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Recession-Proof Graduate

Recession-Proof Graduate







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  • It allows both parties the opportunities to see not only if the skills fit, but also if the values fit. All good team relationships are built step-by-step, working day by day, with mutual goals and aspirations. Internships allow us to get to know the interns and vice versa?

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  • Well done, Charlie - this is excellent advice for everyone...not just new grads. And it has the added credibility of coming from a young person who has personal, demonstrable experience making it work! I was an HR exec for years before I moved into learning to be a webpreneur and I can't tell you how many times the advice I gave to job seekers was 'network,network, network;' determine what you can do for the organization vs what it can do for you; show initiative (both during the job search and as an employee;) be consistent - plan your work and work your plan; understand you may have to zigzag your way to your ultimate goal; and be prepared to sacrifice now for the future. It was frustrating when the advice seeker would then tell me all the reasons she/he couldn't/wouldn't do any/all of those things and go back to uselessly sending out hundreds of resumes.

    With companies now using data base systems to store and recall applicantions along specific dimensions, the need to distinguish yourself beyond your resume becomes even greater. I am not a proponent of these systems by the way - I believe much can be learned by a person's covering letter and resume presentation - even when reviewing hundreds of resumes- but they are a fact of life now.

    So kudos for sharing your wisdom in such a compelling way.
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  • This was a great read. I enjoyed everything you mentioned. I can see how free work can pay off. i definitely will incorporate this into my plan.
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  • This is a great presentation! Thank you for posting it & making it available for others to read and learn from. You are a smart young man.
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  • Well digested advice for everybody who is looking for methodologies to find a meaningful professional engagment. This advice is not only recession-proof, but serves for everybody who wants to differentiate herself from the crowd.
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