Die Macht der Marke

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Wozu dient eine Marke und was macht einen Markennamen erfolgreich? Eine kurze Einführung in die Wichtigkeit des Markennamens und wie man den richtigen für sein Unternehmen wählt!

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  • History: People used to trade mostly with people they trust. As corporations grew bigger, the brand took over the role of the trusted salesperson and friend. People attribute personalitv characteristics to a brand. It is an imaginary person.
    Orientation: Quality, Price etc.
    Identification: Supports your personnel requirements
    Confidence/Security: A brand which is well-known gives more security than a brand which no one knows.
    Image, Prestige, Status: Of course a brand also has the function of presentation. That means people use brands to show off and to demonstrate their social status.
  • Communication tool: Usually the company wants to communicate its corporate identity with the brand. It´s a short but very important way to show who you are!
    Often people identify your product or service completely different than your corporate identity intends to be.
    Orientation: A brand should or has to reflect your desired market position.
    Supports to be different: In a high competetive market its maybe the most important point why companies establish brands!
    The next example will show the importance of having a good brand!
  • Supports to be different (example of Pepsi & Coca Cola): On account of this example it can be seen that at the first test, the blind test on which people couldn´t see the brand and had to decide only because of the flavour, 51% of all participants chose the Pepsi Cola. Then at the second test, when they could see the brand only 23% chose the brand Pepsi.
  • Why do You think these brands are so successful? Maybe we will find a answer on the next slide.
    DESIRE and FAME!
  • Use a short name: H&M, VW, Audi, Red Bull, etc.
    Use a simple name: H&M, VW, Audi, Google, etc.
    Use a suggestiv name: Red Bull
    Use a unique name: Google
    The name can also shock: no example
    Use a alliterative name: Google, Coca Cola
    Use a international name: Google, Coca Cola (In this case I have an example how you should not enter in a market. Do you know the car brand „Pajero“? When the company entered the spanish market with this name they get confronted with negative feedback because the word „Pajero“ in Spain means a masturbating man.
    The name can be personel: You&me
  • Based on these points I considered a brand regarding a company which mainly deals with translations and languages.
    The name which came into my mind is as follows: TRANSLALA International
    Now let´s analyse together these name on account of the key aspects we discussed.
    Short name: It´s not really a short name but it´s also not that long – I would say it´s ok!
    Simple name: I would say yes.
    Alliterative: I also would say yes. Especially because of the use of the LALA at the end.
    The name shocks: The name definetely doesn´t shock but it attracts attention and sounds funny. In reference to the 8 criterias, we never told about funny names but in my view I think it works.
    International name: Of course!
    Personel name: The name is not personel.
    Unique name: According to Google it is.
    Suggestiv name: I would say yes because the name gives the hint for Translation. Usually the last LA should emphasize the connectivity to languages.
    The meaning of the brand: Translations & Languages International
    The different colors should emphasize that at least 6 aspects which outlines a good name are met. The green one means more or less.
  • Recognition or Recall test: Here you can test who knows your brand!
    Image test: The image test enables you to know if the images fits together with the message you are trying to communicate.
  • Die Macht der Marke

    1. 1. Von Joost & PatrickSeite 1 DIE MACHT DER MARKE
    2. 2. Von Joost & PatrickSeite 2 PROGRAMM Einleitung – Wozu dient eine Marke? Schlüsselfaktoren – Was einen Markennamen erfolgreich macht Ende Wie kontrolliert man seinen Markenerfolg?
    3. 3. Von Joost & PatrickSeite 3 Einführung - MARKEN Einleitung Schlüssel- faktoren Controlling Ende Marken werden schon seit langem benutzt! WOZU EINE MARKE DIENT– AUS SICHT DES KONSUMENTEN Orientierung Identifizierung Vertrauen & Sicherheit Image, Prestige, Status
    4. 4. Von Joost & PatrickSeite 4 Einführung - MARKEN Marken werden schon seit langem benutzt! WOZU EINE MARKE DIENT– AUS SICHT DES KONSUMENTEN Orientierung Mittel zur Kommunikation Hilft, individuell zu sein! Einführung Schlüssel- faktoren Controlling Ende
    5. 5. Von Joost & PatrickSeite 5 Einführung - MARKEN Blindversuch vs. Markentest - Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola Einführung Schlüssel- faktoren Controlling Ende
    6. 6. Von Joost & PatrickSeite 6 Schlüsselfaktoren – erfolgreiche MARKEN Einleitung Schlüssel- faktoren Controlling Ende DESIRE FAME
    7. 7. Von Joost & PatrickSeite 7 Schlüsselfaktoren – erfolgreiche Marken „Name“ Einführung Schlüssel- faktoren Controlling Ende kurzer Name einfacher Name hinweisender Name einzigartiger Name alliterierender Name internationaler Name kann auch schockierend sein kann auch persönlich sein
    8. 8. Von Joost & PatrickSeite 8 Hieroglifs International Einführung Schlüssel- faktoren Controlling Ende TRANSLALA International kurzer Name einfacher Name einzigartiger Name alliterierender Name internationaler Name Der Name schockiert – ist lustig! persönlicher Name hinweisender Name
    9. 9. Von Joost & PatrickSeite 10 Markenerfolg – Wie kontrolliert man ihn? Einführung Schlüssel- faktoren Controlling Ende Primäre Marktforschung! Recognition-Test Image-Test
    10. 10. Von Joost & PatrickSeite 11 Ende - MARKEN Einleitung Schlüssel- faktoren Controlling Ende VIELEN DANK FÜR IHRE AUFMERKSAMKEIT! Übersetzt von: Chantal Faulhaber Bis dann!!