guide 334798 David M. Kanuck, DPM Duane F. Cumberbatch, DPM SUN NEWSPAPERS Cha r lotte • DeSoto • Englewood • Nor th Por t • Venice America 's BEST Community Daily 3191 Harbor Blvd., Suite B • Port Charlotte • 624-2141 - - rirl?al ?. f1r A?r1a Gu?__ ` 'K+A1g1o?p4yweR ?ir?rrtgl , ?11M?Mpi?liJ R? .?IAli 340804
  • 26. Our Town Page 12 D/E/N/C OPED The Sun /Thursday, October 23, 2008 Turks have interests in America’s campaigns D Trudy Rubin rive at night across the Bosphorus Obama opposes the Iraq war, and is seen the balance against Tehran. Ankara Bridge, which links Europe and as less likely to attack Tehran. Turks who believes such diplomacy holds the best Asia, and you can see the lights of Readers may reach want to keep close relations with America prospect for stabilizing the Mideast; two continents. Walk through the leafy Rubin at want to see anti-Americanism decline. Turks say the region can’t cope with courtyards of Topkapi Palace, where “You need Obama to gain a better another war, one with Iran. Ottoman sultans once lived, and you can image,” said one prominent businessman No Israel-Syria peace is possible, see tourists from around the world. who would have preferred McCain (and however, without strong U.S. backing. Turkish liberals and This is a fascinating crossroads from didn’t want his name used). “That image Turkey’s efforts have received only conservatives concur lukewarm support so far from the Bush which to watch the U.S. presidential that President Bush’s (of the Bush administration) must election campaign. Turks, too, are paying change. Otherwise, we can’t move on.” administration. Obama’s outlook seems policy failures have more in tune with those efforts than does close attention. sapped America’s political, economic and However, there was strong advice for A longtime NATO ally, Turkey has a the next American leader. Over and over I McCain’s. moral authority abroad. They believe the Turkey also wants the next U.S. presi- secular constitution and a government economic crisis was handled badly in heard the same warning: Don’t leave Iraq too quickly. I also heard intense criticism dent to pay more attention to its terrorist that wants to join the European Union; it Washington in recent weeks because it problem. Turkish Kurdish separatists, is also a Muslim country whose elites are happened under a lame-duck leader. of Obama’s plan to withdraw all U.S. known as the PKK, have found havens in debating whether to look more to the They also agree that an absence of U.S. troops within 16 months. the mountains of Iraqi Kurdistan, from East or become more neutral. leadership has created a dangerous Turkish officials and diplomats felt which they attack targets in Turkey. Turkey’s input will be crucial to future global vacuum. “Everybody in the world such a hasty exit could create a power This is an explosive issue in U.S.- U.S. diplomacy in Iraq and the greater needs a United States which can function vacuum that Iran would rush to fill, while Turkish relations. Many Turks believe the Middle East. Yet only 12 percent of Turks and provide some order,” said Soli Ozel, returning Iraq to chaos. They prefer a United States condones PKK attacks, in a 2008 Pew poll had a favorable foreign-policy adviser to TUSIAD, an looser deadline that would see Iraq even though the U.S. government started opinion of the United States. This association of Turkish industrialists. “If through next year’s provincial and last year to share intelligence with Turkey. statistic reflects anger over the Iraq war’s the vacuum continues, other forces will national elections. Last week, Turkey made a historic impact on Turkey. enter.” They also urge that a U.S. withdrawal diplomatic overture to Iraq’s Kurds in So whom do Turks prefer as 44th The favored candidate — who inspired be embedded in a wider Mideast strategy, Baghdad. Turks hope closer economic president of the United States? And what enthusiasm among some I met and left one that differs sharply from that of the and political ties to Iraq’s Kurds will win do they want him to do in the Middle others reluctant — was Sen. Barack Bush administration. “Instead of isolating their cooperation in isolating the PKK. (It East? Obama. Many businessmen felt more Syria and Iran,” one senior government would also help if the Ankara govern- I’ve just spent four days talking with comfortable with Republican John official said, “it’s better to have more ment unfroze earlier plans to improve Turkish government officials, diplomats, McCain, because he is familiar with engagement, in consultation with your conditions for its own Kurds.) businessmen, journalists and academics, Turkey, and with military strategy. Yet allies.” Support for Turkey’s creative diplomacy on a trip organized by Turkey’s Economic even Obama skeptics thought it prefer- Example: Turkey has been mediating could help the next U.S. president Policy Research Institute, a nongovern- able that the Democrat win. talks between Israel and Syria, despite improve ties with Ankara. Meantime, mental think tank, and one thing is clear: Their reasoning: An Obama victory past Bush efforts to isolate Damascus. An Turks are waiting almost as eagerly as Turks are eager for our election season to would improve Turkish public attitudes Israel-Syria peace could change the Americans to learn who that president end. toward the United States, because entire dynamic in the region, and shift will be. After two years, voters don’t know Obama T Thomas Sowell elling a friend that killed more people in one What specifics do we that this very year his the love of his life is year than the czars killed know about Barack campaign sought the a phony and Readers may reach Sowell at in more than 90 years, not Obama’s track record that advice of disgraced dangerous is not likely to counting the millions might give us some clue former Fannie Mae CEO get him to change his who died in a govern- as to what kinds of Franklin Raines. mind. But it may cost you nation, and of genera- going ment-created famine in “changes” to expect if he Fannie Mae and Raines a friend. tions yet to come, in the bad, the 1930s. is elected? were at the heart of “the It is much the same hands of someone some Other despotic regimes We know that he mess in Washington” that story with true believers chosen because they like think that in China, Cuba, and Iran opposed the practice of Barack Obama claims he in Barack Obama. They his words or style. what is were similarly replaced by putting violent young is going to clean up have made up their Of the four people needed is blank-check people who promised felons on trial as adults. under the banner of minds and not only don’t running for president and “change.” “change” that turned out We know that he was “change.” want to be confused by vice president on the But history shows to be even worse than against a law forbidding The public has been the facts, they resent Republican and Demo- any number of countries what went before. physicians to kill a baby told very little about what being told the facts. cratic tickets, the one we in crises worse than Yet many today seem to that was born alive this man with the won- An e-mail from a reader know the least about is ours, where “change” assume that if things are despite an attempt to derful rhetoric has mentioned trying to tell the one leading in the turned problems into bad, “change” will make abort it. actually done. What we his sister why he was polls — Barack Obama. catastrophes. them better. Specifics We know that Obama know is enough to make voting against Obama Some of Sen. Obama’s In czarist Russia, for don’t interest them nearly opposed attempts to put us wonder about what we but, when he tried to most fervent supporters example, the economy as much as inspiring stricter regulations on don’t know. Or it ought to. argue some facts, she cut could not tell you what was worse than ours is rhetoric and a confident Fannie Mae— and that he For the true believers— him short: “You don’t like he has actually done on today and the First World style. But many 20th was the second largest which includes many in him and I do!” she said. such issues as crime, War was going far worse century leaders with recipient of campaign the media— it is just a End of discussion. education, or financial for the Russians than inspiring rhetoric and contributions from question of whether you When one thinks of all institutions like Fannie anything we have faced in great self-confidence led Fannie Mae. We know like him or not. the men who have put Mae and Freddie Mac, Iraq. Moreover, Russians their followers or their their lives on the line in much less what he plans had nothing like the countries into utter battle to defend and to do to stop Iran from rights of Americans today. disasters. preserve this country, it is becoming a nuclear So they went for “change.” These ranged from Jim especially painful to think nation supplying nuclear That “change” brought Jones who led hundreds that there are people weapons to the interna- on a totalitarian regime to their deaths in Jon- living in the safety and tional terrorist networks that made the czars’ estown to Hitler and Mao comfort of civilian life that it has supplied with despotism look like child’s who led millions to their LI__ Looking for who cannot be bothered other weapons. play. The Communists deaths. to find out the facts about The magic word candidates before voting “change” makes specifics to put the fate of this unnecessary. If things are ROBERT K. 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