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Invoke Dynamic
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Published in Technologie , Bildung
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  • 1. InvokeDynamicJava 7 dynamically typed language support
  • 2. Statically typed languages Java Scala C# C C++ F# Haskel
  • 3. Dynamic languagesGroovyClojureJavaScriptPerlPythonRubyPHP
  • 4. Dynamic languageobject runtime alteration (open program code)metaobject protocolevalfunctional programming, closures, macros
  • 5. Dynamically typed languagetype checking performed at runtimevariable does not have a typevalue is associated with a typeduck typing
  • 6. The program must be compiledto bytecode to achieve Javalevel performance
  • 7. Use casegroovy:000> f = { it + it }===> groovysh_evaluate$_run_closure1@dc737begroovy:000> f(1)===> 2groovy:000> f("qw")===> qwqwgroovy:000> [2, "qwe"].collect(f)===> [4, qweqwe]groovy:000>
  • 8. collect (list, func) { foreach (list) push (result, func (it))}
  • 9. The probleminvokevirtual some/class/Name.func(Ljava/lang/String)Z, objectref, arg1, arg2, ...invokespecialinvokestatic has similar calling conventioninvokeinterface
  • 10. The solution Reflection is (relatively) slow There are others possibilities
  • 11. Java 7 approach - JSR292invokedynamic (indy) boostrapFuncRef, NameLiteral(Lorg/jruby/runtime/builtin/IRubyObject) Lorg/jruby/runtime/builtin/IRubyObject, arg1, arg2, ...
  • 12. java.lang.invoke.* MethodHandle CallSite ConstantCallSite MutableCallSite VolatileCallSite MethodType
  • 13. public static CallSite bootstrap ( MethodHandles.Lookup lookup, String dynMethodName, MethodType dynMethodType) throws Throwable { MethodHandle handle = lookup.findStatic( SomeClosure.class, "func", MethodType.methodType( Integer.class, Object.class, Object.class)); if (!dynMethodType.equals(handle.type())) handle = handle.asType(dynMethodType); return new ConstantCallSite(handle);}
  • 14. MutableCallSite.setTarget(MethodHandle newTarget)
  • 15. AdvantagesfastJIT-tedinlinedsignature polymorphism, arguments adaptation
  • 16. Work in ProgressJRuby - works, sort of; MirahRhino (JavaScript) - J.Rose experiment, V8 forperformance freaksGroovy - proposed for 1.9, no implJython (Python) - different priorities: PyPy, Cython,language features upgradeClojure - many features not applicable to IndyPHP.reboot
  • 17. Learn more 7 JSR-292 java.lang.invoke.* APIJRuby source: src/org/jruby/compiler/impl/*.java