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Customer Developement DieProduktMacher GmbH
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Customer Developement DieProduktMacher GmbH


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Erfahrungsbericht von der ersten lean startup machine in Deutschland. ...

Erfahrungsbericht von der ersten lean startup machine in Deutschland.
Informationen zum Vorgehen bei Customer Developement auf Basis eines Beispiel.

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  • 1. „HOW TO – CUSTOMER DEVELOPEMENT“ Summary of our experiences - Lean Startup Machine – Munich, January 2013DieProduktMacher GmbH
  • 2. Agenda1. Introduction Customer Developement2. Procedure– Field Research3. Result– Pitch presentation4. Our LearningsDieProduktMacher GmbH 2
  • 3. 1. Introduction Customer DevelopementDieProduktMacher GmbH
  • 4. Customer Developement = „Get out of theBuilding“ GmbH 4
  • 5. 2. Procedure – Field ResearchDieProduktMacher GmbH
  • 6. 1. Start = Problem + Riskiest Assumption Collecting Panini sticker/ football fans Complete collection as soon as possible There are Exchange enough preferredenougch collectors Not over buying people to Lack of change with Overview … GmbH 6
  • 7. 2. Get out of the building – where is thetarget group? VS.  Interviewing Football fans on Christmas Market Result: Most of them collect Panini sticker!!!DieProduktMacher GmbH 7
  • 8. 3. Validation = Next Assumption Collecting Panini sticker/ football fans Complete collection as soon as possible Exchange preferred over There are Not enough buying enough people to collectors Lack of change with overvew … GmbH 8
  • 9. 4. Get out again!!!• Exchange preferred over buying  YES  Validated• Current possibilities insufficiant? (Interviews with Persons who advertise on ebay,…)  NO  Invalidated• Not enough possibilities to exchange in a local area  YES  Validated SOLUTION: App which helps to find other collectorsin your areaDieProduktMacher GmbH 9
  • 10. 5. Will User Pay for an App download?Landingpage to analyze the conversion (paid Download)Traffic acquisition:- SEM (Google Ads)- Social – Postings in Facebook groups/ Facebook Fanpage / Twitter Account- Special Interest – Postings in forumsDieProduktMacher GmbH 10
  • 11. LandingpageDieProduktMacher GmbH 11
  • 12. 3. Result– Pitch presentationDieProduktMacher GmbH
  • 13. Collectr Munich December, 2nd 2012DieProduktMacher GmbH
  • 14. How to complete your panini sticker album fast and cheap?CollectrApp to find other Panini sticker collectors in yourarea!DieProduktMacher GmbH 15
  • 15. ProcessExperiment 1 2 4 5 6 Football Fans, PaniniCustomer Football Fans, Panini sticker collectors sticker collectors, local Enough Local Exchange CurrentRiskiest people possibilities Will User more fun solutionsAssumption who to swap are pay? then buying insufficient collect prefered 6 von 6 13 out of one of all User happy 11,8% Hardcore 23 asked interviewd with current ConversionResult collector football buys all solutions e.g. 0,99 € per prefer local fans sticker ebay, FB Download possibility Collecting is Seasonal, Mobile There is a affair of Different business, butLearned solution/ market honour, but Focus willingness Stuffle not easy prooved Online Customer „Exchange Payment per FurtherDecision „Exchange Need Pivot - Network“ Download testing Network“ mobile AppDieProduktMacher GmbH 16
  • 16. Here is the money…Market developement User Feedback 80 60 40 20 0 WM EM EM WM 2006 2008 2010 Potentional Downloads:144 visitors17 downloads11,8% conversion rateDieProduktMacher GmbH 17
  • 17. Collectr – surely a success!• WM 2014: 60 Mio. revenue with Panini sticker – only Germany!• 850.000 App – Downloads anticipated in the first year• Also international rollout possibleDieProduktMacher GmbH 18
  • 18. Summary• 1 Weekend – 48 hours / 5 people• About 60 interviews with target group• Landingpage, Facebook page, Twitter account, started online marketing campaigns• Potential Investor• Market analysis & pitch presentation• Great time, great learnings, awesome experience!DieProduktMacher GmbH 19
  • 19. 4. Our LearningsDieProduktMacher GmbH
  • 20. Don´t think too much, don´t define toolong…. Get out! A fast user feedback pays off!DieProduktMacher GmbH 21
  • 21. Be creative finding your target group – thereare different ways to find your user!DieProduktMacher GmbH 22
  • 22. Have the heart to go out – also when youdon´t have the perfect solution!DieProduktMacher GmbH 23
  • 23. TEST THE RISKIEST ASSUMPTION FIRST– be honest to yourself and willing to dismissyour idea if need beDieProduktMacher GmbH 24
  • 24. ContactDieProduktMacher GmbHFabian Dill, CEOKontakt@DieProduktMacher.comwww.DieProduktMacher.comFollow us: @ProduktMacher Die Produktmacher GmbHDieProduktMacher GmbH 25