A intro to (hosted) Shiny Apps

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done for Munich R User group on 7th of Jun 2013

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A intro to (hosted) Shiny Apps

  1. 1. An Intro to (hosted) Shiny apps...or where are all the bees now?...or where are all the bees now?daniel@dakoller.net - @dakollerfor R User Group Munichhttp://de.slideshare.net/dakoller/r-intro-for-munich-google-io-extended
  2. 2. What is Shiny?• It is a R-based web applicationframework for interactivevisualizations.• Started by the people behindRStudio (but works w/o RStudio)• Can run locally, can be deployedon an own webserver or cn behosted by RStudio
  3. 3. Shiny Webapps are coded using textfiles(preferably using RStudio): you need• ui.R:library(shiny)# Define UI for application that plots random distributionsshinyUI(pageWithSidebar(# Application titleheaderPanel("Customer Segmenter"),• server.R:library(shiny)library(datasets)# We tweak the "am" field to have nicer factor labels. Sincethis doesnt# rely on any user inputs we can do this once at startup andthen use the# value throughout the lifetime of the applicationmpgData <- mtcarsmpgData$am <- factor(mpgData$am, labels = c("Automatic","Manual"))# Define server logic required to plot various variablesagainst mpgshinyServer(function(input, output) {...# Return the formula text for printing as a captionoutput$caption <- renderText({formulaText()})# Generate a plot of the requested variable against mpg andonly# include outliers if requestedoutput$mpgPlot <- renderPlot({boxplot(as.formula(formulaText()),
  4. 4. ...then you fire:runApp("~/Documents/workspace/..../")--> localhost:8100
  5. 5. Shiny Showcase „Bee swarms in the wild“http://glimmer.rstudio.com/dakoller/happyBees/
  6. 6. What can you do inside Shiny?• Use HTML form elements for interaction:• Sliders, Tabs, NumericInput, Select Boxes, Check Boxes• Replace Shiny-UI with an HTML5-template (default is bootstrap-like)• Upload files (for calculation)• Prepare data extracts of the report for download• Shiny can show any R output, even usage of advanced components such asRGoogleViz or ggplot2 is possible.
  7. 7. Shiny hosting by RStudio• Available in Beta-Mode• Editing via browser-enabled RStudio ( http://glimmer.rstudio.com:8787/ )• Immediate update after ,source‘• Special care needed when data sources show fast changing information! (orare to be updated for every run)• Register at https://rstudio.wufoo.com/forms/shiny-server-beta-program/ incase you are interested!
  8. 8. Resources• Shiny, R web app framework for interactive apps:http://www.rstudio.com/shiny/