Eurotech aurora (eurora) - most efficient hpc

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Eurotech aurora (eurora) - most efficient hpc

  1. 1. Eurotech Aurora HPC solutions
  2. 2. Disclaimer This presentation has been prepared by Eurotech S.p.A. (or “Eurotech”) and has to be read in conjunction with its oral presentation. The information contained in this presentation does nor purport to be comprehensive. Neither Eurotech nor any of its officers, employees, advisers or agents accepts any responsibility for/or makes any representation or warranty, express or implied, as to the truth, fullness, accuracy or completeness of the information in this presentation (or whether any information has been omitted from the presentation) or any other information relating to Eurotech, its subsidiaries or associated companies, whether written, oral or in a visual or electric form, transmitted or made available. This document is confidential and is being provided to you solely for your information and may not be reproduced, further distributed to any other person or published, in whole or in part, for any purpose. The distribution of this document in other jurisdictions may be restricted by law, and persons into whose possession this document comes should inform themselves about, and observe, any such restrictions. This document is directed only at relevant persons. Other persons should not act or rely on this document or any of its contents. No reliance may be placed for any purposes whatsoever on the information contained in this document or any other material discussed during this presentation, or on its completeness, accuracy or fairness. The information in this document and any other material discussed at this presentation is subject to verification, completion and change. The information and opinions contained in this document are provided as at the date of the presentation and are subject to change without notice. Some of the information is still in draft form and will only be finalized. By attending the presentation you agree to be bound by the foregoing terms. Trademarks or Registered Trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
  3. 3. EUROTECH Eurotech company overview and HPC division
  4. 4. Eurotech Introduction Group Global Footprint
  5. 5. Eurotech Introduction Some of our Customers
  6. 6. Eurotech Product Portfolio Customer Focus - Horizontal Markets Industrial & Commercial NanoPc & Aerospace Industrial & Commercial High Performance Computing & Aerospace
  7. 7. High Performance Computing Engines for the CORE Connectivity Platforms to Build and Connect the EDGE Components and Pervasive Devices for REAL WORLD Applications Eurotech Value Proposition Products and Solutions for Core, Infrastructure, Edge
  8. 8. HPC division highlights • HPC systems designer and manufacturer bottom up: from board to system • More than 15 years of history in the industry designing, engineering and deploying HPC systems and solutions • R&D driven: leading the engineering efforts of many large scale EU projects (DEEP, Qpace2, EuroEXA, Euroserver) • First worldwide company to market a direct hot water cooled HPC • Commitment to energy efficiency (June 2013 GREEN 500 1st and 2nd place) • Funding member of ETP for HPC
  9. 9. Eurotech HPC references
  10. 10. High performance density. We want our customer to decrease time to solution and footprint running their simulations and applications as fast as the latest technology allows. Energy efficiency and Green. We aspire to develop green, energy efficient products that allow our customer to save energy and leverage sustainability. RAS. We want enhance design, support readiness, preventive maintenance and quality to to increase the serviceability, availability and reliability of our HPC systems during their lifetime. Scalability. We aim to propose solutions that scale as linearly as possible and are set to modularly increase from giga to petaflops Cost effectiveness. We concentrate a lot of our efforts to deliver advanced technology at competitive prices together with a compelling total cost of ownership. Versatility. With our products and solutions, we want to help our customers to solve a vast variety of computational problems in the most effective way possible Eurotech HPC Principles
  12. 12. AURORA HPC systems
  13. 13. The Aurora HPC systems Greenest The Aurora systems are top #1 and #2 Green 500 with 3.2 GFlops/W Densest Best density for x86 in the market with > 400 TFlop/s per rack Standard Aurora systems use standard off the shelf components Hot liquid cooled All Aurora systems are hot liquid cooled
  14. 14. Key Features: High Performance Density – 4096 processor cores, up to 100 TFlops in just 1.5 m2 Energy efficiency– target datacenter PUE of 1.05, no need for air conditioning, up to 50% less energy Fast interconnects– Infiniband QDR/FDR, 3D Torus, Latency ~ 1us Hot Liquid Cooling– All components are cooled by water, temperature from 18°C to 52°C and variable flow rates Reliability– 2 independent sensor networks, soldered memory, uniform cooling, quality controls CPU only supercomputers
  15. 15. Key Features and value: Performance – up to 430 Tflop/s per rack - 84% Rmax/Rpeak Save space – 2048 CPU processor cores, 256 accelerators, up to 430 Tflop/s in just 1.5 m2 Save energy– 3.2 Gflop/s per Watt – data center PUE of 1.05, no need for air conditioning, up to 50% less energy consumed No compatibility issues– Tigon architecture is based on standard off the shelf components Hot Liquid Cooling– All components are cooled by water, temperature from 18°C to 52°C and variable flow rates Reliability– 3 independent sensor networks, soldered memory, no moving parts Accelerator based supercomputers
  16. 16. Eurotech workgroup HPC systems Compact and powerful Features and value Powerful • Dramatically accelerate application Silent • Water cooled (no fans) so NO noise Save space • Fit under a desk up to 16/32 Xeon processors and up to 16 Nvidia Kepler GPUs/Intel Phi Save energy • Based on the most efficient architecture in the world No need for air conditioning • Hot liquid cooled, all noise and heat are taken outside • No need for air conditioning or controlled environments Easy • No complicated and messy cabling • Installation similar to the one for a house air conditioner
  17. 17. HPEC @ Eurotech • The high performance embedded computing products leverage the HPC R&D to design compact and energy efficient high performance computer to be deployed in harsh environments and be used for special purposes • The objective is to be able to offer the maximum performance possible within a set power budget and to bring that performance into the field From data center to the field
  18. 18. Middleware Aurora Systems Integration StorageSupercomputers and clusters Network Accelerated applications HPEC
  19. 19. Standard components Intel Xeon E5 v2 Nvidia Tesla K20-K20x-K40 The Aurora Architecture cheat sheet Energy aware design Power conversion optimization No unused components No fans Soldered components Integrated interconnectDirect hot water cooling All parts of the system are water cooled directly on the components Inlet water up to 55°C (131° F) Interconnects Infiniband 3D Torus Modularity Systems configurable from building blocks of few Tflops to Petaflop/s installations
  20. 20. AURORA Research and development
  21. 21. Q-Pace, 2007-2009 Eurotech HPC R&D project examples Janus, 2006-2008 Ape mille, Ape Next 1999-2005 Outcome: • 40 racks in sites around Europe • LQCD specific acceleration • 3D Torus switchless technology Outcome: • A modular, massively parallel, and reconfigurable FPGA-based architecture Outcome: • Innovative hot direct liquid cooling technology
  22. 22. Q-Pace 2, 2012-2013 Eurotech HPC R&D project examples Aurora Science, 2008- 2010 Outcome: • Hot and direct liquid cooling technology • FPGA driven 3D Torus switchless technology • Energy efficient design Expected outcome: • The Booster architecture enabling 3D torus connected cluster of accelerators with offloading technology Expected outcome: • Innovative HPC architecture based on Aurora bricks modular approach and CPU-less supercomputing Deep project 2012 - 2015
  23. 23. EUROTECH Aurora liquid cooling
  24. 24. Liquid cooling for Eurotech Liquid cooling for us is: • Hot. So, using hot water wherever possible • Direct. Taken inside the rack in direct contact with the components • Green. Able to use free cooling in any climate zone • Comprehensive. Cools any source of heat in the server (including power supply) • Serviceable and safe. Allows ease of maintenance and doesn’t represent a risk for the electronics in the server What liquid cooling is for us
  25. 25. Aurora liquid cooling • The main components of the Aurora cooling system are: • Cooling circuit, that is the pipe work which bring the water to the heat exchanger and back to the rack • The heat exchanger for free cooling • Distribution pipes which are mounted in the rack • The back plane, which collects the liquid from the distribution pipes and distributes it to the cold plates • Cold plates: aluminum boards which are intimately coupled with the electronic boards of compute nodes, PCUs and switches • Quick disconnects that are mounted on the cold plates for inflow and outflow of liquid in the plates. The quick disconnects are fine pieces of engineering that seal immediately when the boards is extracted from the back plane. No leakage is possible High level description
  26. 26. Aurora hot water cooling
  27. 27. AURORA Aurora solutions value proposition
  28. 28. Why Aurora solutions? Scalability Offer linear scalability to users from Gigaflops to Petaflops Compatibility and flexibility Use of standard components Choice of interconnects X86 based systems Intel Cluster Ready Green Energy bill savings Maximize performance within a power budget Leverage green and sustainability strategies Competence HPC expertise Liquid cooling expertise End to end solution deployment RAS Limit downtime Save on maintenance High performance density The most “dense” x86 HPC systems in the market Save space Postpone real estate investments
  29. 29. Data center TCO drivers Driver Cost components IT CAPEX Initial SW and HW capital expenditures Space occupancy (footprint) Cost of the occupied space and auxiliary infrastructure: rent, opportunity cost, civil, structural and engineering, permits and taxes Data center infrastructure Electrical (UPS, generator, cables…) Cooling (Chillers, AHUs, heat exchangers, pumps…) Facilities (fire prevention, plants, security, building mng systems) Installation Delivery, installation, test and tuning of IT, electrical and cooling equipment Energy Cost of energy: IT, cooling, lighting and waste Maintenance and additional operation costs Warranty extensions, support, software licenses, IT maintenance, electrical and cooling maintenance, facilities maintenance, costs of outages, heating, security Other: disposal, green… Costs of end of life, carbon footprint (missed) incentives, fines…
  30. 30. Unbeatable TCO for sustainable solutions Energy savings Lower cost due to less energy consumed Space savings Savings in real estate, racks, electrical, cooling and network Reliability Savings in downtime indirect cost and maintenance Sustainability impact High Sustainability impact High Sustainability impact Medium
  31. 31. Comparison - investment Investment (K US dollars) Datacenter A Datacenter B Datacenter C Servers $6,200 $6,200 $6,200 Network and other IT $440 $440 $440 Building $1,260 $540 $360 Racks $280 $120 $60 Cooling $2,670 $3,060 $660 Electrical $3,570 $3,570 $2,420 TOTAL INVESTMENT $14,420 $13,930 $10,140 Data center A – PUE 2.2 Data center B – PUE 1.6 Data center C – PUE 1.05 Medium density (20 kW per rack) – air cooled High density (50 kW per rack) – optimized air cooling, rear door liquid cooling High density (87 kW per rack) – direct hot liquid cooling, floating Tamb
  32. 32. Comparison – annualized TCO Annual cost (K US dollars) Datacenter A Datacenter B Datacenter C Cost of energy $1,970 $1,430 $640 Retuning and additional CFD $6 $3 $0 Total outage cost $270 $270 $230 Preventive maintenance $150 $150 $150 Annual facility and infrastructure maintenance. $310 $290 $140 Lighting $5 $3 $2 Annualized 3 years capital costs $2,040 $2,000 $1,980 Annualized 10 years capital costs $880 $940 $440 Annualized 15 years capital costs $130 $60 $40 ANNUALIZED TCO $5,761 $5,146 $3,622 Data center A – PUE 2.2 Data center B – PUE 1.6 Data center C – PUE 1.05 Medium density (20 kW per rack) – air cooled High density (50 kW per rack) – optimized air cooling, rear door liquid cooling High density (87 kW per rack) – direct hot liquid cooling, floating Tamb