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Semantic Pingback (EKAW)
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Semantic Pingback (EKAW)


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Published in: Technologie

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  • 1. Semantic Pingback Sebastian Tramp Philipp Frischmuth Tim Ermilov Sören Auer AKSW, Universität Leipzig
  • 2. Introduction Sussex St. Reading Andrews NDL Audio- Lists Resource subjects t4gm MySpace scrobbler Lists Moseley (DBTune) (DBTune) RAMEAU Folk NTU SH lobid GTAA Plymouth Resource Lists Organi- Reading Lists sations Music The Open ECS Magna- Brainz Music DB tune Library LCSH South- (Data Brainz LIBRIS ampton Tropes lobid Ulm Incubator) (zitgist) Man- EPrints Resources chester Surge Reading biz. Music RISKS Radio Lists The Open ECS data. John Brainz Discogs Library PSH Gem. UB South- Peel (DBTune) FanHubz (Data In- (Talis) Norm- Mann- ampton (DB cubator) Jamendo datei heim RESEX Tune) Popula- Poké- DEPLOY tion (En- pédia Artists Last.FM Linked RDF AKTing) research EUTC (DBTune) (rdfize) LCCN VIAF Book Wiki Produc- Pisa Eurécom P20 Mashup semantic NHS .uk tions classical (EnAKTing) Pokedex (DB Mortality Tune) PBAC ECS (En- AKTing) BBC MARC (RKB Budapest Program Codes Explorer) Energy education OpenEI BBC List Semantic Lotico Revyu OAI (En- CO2 mes Music Crunch SW AKTing) (En- .uk Chronic- Linked Dog NSZL Base AKTing) ling Event- MDB RDF Food IRIT America Media Catalog ohloh BBC DBLP ACM IBM Good- BibBase Ord- Wildlife Recht- win (RKB nance Openly Finder Explorer) Local spraak. Family DBLP legislation Survey Tele- New VIVO UF nl graphis York flickr (L3S) New- VIVO castle Times URI wrappr Open Indiana RAE2001 UK Post- Burner Calais DBLP codes statistics (FU VIVO CiteSeer Roma LOIUS Taxon iServe Berlin) IEEE .uk Cornell Concept Geo World data ESD Fact- OS dcs Names book dotAC stan- reference Project Linked Data NASA (FUB) Freebase dards Guten- .uk for Intervals (Data GESIS Course- transport DBpedia berg STW ePrints CORDIS Incu- ware bator) (FUB) Fishes ERA UN/ .uk of Texas Geo LOCODE Uberblic Euro- Species The stat dbpedia TCM SIDER Pub KISTI (FUB) lite Gene STITCH Chem JISC London Geo KEGG DIT LAAS Gazette TWC LOGD Linked Daily OBO Drug Eurostat Data UMBEL lingvoj Med (es) Disea- YAGO Medi some Care ChEBI KEGG NSF Linked KEGG KEGG Linked Drug Cpd GovTrack rdfabout Glycan Sensor Data CT Bank Pathway US SEC Open Reactome (Kno.e.sis) riese Uni Cyc Lexvo Path- way PDB Media Semantic Pfam HGNC XBRL WordNet KEGG KEGG Geographic Linked Taxo- CAS Reaction Twarql (VUA) UniProt Enzyme rdfabout EUNIS Open nomy US Census Publications Numbers PRO- ProDom SITE Chem2 UniRef Bio2RDF Linking Open Data cloud diagram, by Richard Cyganiak and Anja Jentzsch.SGD User-generated content Climbing WordNet Homolo Linked (W3C) Affy- Gene GeoData Cornetto metrix Government PubMed Gene UniParc Ontology GeneID Cross-domain Airports Product DB UniSTS MGI Gen Life sciences >200 interlinked datasets, >13 billion facts Bank OMIM InterPro As of September 2010
  • 3. Blogosphere • Distributed • (Automated) Backlinking • Trackback, Pingback • Wordpress, Serendipity
  • 4. Alice & Bob Alice Link Bob My thoughts What Alice Notification about... thinks of... Original Post Responding Post Comment + Backlink
  • 5. Pingback • Speci es: • Simple communication interface • Server detection mechanism • Reactions and social interactions • Result: • Network effect • Better interlinking
  • 6. Semantic Pingback • Support for • Linked Data • RDFa-enhanced documents • Mixed Pingbacks
  • 7. Semantic Pingback (contd.) Web of Web of Data Documents Pingback Semantic Pingback
  • 8. Requirements
  • 9. Web of Web of Data Documents
  • 10. Documents + Linked Data <html> <!-- ... --> <a href="">Link to Blogpost</a> <!-- ... --> </html> # ... <> a foaf:Person ; foaf:name "Philipp Frischmuth" ; foaf:knows <> ; foaf:knows <> . # ...
  • 11. Web of Web of Data Documents
  • 12. Interlinking Document and Data Web • Links from Data Web: • Conventional servers • Semantic Pingbacks clients • e.g. foaf:weblog
  • 13. Web of Web of Data Documents
  • 14. Interlinking (contd.) Document and Data Web • Links to Data Web: • Conventional clients • Semantic Pingback enabled servers • e.g. link to DBpedia
  • 15. Use RDFa-enhanced content • Traditional blog and wiki systems + RDFa • Plain links become typed links • Propagation of typed links without further modi cations
  • 16. Server Announcement within RDF documents HTTP/1.1 302 Found X-Pingback: Location: Content-Type: text/html <html> <!-- ... --> <link rel="pingback" href="" /> <!-- ... --> </html>
  • 17. Provenance Tracking and Spam prevention • Trust on the Data Web • Track source of data • Content analysis • Social relationship
  • 18. Architecture
  • 19. Publisher Linking Resource links Linked Resource (Source) (Target) announces observes fetches (updates) discovers (noti es) Pingback Client communicates Pingback Server (Link Propagator)
  • 20. Pingback Client • Tasks: (1) Determine suitable links (2) Detect Pingback server (3) Communicate with server • Communication interface untouched
  • 21. Server Detection aka. autodiscovery process HTTP/1.1 302 Found X-Pingback: Location: Content-Type: text/html • Applicable for all resource types • Performs also with Linked Data
  • 22. Server Detection (contd.) <html> <!-- ... --> <link rel="pingback" href="" /> <!-- ... --> </html> • Min. requirements on publisher side • Applicable for HTML documents only • Performs with RDFa-enhanced web pages
  • 23. Server Detection (contd.) @prefix pingback: <> . # ... <> a foaf:Person ; pingback:service <> ; # ... • Equivalent to HTML link element • Usable in arbitrary RDF les
  • 24. Pingback Server • Communication behavior de ned only • Guidelines for important tasks: • Backlinking • Provenance Tracking • Spam prevention
  • 25. Backlinking 3 steps: (1) Request RDF representation (2) Try to extract RDFa from HTML (3) Search for untyped link(s)
  • 26. Backlinking (contd.) • Direct link(s): add to servers KB • sioc:links_to or dc:references for untyped links • rdfs:seeAlso for links employing the target resource as subject or object • Optional: store metadata (e.g. description)
  • 27. Provenance Tracking • Provenance vocabulary by Hartig & Zhao • Creation guideline for Pingback requests •
  • 28. Spam Prevention • Valid links: • Connecting source with target • At least mentions target • Admissible links: • Information analysis • Publisher relationship analysis
  • 29. Implementation & Evaluation
  • 30. OntoWiki Semantic (Data-)Wiki
  • 31. Pingback in OntoWiki Client & Server • OntoWiki extension • Client: • On statement addition • Subject: Linked Data enabled • Object: Pingback-enabled
  • 32. Pingback in OntoWiki (contd.) Client & Server • Server: • Adds statements to local KB • Versioning for provenance tracking
  • 33. Triplify
  • 34. Pingback in Triplify # ... <post/1> a sioc:Post ; sioc:has_creator <user/1> ; dcterms:created "2010-02-17T05:48:11" ; dcterms:title "Hello world!" ; sioc:content "Welcome to Wordpress. This is your..." . # ... <> sioc:links_to <post/1> .
  • 35. • Standalone Pingback server • Can be employed for plain RDF les
  • 36. (contd.) Try it out...! <!-- ... --> <foaf:Person rdf:about=""> <foaf:name>Philipp Frischmuth</foaf:name> <foaf:based_near rdf:resource="" /> <foaf:knows rdf:resource="" /> <foaf:knows rdf:resource="" /> <!-- ... --> <pingback:service rdf:resource="" /> </foaf:Person> <!-- ... -->
  • 37. Conclusions • Goals: • Bring Pingback to the Data Web • Interlink Document + Data Web • Backwards compatible extension • Easy to adapt
  • 38. Thank You • Demo Session • Today, 4 - 6 pm, Room 2 • Anytime: Norman Heino Sebastian Tramp Philipp Frischmuth