I os7   new beta version
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I os7 new beta version

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Apple launch new version of iOS. The version of iOs 7 is totally different from previous version of iOS. Currently this version is in beta mode. Have a look on about iOS and iOS 7.

Apple launch new version of iOS. The version of iOs 7 is totally different from previous version of iOS. Currently this version is in beta mode. Have a look on about iOS and iOS 7.

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  • 1. Apple iOS: Amazing OS Now Comes With NewVersioniOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple.Originally reveal in 2007 for iPhone, later been extended tosupport other Apple devices like iPod and iPad.Let’s start the journey of new apple iPhone OS>>>
  • 2. It’s been a while since therewas giant news in the world ofApple. Like every year, Applecontinues with promise. Thistime Apple launch newversion of iOS. The iOS7(beta) is the Apple’s newversion for iPhone mobile.This time iOS 7 comes withtotally different than otherprevious version of iOS.
  • 3. The UI for iOS 7 is totally changed. It’s really very different from previousversion of iOS. There are lot of visual changes inside the apps likeCalendar, Reminders, Messages and Weather. There are many changesincluding Control Center, which is the new feature that user can setbrightness, Wi-Fi and other control from anywhere on your mobile. Nowmultitasking comes with tiles instead of tiny icons, so user can easilynavigate between apps.Weather App: -The Weather app is a good example in new design. It runs in full screenmode, which is better than previous version opened in small window.Also it comes with neat and amazing visual background.
  • 4. File Transferring and Message, Mail AppTransferring files between iOS devices isnow easy with this new version. Airdrop anew method of transferring data using Wi-Fi. You can share what you viewing currentlyon your phone through Airdrop, which isaccessible from Control Center. One morething is the message and mail apps have anew look feeling to match the rest of the OS.Currently this new version of iOS is workingwith iPhone 5, iPhone 4, 4s and iPod touch5th generation
  • 5. How to Get and Install iOS 7To get the new beta version of iOS 7 Click Here and download it.Now open the .dmg file, there is only one .ipsw file. Connect yourdevice to your pc and start iTunes.Now go in iTunes and click on iPhone button. Go ahead and backup your phone to iTunes.When restoring in iTunes, press on the option button. A newwindow will open from where you can select the iOS 7 beta .ipswfile. Wait patiently; it can take some time (Generally 10 Minutes).This is how you get iOD 7 beta.In generally iOS7 now gives more room to apps. There are numberof features are available with this new beta version of iOS.
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