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Office 365

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Office 365

  1. 1. Office365
  2. 2. Maintain an evergreen service Microsoft Office 365 - Cloud principles Offer highly configurable and scalable services Provide a platform built on security, privacy, and trust
  3. 3. Maintain an evergreen service
  4. 4. Respond to customer feedback through agile development Deliver new features and value Build trust and compliance Office 365 service updates principles Continuous innovation with confidence and control Monthly release cadence Up-to-date, no patching Insights to help manage change Direct to customer communications | Organizational readiness content Security comes first Evolving standards Direct feedback Real-time information Common support issues Office 365 service updates principles Continuous innovation with confidence and control
  5. 5. New Functionality Platform Updates Long-term investment areas Yammer roadmap** Office Web Apps** 12 -18 Months* *NDA customers only via Roadmap presentation; public disclosure upon release API change Feature removal System requirement change One Year Auto-discovery configuration DNS record change 3 Months Bug fix Performance enhancement No Notice SkyDrive Pro increases Lync meeting improvements 1-3 Months* Office Mobile for iPhone OWA for iPhone and iPad Upon Release **Some investments disclosed publicly Office 365 delivers continuous innovation
  6. 6. Office 365 provides insight to manage change No surprisesNo surprises Organization readiness Organization readiness Notify admins about client status: OS, browser, and Office version incompatibility Notifications through direct to customer messages In-service, Get Started content Online training videos for Office users Office 365 technology blog
  7. 7. Customer engagement Send-a-smile in-product feedback Support and community aggregate customers’ issues Old New Office 365 responds to your feedback Running a service brings Microsoft closer to the customer than ever before
  8. 8. Provide a platform built on security, privacy, and trust
  9. 9. Security Best-in-class security with over a decade of experience building Enterprise software & online services Physical and data security with access control, encryption and strong authentication Security best practices like penetration testing, defense-in-depth approach to protect against cyber-threats Unique customer controls with Rights Management Services to empower customers to protect information Compliance Commitment to industry standards and organizational compliance Enable customers to meet global compliance standards in ISO 27001, EUMC, HIPAA, FISMA Contractually commit to privacy, security and handling of customer data through Data Processing Agreements Admin Controls like Data Loss Prevention, Legal Hold, E-Discovery to enable organizational compliance Privacy Privacy by design with a commitment to use customers’ information only to deliver services No mining of data for advertising Transparency with the location of customer data, who has access and under what circumstances Privacy controls to regulate sharing of sites, libraries, folders and communications with external parties Office 365 trust Built-in capabilities and customer controls
  10. 10. Offer highly configurable and scalable services
  11. 11. Office 365 is a highly configurable with some customization Customers can mix and match services to meet their requirements Choose the flexibility between cloud and hybrid deployment Redundant datacenters and financially backed SLA provide uninterrupted and reliable access Highly configurable and scalable services
  12. 12. Web browser Current and previous versions of Internet Explorer and Firefox Current versions of Chrome and Safari Office client Any Office client in mainstream support Older clients Office 365 won’t deliberately block connections Existing features may operate differently and not work over time New features may not be available Office 365 will only offer security fixes. No code fixes. Office 365’s client support policy
  13. 13. IT Cloud Expectations
  14. 14. ServiceExperience IT customization Service data Extensibility considerations Hybrid vs. Full cloud Migration plan Support Self-help resources  Service Health Dashboard  Message Center  Office 365 Community  Office 365 Blog PremierSupportforO365  Service delivery management  Resolution Services  Education & Process Improvement Managed Deployment  Service Enablement through FastTrack Deploy  Service Enhancement  Migration Services Managed Lifecycle  Service Lifecycle Management  Cloud Strategy and Planning  User Adoption Acceleration System requirements Validating LOB apps User training Monthly service updates Service reliability IT Cloud Expectations What it means to move On-Premises to a Multitenant Cloud
  15. 15. Platzhalter Platzhalter Platzhalter Platzhalter Platzhalter Platzhalter
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