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Corrigan genealogy
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Corrigan genealogy


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  • 1. }Corrigenealogy{
  • 2. The Corrigans set out fromIreland to New York. Mariane Corrigan is pregnant.
  • 3. Mariane and J. Corrigan’s son William is born.J. Corrigan goes to work on a construction site to be able to afford a physician’s office.
  • 4. Meanwhile: Amy’s great-great-great-grandfather isshipped to America and then sold at a slave market.
  • 5. Amy’s great-great-grandparents meet and conceive a child. They will call her May.
  • 6. After many years, J. Corrigan opens his physician’s office.His son later enlists to fight in the American Civil War (1861-65).
  • 7. After having lost a finger during the battle of Shiloh, Tennessee, in 1862, William returnshome to New York tolearn that his father died.
  • 8. After having worked for some years as a builder, William learns of the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. He moves there with his mother. “Much Irish Labor Needed, Especially Those Forced Into Caring For Their Aging, Widowed Mothers”
  • 9. William establishes his own firm, “Corrigan and Co. Builders and Glaziers”
  • 10. William’s business makes him wealthy. He starts to sleep with many women. One day, he conceivesJames Reed Corrigan andhas to marry the expecting mother. He brings his new bride home to his and his mother’s house.
  • 11. William realises that they need more room. He decides to build a two-level house.
  • 12. William spends all of his savings on the new house.During labour, James R.Corrigan’s mother dies.
  • 13. James R. Corrigan grows up in Chicago and experiences theChicago World’s Fair of 1893, where his father William leaves him.
  • 14. After living in an orphanage, James R. Corrigan is deployed to Panama (1901- ). (Educated guess)
  • 15. James R. Corrigan finds a wife. He fathers James William Corrigan. While James William is a little kid, his mother dies in a car crash.
  • 16. James William marries for the first time. They conceiveJimmy Corrigan, who then enters the story.For a while, theybring Jimmy up together.
  • 17. But Jimmy’s parents separate.Jimmy’s mom is his only parent from then on.
  • 18. Jimmy grows up in Chicagoand gets a place of his own.
  • 19. Jimmy collects Superman comics.He puts them in 3 mil Poly Bags. He opens a box containingSuperman comics from issue 315onwards, puts the comic into the box, and closes the box again.Jimmy crosses the comic off in his checklist.
  • 20. Meanwhile, around the 1870’s and 1880’s, May grows up.Then she becomes the maid ofWilliam and James Corrigan.
  • 21. William Corrigan and Mayconceive a girl.
  • 22. William Corrigan and May’s daughter grows up, marries, and conceives a boy.
  • 23. William Corrigan and May’s grandson marries and conceives a girl. He dies in World War II.
  • 24. William Corrigan and May’s great-granddaughter gets pregnant with Amy in 1964. Upon birth, Amy is put up for adoption.
  • 25. Amy is adopted by James William Corrigan and his second wife. J.W.C. and Amy are to each other first cousins twice removed.Jimmy C. and Amy are to each other second cousins once removed.